Transsexual Starlet Interviews: Kimber Haven

Wendy Williams Interviews Kimber Haven

Kimber Haven

Growing up in Kentucky when did you feel something was “different”?

I actually grew up in Las Vegas. My father was a hit man and my mother was a Vegas showgirl. lol… yes I’m serious and I realize how cliche it is. I’ve always known I was a girl inside… ever since I can remember, of course back then I had no idea what transgender was or if there was anyone else out there like me.

When and how did you identify as Transsexual?

My first experience was when I was 8 years old. My best friend was a girl named Stacey. I always felt more comfortable hanging out with girls because I identified with them. We were playing dress up at my house. She had brought some clothes, heels, and make up she had taken from her mothers room. We made each other up as girls and for the first time in my short life I felt happy and normal. Then my daddy came home. He was very upset. He told Stacey to take her stuff and go home and tossed me on his knee rubbing my face raw with a wash cloth to get the makeup off screaming at me that I was a boy and boys don’t wear dresses or makeup. It made a lasting impression on me and for years I felt guilt about what I was because my daddy told me it was wrong even though it made me happy.

Hope you don’t mind we get personal but you are married to a female for many years, how has being Transgender affected your marriage?

Yes I am married to a beautiful woman. We have been married 15 years, together 17… of course I started my transition only 3 years ago so she married a man… and she got a woman. lol. When I came out to her and confessed that I was transgender I was sure it meant divorce but sometimes you find out just how much someone loves you. She held my hand and looked at me and said “If this is who you are and who you need to be and what you need to do then we will do it together”. I get choked up just remembering it.

So you are bisexual however what is your sexual preference? What is a major turn-on?

I identify as pansexual meaning I really don’t see gender when choosing a sexual partner. My marriage is an open one and we believe in love without possession or jealousy and I like to sample the menu. I have had male, female, and transsexual partners and each have been enjoyable and have their own merits. I’m very open sexually and I’m a very sexual person so I love the variety. As far as turn on… well it depends on the gender I happen to be with at the time. With women or other transsexuals I tend to be more dominant and enjoy that role, however with men I prefer to be more submissive and be taken. Dirty talk is a must… the nastier the better.

Kimber Haven

How is it being a TG woman in Kentucky?

Being a Transgender woman in Kentucky is difficult. It is a very conservative and intolerant place as states go, ingrained in very old school values and beliefs and the mentality for the most part is a bit behind the times. I love Kentucky and it is a beautiful state and it is now my home and I would never leave just because intolerance is popular opinion. After all if I did then intolerance wins. Maybe if they are more exposed to transgender people they will become more open to it so I have my hopes that this state will grow from my presence here and the people I interact with on a daily basis.

You are a popular cam model on Chaturbate, when did you start webcamming and tell us about a typical webcam show?

I’m a performer at heart. I did well for myself and retired at the age of 40 and became restless and bored so I began camming for free as a lark. I enjoyed it so much and got such a response from my show I started doing it on a more mainstream site and it became lucrative for me. I do a show that hasn’t been done before in the adult industry on cam. When you think cam model you think naked model doing sexual things. Thats not really what I do. Well of course its a part of it….after all I’m comfortable with sexuality and I’m a natural exhibitionist but I incorporate a lot of comedy and even celebrity impressions on my show. I have also performed as a stand up comedian and I’m an accomplished impressionist so I incorporate all that into a kind of entertaining variety show with sex appeal. I started to get noticed because I did something different then the rest. My shows were actual “performances” and entertaining…..kept men watching past the 5 minutes it took them to log on and finish the deed… lol. Oh I guess I should link my cam room huh:

What sexually do you like with a woman and with a guy?

When I’m with a woman or transsexual I’m usually all top (although I have been topped by women and other transsexuals and loved it). I enjoy sex from all genders and each has great appeal to me. I’m fortunate that I’m not limited by gender preference because I get to experience many facets of sex. When I’m with a man I’m all bottom. In men I love a manly dominate alpha that knows what he wants and takes it.

You just started dancing at Wendy Williams monthly T-Girl and Admirers Parties in Lexington, KY ( , what makes a great stage show for you?

Wendy was the first one to give me a shot to get up and show my dancing chops on stage. Sure I do it on cam every night but she gave me another outlet to be a performer and I ran with it. I love to dance, I love to perform, I love to express my sexuality in a public forum. I think seduction is a lot art and I enjoy seducing my audience. Once she put me on that stage the first time I was hooked. She gets on the mike, pumps up the crowd for me, then I go up there and do what I love. She realizes I have a true passion for it and love it so she just lets me be me up there and be me and I love it.

Kimber Haven

In 2016 you will be making your transition from cam to Adult videos, what made you decide to start doing videos?

Well I’ve always been a bit hyper sexual. I love sex of all types. I love being on cam and being filmed being naughty. For years I made home movies of me doing what I love to do. I love playing to the camera and I guess I was born without a shy bone in my Wendy is giving me another way to express myself and perform….thats how I see it. Who wouldn’t want to make a living doing what they love to do? Besides I was blessed with an enormous “gift” that was unaffected by my HRT so it should be seen right? Besides I think I will be great in that medium because I will truly be enjoying what I’m doing and I will be into it 100% and turned on. Who cares if the cameras are rolling. They are gonna capture me having a genuinely good time.

What are you nervous about shooting your first xxx video?

Not at all…. I’m excited. I can’t wait to get my freak on and have it captured on film. Plus I would be lying if I didn’t admit that the thought of men pleasuring themselves while watching me on film is a huge turn on. I can only hope someone runs into me one day and says “hey aren’t you Kimber Haven. I jerk off to you all the time!” That would just thrill me to death.

When you watch Porn what is genre and action that will get you going or off every time?

As far as porn I watch man on transsexual porn. I love watching a Trans girl be deep penetrated doggy style. I enjoy it when its done to me so it turns me on watching it done to others. I love videos when the two participants are very verbal with one another. The nastier the better. When I have sex I get into it and I get very verbal and if my partner does the same I’m in heaven. Nothing turns me on more that when a man talks really dirty to me. I’m getting hot just thinking about it…lol

Do you have any favorite Male, Female or TS Pornstars?

I would have to say I find Bailey Jay super sexy. There’s just something about her that drives me wild. I’m a huge fan of her work and think she’s so sexy. Maybe one day I can shoot a scene with her. Wouldn’t that be awesome?

What are your measurements?

You know, thats a good question. I’m not really sure. I mean my waist is 31 but I’m not sure about my bust line and hips because I think I’ve gotten curvier in the hip area and my bust is much larger now. I didn’t used to be that big in the chest but I got augmented to a 36 DD recently so I’m a bit curvier then I used to be. I have a big butt and hips. I was blessed in that department through my HRT. I didnt develop much in the boob department but that wasn’t anything a trip to my plastic surgeon couldn’t fix. Gee now you got me curious….I will get back with ya once I find a damn measuring tape…lol.

What social media sites can readers find you on?

I’m a social media junkie. I spend 5-6 hours a day online answering all of my fans. I get about 200 emails or messages a day and I answer every one of them. I figure if a guy takes time out of his day to write me then the least I can do is write back. I treat each of my fans like the gift that they are. The best ways to reach me are Facebook, xhamster, or twitter. Here’s the links:


Twitter: kimberhaven


Anything you want to leave us with?

Yes. I wanted to thank my wife, friends and fans for making my journey an easier one. Being transgender is not an easy path and they have made it easier to walk and I could never have done it without their support. I have mad love for my transgender sisters being so strong in the face of intolerance and I’m so proud of what we have been able to accomplish so far. Sure there’s further to go and more to do, but its amazing what we have done. I have no doubt we are on the right track and making serious progress. Oh and thank you Wendy for believing in me and helping me move forward with what I love to do. Hey as far as I’m concerned you’re the queen of transsexual porn. Hail to the Queen.

Kimber Haven

Wendy Williams is a performer, producer and publicist. Find her on Adult DVD Talk at and on Twitter @TSWendyWilliams.

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