Karma RX Video Interview

Karma RX Video Chat with Javi Mac at the 2019 AVN Adult Entertainment Expo

Karma RX’s boobs are too much for YouTube! In this now age-restricted, wildly popular video interview (1.2 million views as of 4/5/2019) Karma talks about her favorite hobby (it involves a bed,) her fuck-a-fan raffle on Snapchat, and her Frenchie.

Thanks to the Javi Mac for two years of AVN Expo Porn Star Video Interviews!

A few Karma RX quotes from the video:

“I’m not traveling to fuck anybody… except James Deen.”

“We’re in the middle of the sex, the guy cuts the camera and asks, ‘can I just hold you for a second?’ … I’ve never been so uncomfortable in my life.”

“I make a great puppy.”

Karma RX Video InterviewSee Adult Expo photos #ADTatAVN.

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