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Captain Jack interviews Tommy Pistol

Tommy is one of the accomplished actors in the adult industry. Pick up any parody or feature in the past year or two and, chances are, Tommy will be in it. He has played such iconic characters as Austin Powers, Willy Wonka and Pee Wee Herman as well as putting his spin on his own roles. I talked to Tommy about the roles he has played and talked about being a dependable swordsman in the competitive porn world. He’s also hosting the AVN Awards next week and I can’t wait to check it out!

Tommy Pistol

Captain Jack: You have like the dream job of every guy. Tell me how you got your start in porn.

Tommy Pistol: I was doing sketch comedy. I did it for 11 years. I met Doug Sakman who was working for Troma TV at the time and he introduced me to Joanna Angel. was out for a little while but they didn’t have any boy/girl scenes at that time, it was mostly solos. Joanna wanted to expand the site and keep it growing so she knew she needed to add some boy/girl content and she needed to be in it too. Her first scene was my first scene. She interviewed me in a bar in Brooklyn. She hired me to do it but every time the scene got booked, it eventually got cancelled. We met up in Manhattan and we were going to shoot at a hotel that was Hawaiian themed but the plumbing was all fucked up. She was going to cancel it again but I begged her not to. She asked me to have no hair on my body so for three weeks, I get shaving all the hair off my body. (laughs) So I called a friend in Brooklyn who had a loft and I called to see if we could shoot there. We went up on the roof because it would be cool to take pictures up there. So we decided to shoot the whole scene on the roof. There were 3 people there and we explained what we were doing and we asked if they could be quiet while we shot the scene and not tell anybody. So as we were shooting, they were texting the rest of the building to come up and watch a porno. It was her first scene and my first scene and it was an anal scene. The pressure was on and we did the scene and it came out awesome. We had the lights on so we couldn’t see people coming up but we kept hearing the exit door opening. When we finished, we realized there were 20-30 people watching us. They broke into a round of applause and that was my first scene. (laughs)

CJ: How long ago was that?

Tommy: That was 2003-2004.

CJ: You were a porn fan, were there any girls that you really liked and then finally got to work with them?

Tommy: There was nobody specific I can say I was totally geeking out over. But I remember Annie Cruz was the first girl in porn I communicated with on MySpace and I was really excited about that. I remember I was really excited to work with her and kind of in awe. It was just amazing. I can’t think of anybody off-hand but anybody that was popular at the time I was a fan of.

CJ: Every guy thinks they can do porn. Tell me why it’s so difficult.

Tommy: It’s two different worlds. Having sex at home and having sex on camera is two different things. At home, you want to have sex for hours and you can do what you want and that’s great. On set, you’re not on your time, you’re on whoever hired you’s time. There can be anywhere from 3 to 20 people on set watching you. And once they say action and go, if you’re not ready, it can get to you. This is not an easy job and it doesn’t matter if you take Viagra or Cialis, it’s a mental game. If you’re not mentally there, then you’re not going to do that scene. Athletes train to do what they do but there’s not a way to train for porn. I know throughout the years of performing, I’ve become extremely aware of my body. I’m more in tune with my body than I ever have been. It’s definitely a job and it can take a fucking lot out of you. Not everybody can do it. A lot of dudes that come and go are good in the beginning but there’s a reason why you see the same guys over and over.

CJ: I know how working the 9 to 5 is and some days you just don’t feel like being there. Have you ever felt that way in the industry considering you get a new hottie to bang every day?

Tommy: When you’re working so much, it’s a job and you have to stay in a certain shape, you need to have certain clothes and a certain appearance. You have to take it really fucking serious. I know people at the beginning think, ‘I’m a rock star! I’m a porn star! Yeah!’ Time will tell how serious they are about it. It’s hard. If I don’t work, I don’t get paid. You have to treat it really professionally. Everyone has a sick day or a day you know your body won’t do it. So you call the producer or the director the day before to give him some time to cancel. I recently did a movie for Digital Playground. I knew our shoot was going to last until the morning and I had a shoot the next day. Around 9, I called the other company and told him I didn’t want to give him a shitty scene. I knew I would be exhausted and would have only 4 hours to go home and chill before going back out. I didn’t want to give a bad scene and get that reputation. You do that enough times of doing shitty scenes and word gets around. Don’t do it if you can’t do it. Even if it’s the most beautiful woman in the world, just say you can’t. I know that’s hard to believe but it’s true. (laughs)

Pee Wee's XXX Adventure

CJ: You are known for your acting, do you have any formal training?

Tommy: I did 11 years of sketch comedy and that was probably the best training you can do. You have to do things on the fly and you learn pretty quickly. I think it helps in this industry because I can improv and I’m comfortable doing it. Humor is second nature and, not to criticize anyone, but a lot of people don’t have that experience so if you ask them to give you an emotion, they have one. If I didn’t have the sketch comedy experience, I’d be a different person. It definitely paid off and made me stand out in the adult industry.

CJ: There’s not much character exploration in porn but do you prefer to develop a character from scratch or play someone well known to the public?

Tommy: When I’m a character that is totally new, I love that. It lets me do something that I haven’t done before and enables me to work on the acting chops. The movie I did with Joanna, Band Sluts, we improved that whole movie. We had a script of what leads to what but how we got there was all improv. You don’t get to do that a lot. We just fed off each other because we know each other so well. However, I do like playing characters that I admire. Pee Wee Herman was fucking fantastic. The fact that I can step into the shoes of these icons that I grew up watching, I could never get that chance anywhere else. I am beside myself and thankful and happy.

CJ: I thought you were incredible as Willy Wonka in the Veruca James hardcore gangbang.

Tommy: They wanted to make that one like the original. They definitely didn’t want to do the Johnny Depp version. That was just one scene but it had a long setup at the beginning. I’m happy it came back great and all the feedback has been amazing so I appreciate that.

CJ: I hear you are in a new SyFy movie. Tell me about that one.

Tommy: I’m in a few movies. One is getting released February 3 called Jurassic City. My good friend Sean Cain wrote and directed it and he was kind enough to give me a part as a prison guard. I have some lines and it was pretty good. I have always wanted to do mainstream and there are things coming out and things coming up that I’ll be doing. There’s a movie that just got released called Age of Ice that was directed by Emile Smith. He really wanted me to lead for the lead and they ended up going with somebody else but he still gave me a pretty good part. It’s pretty fucking awesome. It’s cool at this point in my career that porn is becoming more acceptable. You see it all over Facebook and people are talking about it. I’m getting more noticed by people in mainstream and I’m still in porn and it’s really amazing. And, something that I haven’t announced yet, is that the Soska Twins, they did American Mary, Dead Hooker In A Trunk and See No Evil 2, are going to have me in a feature this year called Bob. They’re writing and directing it and it’s a pretty good part and has some good dialogue. It’s not just a short thing but there’s going to be some good acting in it. I think that role will put me at that next level in movies so I’m really excited.

CJ: Do you want to transition to mainstream or will you always keep a foot in porn?

Tommy: The thing is, I always wanted to do mainstream. I did sketch comedy, I did acting, I did stunt training before porn so I always wanted to do something in mainstream. Even throughout the past 11 years, porn became my job and became my money maker. At this point, guys have longer careers than women but I can’t fool myself. I can only do this for so long and there’s going to be a point where people don’t want to see me do it. Whether my career takes off in mainstream, whatever cards are played, I’m going to do. It’s not necessarily that I want to leave porn but I’m a dad, I have kids, and if something comes along and looks like a better career down the line, I’m down with it. It’s about what can happen in the future, 5 or 10 years from now.

Tommy Pistol Veruca James

CJ: You’re hosting the AVN Awards in a couple of weeks. What are you going to bring to the host’s role?

Tommy: I can’t say what’s going to happen but I can promise you that it’ll probably be one of the best shows that they’ve ever done. They looked at all the past shows and checked off what didn’t work and I think they found a recipe of a good, fast, fun, exciting show. We don’t want to have where people are talking or disinterested. We’re going to keep it moving. When Gary Miller approached me, I was totally honored. I’m like the first guy to host in something like 25 years. I think he came to me for what I’m known as. For comedic timing, having a personality and doing things on the fly. They’re putting a lot of trust in me to make the show different. I think everybody’s going to love it and it’s going to be talked about for a long time. What I’m bringing to the table is me, the Tommy Pistol that everybody likes and likes to be around. I’m going to make it special.

CJ: What are you like off-camera? What do you do when you have some free time?

Tommy: Working in porn, you’re basically free lance. There’s no set times. I could work for a week straight or one day that week. Like I said before, I’m a family man, I have kids, they get my time first. But one thing I love to do that I just started doing is surfing. I love surfing. My girlfriend, Nikki Swarm, asked me to try it. I tried it and fell in love with it. Whenever I get a chance, I’ll be surfing. We went surfing on Christmas and sent pictures back to everybody in New York. (laughs) ‘It’s not that cold!’

CJ: And how can the fans get ahold of you?

Tommy: On Twitter, I’m @TommyPistol. I also want to give a shout out and a thank you to @LolaMurder I met her on Twitter and she’s a great fan. I had her and her husband out to the AVN Awards last year.

Tommy Pistol

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