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Captain Jack interviews Zena Rey

I received an e-mail a little bit ago about this new big-titted MILF that was making a foray into the porn world. She send me a couple of pictures and I was certainly intrigued by her. Zena is a webcam model and shot her first porn scenes earlier this year. She had a good time doing them and wants to do more. This is her story!

Zena Rey - Score

Captain Jack: So give me a little background info on Zena Rey.

Zena Rey: I’ve pretty much lived the life of what porn is about without being in porn. We are swingers, me and my husband, and have enjoyed the lifestyle for about 8 years after 15 years of marriage. One of the first couples me and my husband ever swapped with just happened to be in the porn business for a number of years. Over the years, being in the lifestyle, I have been approached to get into the industry a number of times. I always shied away from it because of my professional affiliations and my background.

Back in August of 2012 Zoey Andrews approached me about being part of her webcam show. We were friends and we had played together in the past, so I thought I could join her and explore the wonderful world of webcam sex. I wanted to see what that was about and tap into another aspect of it. It’s been an amazing experience for me and really broadened my knowledge of sex on many different levels. It opened my mind to the fetish world as well because you’re dealing with a lot of people that have many different fetishes. And then about 4 months with Zoey, a lot of people were asking me when I was going to host my own show. I was kind of reluctant because I was planning on anything, it was just a fun experience with Zoey. She told me it would be good for me to host my own show so on Thanksgiving of last year, I launched SexyZena4U on Streammate. And it’s taken off running. I now have a part-time co-host and a Playmate that appears regularly. Our show is a little bit wild with twists; we have a wild interracial sexual show and we deal with all kinds of taboo sexual fantasies. We have sex with each other both off-camera and on-camera so it’s a really steamy, hot show.

CJ: I’ve never really seen a webcam show, so you sit there and chat with people and then entice them to buy a show?

Zena: Right. On the site, we have an auction bid for a group show or you can have a private or exclusive where no one else can see. We turn on our cams and watch them while they’re watching us. And they tell us what kind of experience they want to have with us and they share a fantasy or a fetish.

CJ: May I ask how old you are?

Zena: Yes you can, I’m actually 52. I’m kind of older to get into this business but I wasn’t looking at it as a long-time career move, it was more of a bucket list fantasy. And it kind of took off. When I shot for Score back in April of this year, it was the most wonderful experience. They are such a great company to work with. They flew me to Miami and had a limo driver pick me up. I’m a pretty easy, laid back kind of gal so when he picked me up at the airport, I didn’t know anyone in Miami, I had never been there before, so I climbed into the front seat with him. He said, “Ma’am, you need to be in the back.” I said I didn’t mind and he said, “No, really, you have to be in the back!” (laughs) He took me to my hotel and picked me up in the morning to go to the studio. They had make-up and wardrobe and they covered all my expenses. They treat their models really well there. I had somebody with me at all times and I felt very safe. 99% of everybody there is female, the only males were the photographer and the talent. So it’s a female-dominated company. They have a beautiful set there, about a 5000 sqft. studio with various rooms that you can shoot in. I had watched some porn being shot before so I kind of knew how things go on a set but it’s completely different when it’s you. (laughs)

CJ: So what kind of scenes did you shoot?

Zena: My first scene was anal. They took some stills and I had about 5 minutes to meet the talent. He was about 20 years old and as the cougar-MILF, I had to seduce him. It was a very hot, steamy anal sex scene. It was an amazing experience. Then I came back the following scene and I shot a seduction scene with a facial at the end. Finally, that afternoon, I shot a POV in a bubble bath with a facial finish. So they were 3 pretty hot scenes. Score’s fan base loved it. They’re pretty big and posted the videos on there. And they featured me in their magazines in the MILF category. I was also in their 40-something magazine that was just released for November. Also, I was in a DVD Issue #4 for anal and the fans pick the top 5 scenes on the website and I was chosen by the fans. It’s been a wild ride so far but I love it.

Zena Rey

CJ: You had a professional job, owned a business, you were a licensed professional…why break into the adult industry now?

Zena: It was more of a bucket list fantasy. I’m at the age where I can do what I want. Either you like me for who I am or not. I own a company, I have a webcam site…it’s a sexual outlet for me. I’m a very sexual person. I have a really wild sex drive so it gives me a chance to explore things that I would never have a chance to otherwise. It’s been a fun experience for me. I’m writing a book about the transition from swinging into porn and my journey along the way. It’s interesting and fun and exciting and I’ve met a lot of great people along the way.

CJ: You have some large breasts, that’s the first thing I noticed about you. What size are they?

Zena: 38DD, natural.

CJ: Do you have any other video shoots lined up?

Zena: I’m actually talking with a couple of other companies. I’m real particular about who I shoot with. I don’t have an agent right now and I’m looking for someone who can help me with that. I would really prefer to shoot out of California just because of all the issues that have gone on recently with STD’s and OSHA getting involved with condom use.

CJ: Where do you hope to take your career?

Zena: My goal is to write the book. I would love to make an HBO movie about the lifestyle; swinging, porn, all that. It’s coming from somebody who has experienced it on many different levels. When I was getting into this, it just opened Pandora’s box. It just gave me permission to enjoy things that, obviously, not a lot of people get to enjoy. I lived the lifestyle that porn’s made out of! I’ve done swinging and threesomes, been with women and exploring fetish/fantasy and dressing naughty…I have a lingerie collection that people would drool over. I would have liked to have started doing this in my 30s. At this point, it’s a real short-lived career for somebody my age.

CJ: Let’s talk about specific sex acts, you mentioned facials, do you like them?

Zena: I don’t mind facials as long as they don’t hit my eyes! I don’t mind swallowing I love to have somebody cum on my chest. Or cum on the outside of my pussy and rub it all over the place. Or my ass. I’m just naughty as hell, that’s just me. That’s the real me. (laughs)

Zena Rey and Jack Hammer

CJ: You sent me a picture with Jack Hammer. I would have to assume you do interracial?

Zena: The taboo aspect of interracial is very popular right now. So, yes, that’s very popular. We’ll use some slang that isn’t exactly politically correct but a lot of people like hearing that in a sexual encounter. Just the taboo factor of black-on-white sex is very popular!

CJ: What’s your favorite position?

Zena: On top anal. Or reverse cowgirl anal.

CJ: In the three scenes you’ve shot so far, did you cum during the scenes?

Zena: I did. I enjoyed what I was doing. I wasn’t going there to just shoot and make money. I was going there to enjoy the experience.

CJ: How often do you masturbate?

Zena: I masturbate a lot! Since I’m doing webcam, I masturbate on there a lot and I still masturbate off cam too. I also fuck my co-host on camera and fuck him off-camera too. And sometimes my husband joins in too.

CJ: How can the fans find you?

Zena: You can go to or Streammate and put in SexyZena4U.

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