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I recently discovered the lovely Mea Melone when reviewing Perry Vision 4 and Hose Monster 6 from David Perry/Evil Angel. Mea just lights up the screen and captures your heart with a smile that just oozes personality. Not only that, she looks really good naked. Mea is definitely an up and cummer in the world of porn. At the present time she’s only shooting in Europe but hopes to make it to the US sometime in 2014. Her current resume lists 24 titles but it’s a diverse 24 and covers just about every genre as she’s not a shy woman. She also has a special project coming up called the Melone Challenge and she tells us a little about it here. Please note that this was an emailed set of questions versus an in person interview so I was unable to expand on her answers.

Mea Melone

RF: Tell us about yourself. What kind of girl were you growing up, family life, etc?

Mea Melone: I had a normal childhood. But the truth is, all the free time I had, I spent with horses. And I still love them today. My mother treated me like a little princess, but that was not really who I was. As a teenager, while everyone was having fun and going nuts in clubs, I was spending my time with horses. The rest was pretty boring, standard life. But that was soon about to change.

RF: How did you gravitate towards being an adult performer?

Mea Melone: When I was 22, I started doing some glamour pics. Standard solo stuff… And one day I had an offer, and I just accepted. It seemed fun.

RF: What is the process for entering porn in Europe?

Mea Melone: There are many ways. Nowadays, either you want to do it, and you just find a way to get in touch with producers or modeling agencies,… or modeling agencies find you! It’s pretty common actually these days with social networking. Agents contact girls they think would be good for the business, and then they try to convince them…

RF: What did you do before entering the world of porn?

Mea Melone: After school I worked as a bartender, then later on I opened a nail salon with a friend, and worked there as a manicurist.

RF: Does your family know that you’re an adult performer?

Mea Melone: Yes they know about it,… but they’re not really happy with it all !

RF: Are you married or dating someone and how does being an adult performer effect your relationship?

Mea Melone: I am single. I don’t really have time for a boyfriend, and I don’t really feel that I need one these days. The only person I spend my free time with, is my best friend Wendy Moon. We live together. She’s also an adult performer, so we have the same lifestyle. We also have animals, 2 dogs and 2 horses and all that is very fulfilling.

Mea Melone

RF: Does the multi partner aspect of porn carry over to your civilian life or are you more of a one on one type of person when not shooting?

Mea Melone: I really love sex. I’m lucky enough to have one regular sexfriend, but the truth is that I would like to have more partners similar to him, if I could find them. I only knew a few guys during my “civilian life“ that were up to par. I don’t sleep around every night, but I’m not against it, if I can find someone that answers my needs!

RF: Were you at all nervous during your first shoot?

Mea Melone: Sure. I had mixed feelings. It was something new and I had no idea if I would be any good.

RF: What was your favorite scene that you’ve shot so far?

Mea Melone: My first DP, which was one the first 5 scenes I ever shot.

Mea Melone

RF: Some female performers are completely against the idea of doing scenes with Bi guys, while others find the concept a complete turn on. Since you’ve shot several Bi scenes, what are your personal feelings on doing Bi scenes or is it just a type of scene that you were hired for?

Mea Melone: It doesn’t really matter what the guys do together, I take it as a normal scene. I’m not against the idea, but it’s not the type of scenes I’m looking forward to the most.

RF: I loved your performance in Hose Monster 6 from David Perry. Do you hope to or expect to work in more of his releases?

Mea Melone: David is a good friend of mine, so I would love to work for him (or with him!) again.

RF: Do you plan on coming to the United States to shoot more, or are you going to stay in Prague and work exclusively there?

Mea Melone: I’m not shooting only in Prague. I travel all over Europe. I’ve never been to the USA, but I’m looking forward to going there. My plan is to continue shooting in Europe for a while and then pop up on the US scene in late 2014!

RF: How long do you plan on being in the adult community?

Mea Melone: I have no plans to stop anytime soon, at least not until the fans still want to see me perform!

Mea Melone

RF: I know that you have a big project coming up in a few weeks, what is the “Melone Challenge” exactly and how can your fans get involved with the challenge?

Mea Melone: I’m waiting to be challenged by any guy who thinks he’s man enough to perform sexually for 30min, keep a hard dick, and show me his “love-making” skills. I’ll be the only judge and jury. I can accept to be challenged by anyone who has balls. The potential challengers can check for all the instructions on how to apply.

RF: How can your fans follow you? Do you have any social media sites?

Mea Melone: Sure. I have a personal Facebook page
and also a professional profile for fans
and of course the Melone Challenge Facebook
Follow me also on twitter

RF: What is your ideal first date?

Mea Melone: I love to be surprised. No need to plan too much ahead, but I’m a bit of a romantic, so a nice candlelight dinner would do wonders.

RF: Favorite vacation spot?

Mea Melone: I love to stay at home, but I also love to ski. So I would say, slopes before beaches for sure!

RF: If you could sleep with any famous person in the world, who would it be?

Mea Melone: Bradley Cooper.

RF: Are you a hockey fan, and if so, what is your favorite team and/or player?

Mea Melone: I’m a big hockey fan, especially of the Czech national team.

RF: Do you have any unusual talents or hobbies that people would be surprised to know about?

Mea Melone: I’m a great pole dancer, and I have a lot of experience at it.

RF: Thank you so much and good luck with the “Melone Challenge!”.

Mea Melone

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