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Captain Jack interviews Veruca James

Veruca James was one of the first interviews I ever did on this site. In fact, she was my second phone interview. The first one, I was a stuttering idiot and was nervous as hell. When I talked to Veruca, it was like talking to someone who I had been friends with my whole life. She put me at ease and we had a great conversation. After that, I was all set and I haven’t slowed down since. I wanted to catch up with her again because I thought she had a fantastic year! She does it all…anal, DP’s, IR, blowbangs, gangbangs….did I leave anything out? Yes, there is something left for her to try. Astroknight named her as his Most Underrated Performer of 2013. I genuinely feel that Veruca is one of the top performers in the adult industry. We talked about her career, touched on some of her best scenes this year and find out what’s next for this great performer.

Veruca James

Captain Jack: I guess the thing everyone wants to know about girls in porn was when did you lose your virginity? I heard on a recent Mimefreak Podcast that you lost it in a drive-in? Was that all planned out or was it spontaneous?

Veruca James: I don’t think it was planned, maybe it was. (laughs) It was 2 weeks after my 16th birthday and I think in my head I had some hurdle about waiting until I was 16. It wasn’t necessarily discussed but it was kind of like, ‘Whatever happens now is ok because I’m 16.’ I worked in a drive-in theatre from 13 on. My family at that point, they managed and owned some theatres. They had a couple of drive-ins and a couple of regular indoor theatres. In the summer, my cousins and friends of mine worked at the one closest to my house, about 15-20 minutes away. It was actually one of my absolute favorite jobs ever. The coolest thing to ever do in the summer. We all got to work at the drive-in, stay out late and we’d sit and play cards and whatnot. So I had access to the drive-in where I knew no one was going to knock on our windows or call the police or anything. (laughs) It was kind of fitting for me because it was in public and at a drive-in which was pretty cool.

CJ: After you lost your virginity, were you very promiscuous after that?

Veruca: I definitely had a boyfriend that I was with for a total of 18 months. I was more of a relationship hopper. I went from one boyfriend to the next. There were a few times that I was single for a month or two, then I did get a little nutty. (laughs) Maybe that’s why I was always stuck having a boyfriend. My mom always liked it better that when I had a boyfriend because she felt that it was keeping me under wraps. (laughs)

CJ: When was the first time you were with a girl?

Veruca: It was about the same time frame with a girlfriend. Just kissing. We’d fool around with another guy or something but not actual sex. Sex first happened with another girl when I was 23 or 24. That was when I first picked up a girl and brought her home.

CJ: After that, before you got into porn, was it an equal mix of men and women?

Veruca: Definitely not because I was married for a bit in there. After the first girl, there was only a couple after that. It’s not that easy when you’re just a regular civilian in regular life to have that opportunity. It doesn’t really come along like it does now. Because now I’m around very open people who are very active. I worked at a conservative job in the Midwest and it wasn’t that open.

Veruca James

CJ: At what age did you learn the power of the pussy that you could get men to do things for you with just a well-placed smile?

Veruca: I think I was 12. (laughs) I picked it up really, really quickly. I think that’s because I was an only child. When I was little, my mom told me to always bat my eyes and say ‘pretty please’ to my grandpa. I realized that she taught me how to flirt but back then it was innocent. So I learned how to do that pretty early on that being a pretty girl, being sweet and giving a man a little bit of attention can get you far in life.

CJ: Have you ever gotten anything big because of that?

Veruca: I don’t really think so. I hate asking for things and taking advantage. I always feel bad. I was raised differently and didn’t want to ask for anything more than I was entitled to. But I probably should have. I might have gotten leniency on a ticket or two but that’s about it.

CJ: You put on your Twitter last year that you blew out your whole apartment building, or at least some apartments around yours, because of your Hitachi. How often do you masturbate?

Veruca: It depends on how often I’m shooting or having sex. But it’s pretty rare that it’s not every day. Every once in awhile, I might skip a day but if I’m in the house or any period longer than a few hours, the Hitachi’s calling my name. (laughs)

CJ: What’s the kinkiest thing you’ve ever done?

Veruca: Other than fucking in public, I shot a custom video where I had a giant facial and walked down Hollywood Blvd. in the middle of day. That sticks in my head because at the time I was so scared. I’ve never really been legitimately scared of having sex in public before because you can explain it that you’re drunk and we’re not trying to expose ourselves to children or anything. I always figured I can get out of it. But this one, I thought that I am legitimately doing something that I know I should not be doing. It was pretty awesome. (laughs) We walked by several different people and they didn’t notice because they walk with their heads down but at the end and don’t notice things around them but there was this guy at the end who noticed and Damon (James) caught it on video.

Veruca James

CJ: I just saw your Willy Wonka gangbang. The character you took your stage name from and you played her in a long form scene. It was pretty awesome. How did it come about?

Veruca: Yaaaaaaay!!!! That was something Princess Donna had been talking about for quite awhile. She wanted to shoot my second hardcore gangbang because we had done one before and she also shot a Public Disgrace with me. She said if I want to do one again, she said it would be pretty awesome if I had an idea or a fantasy that I wanted to incorporate. So the first one was an abduction, I didn’t genuinely have a fantasy because I was so new at that time, I felt like I was a porno sponge, where I was absorbing everything around me. I was still in the process of finding out my likes and dislikes and limits and all that because a lot of times, it’s hard to know you like or don’t like something if you don’t know it exists. Coming from a small town, I didn’t really come into porn with a kinky mind. There was so much shit that I didn’t know people did! I tossed around some ideas and I jotted down notes in my notepad of scenarios that I thought were sexy. I was just brainstorming. Finally, I had written down Willy Wonka but I thought, ‘Who is going to want to do that? That’s so dorky!’ Finally, I brought it up to Donna of doing a gangbang of Veruca Salt, my namesake. She said, ‘Oh my God! That’s perfect! I can’t believe we completely bypassed that!’ So I was all excited and her and I had a lot of late night texting and email sessions. She loved the original Willy Wonka and I trusted that she would stay true to form on that and let me be the bratty Veruca that was in the original. As much as I’m not like that day-to-day being bratty and demanding, I really am like that. (laughs) I just happen to have better manners than Veruca Salt. So it plays perfectly with anybody who happens to know me personally. (laughs) I am an only child and love getting what I want and hate feeling left out and it was very fitting to play that role.

She totally did it up, fantasy style, with candy and the Room of Pure Imagination, all of it was perfect. And that was a surprise. She told me about the idea but I didn’t know how she was going to bring it to life. So when I walked on set that day, I saw it and said, ‘Holy shit! It’s awesome!’

CJ: Since it was a surprise to you, was the scene ad libbed or did you have a script to go off?

Veruca: We worked out a script and she sent it to me. I’m not a writer but we may have changed one or two things around. I wanted Donna to play my stepmom, that’s one thing that I really wanted to incorporate in it. The energy I got off Donna’s emails and texts, it somehow empowered me. She makes me that way and I thought it would be perfect for her to play my stepmom. She was kind of like my partner in crime, perfect!

CJ: Are you naturally submissive or dominant?

Veruca: Dominant. I’m not submissive at all. The way I grew up and I just had my mom around, I was a caregiver, only child, I got good grades and all that, I was very controlled and independent in my life. I prefer to be submissive but I haven’t often encountered the type of person that can let me be that way. If I have any inclination that somebody’s not going to step up and take control, I take over. Does that make sense?

CJ: You were really submissive to Prince Yahshua in Maddy O’Relly’s Submission. Did he make a good dom? Did he surprise you with some of the things he did to you?

Veruca: Oh yeah. First of all, in a situation like that, we went into it knowing it was going to be very intense. And I think there’s a small number of male performers that I can think of that I could trust blindly going into that situation knowing that they were going at it from the right mindset. It’s not someone domming you, when someone’s actually having sex with you and domming you, there’s far more room where you could get injured. Prince is such a sweetheart personally, off and on set, and always has a great attitude and he’s so great to be around in general. Going into the scene, I was excited going to set that day. ‘I get to work with Prince today. I love Prince. He’s such a sweetheart. He always makes me feel good about myself.’ I went into it really excited and you couple it with a great personality and you couple it with the fact that he’s so huge and so strong, it’s naturally very easy to be submissive to someone like that. (laughs) I can’t imagine the scenario where I would be able to dom Prince. (laughs)

Veruca James

CJ: What’s the best part of being submissive? The surprise of what he might do to you next or a man overpowering you or just being submissive in general?

Veruca: What I like the most is, coming from a highly sexual background and a background where I knew how to manipulate men with my sexuality from a very young age, I’ve always kind of had the upper hand. I’ve never been totally submissive or totally dominant because that relationship didn’t exist for me before porn. I didn’t experience interactions with men that way. It was more of I had the upper hand because I understood my sexuality better and the guy was more nervous and the more confident I got, the more nervous he became. That’s the kind of relationship I was used to. So for me now, submitting to a guy is kind of a role reversal. I’m going into a relationship where a guy is surprising me, he’s taking control, he’s fucking me, he’s actually making me cum, it’s not me getting off on him. Which, for the majority of my sex life, it was always, I liked sex and I got off because I used him more as a tool so I could get off.

CJ: That was the second scene I saw you in with Prince this year. I’m not sure if it’s your best performance but I saw you with him in Pretty Petite. That was an absolutely incredible DVD. I really liked the tease segment to because you weren’t in lingerie, you were in a pretty dress and it was so hot.

Veruca: That was the first time that Prince and I got to do a straight up boy/girl with each other. I worked in Submission with him prior to that, which is more of a BDSM scene and I don’t really think that’s Prince’s style overall. I mean, he can obviously do those scenes and he’s great at them but I think he much prefers to have fun and have passionate, aggressive sex with a girl as opposed to being over-the-top dominant. So that was the first time that we were put into a room and Mimefreak said, ‘You two do your thing. Completely. Whatever you want to do.’ The only thing he said is, ‘Remember, this is Pretty Petite not Hard Petite’ or something like that, ‘just don’t go over-the-top crazy.’ (laughs) That was nice, it just gave us the freedom to fuck! Probably went as naturally as a porn can be.

CJ: You were also in another similar title. You’re only 5’3” so you fit but you were in Sweet Petite with Manuel. Was that your first time working with him?

Veruca: Yes it was! I’m excited that it’s in the nomination window for this year. I was bummed because it just missed last year. That was a really awesome scene!

CJ: You were also with him in Evil Angel 22. Now, I heard somewhere that you didn’t even know the scene was starting and you two just went at it!

Veruca: (laughs) Yes. I was booked for the scene and we were talking beforehand. I did my own hair and makeup and I was looking for wardrobe. He had the camera on and I just thought he was shooting some background. He told me how it was going to be, shooting some POV and sometimes he’d put the camera down, so he put the camera down to take some photos. He took some photos and then would stop and get back to it. I can’t even remember exactly, but I’m pretty sure I didn’t even realize he wasn’t shooting photos anymore. I thought he wanted me to do a little bit of tease and he turned into me and I thought, ‘Uhh, ok, the director’s ready for sex.’ (laughs) But it was awesome, it was totally raw. It wasn’t about stopping and starting, it was erotic, it was sexy and it was just him and I. Yeah, that would be naturally how you would start to have sex with somebody instead of cold like a regular porn video where you stop and start.

CJ: I don’t think it was your first on-camera DP, but I think it was your best one with Ramon Nomar and James Deen in Wet Asses 2. That one was just off-the-charts.

Veruca: I think that is still, to this date, one of my top three scenes that I’ve ever done. That was so incredible. That might have been my fifth DP or so and James was in my second DP which was Orgy University. I remember he was working on me, showing me how to hold myself and how to position and stuff like that. Then, being a full year later, I said to myself, ‘I can’t wait to show you! I’m so much better now!’ (laughs)

Veruca James

CJ: I also have to ask about the story you told to Mike Quasar in Black Male, White Tail 2. You said your first off-camera interracial was in a DP?

Veruca: Yes, this was around my birthday when I was still in Chicago. Damon and I had a friend from New York, Blister, who was staying with us. We got drunk one night and Blister was sleeping on the couch and Damon and I went to the bedroom and fucked. I went like, ‘Hey, what do you think about DPing me?’ We had talked about it before but we never had friends that would be able to do it. You think every guy would say, ‘Hell yeah!’ but when it comes down to it, it doesn’t work out that way. So I walked out to him and I said, ‘Hey, get in here!” And he’s like, ‘Uh, ok.’ (laughs)

CJ: Your scene with Tim Von Swine in Totally Unprofessional 3 was so passionate. It was almost like reality porn. You were grabbing him by the back of the head, you were making out…it was just hot!

Veruca: That was awesome. I had worked with Tim a couple of other times and we were really comfortable and I love the way he shoots. It’s all natural and he just wants everyone to have fun. That was a really, really fun scene.

CJ: I haven’t even brought up your favorite act yet—Blowjobs! You were great in Facialized. You had a 10-game blowbang, it was like you owned the cocks. You just took total control of that scene. What is it about blowbangs or blowjobs that you love so much?

Veruca: (laughs) Just the ability to purely please another person. That’s what I love doing. It’s hard to say you have control over 10 guys, but when it’s only you that can please all of them, it’s such a rush! It’s like, ‘Oh my God! I have to get them all off!’ It’s so exciting! I love blowjobs. It’s the best foreplay. It gets me off. I think it’s awesome. I think blowbangs is one of my favorite things to do.

CJ: You give a great blowjob. Well, I wouldn’t know that personally, but it looks great on film!

Veruca: (laughs) Thank you!

CJ: Another thing I liked about that scene was during the pops, the other girls had to use a Hitachi on themselves but you just used your fingers because you were naturally excited. You were so into it.

Veruca: Oh yeah, I was plenty turned on, I did not need the Hitachi, don’t get me wrong, the Hitachi’s great and it never hurts, but I didn’t want to stop and plug something in. I just wanted to stay in the moment and I didn’t need anything else than what had already been going on.

CJ: I also love how every time you are about to get a facial, you just start giggling.

Veruca: It’s the present! It’s the reward for a job well done!

Veruca James No Limits

CJ: And, finally, I would be negligent if I didn’t mention your first mainstream gangbang, No Limits. In either of the blowbangs, did you help choose the male talent?

Veruca: No, I didn’t choose the talent, I don’t get to do that too often, just once in awhile. With Donna, I gave her a list of a few guys and she choose them off that list, which was totally fine. But Zero Tolerance chose the guys for the No Limits scene. And they were fine. I was super happy and it was really fun and it was so nice to finally have my own movie. That was exciting!

CJ: You are also a very good girl/girl performer. You were in Girlfriend Films’ 100th edition of Women Seeking Women. But I thought your hottest scene was with Abigail Mac in Yoga Girls.

Veruca: I loved that scene. I had never met Abigail before. That was an awesome surprise. She’s so sensual and the way that Quasar shoots girl/girl is that he just wants you to have fun. He prefers to not direct anything. He just let us go at each other and she was just as raw sexually as I was. We just had this raw chemistry and that was a super awesome scene. But they forgot to mention us on the box cover.

CJ: Since you’re into both men and women, what is your ideal type of woman?

Veruca: I don’t particularly have a type. With women, it’s more about chemistry with me. A lot of times, I can think a girl is drop dead gorgeous but her personality or chemistry with me is off. I’m not like a dude where I want to fuck a girl just because she’s hot. Maybe I won’t even think twice about someone but then we click and have great chemistry together and think she’d be superfun to fuck. It’s confidence, it’s sexuality, it’s overall personality…that’s what I like.

CJ: And what do you look for in a guy?

Veruca: He has to definitely be confident and fun. You can never underestimate a guy who can make a girl laugh. Sometimes you don’t have to have anything in common with a person but if you can make them laugh, that’s a step up. Confidence and overall energy again. Sometimes I end up having great scenes with people that I didn’t think the scene would turn out as good as it did. Our sexual energy clicks in and it makes for an awesome scene.

CJ: What do you want people to think about when you mention Veruca James.

Veruca: That’s a tough one! I want them to think of me as fun and sexual, down for anything, down for a good time. I love to fuck, I’m smart.  I have a brain, I’m not an idiot. Just an overall good package. I love it when people acknowledge the raw sexual energy I have. If you come at me like a normal person instead of a thing, then you can pull out my natural personality. If you’re mechanical, then I tend to be mechanical. I’m very multi-dimensional, there’s a lot of different sides to me. Porn is one thing but I’ve gotten involved with APAC and being the treasurer, and fighting AB1576 and non-sex things related to the adult industry because I genuinely care about this industry and I love it. It’s what I want to be doing and I have other choices. For me, it’s like giving back to a community that allowed me to live my fantasies and given me the lifestyle that I want to live. I’m not just here for a paycheck or just biding my time until I do something else.

CJ: Is there everything you’d like to do on camera that you haven’t done yet?

Veruca: I haven’t done doubles yet and that’s something that I’m definitely open to doing. I would like for it to be my own showcase but I would consider the boxcover for it. Anal was my very first scene, I never thought I should wait it out. I started out in this later in life. I had already had a career. I was just fulfilling a fantasy of having sex on camera. I’ve always been a sexual person. I never had a second thought about doing blowbangs or gangbangs or anything like that. I was like, ‘Hey, the opportunity’s there, let’s do it!’ A double is something that not a lot of people shoot so it had never come up in my career. It’s kind of the last thing I have left. That’s something that I think would be really, really awesome to do with a great cast of guys that I know I have great chemistry with. A director that appreciates my personality and would let me have fun and be in the moment and give me the opportunity to do doubles. I would like it to be in the heat of the moment, everything’s going crazy and everyone’s turned on and it just happens. I just want one of those scenes that is just awesome, crazy gonzo style sex where it would make sense that it happens.

CJ: In the first interview we did, you said absolutely no double anal. So you’ve evolved!

Veruca: Absolutely no double vag because my pussy’s too small. I know my butt can take it. You get the right group of guys and shit happens. You say, ‘I had no idea my body could do that. That’s incredible!’ At this point, I don’t think I can 100% say no to anything but I definitely know I could do double anal but I’m open to a scene that’s going to go wherever it’s going to go.

CJ: One of the great things about porn is that you can indulge in almost any fetish you can think of. Does Veruca James have any fetishes?

Veruca: Public sex  is definitely a fetish. I love bondage, rope bondage is my favorite but I’ve gotten into metal and leather and other types of bondage. Particularly because I’m such a controlled person, the loss of control you have when your bound is like a huge adrenaline rush for me. Other fetishes is multiple cocks, probably why I love blowbangs. Blowbangs would be a fetish, wouldn’t it? I also love DP’s. I haven’t done nearly enough DP’s this year.

Veruca James

CJ: What are you like off-camera, what are your hobbies and interests?

Veruca: I love outdoor activities, I love going to the beach, going to different festivals. I’ve really been getting into art and museums a lot lately. I love history. I watch documentaries a lot. I love history series and reading about it. I think even in high school, I loved studying things in the past. I’m heavily involved in doing research projects. I like analyzing things. That’s why I got into APAC and all the initiatives that we’ve been taking on to help inform, educate and protect performers. Let performers know that we have a voice. And I’m really enjoying that. I love reading. I love cooking.

CJ: What kind of music do you like?

Veruca: A lot of different types. I like punk, I like old rock and roll. I’ve been listening to oldies a lot. I like indie female vocalists a lot. I’m pretty much into anything.

CJ: Do you have any favorite movies?

Veruca: I love Fight Club, 7, American History X…I’m all over the place. I like all sorts of movies. I just love movies.

CJ: What about favorite TV shows?

Veruca: Game of Thrones, True Detective, The Shield, The Wire, Boardwalk Empire, Sons of Anarchy, Breaking Bad, Mad Men.

CJ: Do you have upcoming scenes that your fans can look forward to?

Veruca: There’s a scene for Vivid with Dana DeArmond that hasn’t been released yet. That was superawesome, we fucked on a glass table. She also put her toes in my vagina, I’m not sure if that’s the first time or not. She’s great to work with. I also shot a blowbang for Manuel that hasn’t come out yet. He was in the blowbang and he shot part POV and part filming the other guys as well. So that’ll be pretty good. It’s an inner view of a blowbang as long as the voyeur aspects of it.

CJ: How can the fans get ahold of you?

Veruca: On Twitter, I’m @Veruca James. I have a Clips For Sale store at or you can just go on there and search for me. My Tumblr is And I have an Instagram @VerucaJames

Can I give a shout out to the Freaky Crew please? And the fans, I love them, they’ve done so much for me this year. I can’t believe how amped they were for Pretty Petite. It makes me so excited to hear the fans get excited for it. And all their comments for it afterwards. I think that’s pretty cool that the performer wins and the fans interact with you on something that they genuinely want. And Pretty Petite I got from fans votes. That was really cool for me. They got me that scene, it was my favorite scene ever. It came out great. They promoted it and was superexcited for it. That will be something that will always be special to me. And another one, Facialized, I got booked from fans recommendations to Mason and ADT recommendations. And Mason told me when I was doing my interview for the scene, that’s the reason she booked me. So, you guys, keep booking me for some incredible work that I absolutely love and appreciate.

Veruca James

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