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Captain Jack interviews Nurse Shay Lo of

Recently, I was at the Exxxotica Expo in Chicago. One girl really caught my eye and when you see the pictures below, you’ll understand why. Nurse Shay Lo works on a fetish website dedicated to medical fantasies. I was intrigued by her and the website, so I had a chance to interview her last week. Nurse Shay Lo is a sweet young thing who I hope to see much more of in the adult industry. Her website, with Dr. Tampa, is called and she tells us all about it.

Nurse Shay Lo - Girls Gone Gyno

Captain Jack: Explain to me?

Nurse Shay Lo: We deal with medical fetishes with people that are looking for a blend of realism mixed with fetishism. We don’t want to deal with the cheesy content where the doctor comes in and says, “You have a severe deficiency of Vitamin D!” It has to do with the girls going to the doctor for various reasons; be it their yearly check-up or a school or job requires them to go to the doctor and get a physical. And we use that against them, if they don’t pass their physical, the doctors not going to pass you and you’re not going to be able to go to school. So you better be a good girl and comply with the doctor’s or nurse’s orders.

Some of the movies start off with the girl just going to the doctor. We try to stick to realism. The nurse comes in and asks them regular questions like when was your last menstration, do you have any tenderness in your breasts. We write everything down on the chart and prep them for seeing the doctor.

We also have other videos where the patients are brought in against their will. The series is called sex slave trader where basically the camera is the sex slave trader and he’s out there abducting young, hot girls to be sold off to rich males around the world. The trader brings them in to the doctor for an exam.

We have a number of interesting storylines like the girls are going in for orgasm testing or female sexuality studies. In those, they are strapped down and brought to multiple orgasms. We also have one movie that is kind of interesting and it’s called “Don’t experiment on animals”. Basically, the girl is at a mall and she’s given this flyer to stop animal testing. So she calls the medical office and urges them to stop testing. She comes in, fills out the paperwork, signing everything and she says, “I only want to help the animals!” Before she knows it, she’s the guinea pig for a pharmaceutical company!

We have a lot of different series but we only have 1 or 2 movies that have actual sex in it. We try to keep true to the fetish.

Nurse Shay Lo - Girls Gone Gyno

CJ: So basically, you exam them and look inside them?

Nurse Shay Lo: Yes, we run the full gamut of the physical. We bring the girls in and have them change into a gown. I review her paperwork, sometimes the doctor is there too. Perform an eye exam, weigh her, perform a thyroid exam and do a breast exam. Typically, the breast exam is while they’re standing and have them lift their arms above their head. She also lays on the table and takes off the gown and we exam the breasts while they’re laying down. Eye exam, nose exam, ears, in addition to her gynelogical examination as well. Some girls are tied down, some aren’t; some girls look like they’re enjoying it and some look like they’re terrified. We run the gamut of emotions and storylines.

CJ: Being a guy, I’ve never had a gynelogical exam. Can you go into detail as to what goes on?

Nurse Shay Lo: It all depends on the type of story line we are tiring to follow, but a normal and routine gynecological exam starts with the patient answering a few questions, like their sex habits, menstruation cycle, medications, allergies, etc.. health related questions and then they discuss why they have come to see use here in the doctor’s office.

It could be as simple as the patient just needs a check up to they are being forced to be there and under go series of sexuality and simulation testing, or they could be a college student who has signed up to be the test subject to pass her next class, and besides reading the statement that states the type of experimental subject she will be, she just signs it and before she knows it she is at the will of the doctor and I.

We do breast exam where we feel all around the breast and pull on the nipple as too check for lumps or anything abnormal. She gets on the exam table and we preform the pelvic exam, which is inserting two fingers into the vagina and again checking for anything out of the ordinary and to indicate if anything is hurts when it is touched. We use speculums to open the vagina up and take a look inside. We take samples, simulate, and poke around in side 😉

If you can think it or have a kink for it we can or have done it in our videos. That is the great thing about our films are so interesting because there is such a wide range of scenarios that could happen with the fetish that is always stays new, it’s not the same scene in the video with a different girl, it’s a different idea and scenes for a video each time. Every video is unquiet.

CJ: So in the orgasm testing, do you press an Hitachi or some device against their pussies and force an orgasm?

Nurse Shay Lo: That is correct, we have magic massager, and in the past have used the Hitachi Magic Wand toy we press to their pussies, there are an assortment of naughty things to play with in the Girls Gone Gyno Clinic

CJ: Do any of the girls squirt?

Nurse Shay Lo: YES!! there are girls who squirt, we have had girls squirt at the shows through their clothes. So you could imagine how that looks from the angle we give you on film.

Nurse Shay Lo - Girls Gone Gyno

CJ: Where do you get your patients from?

Nurse Shay Lo: We get them from all over the place. We get girls who think what we do is interesting and they want to be on the site, we get girls off the web, Craig’s List, shows…At this point, we don’t have to look much for talent because we have talent that is interested in us.

CJ: So all shapes and sizes, ages, ethnicities are in the videos?

Nurse Shay Lo: We try to stick to girls that are in their late teens to early 20s. We tend to not deal with girls over the age of 35. That’s the doctor’s personal preference. We have white girls, black girls, Hispanic…I don’t think we have any Asian girls yet. We deal with skinny girls to a little plumb girls but we don’t deal with BBW. We try to get good looking realistic girls and most of them are pretty decent looking.

CJ: Are these all amateurs? Do you make sure they don’t have adult work on their resume’?

Nurse Shay Lo: The majority of girls we work with are amateurs or fetish girls. We haven’t really had any big name girls. I think the biggest names are Carmen Valentina or Alexis Grace.

CJ: How did you get involved in this?

Nurse Shay Lo: I was a mutual friend of Dr. Tampa and things moved along and we started a relationship. I was always interested in this fetish but I never knew there was a name for it and a category or that other people liked it too. I thought it was this whole weird thing and I never talked about it. Then I met the doctor and we talked about it more and more and stuck my toes in the water.

Nurse Shay Lo - Girls Gone Gyno

CJ: During the exams, are you in the exam room with them?

Nurse Shay Lo: Yes, I am in the exam room with the doctor and the patient, we may have to walk out of the room too tend to something else for a moment or discuss further treatment.

CJ: Are you into girls since you will be touching them, I would assume?

Nurse Shay Lo: Believe it or not I am not that into girls…its more of that I like to explore the human body and emotion, and girls are beautiful creatures so that is my preference.

CJ: So you’re only 18…were you doing this or part of this when you were still in high school?

Nurse Shay Lo: I actually graduated when I was 17.

CJ: Have you been in any videos yet?

Nurse Shay Lo: I have not been in any videos yet. We were actually supposed to shoot something on the doctor’s birthday last week but, unfortunately, the person who was supposed to be taking part in it was too busy and had to postpone. I’m hoping to get on camera in the next week or two and then put it on the site a couple weeks after that. A lot of people are anticipating my arrival, or so I was told at Exxxotica!

CJ: Just to get some background info on you, what kind of girl were you growing up? How as school? Family life?

Nurse Shay Lo: I went to school for graphic design and advertising. And I still do a little bit of that. I do logos for businesses and such. As for activities, I just like being outside.

CJ: So in these videos, will you be getting naked?

Nurse Shay Lo: I don’t think so. I feel pretty firmly about that. I’d just rather be the one taking the speculations rather than being the patient.

CJ: Will the patients be getting naked?

Nurse Shay Lo: Yes the patients once on the table is fully nude with legs spread eagle, weather she takes them off willingly or unwillingly, or we just cut them off her body.

CJ: Did you have a lot of boyfriends during school?

Nurse Shay Lo: Actually I did not. I had one boyfriend during middle school and then it was pretty much just solo until my first week at technical studio. Then I had a boyfriend about a year and he turned out to be a jerk.

CJ: When did you lose your virginity?

Nurse Shay Lo: I was 14. It was an ok experience but I did it for the wrong reasons. And now, being older, I realize that. But back then, I was like “this is good!”

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