Transsexual Starlet Interviews: Kelly Clare

Wendy Williams interviews Kelly Clare

Kelly Clare

Wendy Williams: When did you start feeling or noticing you weren’t like the other kids growing up?

Kelly Clare: I was always very different than everyone. I used to have my hair every color. I was pretty wild and still am ;P As supposed to gender identity. When I was younger, I never really understood what separated a boy from a girl. As I got older and learned, I realized I didn’t see gender as what typical people made it to be. Why a sex organ made a boy a boy or girl a girl. To this day I feel the same. There’s different types of men with different body types and same with woman. It’s a new age and it’s up to us to define who we are.

Wendy: When did you first identify as being Transgendered?

Kelly: I came out when I was 15 and transitioned. Few people disagreed at first, but there were also a lot of people I opened the door for. I decided to transitioned next day and never went back. There’s definitely been difficulties and it was stressful. But this is life, and everyone has their own problems.

Kelly Clare

Wendy: What made you think about doing Porn?

Kelly: I’ve always loved the adult industry and seen it in as art form in certain aspects. I like the costume play and the different ideas that I could come up with. Modeling and being sexy.. Making love to the camera and filling a fantasy.

Wendy: Who was your first Porn shoot for? What did you do and how did it go? Tell us about it!

Kelly: It was for Grooby a few years back. I loved it! It was very exciting. I was also a bit nervous. I did a solo first. I felt very sexy. Though now I know I’m a lot better. But we all start out somewhere. I appeared Model of The Week and felt very empowered to do more shoots. I love showing my personality on cam.

Wendy: What can members of expect?

Kelly: A lot of diversity.. Some pro, some amateur. Threesomes, ftm’s.. Sexy outfits and some historical areas I’ve shot in. A lot of dom stuff on my end. Gang bangs, me and my husband.. And much more.

Kelly Clare

Wendy: You are in a relationship, how does he deal with dating a “pornstar”?

Kelly: I’m married. My husband and I have a mutual understanding when it comes to my work. He’s also my photographer. Outside of adult work, our relationship is pretty standard BUT kinky. Sometimes we have fun and bring in a hot third.. But mostly we have hot, wild sex and that’s more than enough.

Wendy: Sexually what is a big turn on and turn off?

Kelly: I love everything. I love to top.. I’m bisexual.. Love threesomes and some role play.. Absolutely love being a dom 🙂 I love clowns too!! Something about it is sexy.

Wendy: Since getting into porn what has been the biggest achievement for you?

Kelly: My website is my proudest moment in porn. I’ve always wanted one and it was an honor when I got one. I’m always excited to shoot.

Wendy: What is a non Porn day routine for you?

Kelly: I don’t really have an out of porn routine. I wake up, make breakfast, my makeup..shoot for my site cam.. See a few clients. Then go out to dinner & drinks.

Kelly Clare

Wendy: If you could shoot any scene with any person you could, who and what would it be?

Kelly: Christi Mack is gorgeous. Would def be some type of hot threesome.. Maybe interesting costumes.

Wendy: You are very active on social media, what sites can readers find you at?

Kelly: There’s a few places. I’m on
Instagram: KellyClareTS
Twitter @KellyClareBabi
Facebook: Kelly Clare

Wendy: What is the biggest misconception people you interact with have about transsexual women?

Kelly: I try not to get bothered by all that. I’d say that we are all wild and never want to settle down.

Wendy: What are your long term plans for the Adult Industry?

Kelly: I have a few projects and a DVD I’m working on. I’m planning on expanding soon 🙂

Kelly Clare

Wendy: Finally what would you like to leave your fans with?

Kelly: A thank you for all your supports, votes and memberships. You guys are great 🙂

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Wendy Williams is a performer, producer and publicist. Find her on Adult DVD Talk at and on Twitter @TSWendyWilliams.

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