Matchmaker Interviews Sinn Sage

Matchmaker Interviews Sinn Sage

Sinn Sage

Which genre(s) of music do you like to listen to?

I’d say approximately 30 different genres spanning all styles. I don’t like pop country, kiddie pop, r&b, jazz or blues.

Do you have any favourite TV shows?

1. The X Files

2. Breaking Bad

3. Game of Thrones

What are your favourite hobbies?

travel, snowboarding, drinking, dining, music festivals

What was it that made you decide to get into porn and to mainly work in girl/girl scenes?

I’ve wanted to work in porn since I was too young to watch it. I always knew I’d work somehow in the sex industry. I’m the type of person who always pursues my dreams, I’ve noticed. As for working in g/g scenes, I was in a long term committed relationship with a man at the time who was a civilian. I wasn’t going to sleep with other men because I didn’t want to and he was not okay with it, which was fine by me. So i just never did it. Then when I broke up with him, I’d been in the business long enough to know that doing b/g wouldn’t make me happy. I now do b/g exclusively with my husband, and it’s great and we have a wonderful time doing so.

Sinn Sage

If you were in the mood to be on the receiving end of a strap-on, which lady (or ladies) would you like to use a strap-on on you (out of past or current females in porn)?


How did you & your husband meet?

At the music festival Coachella.

What was it about your husband that made you realize that hes the right guy for you and you wanted to marry him someday?

He encourages and supports me in everything I do, he’s passionate and extremely generous with his time and his love. A million other reasons.

What type of things do you like to do on a date (either when you were single or with your husband)?

My first date with my husband, he took me to a go-kart indoor race track, we had sushi, and we went bowling. It was a fantastic date because we interacted, had fun together, and talked the entire night. Dinner and a movie is not only boring but keeps you from having genuine interactions and getting to know each other.

Do you have any advice for other people when it comes dating or having a good relationship?

Don’t start drama for no reason, don’t be jealous or suspicious for no reason. If you don’t trust your partner 100, talk about it and work it out so that you do, or leave them and wait for someone you do/can trust that much. Don’t try to own the other person, let them be a whole person and let yourself be a whole person and enjoy life together. don’t be in a rush to find someone; focus on loving and getting to know yourself, focus on your own dreams and passions, and when you do that the right person will appear at the right time.

Sinn Sage

What turns you on about men (or turns you on about your husband) and what turns you on about women?

I get turned on by human beings who are confident, kind, and compassionate.

Which male or female celebrities would you most like to have sex with?

David Duchovny

What type of sex do you prefer to participate in the most: slow & sensual or hot & sweaty or adventurous & kinky?

All are perfect at different times

Are you usually turned on, turned off or indifferent when you and/or your partner get sweaty during sex?


Since you get sweaty in a good amount of your scenes, do you remember which of your scenes/movies you were sweating the most in?

Any that were shot in the san fernando valley in july – october with no AC.

I have noticed that you have filmed some scenes with your husband. What was it that made you go from just doing girl/girl scenes to also working with your husband & sharing that side of you with fans?

I’ve always wanted to work with my partner, I just never had a partner who was willing to do it with me. Luckily, when I met my husband, he was enthusiastic about working in the industry with me, as well as being able to perform well and also being really handsome.

Sinn Sage

I saw that you & your husband filmed a threesome scene with Jodi West. What was the experience like? Also, have you & your husband participated in threesomes or swinging with couples before or was this the first time you added someone else?

That experience was great, we had a really awesome time shooting for her company and just hanging out with her and her husband. yes, we’ve had a number of threesomes and attended one swinger party/orgy, hopefully that happens many more times in the future.

Have there been any sexual fantasies that you were happy to actually fulfill?

definitely that swinger party/orgy we went to.

Do you have any sexual fantasies you would like to experience someday?

consensual non-consent

Do you have any advice for other people when it comes to sex?

Just be open to the other person you’re with, don’t be ashamed of any aspect of yourself or your body, love it and be proud of it, and make eye contact!

Are there any social media accounts/e-mail addresses/websites you would like fans to know about if they wanted to contact you?

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