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Wendy Williams interviews Josh Stone of Trans500 Studios

Wendy Williams and Josh Stone

What made you get into the Trans Market?

I have been involved in the Adult Industry since 2008 shooting for my website , dvd line and my Production Company. I saw that the Trans market was becoming very popular and I was ready to try something different yet popular.

After 4 years what has been the biggest surprise or something you learned about the Trans genre that you didn’t know before?

I must say I was a novice when it came to the Trans genre as a whole. Now I can look back and see so many things that I was uneducated about. From the type of men (straight) who adore these beautiful women to how the Mainstream Adult Industry had so many stereotypes from crossover talent to classifying the buyer as “gay”.

Just the short time we have been involved we have saw a difference and hope it continues not only for those Trans women but the Industry also.

You have been very successful winning many awards, why do you think your way of shooting is so successful with both models and members?

My shooting style has that Miami edge and I shoot these ladies like the women they are. Whether I’m shooting a genetic female or a Transsexual female I aim to give the viewer an appreciation of their beauty and sex appeal.

What are some misconceptions about the Trans market or Trans women you have encountered?

From the beginning it has always been that men into Trans women were “gay” or “bisexual”. As I have worked with them and met their boyfriends and admirers I see that these men are straight. They are into the feminine aspects and anything else is behind closed doors. I also from the Mainstream side of Porn didn’t know but now as a Trans producer can let readers know these models are held to the same Industry Testing standards that their genetic female counterparts are. They work just as hard via social media, shoots, website, and camming and deserve the same accolades and respect.

What are some of the biggest member request at

Seeing the male partners interact with the TS which include kissing, mutual oral, and rimming. They want to see the TS climax and see every angle of their bodies.

How important is social media to Adult websites?

Social media is extremely important (our Publicist, Wendy Williams, handles our twitter, instagram, reddit, Tumblr, etc.) This is a great way for us to connect with fans. It gives them access to our updates, shoots, events and more. I think companies who aren’t 100% invested into social media is missing out a great marketing at a small cost.

What social media sites can fans check out to see previews of Trans500?

Twitter @trans500
Instagram: “Trans500
Tumblr: “Trans500

What can potential members expect when they join?

At we update every Tuesday and Friday plus bonus “behind the scene” updates throughout the week. Members will love our HD videos and large photo sets. We offer a variety of models from all over the world. Trans500 is known for our quality sets, beautiful TS models and hung co-stars.

Trans500 movies

Your DVD series are distributed by Pure Play, how do DVD’s help with branding?

We do release 4 titles a month with Pure Play. Even though the DVD market isn’t as large as years past people still buy DVD’s and having our titles available to purchase online and in stores is important to keep Trans500 available in all buying markets.

Your contract male performer, Ramon, known as the Monster Cock is very popular all over the world, what makes Ramon such a larger than life performer?

Ramon is an over the top performer with a funny personality and of course large cock. I think fans can appreciate that he isn’t this young and muscular stud that guys can’t relate too. Not to mention he is just goofy but professional on set. Not only do people from all over the world recognize him but models always ask about me him afterward. We are lucky to have a guy who was wildly popular in Mainstream Porn cross over and be a big personality in the Trans market.

Transsexual women have become more visual in mainstream films and media, do you see this also on the Adult side?

I think at Industry events you see more Trans women being involved and given top billing. I think the more you see models like Venus Lux, Wendy Williams, Aubrey Kate, Kylie Maria, Sunshyne Monroe etc work to be Independent business women you will see others step up and be more involved with the Industry.

Who are some of the most requested and viewed models on your site?

Our Brazilian and Mexican models are extremely popular and get many request for them. Models like Jessi Martinez, Carla Novaes, and Lexie Beth are fan favorites. Recently we shot Korra Del Rio and Pinky Von Tease and they received great member feedback. Of course American Super Stars Venus Lux, Domino Presley, Wendy Williams, Foxxy, Kylie Maria etc will always have a faithful fan base.

We are very appreciative to every model who shoots for Trans500 and they ALL bring something different and unique to our website. If they didn’t have a following or star quality then they wouldn’t be on our site.

Any projects coming up you would like to share with us?

Make sure you follow us on twitter @trans500 as we will be leaking some fun things coming up on and some new models and potentially a new website so you will have to follow and wait.

Your tag line is “New Era of Transsexual Porn” please explain?

When we started we wanted to bring a new vision both front and behind the camera to the Trans market. There are some amazing Trans websites who are popular and successful so we had to find something to separate us from them and I think we have done that.

What would you like to leave us with?

We want to thank every model who has graced out website and hope we shot you in a way you felt beautiful and sexy. To every affiliate, member, and DVD buyer thank you for your support and we hope to continue to bring you the best in Transsexual Porn.

Trans500 Studios movies

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Wendy Williams is a performer, producer and publicist. Find her on Adult DVD Talk at and on Twitter @TSWendyWilliams.

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