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2017 has officially been renamed the year of Angela White. This Aussie vixen has been incredible from before the first of the year and she hasn’t slowed down yet! She moved to the United States and has shot for every studio under the sun. She has 5 showcase movies this year and they keep topping each other. When I reviewed Angela Loves Anal in early September, I called it the release of the year. I was premature in my jocularity. Less than 3 weeks later, I reviewed Angela Volume 3 and almost ran out of superlatives. That is unquestionably the best showcase movie I have ever seen. And probably the best porn title ever…it has everything that a porn connoisseur could ever want! She also was named the new Titwoman for Elegant Angel later in the month. We started the interview by talking about her awesome scene with Manuel Ferrara in Angela 3.

Angela Volume 3

Captain Jack: You had an epic scene with Manuel. As someone who watches a lot of porn, I thought it was great. It was passionate and raw which you don’t see every day. All the critics loved it. Have you gotten feedback from your fans?

Angela White: I’ve had a little bit so far and it’s been amazing. It’s a very different scene; it’s very much focused on the emotional and not focused on the physical. We don’t really even open up to the camera. It’s very much about the connection between the two of us. So far, fans have loved it. It’s in stores now and on sale online and I’m going to be getting more and more feedback as the weeks go on.

CJ: You actually cried after the scene and you said you never had an emotional connection like that. How did it happen?

Angela: I think the why is because I really wanted to be completely open and honest. I wanted to bare it all in that scene and I couldn’t think of anybody better to do that with than Manuel. Obviously, Manuel and I have had an amazing connection from the very beginning. When we first started shooting with each other, our chemistry has always been incredible. It’s always been intense, it’s really deep and raw. When it comes to a scene like my first creampie, which, to me, is a very, very, very intimate act. I was always going to choose somebody who I had a special connection with and Manuel and I do have a really intense and amazing chemistry. So I think that the fact that we have that connection and, emotionally, I was ready to bare it all and just fuck him like we would fuck without the cameras. Just forget about it being some sort of product and just connect with Manuel and be present in that moment with him. There were some other things that I also think contributed to it like I decided we weren’t going to do sex stills. And the reason I decided that was I didn’t want to break or stop the chemistry. I wanted it to have a natural flow. I notice that sometimes when you break for sex stills, there is that moment where you come back into reality and then have to get back into it again. I spoke to Manuel with it beforehand and told him that I wanted this to be something really special. I really want us to just create a space between us where we can be honest with each other; be open; be authentic and do what you want to do. I told him I wanted him to fuck me how he wanted to fuck me. I didn’t want him to ever think about the camera. I didn’t want him to ever think that he had to open up or he can’t do something. There are certain companies that go by a certain formula as to how sex should be done…BJ, sex position 1, sex position 2….pop. I just wanted to have a real connection, a raw connection. It’s not really a scene to me, it’s a real sexual experience. And that’s what I got. That’s why I said it was one of the most incredible experiences of my life.

CJ: I like how after the scene, you were just emotionally exhausted then some baby wipes came into the picture and you snapped out of it.

Angela: (laughs) Yes, I think that was the cue for me that I have to compartmentalize it and think that it was on a set. I did some reflections on the BTS and I talk about the fact that it took me days, DAYS, to disconnect and think, ‘OK, that was a scene.’ I was so emotionally caught up in it that I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I couldn’t stop thinking about the experience. I couldn’t stop thinking about Manuel….everything about it was just so perfect to me. It touched me so deeply. There are a lot of other scenes where you have a lot of fun on set. But that’s it, it’s fun. You can still connect with a person where you have real orgasms and real chemistry but, at the end of it, you think about it like a one night stand. You don’t obsess over it, you just think it was great. This was so different because it wasn’t a one night stand, I had such a deep, emotional connection to that and it was fucking amazing.

CJ: Was the creampie planned out before or did it just happen?

Angela: That was planned out beforehand. For me, with an act like that, I do need to plan it out because there are increased risks. When it came to the creampie, because it’s an intimate act to me, I didn’t want it filmed in a way that was crass or vulgar or explicit. I didn’t want there to be this huge focus on the creampie in the sense that I told Chris Streams, who was filming it, that I didn’t want to be a huge closeup of the creampie. I want us kept in frame because I wanted to show the human side. I didn’t want show it as this kind of spectacle. I wanted to show that one of the most intimate moments a man and woman can share; becoming one and having the man cum inside the woman. That’s an incredibly, incredibly bonding moment and I didn’t want it to end with the camera zooming in and the pussy squirting out the cum. I wanted to show the human side of us tenderly looking at each other, touching each other and show that there is a love between us. And when I say ‘love’, I obviously mean a very specific kind of love. Manuel’s a very good friend of mine and I love him in that respect. But there’s definitely a lot of passion and emotionality that you have with someone when you’re connecting with them like that and I wanted the camera to showcase that human connection instead of the spectacle of jizz dripping out of a vagina.

Angela Volume 3

CJ: There’s no easy segue after that one. You also do an anal scene with Mandingo! Is that the biggest guy you’ve had in your ass?

Angela: I’d say yes. I can’t even think of a bigger guy in porn. He’s the biggest guy I’ve ever had sex with! He was a surprise in the sense that he’s marketed as this monster cock so you get the sense that he’s going to be this really domineering kind of guy. But he’s very sensual. He’s very much about making the woman cum. He’s very aware of what he’s doing with his cock. There are guys that have a big dick and don’t know how to use it but he’s a guy that has this huge appendage and he really knows how to get a woman off with it.

CJ: Do you have anal orgasms?

Angela: Yes.

CJ: I ask that because you did a double anal with Mick Blue and Markus Dupree. Did you cum from that?

Angela: It feels different! It’s a different sensation! Obviously, when you have one cock going in, you just feel that thrusting in and out. With two, especially when they’re pivoting like that, you get the ‘push in’ and the ‘pull out’ at the same time. It’s a very unique sensation. Usually, you only feel ‘push in’ or ‘pull out’ but, with that, you’re feeling both. That’s an incredible feeling. That’s really amazing.

CJ: What is the best way for you to have an orgasm, clitoral stimulation or penetration?

Angela: Both. I can have orgasms either way but the strongest is when I have a combination of both, The reason I love DPs so much is because I get the triple whammy. I get clitoral stimulation, then the pussy and the butt. For me, those are amazing which is why the triples were so much fun as well. It’s harder to get things in motion at the same time but if you can have the in & out in the butt and one in the pussy and clitoral stimulation….it’s overwhelming but it’s an incredible feeling!

CJ: So were you overwhelmed? Did you just lay back and let the orgasm happen?

Angela: Ahhhh. When it comes to triples, I have to lay back and let it happen because with those positions, if I move, I can push people out. So my job, especially in gangbangs when they’re doing doubles and triples, as a performer, I have to stay still. Usually, I like to fuck back; I like to bounce my booty back…I like to be involved! But if you start getting involved as the woman in those moments, you’re actually doing the opposite of what you want. (laughs) You’re going to make it hard for everybody to get in there. So, yes, I lay back and it’s a moment where you give your body over to this group of men. You accept that they are all going to dominate me; you’re all going to put me in this position and you’re going to use my body in ways that will bring me pleasure. It’s quite incredible to be in a gangbang. These guys throw you around and they manhandle you but it’s all for your best interests at heart. It’s all to make you cum!

CJ: As we mentioned, you did the scene with Manuel without cutting. It was an hour and 10 minutes of just you two. What about the gangbangs? When the guys are manhandling you and taking control, how often did you cut in that?

Angela: There weren’t very many cuts. I didn’t count them but the only reason we cut was for stills or because they needed water. It was a hot day and everyone was dehydrated! It’s a workout! These guys are really fucking me hard and all the bodies are up on each other. Especially in the DP sections, think of the anchor. He has me on top of him, then another body on top of me. It’s fair that they might need a water break. That was true in both gangbangs. The way I like to do things is I like to not cut as much as I possibly can because I don’t want to fuck with the flow. Obviously, if someone needs to cut because they need water or they get a cramp, whatever it might be, it’s completely understandable. But if I can do a scene without cutting, that is my main goal.

CJ: You’ve done double vag and double anal along with a triple penetration, would you ever consider a triple anal?

Angela: I would have to have the right guys. It’s definitely about length at that point. It’s just tough in terms of the bodies…where do you put them? You could fit 3 dicks in there if they weren’t attached to the bodies! (laughs) It’s the bodies that kind of get in the way so you really need that length. It just wasn’t going to happen in that particular gangbang but I’m open to it.

Angela White IR Gangbang

CJ: You did an IR gangbang. You’ve done plenty of IR scenes. Why the gangbang? Was that a fan request?

Angela: IR is huge! With the Angela series, I like to do things that I’ve never done before. I love beautiful big black men so the idea of having them all to myself is a wonderful fantasy that I got to make a reality. The fans had been requesting it for a long time as well. I knew it was a highly anticipated scene.

CJ: How do black guys fuck differently than white guys, or do they?

Angela: There’s not that much of a difference. There’s a difference in cock size, generally. At least the black guys in this industry have very, very large cocks. I think that both gangbangs are different but they both have positive vibes. There’s definitely a general comraderie with the guys that are doing the gangbangs because they have done many gangbangs before with each other. There’s definitely this feeling on set that it’s a bunch of friends together fucking this girl. Both gangbangs were super hot. The only real difference is that I didn’t do doubles in the interracial gangbangs.

CJ: When you’re doing a gangbang, when you’re really getting it good from a guy and you’re getting close to cumming, is it tough if the guy suddenly stops and passes you off to the next guy?

Angela: When you’re about to cum, guys don’t usually pass you off to the next guy. They want to feel your pussy clenching down on your cock. They don’t want to be about to get you there and then pass you off, they want to feel that contraction. (laughs) The guys worked well together. They shared me and they’re generous. If they know that I’m getting close and I’m about to get there, they’re going to let it happen. They’re there to pleasure me!

CJ: Some people think that it’s easy to have a showcase because it’s your own production company. Tell me the work that goes into making a movie like this!

Angela: It’s soooo much work doing these showcases. It’s comparatively easy to perform on someone else’s set. When I go on someone else’s set, all I have to do is show up on time, bring the wardrobe that’s required and do a good scene. After that, I don’t have to think about booking a location; I don’t have to think about makeup artists; I don’t have to think about choosing wardrobe; I don’t have to think about writing any checks. There’s so much to think about when you create your own showcase or your own movie that you don’t have to think about when you’re just being a performer. For me, when I shoot my own showcases, they are so much more work than shooting for other companies. The list is endless. Pre-production which includes scouting locations, booking locations, booking all crew and finding dates where all the crew and the makeup artists and the talent are all available on the same day; it’s coordinating and buying wardrobe for the female talent that’s good for both of our body types and there’s deciding on makeup, once I’m on location, deciding where I’m going to set up, how I want the scene to play out. And then there’s the scene itself which takes a lot of energy to do the scene itself. Then there’s the post-production which is where I do all the editing, all the teases, all the scenes, all the trailers and then there’s the boxcover and the DVD authorings. There’s so much that goes into the production of a movie and particularly the showcases where I’m trying to showcase my work as both a performer and a director. It’s an incredible amount of work that goes into it.

CJ: Let’s give you crew some love too, starting with Chris Streams who runs the camera.

Angela: Chris is absolutely amazing. I couldn’t have created Angela Volume 3 without him. He’s just been incredible. I have Tony Flush as my production manager. Makeup by Rosalinda. She does an amazing job. I think makeup artists don’t always get the credit they deserve. Not only do they make the girls look beautiful on the outside but they help with having the girl feel confident enough to bare all. Makeup artists are incredibly important because if you don’t feel gorgeous, it’s hard to translate that on-screen. You’re getting naked and want to express your sexuality and want to show the world what you’ve got and if you’re not feeling absolutely fierce and gorgeous, that makes a difference. Lio was my production assistant and he was incredible. Another job that doesn’t get much love but we couldn’t shoot without PA’s. It’s incredible how much work they do on-set and help keep things rolling like getting waters when people are exhausted and stuff like that. Even moving on to Girlfriends Films who are my distributors, they’ve been amazing, helping with the distribution of my DVD’s. There are so many people that help the production and help the movie get out there.

CJ: You’ve been in LA for about a year now, how is that going for you?

Angela: It’s great, I love it here! It’s just incredible being able to shoot as much as I do now. Being able to be part of the community and really make amazing friendships since I’ve been over here. Mark Spiegler has just been amazing. He’s an amazing agent, he’s an amazing friend, he’s so generous. He’s just been incredible. Everybody loves him! Everybody loves Mark!

Angela White is Titwoman

CJ: You also have another big movie coming up, Angela White is Titwoman. Tell me about that one.

Angela: That has my first gloryhole scene in it so that was kind of exciting! And especially given that Dreadneck, who directed it, created that whole set for me. He built it just for my first gloryhole and it’s the classiest gloryhole that I’ve ever seen! It’s with two black guys, Isiah Maxwell and Moe Johnson. And then it has another interracial DP with Prince Yahshua and Isiah Maxwell. That was just an amazing scene! (Sigh) It starts romantic on a bed with white sheets and beautiful rose petals and then I have these two black studs come in and ravish me, which is amazing. And then I get reunited with Alexis Texas, which was so amazing. We have Titwoman vs. Buttwoman so we finally get to share a cock! It’s an oil scene so you can imagine her big, round butt and my big, round tits bouncing with oil all over them. That one is with James Deen. There’s actually an amazing solo or tease sequence that was shot as well. You’ll have to see it! The other scene on the disk was an anal scene with Markus Dupree. That one was really fucking hot and that was Dreadneck’s favorite scene. I loved every scene but the fact that I had never done a gloryhole scene makes me like that particular scene because it was new and exciting and I got into the fantasy of not knowing who the guys were that belonged to these dicks. But that anal scene with Markus was very, very cool. It had a cool intro as well. It’s a very hardcore, intense anal scene.

CJ: You are also hosting the AVN Awards. How did that come about?

Angela: I am just so, so honored to be hosting the AVN Awards. It still doesn’t feel real to me! It’s incredible. Tony from AVN asked me if I wanted to host and, of course, I jumped at the opportunity. It’s going to be very exciting come January. I’m hosting with Harli Lott who’s a big My Free Cams superstar. We have the blonde/brunette combo and we should look very good on stage together.

CJ: Are you already doing some of the skits they show between awards?

Angela: Not yet but I think that’s coming up very soon.

CJ: You have a chance to join Asa Akira as the only hostess who has won Performer of the Year! Have you thought about that at all?

Angela: I have to get nominated first. (laughs) It’s already such a huge honor to host and to even be in the conversation is incredible.

CJ: You’ve had an incredible year. 5 showcase movies. Shooting for every company under the sun. You are just an incredible performer. What’s coming up for Angela White?

Angela: I’m already booked until the end of the year and have so many cool shoots coming up with other companies. Obviously, I’m going to work on some movies of my own. I haven’t decided what I’m going to work on first but I definitely put it out there that I want to do another Angela Loves Women. I don’t know if that’ll be the next one. It might by Angela Loves Gonzo but also, the popularity of Angela Loves Anal gets me thinking that I should do another anal movie. (laughs) I’m definitely going to be shooting many, many more scenes for other companies and I will be producing more DVDs for my company, AGW Entertainment, but which one’s coming next, I haven’t even decided yet.

CJ: And how can the fans follow you on social media?

Angela: is the hub of everything Angela White. On Twitter, I’m @AngelaWhite. Instagram, I have two. My main account is @theangelawhite. Then I have a backup in case the first one would get deleted. It’s @OfficialAngelaWhite. On Facebook, the only real one is Tumblr is

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