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J.P. (Photo courtesy of J.P. Used with permission.)

by Flash

J.P., also known as JohnPaul and The Pope, first entered the adult entertainment industry in 2003 as a performer for SocietySM, a sub-label of Dungeon Corp.

“I was dating a model and what she was doing on her shoots spoke loudly to the sadist in me,” J.P. said. “I was a photographer and when my old boss saw my pics he offered me a job.”

J.P. was then offered a job as a PA and photographer and in 2005 he directed for the first time for Dungeon Corp. In 2010, J.P. started working for Kink where he now directs for their Hogtied, Device Bondage, and Fucking Machines lines.

Deception is J.P.’s first feature movie and he entered the feature movie genre running. J.P. Made Deception for Kink and it is a bondage, roughie, horror, and psychological thriller all in one starring Veruca James and Cherry Torn. Shot in three days on the side of a mountain, Deception is an adult movie that relies on the plot as much as it does the sex to tell the story.

Flash: Did Kink come to you or did you go to Kink with the idea of making a feature movie?

J.P.: I actually went to Kink because I had this concept in my head. I mean, features are awesome but they always seem to go back to this formula, what I refer to as like a “porn sandwich.” Which is you have a story-line and then you throw a bunch of porn in there and then at the end you kinda of try and round it back up. But it basically just turns into a porn with an elaborate intro and then an exit. I wanted to actually try to do something that was more story-based with good bondage porn in it, rather than doing a porn with a story. I watch a lot of movies and horror films and they always have horrible bondage in it. I thought it would be good to have a cool movie that had really good bondage and bondage-like sex in it, so that’s the way that went and when I sold it to them they seemed to be okay, you are talking the talk, let’s see you walk the walk.

Flash: Was it a hard sell to let them get you to do it, or was it pretty easy?

J.P.: It was pretty easy. I think the only thing they were apprehensive about was because of the way I sold it to them. I was like this is going to be the biggest thing that Kink has ever put out. This is going to be, not necessarily controversial, but it was definitely going to be more riskyish. It is going to be a lot edgier than I think anything that Kink’s ever put out on DVD. We have our scenes me make at the studio but as far as like stuff that is in this movie and how it is portrayed, I mean it is obviously all consensual but the way it is portrayed is very edgy and they were okay. It wasn’t that they really doubted me. You’re talking a really big talk. They were as supportive as they could be but they were let’s see you deliver this thing that you’re selling us on. I had them sold 100% so once I got them on board with it, it was fine.

Flash: Roughies were a popular style of feature adult movies in the 70s and early 80s, did they influence the making of Deception at all?

J.P.: It didn’t and honestly I have to admit that until you sent me the questions earlier to review, I had never heard that term before so I actually Googled it and then a couple of people in my office, we were all sitting around talking about it. I’m kind of ashamed, especially with making a movie like that and that kind of being my style, that I’d never heard of this before. I saw it and the titles sound great, the movies sound amazing. Why have I never heard? I’ve been in this industry for going on my 14th year and never heard it before. But now that I have, I appreciate you bringing it up because I’m like yes I’m going to have to start finding old porn.

Flash: I don’t want to ruin the ending, so without giving it away, was it hard to make sure that come to the end of the movie everything was plausible and fit with the ending when creating the script and the sex and bondage scenes?

J.P.: It was because basically I knew I wanted to do something outside in the wilderness and I wanted to keep it very traditional and believable as far as the male character is. There were no vibrators; I’ll use my hand. There was only one flogger, I think, and maybe a cane. So it was something that was believable that when that character showed up that he’s carrying it; it’s not like suddenly you’re in the middle of the woods and hey where did that Hitachi Magic Wand come from. We really put a lot of thought into every little detail just to be able to sell once we got to the point at the end when the big end scene happens to have that impact. I spent months working this out and talking with people and trying to figure out the best way to to this. The best way to portray it so when we got there it had the impact that I wanted it to. So ya, every little thing, every little detail, played into how we were going to get that. The good thing that I was pretty blessed with was that we had people who were so, the two girls were so committed to selling that. I sent them the script months ahead of time so they could get a feel for what they were doing and what I was expecting from them. They just were so in it and the last scene was shot on the last day, one of the last scenes that we shot because we wanted to be. What helped to get to that point was having all of us exhausted because we shot so hard and we were up on a mountain side out in the middle of the woods. It was a big deal so having that raw emotion that came and that final delivery of Cherry. It was pretty pure; it was pretty genuine. It wasn’t like we had to do a lot of faking to get that kind of emotion out of her.

Flash: What was the most challenging part of making Deception?

J.P.: I think the most challenging thing was probably getting all the footage that we got in the time that we got it. We shot all of that in three days. We came into work, we loaded up our vehicles, we drove the two hours, I think it was, to get to the location, we unloaded and we started shooting. We shot all the way until midnight that night. And then we had to put the gear away and log stuff. The next morning we were up at 9 o’clock and going again until, I think it was, 1:30 or 2 the following night. And then it was the same thing the next. It was incredible having the crew. I think the hard part was just trying to keep on track with our schedule because we knew how much we had to shoot and how many takes we had to do, all of these things. The hardest part was doing it and doing it on the side of a mountain. Not like a hill, like we were trekking up and down this mountain. So the scheduling and everything that went with it. I think it’s just dealing with all the planning was probably the hardest part.

Flash: What was the most fun?

J.P.: I think the most fun was being able to kind of be out there, in the woods, and play that monster that I played, you know the character. There wasn’t talking and I didn’t have to be so much like J.P. ‘The Pope,’ I was just this quiet entity that did what I did. I didn’t have to play it up a lot; I kinda let more my action speak rather than me have to make that. I think I may have grunted a couple of times during the movie but I didn’t have any lines. So that was kind of the point of you know the character, more of it just to be and not talk and say look at me, I’m going to do these things to you, you see what happened and I walk away. I think the most fun part was being creepier than I usually am in a movie, so that was pretty fun.

Flash: Going with a shorter run time for the movie and shorter sex and bondage scenes made Deception a very tight film that never loses the audience’s attention. What made you go against the length that the industry usually uses?

J.P.: I was trying to get out of the box and do something that, and this is not to take anything away from any other feature that’s ever made because everyone puts their heart and soul into it, but I wanted to do the story. I needed the story to stick. I needed people to be able to follow the story and if it’s drawn out too much you lose it and you lose interest. I’ve had so many people contact me and say ‘I actually watched the entire movie,’ ‘I wanted to know how it ended,’ ‘I jerked off and I finished and I still kept watching.’ That was the point of it, was to try and have it as go, go, go, go the entire time. You have adrenaline pumping because of the thriller or because of scare that is so close to orgasms. That’s the reason Halloween becomes such a successful holiday with these haunted houses because people will pay their $20 to go walk through a haunted house and get the shit scared out of them and then go stand in line for another two hours to do it all over again. So it’s very closely related the same feeling of fear and orgasmic feeling. So to be able to have people on the edge of their seat and keep them so excited and be able to actually get that release of masturbating and then orgasming on top of being in a controlled fear, it was something that I thought we had to do. Keeping the story tight and short and it’s just moving and never really resting, I think there were a couple slow down parts where you saw me walking. We slowed it down enough for people to catch their breath but that was kind of the main goal was to keep people interested as possible so they could see the entire story and not just turn it off and go okay I got my rocks off I don’t need to watch this anymore.

Flash: Is it challenging to make a movie like Deception with current obscenity laws and prosecutions?

J.P.: It was because we have to be so careful about what we do. As everyone knows in this industry, we’re under a microscope. Especially in our building specifically, our genre is hard enough, but at Kink we are always under a microscope, always being looked at. Plus to pull something off like this and be right on the edge but never crossing that line was difficult because there were a lot of times I’m like I think we are going to do this and then we talk about it and they are like that might be going a little too far so maybe we need to pull back and then there were other times where they were like hey why don’t we try to push it a little harder when we were writing the script. It was challenging. It definitely made it challenging for me to where there were sometimes I wanted to go a little further and I was like eh maybe not. And then there were opportunities where my crew was like you should go harder, you can pull this off.

Flash: After this experience, do you prefer to make feature movies at locations or stand-alone scenes at the Armory and why?

J.P.: I think actually my preference would be features because I can be more creative. Don’t get me wrong, both of them have their place, being able to do the thing that I do with the Armory and the studio, those are fun because it is kind of like you get in, you do it, and you get to play, and kinda, as I say, get the devil out. But as far as the overall doing one or the other it would definitely be features just because I can be so creative. It’s not just going into a studio, tying a girl up in four different positions, slapping her around a couple of times, and then making her cum and that is the end of it. You can do so much more; I enjoy it more. I enjoy the challenge of trying to come up with something that’s creative and then the bigger challenge of trying to execute it and deliver on what I said. Because if I do something I want to do it on a level of like Deception to where this is the way. I want to set a bar for myself, this is the way I’m not only going to make movies, but this is the way I want to be expected to. I want to be held to this level to where people are going to expect something of that caliber every single time I make a feature.

Flash: Do you have plans to make more feature movies at Kink?

J.P.: I actually do; I’ve got several scripts. I’ve got one that I actually wrote before Deception. This is kind of the funny joke with people that know me is when I had the other movie written I had wardrobe already done, I had this custom monster mask which I’m pretty proud of that will eventually show itself in this movie. I had all the masks made, I had all these details that I went out and bought to make this movie, and we were ready to go on location for this movie after I wrote it. And then there was a moratorium, which obviously halted all of production, and we ended up pulling the plug. And then I was like let’s do a smaller one and then we’ll do the big one so I don’t come out with my biggest feature first and have it such a high level that I set myself up to fail. So let’s do this little thing and we’ll call it Deception, and we’ll do this thing first and then we’ll do the big one. I’ve got the one that I still have to do that preceded Deception, We’re working on right now doing one to where we won’t be on location but we also aren’t, we’ll say inside the building. But this is such a huge building that I think we’ll be able to pull off one inside the building. So it will be nice to have everything here that we usually are used to and accustomed to having at our disposal as far as having the light guys, having wardrobe, and having make up whereas with Deception we packed up the truck full of grip gear, and the girls brought their own makeup bags and we had a couple outfits for the girls that we brought with us and that was it. So having all of that here in the building, I think it’ll be a different experience. Hopefully, it will be a little easier than the 14 to 15 hour days. I’m definitely planning more. I’ve got several ideas that I’m working around and hopefully, we’ll start shooting the next big studio one we’ll probably do in the next month or so and then after that the idea to get this location for the original movie and go out and shoot that and hopefully have it out sometime after Christmas.

Deception is available now from Kink and the movie is also available on DVD at your favorite retailer. You can also see Kink’s page on the shooting of Deception.

Flash is an adult film reviewer and can be reached via e-mail at adtflash@gmail.com. Flash’s adult film reviews can be read at www.adultdvdtalk.com/reviewer/flash. Flash’s other interviews can be read at interviews.adultdvdtalk.com/category/interviews-by-flash.

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