Rosco Fuji Interviews Kendra Heart

Rosco Fuji Interviews Kendra Heart

The text from Desperate Pleasures Chieftain JW Ties said, “Interview with someone special at 2:00 PM. Can you make it?” I replied with a “See you then!” I show up and the very delectable Kendra Heart graces my presence. How special you might ask? Well, the answer comes when I ask the question, “How did you get into porn?” She laughs and says, “Well I was getting gangbanged………” and we were off and running. The unfortunate part of the afternoon was that a call time at another location had moved up and cut into our time together. Subsequently, I wasn’t able to expand on a few questions. The good part though was that I was able to get a good 40 minutes in with her. Note to anyone interview performers in the afternoon, you can never go wrong bringing cupcakes and bananas. Second note is that when you are sitting across from some as delicious as Kendra eating a banana, structured interviews go out the window.

Kendra Heart

RF: Nice to meet you. Tell me about yourself.

KH: My name is Kendra Heart. I grew up in Oklahoma, I’m a middle child, my dad is a preacher and my mom is a straight up gold digging nympho sex icon so they’re completely different. I used to play soccer.

RF: With a preacher dad, how does that work out?

KH: He just found out I’m a porn star. He won’t talk to me or bring up the subject, I don’t know. He won’t bring up the subject, but he knows. Do you want to know how I know?

RF: Sure.

KH: He just liked my very first twitter post I ever did, which means that he had to scroll through every post to see every single thing that I’ve done, and he “liked” it. That’s all he did, that’s all he did. And I was just freaking out, I was making sure it was really his email, his twitter, I was like “my dad doesn’t have twitter, my dad doesn’t have twitter. What? It was terrible it won’t come up; he won’t talk to me about it. I’m sure it’ll come up soon, but he hasn’t mentioned it yet.”

RF: But you’re on talking terms?

KH: He literally doesn’t know how to talk to me about it, because he can’t fathom it, because he really has no clue about how I really am.

RF: But you said your mom was a gold digging nympho?

KH: My parents divorced when I was young. So I was raised by my mom, but my dad had visitation, but had very little hand in raising me. Which I probably should have gone to him instead of my mom, because my mom had so many partners.

RF: So, your mom was popular?

KH: Yeah, she’s just, I don’t know. I don’t want this to be all about her; it’s just where I came from and the differences between my parents and how I turned out today.

RF: Being a preacher’s daughter, would you say you’re rebellious in nature?

KH: Yeah, oh yeah!

RF: Were you always the wild child?

KH: Actually no, I was the child that got swept under the rug. And what I mean by that is my brother was the athlete, and my sister was the book smart one. You have the only son, star athlete and the baby girl, and there I was, subsequently that’s why I crave the attention I do now.

RF: I’m a middle child also, so I understand completely.

KH: Yeah.

Kendra Heart

RF: How did you gravitate towards porn?

KH: The golden question and oh my gosh! So, I was in the middle of a gangbang and this is very true. So the more I tell this story, the more I include. So, let me back up and start from the beginning. I have a swinger background with swinger ways about me. All my life I’ve always been okay with sleeping with other people and could only have a boyfriend if we both could do that. So normally, I just never had a boyfriend, just because nobody would be okay with that. So what I would do, one of my boyfriends and I our thing would be to assemble gangbangs. And, we’d go online and find people that we liked of course. And we’d all meet at a porn theater and we’d tell people to wear a red shirt and then you’d get to fuck me like crazy. It was crazy, so sometimes if there was a lot more guys at the glory holes and they were wearing red shirts so my boyfriend would let all the guys fuck me crazy and then be the last one to have sex with me as sort of a dominant thing.

RF: Do you like my red shirt?

KH: Very nice.

RF: How many guys would it be? 3 or 4, 15 to 20?

KH: It’d usually be roughly 3 to 15, in that ball park.

RF: How would it be? Would it be one after another or everyone at the same time?

KH: Both. Sometimes they would all get in on me or wait their turn. We all went off of the mood.

RF: What was the best one?

KH: That’s an easy one. It was one of the last ones I did. I think it was 6 guys and I had each of them sitting in the seats next to each other. I started at one end and would ride each one in reverse cowgirl while I would stroke off the guy or guys next to one I was riding. I would get to the end of the line and start back at the beginning. It was on my second or third lap down the line that I caught a petite redhead looking at me. From that moment, we spent the rest of the time just staring at one another as I rode the guys.

RF: How did it end?

KH: I had all the guys cum on my breasts because that’s probably my favorite place for a guy to cum. As I was getting ready to leave, the redhead told me that I was so much better than the porn star on the screen and so much more entertaining that I should do porn. I thought MMMMMMMM.

RF: Besides the cumming on your breasts, was this bare back or condomed?

KH: It was very safe, all the way. If my BF knew that every guy was tested, then it’d be a different story, but without a test. Sorry, wrap that thing!

RF: How often did these little get togethers happen?

KH: We’re a strange couple. Instead of going out to dinner on a special occasion, we’d go to the porn theater and have fun there quite often. But not now because I’d have to be safe now and get tested quite often. That’s all behind me now, but that’s where I bloomed sexually.

RF: So you decided to check into porn, where you stripping or anything like that?

KH: I stripped for about 3 months. It was probably the worst thing I could do to my body. Stripping is so hard on us girls with the bruising, and I got so skinny because all I did was dance, dance, dance, cardio, cardio, cardio, cardio. I lost all my muscle and all my fat. So I quit just because I got too skinny.

RF: So then you look into porn, was it to piss off your parents because your dad’s a preacher?

KH: No, here’s the thing. If my mom found out I’m a porn star, she’s the type that would want to steal the light or be a porn star and be jealous. Seriously, she’s that way.

RF: Well there is the whole mother daughter porn thing.

KH: Oh god, don’t even get me started on that. I couldn’t do that I think. She would so be down for it though.
RF: What is your average day like when not shooting?

KH: I get up around 8, go outside and stretch and have coffee on my yoga mat. I’ll try and work out, go shop, clean my house. Yeah, I might do porn, but I’m a normal person too.

RF: What type of scenes are you up for?

KH: I’ll do anything except people pissing on me, and I don’t think fisting is something I literally physically able to do. I don’t think I could get a fist in my pussy.

RF: You’d be open to Double Vag or Double Anal?

KH: I’d be open for it, but I’ve never done it before in my personal life.

RF: What type of scenes did you shoot today?

KH: BJ’s baby, BJ’s. BJ’s for everyone, come get your BJ’s. Let’s see what else did we do? We did a cream pie and a Boy/Girl. I get dick drunk sometimes.

KH: Do you want to take a picture of me eating a banana?

RF: Oh yeah.

Kendra Heart, Bananas!

RF: Do you find the average civilian treats you different when they find you’re a performer?

KH: I just recently had a boy from HS contact me through FB and he had the biggest crush on me, which is sweet and I think is great that he can now see what he was fantasying about. He was so sweet about it and was very supportive and thought it was awesome.

RF: Now is Kendra your real first name?

KH: No, that’s why his message started with a Kendra Heart???

RF: What type of girl where you in HS?

KH: I was a wall flower, I was invisible in HS.

RJ: And yet here you are. This isn’t the first time this has happened. If you look at a lot of porn star bios, they were always the shy ones and then it’s like, “Wow, she’s doing porn WTF?”

KH: yeah.

RF: Were you nervous at all on your first shoot.

KH: Yes, but even in my personal life, I was nervous before I did a gangbang until I get that first cock in my mouth and then all the butterflies go away. The second I’m it action, the switch is thrown and its show time.

RF: You were 18, 19? I looked up a quick bio on you and it said you’re 25?

KH: 24.

RF: When did you lose you virginity?

KH: I lost it when I was 14, and I’ve always been into older guys and I lost it to my best friend’s daddy. What’s scary is that the industry loves this kind of story as they are all over it. A porn star losing her V card to her best friend’s dad when she was 14

RF: I’m on a roll now, I’m slightly older and wearing a red shirt.

KH: Yes you are.

RF: Now does this person know?

KH: I think she knows. She’d be an idiot if she didn’t know because we were having sex for several years so she has to know. I was 14 when we started and 17 when we stopped. He was like; you need to experience other guys and life at this point. But what happened was I was in a home where my stepdad at the time stopped paying attention to me because they had another child, so it was onto the next.

RF: So you’re basically the forgotten child.

KH: Yes. So when I started developing little feelings and going through puberty, I didn’t know what to do. So when I was playing with my friend out in the yard, her dad would join us playing catch and the like. Later on in life, this same friend and I were a thing and would have sex at one time in our lives.

RF: So when was the first time with a girl, when you were 14?

KH: Oh god no, when I was 12. Her name was Keanna and I licked her pussy. That was all we did because it was all I knew. My next victim was when I was 13 and her name was Emily and her excuse was she wanted to practice on me, so when she actually does have sex, she’ll know what to do. I was like, yeah, yeah, ok.

RF: How long in the industry?

KH: I’ve been in industry about 6 months now and I really love it. I’ve found my niche in the world.

RF: Since you have swinger tendencies, do you like putting on a show for your BF?

KH: Yes, he’s the one that told me that I need to have that “Hey look at me” attitude and it built my confidence being in the industry.

RF: Do you and your BF watch your scenes?

KH: Oh definitely and we would have steaming hot sex, sometimes even before the porn was over. LOL.

RF: One of your scenes was for LeWood on Evil Angel,

KH: Anal Brats 4

RF: That’s the one. What is it like working with someone when you know their wife is the camera person? Did you know that at the time of shooting?

KH: I knew that. It was so hot. I love Francesca, she’s hilarious. If was different, but I didn’t have any reservations like, “oh my god, that’s his wife and I’m fucking her husband.” It wasn’t anything like that and it was the first time I had a woman behind the camera. I liked it and it was more comforting because girls know where we feel pretty and what the best angles would be. I was very much wowed.

Kendra Heart

RF: What is your favorite scene so far that you’ve shot?

KH: Ooohhhh, my favorite scene was with J-Mac. It was my second scene for Teens Love Huge Cocks, and what is funny is the banana was a prop and I was blowing the banana practicing and my brother comes in and says, “I give you something to practice on, blah blah blah” and one thing leads to another and it was the biggest cock I’ve ever had in my life. Yeah, and I’ve never had a dick that couldn’t go all the way in my mouth or all the way down my throat. And, he even McChickened me which is he signature move where he picks the girl up and she’s all looking like a chicken.

RF: How many scenes have you shot?

KH: Probably close to 50 with the majority of them being for my Clips 4 Sale store.

RF: And what does your Clip store go live.

KH: It should be up and running this Friday the 26th.

RF: Does any aspect of shooting a scene turn you on?

KH: Yes, absolutely. Like I said, sucking dick makes my pussy really wet. I like being in front of the camera, posing and feeling pretty gets me ready for the scene. It’s sexy as fuck to me, and I love the audience.

RF: Where do you prefer the popshots?

KH: My chest. Before porn I had never done a facial, but now I’ve learned to like the face. It doesn’t bother me at all.

RF: So no guys cumming in your eyes?

KH: No thankfully, I never realized how bloodshot your eyes will become when getting hit by cum.

RF: Ideal first date?

KH: Dinner and movie.

RF: What kind of movies?

KH: Comedy, I’m a funny girl.

RF: Who would your famous person hookup be?

KH: Captain Jack Sparrow. Not Johnny Depp, but Jack Sparrow.

RF: How long do you plan on doing porn?

KH: As long as I can.

RF: Favorite type of music?

KH: When I work out, I listen to Tec-9 who is underground techno rap, but I’m a softy, I love Chris Stapleton also; he’s sexy as fuck and turns me on.

RF: If you could force a Kardashian or Jenner to bob for French fries in hot grease, who would you pick?

KH: Dayam, I’d pick Kylie Jenner that little brat.

RF: Choose between one, an all midget gangbang or one with a bunch of old as dirt Texas Albinos?

KH: Midgets, that’d be cool. I’ve given a midget a hand job in the industry too. That was awesome; it was his first scene also.

RF: Where would you rather work, the Titty Twister or the Pink Taco?

KH: The Pink Taco, that’s good food, just because I’m a foodie.

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