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Captain Jack Interviews Zoey Laine

Zoey came to my attention via a fan request on Twitter. We got together last week to have a wide ranging talk and I’d have to say this is one of the better interviews I’ve done! Zoey is very fun and engaging and, needless to say, is hotter than fuck as well! I had a good time talking to her and to say I’m a fan would be an understatement!

Zoey Laine

Captain Jack: Tell me about Zoey Laine.

Zoey Laine: I grew up in Louisville, Kentucky. It was really, really conservative, like Southern Baptist. I rebelled really hard when I was a teenager at 15. I have a tattoo on my boob of a smily face. I was a dumb ass 16 year old. My friend had a tattoo done and I went over there and let him do that to me.

CJ: You didn’t even go to a professional? You had a friend do that?

Zoey: No, my friend called me one day and said he had a tattoo done. So I went over to his house in the middle of the night and said, ‘OK, give me a tattoo where my mom’s not going to find it! And something small.’ That’s where that came from.

CJ: How old are you?

Zoey: 21.

CJ: How long have you been in the industry?

Zoey: I’ve only been shooting for like a month.

CJ: You said you were a wild child. When did you lose your virginity?

Zoey: 16.

CJ: Is there a good story behind it?

Zoey: Oh God, it was the worst thing ever! (laughs) I was goth or whatever you want to call it. My boyfriend at the time, he didn’t know I was a virgin. I lied to him and told him I wasn’t. He took my virginity about a year after I decided to tell him the truth. He was wearing a slipknot mask during it that said U2 Zooropa. I remember it like it was yesterday. It was the weirdest experience of my entire life. But it obviously didn’t ruin my sex life because I’m having a great time doing this.

Zoey Laine

CJ: How many guys did you sleep with before porn?

Zoey: Probably like 30 or something.

CJ: How many blowjobs did you give before porn?

Zoey: Oh my God! I can not even count! A lot! Definitely more than 30!

CJ: Were you with girls before porn?

Zoey: Yes I was. I lost my virginity and then I was way more into girls than guys for a while. I couldn’t get a girlfriend. It’s really harder to hit on girls than to hit on guys because with girls, you can’t tell if they’re into girls just by looking at them most of the time. And some of the ones you can tell just by looking at them, I’m not into that. I like really girly chicks because I like dominating them. (laughs)

CJ: At what age did you learn the power of the pussy?

Zoey: I tried doing that kind of shit when I was a teenager. I would tease all these guys to get whatever the fuck I wanted, which was usually pot or something. Then I realized it was an asshole thing to do and I didn’t like doing that. I was a bitch. I didn’t want people think I was using them. I don’t like when women think their pussy is the greatest gift in the world. Then I got a sugar daddy when I was 20 and I didn’t even like that because it was so fake. He would give me money to hang out with him and be nice to him. It was so fake and I felt like a bitch so I ended that.

CJ: Did you find him online or was it just a guy that turned into a relationship?

Zoey: It was just a guy that turned into a relationship.

CJ: You sound like a down to earth chick so I can respect the fact that you don’t want to string guys along to get stuff from them.

Zoey: I like teasing them in public, like in bars or something. It’s a game, going up to these men and teasing them and making them think that they have a chance to take you home. But teasing men to get something out of them is fucked up I think.

CJ: What did you do when you turned 18? Did you have other jobs?

Zoey: Right after I graduated high school, I got my CNA license and started working at nursing homes. And then I started serving and I couldn’t handle that job anymore.

CJ: So then why did you decide to get into porn?

Zoey: Oh my God! I wanted to get paid doing something that I love doing! (laughs) I love sex! I’m seriously the most carnal minded person that I know. When I turned 18, the second I turned 18, I started selling my panties and doing private cam shows. I would sell personal videos to guys I would find online. Then I got to California from Kentucky and said ‘I’m here now!’ I wanted to try it out and I did and it’s the greatest thing I ever did. I love it!

Zoey Laine

CJ: Did you move out to California without any prospects or where you already in contact with agencies?

Zoey: Kevin Moore from Evil Angel, I found him on Reddit. He let me come and view a porn set because I told him I wanted to get into porn and I didn’t know how. I was on-set and stayed for the whole thing. The next day, he and Sal Genoa got me hooked up with ATMLA.

CJ: So what was your first scene like? You were sexually experienced but it’s different with all these people around and the cameras. Were you nervous? Intimidated? Turned on?

Zoey: Driving up there and walking up the elevator with two girls, I was so nervous. I just wanted to turn around and not do it. It was supposed to be a boy/girl with Seth Gamble but then it ended up being a boy/girl/girl/girl with Seth, Summer Jaye and some new chick. So there were two other girls in my first scene and I was already freaking out! So I freaked even more and I called my agency and they calmed me down. I did it and the second we started having sex, I was not nervous at all anymore. I got so into it and the video came out awesome.

CJ: Who was it for?

Zoey: It was for Net Video Girls.

CJ: Girls have to arch and open up and get in certain angles. Did that come naturally to you?

Zoey: Oh yeah! Because I’m super into girls and I love pleasing people. I’m actually into girls, I’m not just gay for pay. They told me before I filmed to keep everything open so that the camera can see me. I’ve had threeways before since I was a teenager and it comes naturally.

CJ: I have to delve into that. Were the threeways with another girl and a guy or two other guys?

Zoey: I’ve had two when I was a teenager with two guys but most of them were with another girl and a guy.

CJ: How did you come up with your stage name?

Zoey: I didn’t, actually. My agency came up with it. I came up with Lilith Lane and they already had a Lily Lane so that wouldn’t work. I told them to come up with something because coming up with names is super hard. They finally came up with Zoey Laine and I really like it.

Zoey Laine

CJ: What’s your favorite position?

Zoey: Reverse cowgirl because I can squirt from that.

CJ: How long have you been squirting?

Zoey: I found out I can squirt when I was 18 when some guy did it with his hands. Then I found out I can squirt from his dick right afterwards. I fucking love it. I do it really easy.

CJ: What’s the best way to make you squirt? Penetration or playing with your clit?

Zoey: I can not squirt from my clit. I can only squirt from penetration.

CJ: Have you ever been in an inappropriate sexual relationship?

Zoey: I did fuck a friend’s dad. I’m not going to mention any names because she has no idea, still to this day. (laughs)

CJ: Did you seduce him or did he come on to you? How did that work?

Zoey: I seduced him. I went outside to smoke a cigarette. I was 18, though! We were at her house. Went out back to smoke a cigarette when she was already asleep. Her dad was out there smoking also. I was kind of drunk and my normal, horny ass self. I went up to him and sat in his lap. (laughs) He was all uncomfortable because he was like 25 years older than me! I started teasing him by playing with his hair and touching his cock. We started making out and it went from there. It was really hot.

CJ: Is that the oldest guy you’ve ever been with?

Zoey: No it’s not. The oldest guy is 48 and he was probably the best lay I ever had. Older guys are just more experienced! These younger guys, most of them are just selfish and think they’re the greatest thing in the world.

CJ: What do you like sexually? What gets Zoey wet?

Zoey: I love getting fucked as hard as possible. Super rough. I like my hair pulled. I love doggie with the guy grabbing my hair and pulling my head back and fucking me as hard as he can. I like being choked a little bit. Yeah, just the rough stuff. I like getting fucked as hard as possible but when you go down on me, it has to be super slow and easy. I’m very sensitive and I get sensitive too fast on my clit where I can’t cum. Slow and easy on my clit, hard as fuck everywhere else. (laughs)

CJ: So you’re submissive with men but dominant with women?

Zoey: I’m very submissive with men. With women, I don’t know… I’m very tall and confident sexually. I like tiny women; really short, thin women. I tower over them and it feels dominating on its own. When I have sex with them, I like pleasing them but in a dominating way. With men, I like pleasing them but in a submissive way like I’m their toy. But with a girl, they’re my toy!

Zoey Laine

CJ: How often do you masturbate?

Zoey: Every single day. Sometimes multiple times a day, it depends on how busy I am.

CJ: Favorite method?

Zoey: Oh my God! I can’t even use the Hitachi! It’s way too intense! I was just talking about oral, it has to be slow and easy. With the Hitachis, they’re ridiculous! I like rabbits a lot. I can’t really use my hands, it takes too long.

CJ: Do you watch porn when you masturbate?

Zoey: Oh fuck yeah. All the time!

CJ: What type of porn?

Zoey: Girl/girl and a lot of stuff from Kink. Really rough stuff.

CJ: Were there any stars that you were really into?

Zoey: I was super into James Deen. I haven’t had a chance to work with him yet. I didn’t really pay attention to who these people were that I was watching. I’m just now meeting people that are really fucking good at what they do.

CJ: When a guy pops, where do you prefer it?

Zoey: My face or my ass.

CJ: Are you a swallower?

Zoey: Fuck yeah. I love tasting it, it’s like my prize! (laughs)

CJ: Are you a size queen? Do you like huge cocks?

Zoey: Yes!

CJ: Will you be doing anal on camera?

Zoey: I don’t do anal on camera. I use butt plugs in my personal life. I like fingers up my ass and I like my ass eaten but I don’t do anal yet. One day, I’ll do it.

CJ: Have you ever done anal in your personal life?

Zoey: Yeah, twice.

CJ: Were you drunk both times?

Zoey: (laughs) No I wasn’t. The first time, it hurt really bad. We were young and stupid and didn’t know how to do it right. The second time was a little bit better but I was still tensed up.

CJ: What do you look for in a guy off camera?

Zoey: I like confidence a lot. It’s the biggest turn-on ever but there’s a fine line between being confident and being a fucking egotistical asshole. Just confidence and being really nice. Looks are a plus but it’s not the biggest thing for me at all. If you’re really fucking hot and a huge asshole, the sex isn’t going to be good. It might be good but I won’t have sex with you again so it’s pointless.

CJ: What do you look for in a girl off camera?

Zoey: Sweet, innocent, dark hair, short, thin girls. Just really sweet.

CJ: Do you have any fantasies that you want to live out on camera?

Zoey: Because I’m really into rough stuff, I’d like to do some really hardcore shit outside, like in a forest or something. Tied up to a tree or something. I don’t know. We’ll see. (laughs)

CJ: What are you like off-camera? What are your hobbies and interests?

Zoey: I like hiking and traveling. I like hanging out. Sitting alone and watching movies and drinking wine and masturbating. (laughs)

CJ: What kind of music do you like?

Zoey: I like grunge and black metal. 80’s punk, stuff like that.

CJ: Do you have any favorite movies?

Zoey: I like horror movies. I love the Necromaniac movies. A lot!

CJ: What’s your favorite TV shows?

Zoey: I love The Office and Parks and Rec.

CJ: What’s your favorite food?

Zoey: Oh my God, all the foods. I don’t have a favorite. I love food!

CJ: What celebrity, one male and one female, would you most like to fuck?

Zoey: Everyone makes fun of me for this. I really, really want to fuck Seth Rogen for some reason. (laughs) I don’t know why! I think it’s because he’s so sweet and hilarious and dorky and stuff. He’s like a Teddy Bear. The women would be Krysten Ritter from Jessica Jones.

CJ: What’s the kinkiest thing you’ve ever done?

Zoey: I was in a dom/sub relationship for a little while. We went to a show one day and he told me to stand, looking away from the concert and wait for me to come back without talking to anyone. Something about that control thing was super fucking hot. He would tie me up all the time and fuck the shit out of me then, afterwards, feed me strawberries, shower with me and stuff. He would spit on me and call me a whore…I loved it.

CJ: And how can the fans get ahold of you?

Zoey: On Twitter, I’m @ZoeyLaineXXX  Instagram is @ZoeyLaineATMLA I’m going to making a Tumblr pretty soon and I’ll be getting a website. Just follow my Twitter for updates.

Zoey Laine

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