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Captain Jack interviews Veronica Avluv

Fellow Avluvers, I had the honor of interviewing the incredible Veronica Avluv the other day. She is as kind and caring on the phone as anyone I’ve talked to. I said interview, but it was mostly just a conversation between two friends although I had never talked to her before. We talked for about 75 minutes and I felt guilty for keeping her so long. She is very charming and I was honored to make her acquaintance. Mackochist posted this in a thread on her and it’s so right on that I had to repost it here as an introduction:

One of the biggest appeals of Veronica is her personality which she reveals to fans and others outside of her scenes in passing, such as on these and other forums. She is very in touch with all of those who know her and watch her and she is very honest, open, and descriptive in how she tells others about her feelings and experiences, be they good or bad. It is a part of her personality that is just as alluring and attractive behind the camera as her performances in front of it, which for me is to be greatly admired and respected.

There are very few porn stars you could name today who value their connections with her fan base as much as Veronica does, nor expresses it so fervently and with such excitement as she does, as if she were almost talking to close friends who share every detail of their day. Anybody who follows her on Twitter will see that.

I hope over time more performers can be inspired by Veronica’s example, and see that even despite the tragedies and difficulties in her life, she is not afraid to expose herself in an emotionally vulnerable way to connect with those she invests so much time in. Veronica is a real triumphant example of not only to other performers in terms of how to handle themselves in the industry but also the regular folk among us of how to get through the worst of life’s turmoils with courage and strength and humility. The everywoman pornstar, if you will, and certainly a rarity on today’s day and age.

Veronica Avluv

Captain Jack: What did you do before you got into the adult industry?

Veronica Avluv: I was a stay-at-home mom for many years and then I started doing hair and make-up at the mall. I was an assistant celebrity hair stylist. I’ve done everything except mainstream movies; tv shows, commercials, editorials…but in that field you need time to pay your dues. And I stepped into the field when I was 34, 35. So I was working 12 hour days, making $150-$300/day and working sporadically. I needed to help support my family so I was looking to get back in front of the camera. I had done a lot of pin-up modeling and nude modeling back in the day. And from there I met Diana Doll and asked her a bunch of questions on a fetish shoot. And she has her head screwed on nice and tight. So I was modeling and had a business that was a pinup/boudoir type experience wherein private clients (ladies only) would come to the studio and I’d make them up and do their hair and style them in wardrobe. My husband would shoot and retouch them and they’d have pics for themselves or their hubands or whoever.

Anyways, I saw Diana again and I knew exactly who she was and I admitted to her that I watched her scenes. She told me about herself and what it was like. So I realized I could make better money doing something that I wasn’t shy about. So that’s kind of how I stepped into doing girl/girl. And that’s why I do my own makeup on my shoots. I’ve seen many pictures out there from early in my career that I look at and say ‘what was that?!?!” Sometimes I’ve seen my face orange and the girl doesn’t really know what she’s doing. I don’t know how she got her job and I won’t speculate on that. But it’s my image.

CJ: That’s one thing that’s great about you. For example, you posted pictures the other day of yourself without makeup or you’ll do a BTS interview after the scene with your make-up running and you don’t really care. You just gave a scorching performance, you’re comfortable with yourself and you are who you are.

Veronica: I really am comfortable in my own skin, sometimes to my own chagrin because I’ll look in the mirror and I say “Oh Lord!” (laughs) I don’t know if your familiar with mstrhole on ADT and he follows me on Twitter and we’re friendly so I didn’t take it as an insult, but he said one of the reasons Veronica’s still believable and fiery in her scenes is because her personality is quite volatile. I would have to say that I don’t like to be around girls that are bitchy and once in a while I’m bitchy because I am female but I don’t like to be that way. I don’t like to think that way or be that way so I tend to be, well, if I’m mad, I’ll get mad then it’ll be over. I don’t hold grudges. I have a lot of passion and a little ADHH. So it is reflected in my scenes. I enjoy sex so I’m not holding back in my scenes because I literally can’t do anything halfway. It’s either all or nothing. And sex feels so good to me that what you’re getting is raw, unadulterated me flying off the handle. And guys kind of have a hard time with me sometimes because they have to hold me down! I’m orgasming almost right off the bat and I’ve been told by camera people to ‘arch your back’. I get it because it looks good but I want it to feel good and certain positions or certain shaped cocks or whatever, it feels better if I arch my back like a cat the other way. I just want it to be genuine and I know that I’m never going to be physically perfect.

Veronica Avluv

CJ: What’s your favorite type of scenes?

Veronica: Well, I like to have a certain connection with the other performer, I realize I have an easier time with anal than most girls because I really enjoy it. I like a good kisser. Because sex is mental too. I like to have that mental connection with someone before I jump in. The fantasy of walking into a bar with 5 guys there and going, ‘ok, gang bang me’ that’s fantasy and I wouldn’t do that. Because then all the reality parameters kick in and I don’t know these people. But having a connection with the person I’m working with is key to me. I enjoy working for Adriano. I enjoy working with Chris Streams…

CJ: Speaking of Chris Streams, I’m sure you’ve heard this a lot but your scene in Oil Overload 7..Holy fuck, that was hot.

Veronica: (Laughs) You know when I walked into that scene, I knew it was an anal scene with Manuel but I had no idea it was an oil scene! There was a lot of oil that was involved and let’s just say that I couldn’t work for a week after that!

CJ: It seems as if you are ramping things up for yourself, you’ve always been energetic and volcanic on camera but now you’re going even more hardcore, doing gangbangs and what not.

Veronica: Ever since I lost my husband 3 months ago, my stress level is a lot higher, running a household by myself being the sole provider for my children. I find that once the scene starts, I prefer more hardcore scenes. I can throw myself into it and its total cathartic. My level of energy now feels like its 10x more energy and it’s probably because it’s a stress relief for me as fucking is for most people. I do believe we need to fuck as well as make love. Making love is beautiful but we need to fuck. I’m thankful for my job, I enjoy it, but I’ll tell you my job is in so many ways a stress relief for me. I think I’d just explode if I didn’t have a regular outlet of just getting throttled until I’m a pile of mush on the floor. I ask for more and more and more until I’m like, I don’t know where that camera is. The poor cameraman! (laughs) He has to deal with me and I’m the exact opposite of someone who’s been in this business for 20 years. They’re a dream for the cameraman; turn this way, arch this, do that and she’s got it all nailed. Whereas I get in there and I’m all over the place. I have sexual Tourette’s! (laughs)

CJ: Going back to the beginning, you started out doing g/g scenes. Were you into girls before porn?

Veronica: Oh, yeah. I didn’t pop my girl cherry until I was 17 and it was from an older woman. I was shy about it but I had masturbated to thoughts of other girls ever since I was 13. I just think women are beautiful which is why I like doing hair and makeup so much. I can find that beauty in a woman unless she’s a total cunt. (laughs) It’s funny because when I find someone with a gap in their front teeth or a crooked nose, if they have a smile on their face and a zest for life, to me they’re so much more beautiful than a Barbie doll with an attitude and I think that’s the general consensus.

CJ: So the first time you shot a scene, was it overwhelming for you?

Veronica: No, it was pretty natural. The only thing that threw me off was I was working for Girlfriend Films and with Jessie Palmer, and we clicked and everything but she warned me that she had a bush. Now, I, personally, the minute I started growing hair, I just naturally started shaving my lips. I left hair on top but, for me, hairy vag lips are kind of gross. And when it’s not even trimmed? I’m cast as a MILF and I can’t be completely shaved for protocol, I have to keep a little on top or people are going to trip out. I have it nicely trimmed…well, you know what it looks like. So that’s the only thing that threw me was that I had to go down on a hairy snatch. But it must have been ok because she said afterwards that I was the first person to make her cum on film. The best technique is about being attentive. When she’s rubbing up against you and moaning and she’s pushing against you…usually it’s that one little thing. Because usually it’s that one minute thing on a girl unless she has a giant clit. Then keep doing that. If they kind of go silent and their holding their breath, well then you know they’re nearing orgasm. But if they’re kind of dead, maybe you’re putting too much pressure on it but you have to be attentive!

CJ: Before a scene starts, do you get together with your partner to discuss what you really like and what gets you off?

Veronica: Absolutely. I tend to ask them do you have any yes or no’s. If there’s time, I like to cozy up to them and joke around with them. People know me as being very flirty on set. And here’s the thing, the flirting is like any other job where you’re dealing with people. It’s not a put-off, what it does is it puts everyone at ease. When you’re doing any kind of deal, the big deals always get closed, not by the pushy people, but by the people who make everyone comfortable with themselves. And on a porn set, everything is so raw, you know, people are naked and spread wide open; the guys are extremely vulnerable, the girls are too, especially the new ones, you kind of set the tone with the flirting. Everything’s funny, everything’s sexual, everything’s comfortable and laughter sets everyone at ease. So if I have time to do that, I do, tell me what you like, what you don’t like…tell me. If we don’t have time and we’re filming, look down, tell me. Because not every guy likes the same blowjob. I want to please my partner as much as possible. I really do and that’s why sometimes I don’t hold great positions because it’s like ‘fuck you, camera’, I’m not opening up because this guy really likes this thing I’m doing so you can go pan over to something else. Look at my toes! My biggest complaint in porn is that, unless it’s specifically for a blowjob scene, which means 15-30 minutes of sucking a dick, I can’t give the type of blowjob I can give in private. If you’re hitting my cheek, unless you really, really like that, and some guys do, then I’m not going to try and deep throat you. With blowjobs, it’s like, ‘ok, you have 5 minutes of blowjobs!!’ so you have to go really fast. I like to tease them and use my hands which doesn’t necessarily make for a good blowjob in a sex scene. If I’m alone with you in private? I have over an hour, it turns me on, I’ve come before from giving a blowjob without touching myself. It’s the sights and sounds and smells and I’m sure his pheromones are up too. And If I’m sensing all that then my arousal goes up 10,000 notches.

CJ: So when you talk before the scene, what do you tell your partner to get you off?

Veronica: Well, I obviously love a good blow. I like hair pulling. I really, really like, it’s kind of conducive to a scene, sometimes it’s not, I like my neck bitten. If anyone starts biting on my back or my neck, or if they put their mouth on places that are not your typical places, then I go nuts. It depends on the scene and the scenario that we’re setting up. I love to have my nipples played with pretty hard. I was an expert breast feeder from day one. My nipples are just naturally not that sensitive, so if someone goes down there and licks them very gently, I’m not really feeling it. I need really intense pressure, not continuously, there needs to be release, but that will shoot down to my pussy. So I like hard sucking on the nipples, I like hard pinching, I love having my pussy eaten. But to be honest, there’s only one person on camera that has really gotten me in the right place and that’s India Summer. India and I usually lie in a puddle holding each other after a scene. Because pussy eating on camera, to really do it right, you have to close up. People want to see the visual, you want to see the tongue moving, you want to see the pussy…you want to see everything. But to do it right, you have to suck the clit out of the hood and that gets boring on film after about 5 seconds. I don’t think that’s anybody’s fault, it’s only because porn is what it is. It’s entertainment. I like getting my ass slapped. I have a huge thing that if the guy can do it, I like him to lean in my ear and start talking to me so that nobody can hear it, almost like daddy talk. “You’re such a bad girl”. I really, really get into, for whatever reason, being a naughty little girl. It just triggers me. One time I got fucked in a scene by someone who’s all about that shit. He called me his slutty little girl and wanted me to call him daddy, that put me over the moon. That works for me big time. Even if he’s younger than me and it’s a jumping-the-younger-guy scene, if he’s going to throttle me during a scene, I like him to talk that way. Also, I like a man to make me feel like a woman. But not scared.

I have a list of turnoffs and one of them is rape scenarios. That doesn’t work for me. I also don’t like jack rabbit piston fucking. And I don’t like being called a bitch. If you call me whore or slut, I love it. But don’t call me bitch because a bitch is a girl I don’t want to know. After all, I’ve been really nice to you and let you fuck all my holes and I tried to make you laugh before the scene. It happened to me once. Some guy came in to pop on my face after this intense scene and one of the guys said, “You white bitch”. It took all I could to just finish because I almost broke into tears. The first thing I thought was, “But I was so nice to you! I thought we were friends!” (laughs) Oh and I don’t like getting spit on, that just doesn’t work. Humiliation doesn’t work for me in general.

CJ: That’s funny about the bitch thing.

Veronica: Isn’t that funny?

CJ: You would think being a whore or a slut would be worse!

Veronica: Oh, no. Remember, I’m in training to be a whore! Remember, I trained with a couple of dominants in my own personal life way before porn. Being a whore is good. You like whores, but do you like bitches? (laughs)

CJ: You mentioned the nipples and how you like it hard, was that after the implants or were they always sensitive?
Veronica: No, my nipples never were that sensitive. I’ve heard women say, “I tried to breast feed and it was killing me!” And I think that she’s the type of girl that can have her nipples lightly brushed and she’s having an orgasm. Whereas I’m the girl who’s like please suck harder. So I just like more intensity on my nipples and I love anybody touching my pussy. I love anal and I love dirty talk. I love it when a man shows his pleasure and moans and groans and if you can talk dirty to me, then I’m over the moon!

CJ: Do you think it was an advantage getting into the industry at a later date as opposed to 18?

Veronica: I think it had both advantages and drawbacks. The drawbacks are that it had a financial impact. Obviously, you have more time to build things up. Take Shay Sights, she’s been in the industry a lot longer and she now owns properties. She worked hard but she’s going to be ok for the rest of her life. I think what I see in younger girls except for a few rare exceptions, they haven’t had time to become comfortable and acquainted with themselves. Maybe they’ve never even had anyone eat them out to orgasm. They may not know how a vaginal orgasm feels as opposed to a clitoral orgasm. They may not be comfortable with their own fantasy world. They may have issues, because it is so mental, to still work out within themselves, mentally and spiritually. It blows my mind to be on set and about to have sex with a girl and to find out she’s not even sure if she’s attracted to women. That’s a fucking trip! You think I want to do that? And then, conversely, there are some younger girls who are fucking amazing. They’re younger but they’re just a force to be reckoned with. These girls have their own personalities but they have their heads in it. They’re fucking enjoying themselves and they are comfortable with themselves. That’s the big advantage of not getting in when you’re younger is that you’re not ready yet. I might have been ready but it was not my life’s path. I was going to have kids and raise them. After having worked many jobs and having a lot more time trying to become comfortable with myself and my sexuality, I would say the advantages are 1) I really don’t have any fear about showing my rawness to the world, my sheer enjoyment because I’m comfortable with it and embrace it and 2) I’m a lot more appreciative of the fact that I get to do this and I get paid money. A lot better money than I’m going to make somewhere else and I’m not going to have 50 orgasms in a day. I have a lot of built up fantasies over the years that being married and being in a monogamous relationship, except for a girlfriend that we shared, there are a lot of things that I wanted to try but I never would have otherwise. I like that I get to play out these fantasies in a safe, tested environment. And find out what it’s like to get DP’d and TP’d and thrown around the room and whatever.

CJ: Are there any other fantasies that you’d still like to live out?

Veronica: You know, the world of fantasies are ever changing and evolving so I don’t think that I’ll ever run out of fantasies. Physically? I’ve probably come as close as possible to doing everything that I could possible do. I’ve done two guys in the pussy, one in the ass, one in the mouth. I don’t know if it’s possible to get two in the pussy, two in the ass and one in the mouth unless you have some midgets involved. (laughs) Fisting does not work for me. It hurts, I don’t give a fuck what, where, when, how, I’ve been put out of work for 6 weeks. So that’s a hard one that I can’t do. Physically, I think I might have exhausted all of my options for things that are turn-ons for me. Fantasy-wise? They’re endless. Just think of different scenarios. I love medical fantasies. What I haven’t played out, which I would love if I could ever do it on film as an adult is the bad dad or bad uncle. I was never molested and an extremely protective of children but I also know the difference between role play and reality. For me, that would be a huge turn-on because it’s something I’ve done in my private life. Roleplaying the naughty cheerleader or daddy’s little girl. I don’t know what it is but I fucking love it.

CJ: Are you tired of doing all these MILF films? I’ve put in a couple of reviews that you’re just a beautiful woman and it doesn’t matter what age you are. Hell, I get tired of it myself. I think whatever the category is, you could handle it.

Veronica: There are a few girls in the industry who have opened up that gateway for us. Because the face of porn has changed so much over time. There are some older women who are absolutely gorgeous and nobody wanted to see them go away. They’re still hot and sexy but they’re classified as a MILF. Now there’s a whole new category of girls. I agree with you that hot women are hot women, whether you’re 19 or 45. My mom to this day, I know she has a sex drive and she’s almost 70 but I don’t want to see her on film. (laughs) I see these girls that are 27 or 28 and they have to lie about their age. So they have to be a MILF even though they have a babyface and that’s utter bullshit. It should be about people enjoying sex. Yes, I get tired of MILF for political reasons and sometimes, yeah, I ‘m good at jumping the guy. Because I know the sex is going to be on and it’s going to be fun. I am an aggressive fuck. If I get any chance at all, I’m very passionate so I can jump a guy and chase him around the room. But overall, sometimes the scenarios get boring. Here we go again. In real life, I don’t want to spoil anyone’s fantasies but I go after older men. I don’t try to seduce 19-year old kids. I’m not attracted to younger guys. Am I attracted to younger guys in the industry now because I know we’re going to have fucking hot sex and a good time? Yes. But in my personal life when I go out looking for a man someday, he’s gotta be close to my age or older. I know some women in my age group who chase younger guys around, so it does happen. My problem is that men that are my age or older, what I have discovered, is that I am definitely at my peak. I get it and then I want more and more. Older men are like, “Honey, I’m done.” (laughs)

CJ: Since you moved into the adult industry, have you learned anything sexually?

Veronica: When I started doing boy/girl and I learned from every guy that I’ve talked to says only one thing. I like to look into a girls eyes. I like to make the connection and that was interesting for me. They want to make a connection as much as a woman does.

CJ: Clear up the debate once and for all. You squirt on camera, that’s real, isn’t it? It’s not pee.

Veronica: (Laughs) Yes, it’s real. I will tell you that in private, when I squirt, it’s not to the level of volume that you see on film. I drink a lot of water, and people that know me very well will attest to this, and am constantly going to the bathroom and emptying my bladder. I really, really don’t want it to be pee. It comes out of the same hole. So if I’m at home, I’ll squirt, but it’s not shooting across the room like it does on film. I’ll tell you this, I’ve had enough water and emptied my bladder enough times that it isn’t pee. Ejaculatory fluid is odorless and colorless. So it is squirt and not pee. And in my private life, I’m not shooting off the wall across the room, but I am squirting. I have even squirted while giving a blowjob without touching myself. It’s orgasmic.

CJ: What’s your favorite position?

Veronica: All of them. (laughs). As long as I getting fucked and getting throttled, I’m happy. If I had to pick one, it’d probably be doggie because then you can pull my hair and slap my ass. One position I like but they don’t like filming it is when I have my back to the guy and I can lean back and kiss. Kissing is a passion of mine and I love to kiss.

CJ: You’ve taken pops everywhere, creampies, on your ass, on your tits, on your face, swallowing…where’s your preferred place?

Veronica: Probably to swallow it. If there’s a connection with a guy, I love it when he cums. And I like to see it. Also, as a woman, there is no better feeling in the world than having him cum in my pussy. The warm feeling after he ejaculates and when you can feel his dick pulse inside of you.

CJ: Where do you see yourself in 5-10 years?

Veronica: I’ll probably move behind the camera. In fact, next week I unveil a new site, that I directed and starred in. It’s an orgy scene that’s pretty fun and wild. I hope to get more stuff on there and continue to do that. Other than that, fans can follow me on Twitter @VeronicaAvluvXX

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  1. Very nice interview, Capt’n! I really enjoy watching Veronica perform. They say guys like to watch women have sex, who look like their girlfriends or wives. That’s true in my case. I like how she cleared up a question I’ve always wondered about squirting, ie. it’s ejaculate that comes out of the same hole. My favorite scene with her is the title “Raw 13”, by Evil Angel. Fifty nine minutes of passion with Manuel Ferrera.

  2. I love veronica I like her style of sex love squirting I like sex shoot with veronica fuck veronica pussy its my dream

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