Transsexual Starlet Interviews: Jamie French

Wendy Williams interviews Jamie French

Jamie French thinks bios are impossible to write without coming off as a self aggrandizing douche bag. She has been a “talent” in the adult entertainment industry since 2005 beginning her career as a Craigslist hooker, then in 2006 becoming an internet porn personality. She’s still mostly a hooker only now she has mastered After Effects to the detriment of her IRS filing status.

Jamie French

When did you first start to feel you were transgendered?

There had always been hints here and there from early childhood, but it wasn’t until the age of 15 that I became consciously aware that living as a boy was becoming an existential conundrum.

Growing up what, if any, references did you have to compare your feelings too?

I feel like a douche bag writing this but as with anyone else I’m mostly a product of the times I lived in. For me an easy hero was Marylin Manson. When I first saw photos of him and his band I was immediately attracted to the idea that you could look like anything you wanted and the universe wouldn’t punish you for it. You really could look however you wanted if you just had the balls to go out there and do it. Of course these were just people who were wearing costumes in a rock band but I was a part of their prime demographic and their calculated look worked exactly as intended. Unlike most kids around that time, their look didn’t just serve as ready made rebellion, rather it acted as a catalyst for something that was ultimately life altering.

How do you define your sexuality?

I don’t define my sexuality. I simply do as I see fit at the time.

Tell us about your first Porn shoot? What company, how did it go and how did you feel afterwards?

My first porn shoot took place in the summer of 2006 over a two day period in Sarasota Florida for Grooby Productions. I was given the green light to shoot for, the only concession being that I had to make a 1200 mile road trip in order to get to set. The money and the experience made a minor inconvenience a completely negligible trade off. Everything started there. Highway 10 changed my life that summer.

Jamie French

Before Porn you have always been very artistic and a talented musician, tell us about Jamie the Musician?

That story could fill a book or at the very least, a moderately sized pamphlet. I received a bass guitar for my 15th birthday. My dad took me to music store in Porterville, CA. where we were living at the time and let me pick out my own instrument. Not ten minutes after I got it home did I say to myself that this was what I was going to be doing for the rest of my life. Everything I’m known for in my limited circles has sprung from the need to fuel my compulsion to create music.

You are also a talented photographer, editor, and all around do it all type of girl when it comes to production. How did you learn this? (and feel free to brag on how much you do know.)

I give Google searches and YouTube tutorials 90% of the credit for whatever it is I know about video production. Graphic work came naturally as I’ve always been able to draw at some level of competency that people seem to appreciate. My proficiency at audio production came from nothing more than 20 years of cutting my teeth on old four track recorders, being in countless bands and paying close attention to how sound works within the confines of musical composition.

Before you started living full-time you were known as one of the most popular CD/TV models with your own Independently run and produced website as Jamie Coxxx, what is the biggest difference you have noticed as a CD/TV model then and now with your transition?

I was never comfortable with being labeled as a crossdresser/transvestite. Ever. I understand it in hindsight. For too long I stood in my own way. I tried to keep my gender issues at bay in order that I didn’t become an inconvenience to my friends and family. This kept me from pursuing HRT, permanent hair removal procedures, surgeries, the whole lot until a relatively late age. I kept my profession private and compartmentalized to the point where coming off as a crossdresser was inevitable. My wardrobe was sparse, largely borrowed or stolen. My makeup skills were stunted, my demeanor was barely honed and my voice… well fuck, that can still be an issue from time to time. These days, the only difference I perceive is a deeper sense of self actualization. It’s more honest. It feels as though there is a little more heft to my name/brand than there once was. Ultimately I don’t think all that much has changed. My career has been a slow burn since day one and continues in that fashion to this day. My only saving grace is that I simply do not stop. Tenacity is my only effective weapon.

Jamie French

Please tell us what members of can expect?

I’ll just grab the tag line from my site… pretty much sums everything up: Welcome to Jamie French’s personal website! Whether you’re looking for sensual solo girl scenes, filthy fetish kink or some good old fasioned hardcore action, Jamie delivers!

You girlfriend is also a TS Model, Eva Cassini, how hard is it to keep business and pleasure different when both of you are in the same Industry working for a small piece of pie in the Adult Industry?

It’s not an issue. The two worlds are separated by a vast chasm of pragmatic thinking and professional experience.

What is a day like for you when you aren’t shooting or doing work on your website?

Far too pathetic to describe in detail. I am a hermit and only ever go out when it’s time for band practice or holiday get togethers with either my or Eva’s family.

Recently a TS Model started a petition for the Adult Industry to stop using terms like “tranny” and “shemale”, what is your view on those terms?

Man, this question. My most honest and base answer is that I truly don’t care. I have bills to pay and a life to lead. My more considered and nuanced answer is that I’m the type of person that will always place the importance of unbridled communication above the feelings of any one person or special interest group. I think in the macro when it comes to this type of thing. It’s better for humanity to have access to whatever words we come up with, the profound, pedestrian and unflinchingly negative. It all counts and we have a right as a species to use the tools we make for ourselves, “feels” be damned. I also can’t stand behind the weaponization of words. Why anyone would say, ____ word is bad – effectively giving ammunition to a perceived enemy is beyond my capacity to rationalize. Own words, do not give them away. I had a shirt specifically made for this topic. It simply says: TRANNY Own It.

Jamie French

I have always said you are one of the most talented and filthy pornstars in our niche, what is the hardest thing about being Independent even though talent wise both front and back you rise to the occasion?

Coming up with new ideas. The double edged sword here is that instead of coming up with new ideas, a lot of the time I find better ways to shoot things I’ve already done. That’s great for practicing technique but a personal let down for someone who wants to cover as many bases possible. It must be said that those bases don’t matter for shit if they’re shot poorly so, once again, I’ve found equilibrium in the slow burn here as well.

What fun projects coming up would you like to share with us?

I have a DVD project I’m working on called Tranimals. Taking the idea of furry porn in a more sleek direction… my story’s characters don’t look anything like doofy sports team mascots. It’s a cool little sc-fi themed project that will obviously be very sub-niche specific, but if done right will still catch the attention of people who appreciate carefully considered/executed production.

Will you be attending any of the upcoming Award shows or conventions?

I’m a continuing sponsor and nominee of Grooby’s Tranny Awards. I’ll have a VIP table near the stage somewhere, (if everything works out the way I plan, a few very cool and special guests will be sitting with Eva and myself.)

What social media sites can readers find you on?

Twitter: @Jamie_French Facebook Fan Page: Tumblr: YouTube:

Please leave us with anything you want to plug or address here.

Have a passion that pushes you out of bed every morning. Something that makes you worry and keeps you up at night. Without that, life is wasted on you. Also, – whatever.

Jamie French

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