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Wendy Williams interviews Foxxy

Foxxy - TS Porn

Growing up when did you feel something was different about your gender or how you identified sexually?

It wasn’t until I hit puberty that I noticed myself being attracted to men maybe as my hormones were jumping and I was becoming a sexual being. although I had little crushes on girls and had girlfriends I just didn’t understand why I thought girls were pretty yet boys turned me on sexually. I was always a feminine boy into my appearance, hygiene, health, and fitness but didn’t think it was because deep inside I associated and related my thoughts as an average girl would. I did grow up playing mostly with the girls in my family and lived myself through them, making them model, doing their makeup, hair, buying them clothes that I would wear lol. fantasizing about men became more frequent and I was so turned on, I never felt gay as I was never flamboyant or wanted to be with a gay boy/man. I felt so feminine that I wanted a straight masculine guy. dressing as a girl for halloween was probably the first sign of me wanting to become a woman and feeling comfy in woman’s dresses. I found myself putting on my moms makeup while she was at work and putting on her dresses and heels and dance around the house lol. by my high school years I knew I wasn’t the same.

When did you come out as transgendered and begin “dressing” as your self identified gender?

At 17 I knew I was different and had been exposed to the gay community and met many new friends outside of school and was becoming more comfy in being myself. I built confidence and courage and realized that I’m gonna be who I want to be and not care what people say. I became more daring and adventurous in my daily wardrobe and started going to parties and gay events and fundraisers and was dressing up practically every weekend secretly away from home. I graduated high school and was caught by my mom dressing up and that was when I came out and told her what I was doing and who I wanted to become was when I started my transition. the fear of my family disowning me was what was keeping me from transitioning earlier in life but soon as I got the support I went full force lol

You are very active on Social media and post great stories , pictures and vacations with your family. Have they always been so supportive? How would you describe that relationship?

Yes I am very very fortunate to have such a close bond to my family. They have never treated me any different since I was a child and maybe because I was always feminine they all thought I was going to be gay but again in a smaller city, transgender was not common so that would have been the last thing on their minds so I was a bit of a surprise but not shocking as my mom had many gay and lesbian friends and even one good friend who was a transgender woman who she would go out clubbing with and was explained to use as we were mature to understand. My family has followed my transition and has supported me in all the choices I have made for myself and has loved me no less. I get a lot of friends telling me how they wish they had the same bond as I do with my family especially with their mom who I consider my best friend, confidant, and my rock.

There are many stories in the mainstream media with Trans youth committing suicide whom have no family support, what advice would you give someone reading on how it gets better?

The hard thing for me wasn’t being accepting by friends, it was the fear of being disowned by family. In my mind that was always popping up and at times it was stressful but what helped me was meeting the right people who became friend of mine in the GLBT community and how my older gay friends were so close to each other as a family and we were each other support and I think that helped me a lot was already associating with positive loving fun people in the GLBT community and being the young one. As for family it won’t always be easy and you will always have someone in family or in society that will be saying negative things about it and you will find out who is supportive and who is not and some will come to realize that your still the same person inside and will come around later but its your heart that you need to follow and do what makes you happy in a positive way. You gotta prove to yourself that you are strong and what your doing is for yourself, no one else and it will make you a happy person. So whether you have family support or not, remember there is also a a family in the community that will love you, accept you, and help you. never feel alone!

Foxxy - TS Porn

When did you first get into the Industry? Describe the first time you did a porn shoot, who was it for, what did you do, and how did you feel after?

I first got into the industry in 2003, and it was during AVN week and all these photographers and directors and other porn stars came into Vegas for the festivities and it was then when I was a go-go dancer at a alternative club. I was recruited by Grooby and Shemale strokers who approached me at different times during those few days and told me they wanted to shoot me for their sites which I was so clueless about the ts industry or industry period lol.. my curiosity got the best of me and I shot for Franks t-girl world and she male yum and then the following week I shot for she male strokers. I did sexy photos, stripped, tease video, and solo jerk off video which was so nerve wrecking being naked and being naughty in front of a stranger and camera but after I got my check I was happy to see how the photos came out and I actually felt more confident about myself and body and realized that it wasn’t such a bad thing after all.

You are known for being a solid, reliable, and really liked performer both on screen and off, how do you maintain that level of praise in such a catty and competitive genre?

I have always been such a fun loving outgoing friendly person who made friends everywhere I went and made the best of every situation I was in so I was always a favorite amongst my family and my peers growing up. I guess I just always had that vibe and always happy and smiling. I never liked drama or to be upset or make enemies and most people say my mother and I have the same exact personality and gestures and she’s always be the life of the party so guess growing up having her raise us as a single parent really did reflect on how we were as a person. I also kept myself out of the TS “scene” where in most cases that’s where all the catty and competitive attitudes where and especially in the big cities. I also never really hung around other girls in the film industry living in vegas it was a very small community and I was one of 2 well known film stars in vegas for a long time and we were friends. Also my friends were not involved in any way with porn and it helped me remain the same down to earth person I was and I never had to act better then anyone and my ego or attitude never changed. I love to live life and see people happy around me so I always make sure its a Foxxy time when I’m around lol..

You are one of very few ladies who consistently update and promote your Official solo website, what can members expect or get when they join?

Well I’ve learned a lot though out my career and have met many great performers and worked with them as well. I also have expanded my sexual appetite for trying new things and learning what my audience likes. So I have a variety of scenes that include me being a top, bottom, glamorous, submissive, dominant, girl next door, also with women, other transgenders, and men of course. So a little bit of everything for everyone !! I’m very big on photos and behind the scene videos and personal videos with friends so you’ll get to see me in all aspects of me being me.

I call it the “foxy charisma” but how are you able to find and pull all these cross over performers over to work with your website?

lol I think its my “real” and charming personality alone that attracts people towards me and knowing that I show love and respect to all that show it in return. I see lot of ts girls grow egos and attitudes and people don’t wanna associate with them or it changes the whole fantasy about them. 2nd I guess it helps being attractive, feminine, and petite that people are willing to work with me. And of course being a diverse and great actress. I hate to talk about myself like this and I feel like I’m being to cocky ha ha ha but I answered the question good one!

Speaking of cross over male talent, why do you think so many people have issues with cross over male talent mixing with mainstream and transsexual porn?

Hypocrites that are stupid and think that we all don’t have sex on film with multiple tested partners for money regardless of sex or preference. It’s a freakin job in the sex industry lol… geez thats one thing that bothers me about the industry is fools who think a “straight” man can and should only film with females yet females can film with other females who are bisexual, have multiple men bang them at same time, do creampies, yet a single male is ridiculed and blacklisted because he films TS porn that doesn’t do have the stuff the “straight” industry does on film? Crazy thing is a few of those same haters refuse to work with certain men who have done gay porn and crossed over to straight and the gay industry dislikes when the “gay/bisexual” performers cross over to TS. We get it from both end of the industry. I hear from girls that love us TS and are friends that its their agent that doesn’t allow them and other girls that dislike TS girls that blacklist the men from shooting with them if they have ever shot with ts. As for why, I couldn’t give a reason good enough to pin point the answer… you would have to ask the haters themselves 🙂

Have to put you on the spot, what has been your favorite scene to shoot so far and why?

It would have to be the parody Venus Lux and I did about the asian nail salon. Very stereotypical yet funny and sexual. I liked it because we had a great time, laughing and making it up on the spot that made it turn out to be an award winning scene for us. We focused more on acting then we did on sex which made it different compared to the normal sex scenes.

You have a very high profile in the Vegas nightlife at all the clubs, casinos and events. How do you handle being so well known in Sin City?

Well I have been in Vegas 12 years and in those 12 years I have come a long way and earned my respect way before becoming a well known film star. Those same people I have known since day 1 are still part of the vegas nightlife till this day and they take care of me and my friends and since becoming a local celebrity I have met new admirers that are familiar with my work which leads to more benefits for me but what is hard for me to handle is knowing they have seen me naked, being really naughty, and doing crazy stuff lol. Then I become shy and embarrassed lol.

Foxxy - TS Porn

At this point in your highly popular career is there any male or female pornstar you would love to work with and why?

Lets start with females… there’s a handful I would love to work with such as Kendra Lust for her beauty and muscle toned body, Phoenix Marie for her beauty and wild anal ways, Jenna Jameson and Tera Patrick both because they were girls I grew up watching and seeing them both have the bad girl look yet hot MILFS, Dani Daniels for her sexy ass self period! Jesse Jane because she is a sexy little thing, petite like me and so bubbly and fun and I could see myself dominating her lol, and then there’s a tie between Bonnie Rotten and Christy Mack. Both tatted, sexy, fun girls that I know are bad girls on and off camera which I fit right in with them lol. My list could go on but I couldn’t just name one ha ha ha.

As for the men, well I love men, nice big penises, and beautiful bodies and there are so many of those in the gay, straight, and ts industry that I def can’t point out one… some I have secretly already had sex with so it narrows down my list but my list is long so I’ll leave this one to be continued lol

What is your long term career goal and how much longer do you see yourself keeping up the adult career pace?

Directing porn would be the ultimate if I remained in the adult side of things as most legends do lol but if it was away from the adult side it would have to be owning a holistic heeling center or spa. I love spiritual healing, relaxation, pampering, and making people feel good. I’m told I have healing hands and energy so id have to put my healing powers to use. I also love cooking and eating so my other option would be a chef and owning my own small intimate restaurant.

Any projects or things coming up that readers can look too?

Life is so unpredictable and for me its been a spontaneous adventure that I myself cannot predict whats in store so I’ll let it be a surprise to all just as I will allow it to be a surprise for myself. I’m working with a great new publicist that has already began to brainstorm with me and now lets see how they fall into place this new year but def looking for more mainstream projects.

What social media links can fans find more of Foxxy on?
twitter – foxxy702
instagram – im_foxxylicious
snap chat – xxx702xxx
website –

What would you like to leave the readers with?

A very big thank you to everyone who has followed me or is now following me throughout my career and has supported me in everything I have done. Without you all I wouldn’t still have one of the longest ts porn careers in the industry and still going strong! love ya!

Foxxy - TS Porn

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Wendy Williams is a performer, producer and publicist. Find her on Adult DVD Talk at and on Twitter @TSWendyWilliams.

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