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Liv Revamped can certainly be considered one of porno’s unsung performers. She’s been in game seven years and is a top performer, working for many top studios over the years. She took a break for a bit but came back still at the top of her game. She may not have the boxcover numbers or showcases other girls with far less time in the business have but she is a dominant performer nonetheless.

Liv Revamped: Business Class Ass

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BJS: What’s the best and worst thing about being a porn star?

Liv: The best part about being a porn star isn’t necessarily how much sex I have, but how lucrative and open-minded the industry itself is.The worst thing about being a porn star would probably be the fact that you no longer have any anonymity. Once you do porn, everyone knows who you are.

BJS: Do you masturbate often? Who or what do you think about when you masturbate?

Liv: I don’t masturbate very often because I have the privilege of getting plenty of sex, but when I do masturbate I like to watch homemade porn. Seeing two people enjoying the company of another is really hot to me.

BJS: What sexual fantasies have come true for you since you started working in porn?

Liv: My fantasy was taking on more than one guy at a time, and thankfully porn helped me fulfill that fantasy.

BJS: Describe one of the hottest sex scenes you’ve ever been involved in.

Liv: My hottest scene would have to be one of the James Dean Off Set Sex Tapes, where James had the privilege of coming over to my house and fucking me in my own bedroom. It was totally organic, there was a lot of chemistry and hopefully I get to pair up again in the future.

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Photo Courtesy of Diabolic’s Business Class Ass

BJS: Do you like being naked? What’s it like having a job where you can be naked at

Liv: I love being naked. Every chance I get I try to be naked. Having a job where I can be naked all the time is a dream come true. The more I’m naked, the less laundry I have to do!

BJS: Would you rather win an award for your acting or your sexual performance?

Liv: I know I’m not an actress, so winning an award that I feel I deserved is perfect. I would most definitely rather win an award for my sexual performance because I know I’m always giving my all, and I’m enjoying what I’m doing.

BJS: Do you feel you’re underrated as a performer or feel you’ve been acknowledged by the industry rightfully so?

Liv: Sometimes I feel underrated, but at the same time the industry has done a good job at acknowledging my strength when I feel I’ve deserved the acknowledgment. I do feel the industry has a few rough edges that need to be smoothed out in order to give everyone who deserves recognition the attention they deserve, but of course the industry itself is amazing.

BJS: Who are some of your favorite directors to work with and why?

Liv: I’ve always enjoyed working with Andres, Mike Quasar, Mike Adam, Pat Myne, Norris, and many others. I’ve always enjoyed working with them because they have always given me the privilege of being myself, picking my outfits and trusting me to put on a hell of a show. There are still many directors that I haven’t had the privilege of working for quite yet, but I do hope that in the near future they book me soon.

BJS: When doing a g/g scene how do you deal with working with a girl who’s not into girls at all?

Liv: As a girl who likes girls and has encountered other girls who don’t like working with girls, sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and put on a show. Even if the other girl is in as into it as I am, I like to guarantee a hot scene for everyone else.

Liv Revamped porn

Photo Courtesy of Diabolic’s Business Class Ass

BJS: Name one porn girl who’s retired you wish would come out of retirement so you can do a hot scene with?

Liv: I wish Genevieve Jolie was still around. When I first entered porn, everyone used to compare me to a younger version of herself. I would love to do a younger sister older sister type seen with her.

BJS: Are porn cliques real? Are you a part of a porn clique?

Liv: Porn cliques are very much real just like high school cliques. I wouldn’t necessarily say I’m part of any clique per se, but there are a few industry folks that I would rather spend my time with than others.

BJS: Which of your movies are you most proud of?

Liv: I would have to refer you to James Dean’s Off Set Sex Tapes, Hair Down There with Eric Everhard, and Sadistic Rope directed by John Paul the pope for

BJS: What does the future hold for you?

Liv: I can’t predict the future, but what I can guarantee are many more hot scenes from yours truly.

Liv Revamped

Photo Courtesy of Diabolic’s Business Class Ass

BJS: Are you a very dominant or submissive person?

Liv: Preference wise, I’m very submissive. I enjoy being told what to do when there is a mutual respect as well as great chemistry. If the other person isn’t as dominant as I’d prefer, then I’m capable of being versatile and dominant.

BJS: How similar are the real life you and your porn persona? What are the differences between you two?

Liv: The real me and the porn persona are very similar people. The person you see on camera, quirky, silly and sexual, is most definitely me. The difference between the real me and my porn persona is the fact that I’m not very sexually spontaneous. That’s because I’m very bold and straight forward. When I want sex I just go for it. I don’t play games or beat around the bush about it.

BJS: How did you come up with your porn name?

Liv was a name I used all throughout my life. I only needed a last name so that people have something to google. I wanted a name that pertained to me and something that I’d respond to.

BJS: What makes a performer go from being a porn girl to a porn star?

Liv: That’s a difficult question to answer because I don’t consider myself a pornstar. I consider myself a porn model, not just a porn girl. I think to finally reach stardom, you have to be the woman (yes, woman) who has worked for years to achieve her place within the industry and has a name that once you hear it, cocks stiffen and you recognize the name without having to google it.

BJS: If you could direct your own porn who would you cast and what type of theme would it have?

Liv: I have two ideas. One being to bring two people together who have real life chemistry. Whether they’re industry couples or just two individuals who are compatible on camera. I like watching real life sex because of the connection of the performers.

My second idea would be strictly POV lesbian work. Just making girls cum. Watching a woman have an orgasm is sexy. Being the one to make a girl cum is even more exciting. Getting girls who have never been with a girl before and making her cum would be super sexy.

BJS: If you could redo your first sexual experience would you and why?

Liv: There’s nothing I would change about it. I was with a man I loved, it was planned, and he was a great introduction to sex.

Liv Revamped fka Liv Aguilera

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BJS: Is it hard to date outside of the porn industry and why?

Liv: I believe so for a few reasons. To say in only so many words though, outside of the industry men react one of two ways when learning you’re in the industry. Either they get jealous, or they only want to sleep with you because of what they believe you can do to them sexually that civilian girls may or may not be capable of. To date outside of the industry, it takes a rare type to understand and accept that what we do is work and not just women being promiscuous for a paycheck.

BJS: How important is trust in a relationship?

Liv: Trust is the foundation. We are expected to be honest because there’s nothing you can hide as a performer. Everything we do and do not do is on camera for the most part. At the same time, we need someone we can trust not to hurt or betray us and use what we do as an excuse.

BJS: Ever fucked a fan? Would you?

Liv: Never intentionally at least. And if the other person is clean and trustworthy, why not? I love sex.

BJS: What would be your advice to a civilian guy if he wanted to approach a porn girl for a date?

Liv: Don’t treat her like a pornstar. We are people to and we deserve to be treated like every other lady; with respect.

BJS: Does size matter? Yes, no and why?

Liv: I’m personally not a size whore. I can take a huge cock but doesn’t mean I’m going to be a snob about it. If the man knows what he’s doing with it, that’s all that matters. Plus, men have mouths and fingers too.

BJS: Can you tell us something about yourself your fans would be very surprised to learn about you?

Liv: I’m multiracial. Many assume upon first introduction I’m strictly Hispanic. Really, I’m Native American, Mexican, Greek, German, Filipina and English.

BJS: How do you react when your fans recognize you in public?

Liv: I’m cordial as we all should be. It’s flattering when I’m recognized, and without the fans there, there is no I.

BJS: What’s your warning to new porn girls entering the business?

Liv: Always have a plan B. Girls never think about the end game and all assume have what it takes. Your mind changes and so does the industry. You must know what you want in the end.

BJS: What’s one superpower you wish you could have?

Liv: I wish I could be invisible. I would love to be able to just sit and hide somewhere sometimes.

Liv Revamped pornstar interviews

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BJS: Have you ever used sex to get out of trouble? Did it work?

Liv: I’ve never had to use myself to get out of trouble. All I’ve ever had to do was bat my eyes and play sweet.

BJS: Ever have sex in your parent’s house while they were there?

Liv: Never. I didn’t start having sex until after I’d already moved out.

BJS: Have you ever been caught having sex? Were you embarrassed or did the idea of getting caught excite you?

Liv: I’ve been caught so many times having sex in public, it’s surprising I haven’t been arrested yet. It’s a little exciting, but the last thing I would ever want is to be labeled an offender.

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BJS: Have you had a one-night stand? How many?

Liv: I don’t do one-night stands. I’ve hooked up with guys only once, but they’ve always been friends or affiliates. Never strangers.

BJS: Ever had threesomes, group sex or involved in an orgy before you got into porn?

Liv: Never before porn but it doesn’t mean I was closed minded to it. Prior to porn, I was very reserved because I enjoyed my anonymity. I still do.

BJS: Ever masturbated in public?

Liv: No not really. Never saw the appeal. If I was horny, I always had someone to call.

BJS: Where’s the hottest place you ever had sex in your personal life?

Liv: I don’t know about the hottest, but one of my favorite places was being taken to one of the tall buildings in downtown LA at night and fucking on the top floor while overlooking the city.

BJS: What’s one sex toy you can’t live without?

Liv: My glass toys, especially my double ended one. When I REALLY need cock and can’t get it, then I resort to one of my pretty glass boys.

BJS: Ever have sex with someone you couldn’t remember having sex with?

Liv: If you mean have I ever had sex with someone whose sex was so boring, I couldn’t remember doing it then yes. As for having blackout drunk or inebriated sex then no. I always like to be in control of myself and my surroundings. Being aware is key.

Liv Revamped fka Liv Aguilera

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BJS: If you won the lottery, would you quit porn? What would you do?

Liv: Honestly no. I love the industry. What I would probably do is invest it within the industry and begin my own company.

BJS: Can you describe a funny situation that happened to you or someone else on a porn set?

Liv: One time I accidentally got a bloody nose from Evan Stone during a hardcore BJ scene. It didn’t hurt, and I didn’t know it had happened until I felt blood coming out of my nose.

BJS: Do you tend to date bad boys? What type of guys do you like personality and physically-wise?

Liv: Every guy I have always dated has been different. My type personally is someone who can stimulate my mind. I am a self-declared personality whore. I enjoy laughing and need a guy who has great humor. Looks have never mattered to me in the least bit.

BJS: Do you have any sexual regrets?

Liv: People maybe. As for sexual acts of course not. I’ve never done anything I didn’t want to do.

BJS: Anything you’d like to say in closing to our readers?

Liv: What I can say for myself and not for many others is I truly and honestly love what I do, I have no plans on quitting or leaving again anytime soon, and anytime you watch any of my scenes and you see me smiling, I promise you that’s a real smile.

And I want you all to always pay for your porn! When you watch our scenes on a Tube site, you take away from possible work for the girl.

BJS: What are your social medias where the fan can reach you (website, Twitter,
Facebook, Instagram, Snap Chat, Tumblr, etc.)?

Tweet me @revampedlyfe
IG @bish.izbak
Snapchat @liv.lavidaloca

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