William H. Nutsack: Sensation-al Director!

Captain Jack interviews William H. Nutsack

William H. Nutsack has been a top director in this industry for well over a decade now. He has some classic releases on his resume but he’s not done yet! His first release for New Sensations comes out today and it is based on his most popular series. I’m looking forward to see what this master helmsman has up his sleeves!

William H Nutsack

Captain Jack: How did you get your start in porn?

William H: I was living in New Hampshire at the time (1999) and a friend of mine had moved to LA a few years earlier and was working at Elegant Angel. He knew I was a perverted fuck and told me if I came to LA he could get me a job at Elegant. I was a starving musician at the time and it sounded like fun so I got in my car and drove across the country.

CJ: Most guys would aspire to be a performer, did you ever have any desires to be in front of the camera and bang these hotties?

William H: My first year in the industry I did do a BJ scene. I will not say for what movie. From my observations, I noticed many directors caring more about getting their rocks off than the quality of the scene. Also at the time it was a company rule from owner Patrick Collins that directors could not have sexual relations with the talent. A director at the time got the company’s contract girl pregnant.

CJ: Who were your influences as a director?

William H: I learned many things from Patrick Collins and early Mason.

CJ: Do you have your own crew that you have with you? Is that decision yours and yours alone who is with you?

William H: Yes, I like to work with people I know and get along with. It’s not my decision because they are my friends; they are great at what they do. I have the same PA I’ve had for most of my career, “Jim.” He does a great job, treats the girls with respect and allows me to focus on my shit. He has been my PA since 2002. I also have a very talented editor “Robert La Planc,” who is an old friend from my New Hampshire days that I met out here in a dive bar in Simi Valley. I did not even know he had moved here. It was meant to be!

Wetter Better Asses

CJ: Your most famous series features oiled up asses which you have taken to New Sensations with Wetter Better Asses. Tell me what we can expect. Will it be the same that you’re known for or will there be differences?

William H: Big Wet Asses has won best anal or best big butt series – something like – 11 years straight at AVN so it has been a very successful line. The all-white look was my vision so I don’t feel like I’m ripping anyone off but myself. It’s basically the same look with the all-white look that I love because all the focus is on the girl. I have made some subtle changes here and there to change it up a bit, but I believe if it’s not broke don’t fix.

CJ: You have done a lot of squirt movies over the years, what is your fascination with squirting.

William H: To me squirting offers something unique that you don’t see in every porn scene. It’s a great visual. You never really know for sure if a woman is coming for real, but with squirting you have visual proof.

CJ: Your second release is Veronica Rodriguez: Latina Squirt Queen. Tell me about that one!

William H: Veronica is one of my all-time favorites. I couldn’t believe she had never had a showcase movie. This was something I have wanted to do from the first time I shot her and I was so pleased New Sensations let me do it. They have been very supportive and let me do my thing. When you see Veronica having a squirting orgasm it’s a beautiful sight to behold! The scene with Adriana Chechik and Mick Blue is outstanding. You also have another 3way, a g/g scene and a one-on-one. I could watch her squirt all day.

Latina Squirt Goddess

CJ: You’ve also done a few showcases over the years, can we expect more showcase movies out of you?

William H: I hope so! I love doing those because you get to focus on a very popular girl and show the world what makes her so popular.

CJ: Anything else you would like to preview coming down the pipe?

William H: I have to be top secret in this industry because many people have no shame in stealing ideas. I have not been able to be myself since I left Elegant Angel so I feel reborn. I have many ideas that I would like to make into reality. I will let you know once they are in the can.

CJ: What are your goals with New Sensations?

William H: I want to give them product they are proud of and give the fans something they would like to see.

CJ: I asked about your influences earlier, in 2016, you are a very influential director yourself. Do you still check out other directors to see what’s new out there?

William H: I don’t spend my free time watching porn but if I hear about something or if someone tells me “you have to see this,” then of course I check it out.

CJ: How does it feel to be considered one of the best directors in porn history?

William H: Really? People really say that? If that’s true it makes me feel good that people enjoy what I’m doing. I’m lucky to have a job I love.

CJ: And your Twitter handle is @WilliamHNutsack, any other social media that the fans can follow you at?

William H: I soon will have a Youtube channel and a website that will be geared more for my music and art.

William H Nutsack movies

William H Nutsack Movies

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  1. The opening tease segments to the “Big Wet Tits” series are the best!

  2. Sir,
    I am a big fan of wet asses series. Please release wet asses 7 & big wet brast 5 (of Jules Jordan) immediately with sexyest girls & heart breading music just like Big wet asses 21.
    We want to watch mrs. Dani Daniels in those movies.
    Please join Elegant angel, to make another big wet asses serese.
    Big wet asses 24,25,26 is so boring with director Deadneck.
    We are waiting.

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