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Whitney Wright Talks with Captain Jack

Whitney is a cute, vivacious brunette who always is great to talk to! When we talked, it was in the middle of a big week for Whitney. She had just signed with Mark Spiegler as her agent and she was about to be nominated for Best New Starlet by both XBiz and AVN. She was well deserving of the nominations as well! I had a chance to talk to her about her big release coming up, Pure Taboo’s Prom Night.

Whitney Wright in Prom Night

Captain Jack: You are in a new release for Pure Taboo. Prom Night. Tell me about it.

Whitney Wright: I play this girl named Julie who is 18, in high school, and has been a loner her whole life. She gets asked out by the popular guy in school to her prom. She’s pretty excited but she’s also really suspicious because she has no friends, sits alone in the library and doesn’t really talk to anyone. She’s really ecstatic and her mom is helping her get ready for prom. She’s starting to doubt herself and her mom says, ‘Julie! Relax, have fun, it’s going to be a blast!’ She says ok and gets picked up by this guy who is perfect. They start making out and he asks if she wants to pull off and go somewhere to mess around a little bit. She says, ‘Yeah!’ So they do that and they pull up to the park where there are all these cars. She’s wondering what’s going on and he’s yelling, ‘Hey boys, I brought her, just like I said I would!’ And it ends up as a prom night gangbang with all of his friends.

CJ: When I read the synopsis of the scene, I thought it was pretty hot but then I got sad because I’m sure that’s happened to some girls over the years.

Whitney: That’s true and that’s why I thought it was a perfect role for me because I’m shy and reserved. I told Bree (Mills) that I never got to go to prom because I went to a private Christian school so she get me a prom dress and a corsage and everything. (laughs)

CJ: I thought your unspoken dialogue was great, the way you expressed your character’s emotions with just a look or a sigh. Do you have any acting training?

Whitney: No I don’t. I just basically try to get really into it. What I try to do is, we all have been slighted somehow in our lives, and I felt, with this, I just had to express feelings of betrayal. My character is usually the one who has been manipulated or someone has been using me as a pawn. I try to imagine how I would feel if this happened to me. I try to harness the energy for the scene from what you felt when it happened to you. I find it to not be hard.

CJ: Did you have to go through an audition process? Or did Bree know you from other projects.

Whitney: Bree had not previously worked with me. I posted something about my Fetish Network shoot where I had to act like I was stranded. She saw me post that and then called me the next day to shoot for Pure Taboo. It turned out pretty good. The first one was A Mother’s Choice and then this one was Prom Night.

CJ: You get gangbanged in this by four guys. Was that the most guys you’ve ever been with?

Whitney: Yes it was.

CJ: Was it intesne?

Whitney: It was pretty intense. I think I had worked a lot so it was just a lot for me at the time. Just a lot of cocks and you have to make sure they’re all taken care of.

CJ: Do you prefer movies like that or gonzo?

Whitney: Definitely ones with a role because I think it lets me get out of my shell a little bit. And I love acting! And I’m really, really looking forward to getting other roles.

CJ: I just saw you in A Mother’s Choice from Pure Taboo. That was pretty hot with your mother forcing you to fuck your stepbrother to keep her secret. You did some dirty talk in that scene, you said you’re shy but do you enjoy doing that?

Whitney: I do a little bit. I’m definitely more submissive. In the scene, they said I had to be the initiator of everything. I did it for the role and I like dirty talk but I’m just more submissive.

CJ: If you had a stepbrother in real life, do you think you could ever fuck him?

Whitney: I don’t know. I think it might be a little bit too weird for me.

CJ: Is it difficult to act with someone with the knowledge that you will soon be having sex with them?

Whitney: Oh no. When we’re doing the acting part, I love that. It’s my favorite. I don’t care if there are 20 takes on the same scene. I just love storylines and making a movie and getting excited but how it’s going to turn out.

CJ: You moved out to LA. How is it for a smalltown girl from Oklahoma?

Whitney: I like it a lot, actually. I visited my family at home recently and I was talking to my sister about how sweet it is. I love it out here. The weather is beautiful, the attitude….everything, I just love it!

CJ: You told me about your sugar daddy last time. Any more experiences like that?

Whitney: I have not.

CJ: You did you first couple anal scenes. How were they?

Whitney: On-camera, it’s great. I’m doing more and more scenes like that. In fact, I prefer anal. (laughs) It’s going pretty well and I have no issue whatsoever plus, I do it a lot in my personal life. That definitely helps!

CJ: You’ve also done a DP. Do you think, in the future, you might try double anal or double vag?

Whitney: I don’t think it’s for me.

CJ: You told me you had never been with a girl before porn. How is it performing with another woman?

Whitney: It’s great! I love the female body in general. I think it’s a work of art, it’s beautiful. I love doing girl/girl. I do them pretty often and it’s really nice to work with the girls who are your friends.

CJ: How was it the first time you were with a girl, did you know what to do?

Whitney: Kind of. I watched a lot of girl/girl to get an idea of what girls do. (laughs)

CJ: If someone were to offer you a lesbian showcase, what 4 women would you want to be in it with you?

Whitney: Hmmmm. Probably Lena Paul, Adriana Chechik, Dahlia Sky and AJ Applegate.

CJ: What have you learned about yourself sexually since joining porn?

Whitney: I love being choked! (laughs) I don’t do it in every scene because a lot of them want softer stuff but I love it. During anal or vaginal…anything, I love it. I can squirt from using a Hitachi whereas I didn’t know that previously.

CJ: Have you squirted on camera yet?

Whitney: Yes I have. In a video called Sharing My Boyfriend with Aaron Wilcox. And I have one coming out for Evil Angel with Nat Turnher where we did it on a washing machine. I squirted outside the washing machine. (laughs)

CJ: You signed with Spiegler recently, how did that come about?

Whitney: Basically, after my contract with Plush was up, I decided to go independent instead of resigning because I had a different idea of where I wanted my career to go. I want it to go as far as I can take it, basically. I felt that Spiegler was the best. If I was going to sign with anyone, I wanted it to be the best and, to me, Spiegler was the best. Other agencies offered me one-month contracts but I turned them all down because I was waiting for Spiegler. Well, first I was waiting for my first IR scene, then Spiegler. I thought I should be able to say that I do more. And then things fell into place.

CJ: Do you have any other big projects coming up?

Whitney: I have My First Black Gangbang 3 coming out next week from 3rd Degree. There were supposed to be 5 guys in it but one didn’t show up. There’s anal and DP in that one!

CJ: And how can the fans get ahold of you?

Whitney: On Twitter, I’m @WhitneyWrightX Instagram is @WhitneyWrightXO. I don’t have an OnlyFans.

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