Matchmaker Interviews Katie St Ives

Matchmaker Interviews Katie St Ives

Katie St Ives

Which genre(s) of music do you like to listen to?

I mainly listen to hip hop and rap and then there’s my 90’s grunge obsession.

Do you have any favourite TV shows?

I love and still watch Love and Marriage and then Futurama. Orange is the New Black’s first season was incredible and I used to love the HBO series Oz…

What are your favourite hobbies?

I love to get lost in my paintings, walking my dogs and cooking. Growing up I took a lot of different cooking classes at the age of 12 I was the youngest person to attend Los Angeles culinary school of the arts.

As you work in the porn industry, do you date & have relationships or do you prefer to remain single?

I was in a relationship for about 5 years of my career. We separated in January of 2015 and as of yet I’m still single.

What type of things do you like to do on a date or date night?

I prefer to go to the movies or go on a drive around Mulholland. I don’t know typical Valley kid stuff LOL.

Do you have any advice for other people when it comes to picking someone up or dating/relationships?

I’m not one to ask advice about that it seems to me that the few men still in my heart I met randomly like at a friend’s house or the one that I was with for 5 years I met at a bar then I asked him to go to San Diego with me the next day. I’m kind of bold. If I have feelings for you I go for it. I usually get what I want when it comes to that. I think the number one thing that I can say is to follow your gut not your heart when it comes to those affairs. Most women are not stupid they just don’t listen to their intuition instead they choose to follow their human hormonal instinct when it comes to an attractive man.

What turns you on about men and what turns you on about women?

Confidence, sense of humor…. most of all I find a man who I can’t completely figure out completely attractive and it drives me crazy. As for women I think the only woman that really have any real feelings for I will keep her name a secret… was beautiful, smart, laid back, feminine, fun…. I’ve had what I think are crushes on other women. Just never knew how to go about it. I do have to say Dana DeArmond definitely grew on me over the years and when I finally got to work with her it is like a dream come true she truly is a beautiful person. She’s funny intelligent Goofy definitely a smart ass she’s intimidating and I love that about her. So I don’t know if that answers your question but those are my thoughts on it.

Katie St Ives

If you had to rank from most to least, which type of men are you most attracted to: older, younger, about the same age, any age (as long as theyre legal)?

I’ve found myself being attracted to men a bit older but end up dating guys my age. The oldest guy I have dated was Mike John, Jules Jordan’s former director. I was 20 and Mike was 42. To this day, that was the most fun and loving relationship I’ve ever had. I just was too young to appreciate it. So if the opportunity arose I wouldn’t be opposed to dating older. I learned a lot from that relationship and felt the most secure.

If you had to rank from most to least, which type of women are you most attracted to: older, younger, about the same age, any age (as long as they’re legal)?

Definitely older! No question…

Are there any male or female celebrities you would most like to have sex with?

Brad Pitt, Mark Walberg, Vin Diesel….

Do you remember any scenes you’ve done where you had your biggest/best orgasm(s)? sex machines….. watch, listen you’ll know what I mean.

Are you usually turned on, turned off or indifferent when you and/or your partner get sweaty during sex?

Depends on the situation, for the most part indifferent

Do you remember any particular scenes where you got sweaty & would recommend that fans should watch?

Almost all of my scenes. I put in a lot of work.

I remember that you used to just mainly do boy/girl scenes & weren’t into doing girl/girl scenes, but you eventually ended up working in girl/girl scenes. What was the turning point in deciding to finally have sex with other women on camera and what was the experience like having girl/girl sex for the first time (I think it was with Sinn Sage if I remember correctly)?

Sinn definitely got me going, there is something about her and I had to work with her. But really after so many years of being in the industry you become curious.

I’ve noticed that you’ve done some scenes with transgender performers before (for example, on’s TS Pussy Hunters). What have your experiences been like & was there anything about those scenes that turned on you in particular?

Venus Lux did it for me…. hands down. But then there was the Sexy Foxy. Hmmmm…

Katie St Ives

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