Autumn Falls Video Interview

Autumn Falls Video Chat with Captain Jack at the 2019 AVN Adult Entertainment Expo

Autumn Falls started porn just after her eighteenth birthday. She talks with Captain Jack at the Hard X booth a few months later. We love the way Autumn Falls says, and jiggles her boobs!

Thanks to the Javi Mac for two years of AVN Expo Porn Star Video Interviews!

Also check out Captain Jack’s AVN Adult Entertainment Expo Photos and more pics from Talkers at the show on Twitter #ADTatAVN

A few Autumn Falls quotes from the video:

“I knew I wanted to work in adult entertainment…”

“I kind of slept with my realtor. I was 18 so it was ok.”

“I like sleeping with older guys.”

“It doesn’t matter but I DO like huge cocks.”

Pornstar Autumn Falls Video Interview

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  1. Autumn Falls is really a splendid girl. I would like to read her interview.

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