Brandi Loves Girls

Captain Jack Interviews Brandi Love

Brandi Love is one of the top MILF’s in the industry. To me, she is one of the top girls in the industry. She’s so hot and she hasn’t even reached her sexual peak yet! She has a new showscase movie coming out for Sweetheart Video called Brandi Loves Girls. I got a chance to ask her about this release and a whole lot about her passion for women. We also got into a couple of other subjects. I can never run out of things to talk to Brandi about!

Brandi Loves Girls

Captain Jack: You’re new showcase movie, Brandi Loves Girls just dropped. Let’s go over the girls in the movie with you. Tell me about the scene with Abigail Mac.

BL: Abigail Mac and I had never had the pleasure of working together. I was thrilled when she won because I had a feeling we would have awesome chemistry…. And we did! She has an amazing fun and upbeat personality and once we were naked passion set in. She is seductive and energetic. A great combination for sure.

CJ: You also perform with one of the top lesbian performers in the industry, Shyla Jennings.

BL: I hate that it took so long for she and I too connect but I have to say it was well worth the wait. Shyla is a dynamic and sultry performer. Our scene was sensual and incredibly hot. I enjoyed the dynamic between us and the story line of our scene. You don’t want to miss it!

CJ: Then, you get to work with Ash Hollywood.

BL: Ash and I had the chance to shoot together in a 3 way years ago but this was the first time I got to have her to myself. Ash is playful and athletic brining an energy to the scene that drives me wild. Our showertime romp was intense and acrobatic. Ash is one hell of a kisser.

CJ: Finally, you work with the gorgeous Kate England.

BL: Again, A first. I had a blast on set with Kate. Playing an aggressive Boss putting my younger business associate in her place was a blast. Kate played up her role and her sassy mouth get her a good tongue lashing J

CJ: I believe you have not worked with these girls before, except for Ash in a boy/girl/girl. Was that the plan, to work with girls you haven’t worked with before?

BL: In many ways yes, however the original list for the contest was all women I wanted to work with because of their incredible performances and beauty. I was genuinely attracted to all of the woman on the #brandilovesgirls contest lineup. Just happened that I had never shot one on one with any of them.

Brandi Loves Girls

CJ: Did you choose all the girls yourself?

BL: When Sweetheart and I compared lists for the contest…… it was uncanny. We had the SAME names. More proof that our collaboration was meant to be J

CJ: If you could name your fantasy girl, what would it be. Name a specific girl if you want but I’m getting more at blonde/brunette/redhead, older/younger, big tits/small tits, voluptuous/petite, etc.

BL: I can give you two names and you may laugh. They are polar opposites but I am attracted to them equally. Elle Macpherson has always been one of the sexiest woman alive in my opinion. Her face, body, hair…. I swear I covet every piece of her! I image a sensual and passionate encounter with her (in my dreams of course). Second would be Miley Cyrus. She is young wild and seems to be completely sexually liberated. I am convinced she and I would have a hell of a lot of fun together wink.

CJ: When performing with a woman, do you prefer it to be just the two of you or do you like toys?

BL: I cannot say I have a preference. Both are amazing. What I can say is that when you do not have toys it pushes creativity. I enjoy exploring a woman’s body with my hands, lips, tongue and my own body. Flesh on flesh. It makes for an even more passionate and intimate experience.

CJ: I’ve heard that in porn in girl/girl scenes, it’s hard to cum because you really have to open up for the camera and can’t really get in there. How do you overcome something like that?

BL: I call it “personal time.” This is when I can tell my partner is close and I do what I do to take her over the edge even if the camera can not see. It is my belief that most viewers want a real orgasm vs making sure we are “open for the camera.” Most of the scene is shot to be visibly pleasing to the viewer, but I will not lie… when I can feel my partner closing in on an orgasm I forget the cameras are there and just go for it!

CJ: Do you prefer a sweaty and passionate tryst or more gentle and sweet?

BL: I could never pick just one. It is completely up to the pairing. With that first kiss I can almost always tell f it is going to be “ game on” or a more gentle and romantic tryst. I completely enjoy both.

Brandi Loves Girls

CJ: Sometimes in porn, you are paired with a girl who is not really into girls, the “gay for pay” girls. How do you overcome something like this in a scene to make it a hot scene?

BL: I feel extremely fortunate that I have only had one scene that I felt like she really just wasn’t into me. To the point that I flat out asked her if I wasn’t her type. She said “oh my God no I think you are so hot, why?”  We continued the scene (which when it went online had great reviews… go figure) ending with solo masturbation which made the whole thing come together. One thing I absolutely know how to do is get myself off! LOL SO to answer the question in that scenario I enjoyed myself wink

CJ: Which do you like better, features or gonzo scenes?

BL: I like them both but for very different reasons. Features tend to push me as far as my acting abilities. I like to be pushed out of my comfort zone and see what I really have inside me. Gonzo style films are more natural…. I rarely feel like I am acting in those and more just enjoying the sexual experience.

CJ: Are there any performers left, either male or female, that you would like to work with?

BL: I hope that I always feel like there is more I want to do and experience. As I mature in my career and as a woman my sexual desires and fantasies are always changing. One of the many benefits of being an adult actress is I get to explore my sexual desires and fantasies as I have them. Working with other actors that have been in the business as long as I have has it’s own perks as well. Through the years we get more comfortable with one another and our sexual performances get steamier because we are building on past experiences.

CJ: How often do you get recognized in public?

BL: As of late it happens pretty often. Airports, grocery stores, getting my nails done. It makes me more aware of what I look like when I head out the door lol! Each and every time I am flattered and humbled. I may be a dork but it still shocks me.

Brandi Loves Girls

CJ: If you could bang one celebrity in real life, one female and one male, who would it be?

BL:  Fuck me… that’s impossible … I’d fuck a lot of them LOL!   Lets see if I can tackle this!

If I had to pick just two…. Brad Pitt & Elle Macpherson.   Or wait … Tom Brady & Candice Swanepoel … Or wait … Joe Manganiello & Scarlett Johansson …  you get the picture lol!

CJ: I got killed for not asking you this last time, if you don’t want to answer, you don’t have to. You’ve been in it for 10 years now, do you think you’ll ever do anal?

BL: LOL the million dollar question huh? When I started my career back in 2004 I promised myself a few things regarding my career. One was to never do anything that I didn’t find pleasurable or that I didn’t do in my personal life. SO unless it becomes pleasurable and or it becomes something I do in my personal life…. Nope.

Oh and I consulted Ice Cube on the matter. His advice was rather poetic:

“…check yo self before you wreck yo self

Cause big dicks up yo ass is bad for yo health”

CJ: Finally, you’re a big Michigan fan. Jim Harbaugh is very polarizing. What do you think of him?

BL: Actually,  I am THE Michigan fan lol!  It really shouldn’t come as a surprise to people that I love Jim Harbaugh as Michigan’s coach.  I tend to like strong, manly, “fuck the PC culture”  leaders like Harbaugh , Bill Belichick and gasp… Trump!  I gravitate towards winners not whiners.

It’s my opinion that Harbaugh’s personality is much better suited to the collegiate game than the NFL.  College players idolize their coach.  At Michigan,  Harbaugh can combine his football IQ with his hard nosed demeanor  and the players will love him for it … so will the fans. Michigan should be a perennial Top 5 team. I believe Harbaugh can get & keep them there.

CJ: How long do you think he’ll stay at Michigan?

BL: I hope that Jim Harbaugh becomes as entrenched in Ann Arbor as Nick Saban is at Bama. I don’t think anyone knows what Jim Harbaugh’s future plans are other than Jim Harbaugh… and I like that!

CJ: Do you think there should be an 8-team playoff?

BL: My distain for the former BCS (Beyond Common Sense) is well documented. And likewise, I have publically advocated for an eight team (or more) playoff from the beginning.  This year highlights why. It’s a travesty that the B1G Champion isn’t in the playoff.  I honestly don’t believe anyone has a legitimate chance against Bama but no one thought Penn State had a chance against Ohio State either.

I have heard all of the arguments regarding the importance of the Bowl Games from a financial standpoint and while I agree that the Bowl Games are important financially,  the argument that you cant have an expanded  playoff system is 100% BULLSHIT!

Additionally,  I have heard the argument that you can’t add additional games to the schedule…. Really?   I would argue that the college guys are more able to play an extended playoff schedule than most of the 30+ year old  pro’s.  Youth has it’s benefits.

Lastly,  I have also heard the argument that an extended playoff schedule would interfere with academics…  That argument is made by those who don’t know how to plan.

Below is a solution, that in my opinion  accomplishes the following:

  1. It makes each bowl more important & thus increases the value /  revenue of each bowl.   I have witnessed pitiful bowl attendance in recent years.  Why?  Because in the current system we only care about the two playoff games and The Championship.  The rest of the bowls suffer. It’s better now than under the BCS but it’s still terrible.
  1. It allows ample time for college athletes to prepare for finals and to spend time with family during the holidays.
  1. If a team is in the top 16 then they may potentially play an additional  1-4 games depending on whether or not they win.
  1. It gives teams who had early season losses or simply an off day to redeem themselves.  I believe teams get better or worse through a season.
  1. We end up with the two teams who competed the hardest in the end.
  1. We end up with the most exciting sports weekend in the world.  The NCAA Championship on Saturday and the Superbowl on Sunday!

Here is the Brandi Love version of an ideal college playoff system… for what that’s worth lol!

CJ: Last question, you’ve been in the industry for a while now. Speaking for all your fans, thank you for all your contributions and hot scenes. You’re a credit to the industry and I hope you stick around for a long time!

BL: I genuinely appreciate that! Thank you.

CJ: And how can the fans get a hold of you?

twitter : @Brandi_Love

tumblr :

Instagram : @lovetroopers

Brandi Loves Girls

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