Transsexual Starlet Interviews: Sunshyne Monroe

Wendy Williams Interviews Sunshyne Monroe

Sunshyne Monroe

When did you start feeling or identify as Transgendered?

For long as I can remember some of my first memories are of me knowing that I was a woman. I remember wearing towels on my head and pulling up tube socks pretending like I was wonder woman. lol

As a young adult did you watch Porn and if so what kind?

Funny thing is I’ve always been into solo male porn however when I was young I would remember looking at and wanting to be with the girls in the magazines I would see in the stores its crazy that now I am.

What made you decide to enter the Adult Industry?

Fot years I said no I became popular through YouTube and the companies asked me for about two years at first I said no because I was under age then I said no just because I was just so scared. I was doing a club appearance in LA and Buddy Wood asked me to do an appearance at a another nightclub. For the next few days we chatted and he asked me to do a photo shoot and the rest is history.

Tell us about your first Adult shoot, with whom and how did it go?

Well my fist shoot was with Buddy Wood for Yum. I was super scared I went into the house and did my make up in five minutes and came out and he says Sunshyne just calm down slowdown good and take your time. Lol You have to understand I was so young I think I was 19 and never been to LA and had no idea what I was doing.

Sunshyne Monroe

What type of scenes do you prefer to do and what to do in them?

You know I really like doing solo scenes I like doing them because I really have learned what my fans like. I like talking to them as if they are right there with me.

Tell the readers about and what members can expect when they join? is my baby. I had to say even before I was signed to SMC. You can expect everything from hot solo scenes to Tgirl on Tgirl action, bareback, me topping, me bottoming everything. Cum piss and tears LOL.

What is the biggest misconception that civilians have about Transsexuals or Transsexual Pornstars?

That we are not just regular people I swear sometimes people think I’m just at home in this silk gown waiting for some hot stud to come fuck me lol. No I go to Whole Foods myself I go to the mall myself I drive myself just like everyone else lol.

Over the past few years Transsexuals have become more visible in mainstream media, do you think Porn benefits from that?

Of course the more people know about transsexuals the more people are going to be interested.

You have taken a small break from shooting but now back in production, what took you away from your fans for this small time?

Well I do own a few other businesses that have been taking up my time just like with porn when I’m doing something I want to do it right and I want to put all my time and energy into that project so that it can be the best they can be.

What can fans look forward to coming up?

Well I am currently about to launch a brand new website on October 31 2015 here my fans can buy signed photos autographed DVDs and even personalized solo videos made just for them they could to tell me what to wear what to do and what to say it’s truly the ultimate fans interactive experience. However I am still with SMC and will continue.

Sunshyne Monroe

What is the one thing about being a known Transsexual Pornstar that is positive and one thing that is negative?

Well let’s start with the negative and end with a positive. Negative being sometimes I feel like I can’t let loose my friends go out and they can have fun, I have to always worry about if someone is going to recognize me or is someone going to post something online. Hateful Tweets and Facebook messages are never fun either but I’ve learned not to listen to that too much. Positive being I live a wonderful life my fans have stuck by me for a long time and because of them I get to do what I want go I where I want the positive greatly out does the negative.

What is something in foreplay that your lover can do to get you in a more sexual mood?

I know this sounds terrible but receiving gifts there is something about getting a little something or even flowers that just makes me feel ultra feminine and submissive.

You travel a lot, what is the one thing you hear from fans constantly all over the world?

I always hear how they love my cum shots that and they like my smile and my eyes those are probably the top three things I hear.

What is your long term goal for you in Porn?

I just want to continue to do original and appreciated work. I want to leave a footprint and I think I already am. My first website was candyland themed and now there’s tons of girls with a lollipop and glitters websites I was the first TransStar to use Monroe as a last name and now there is 20. Some people would be annoyed by this but I truly see as a complement.

What places on the internet or social media sites can readers find you on?

Twitter @Sunshyneland
Instagram @SunshyneWorld

Anything you want to leave us with?

Thank you for having me and I hope your audience enjoyed the interview.

Sunshyne Monroe

Wendy Williams is a performer, producer and publicist. Find her on Adult DVD Talk at and on Twitter @TSWendyWilliams.

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