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Captain Jack interviews Tim Von Swine

I think Tim Von Swine and his partner in absentia, Mike John, have made some of the best masturbation material in the porn world over the past decade. Now that Tim is in charge of the latest productions, I thought it was time he got some publicity and can explain his vision an influences. Or, hell, what are his favorite babes to nail! LOL! Tim gave me the opportunity to visit my first porn set last summer so I got to know him a little bit off camera. He’s a funny guy and takes great pride in his work. Here’s a quick interview I did with him.

Tim Von Swine

Captain Jack: How did you get your start in the wonderful world of porn?

Tim Von Swine: Early on, it was p.a. and non-sex stuff for Mike back in like 2000-01 when he was still with Anaabolic/Diabolic. Then I met a guy who lived in a guest house at one of the pools I serviced. He ended up getting a crew together to shoot scenes for websites and brought me in and I kind of took over after 3-5 weeks. The websites were www.gangbangsquad.com, www.teensforcash.com (and a few others) but primarily those ones. That’s where I met the likes of Shane Diesel, Tee Reel, Brian Surewood, Kami Andrews and Sledge Hammer (R.I.P.) Those early days taught me that I had a natural ability or dynamic with the talent right from the beginning, which was crucial moving forward.

CJ: I talked to a director at AVN last January and asked why he didn’t perform anymore. He says he has a gut and can’t get past that. It’s fine for you, you’re comfortable in your own skin, but he says he can’t. Speaking as one fat man to another, have you ever been subconscious about being a big guy?

Tim: Initially, me performing in POV scenes came out of self-preservation as EVERY angle of XXX was so competitive back in ’04, ’05 that if I didn’t learn to pull off POV scenes, my career probably would’ve ended already. And, yes, I was getting to where it was hard to see SO many gals I wanted a piece of in front of me everyday that I knew performing was the only way to get my hands on them. So I went for it!

Now, as far as me being obviously overweight yet still performing/showing myself? I’ve always wanted to see that type of XXX. I want to see fat guys and older guys with stars doing raunchy, naughty things like DP’s, etc. But that is REALLY hard to find, probably THE hardest niche in straight XXX to find I bet. So after reading some really hateful/negative comments about my build/physique from fans on the Sine’s POV DVD, I decided to go the other way with it and show myself more. It was because I realized I’m basically the ONLY chubby guy who CAN lead the charge because of my tenure, reputation, etc. so I did and I still do. I’m overweight, sure, but I’m just as horny as anyone and if I was awful at sex, the chicks would’ve exposed me by now.

No, Jack, I’m not self-conscious… lol.

Von Swine and Kristina Rose

CJ: Have there ever been any female performers who have refused to work with you?

Tim: There’s never been a gal show up and see me and say ‘no’. Ava Addams kind of refused working with me here on ADT when a fan said he’d love to see her do a scene with me and she said ‘that will never happen’ or ‘don’t hold your breath’ …something to that degree. Whatever, some chicks can have a bit of a ‘charmed life’ here in XXX and get what they want from the male talent pool.

I totally understand that I’m nobody’s dream date but the way that went down wasn’t all that savvy since it was done on the boards. Whatever, that’s showbiz.

CJ: Who are your influences as a director?

Tim: Coming in at such a high output time for gonzo, I didn’t have any real influences from in/around the business itself. I stepped in and was working with some juggernauts right off the bat: Mike, Vince, Everhard, Stefano and being around and involved with all of those dudes everyday did rub off but mostly in a competitive way since I wanted to get my slice of the limelight too. So they for sure helped me to take it serious and get my chops up from the onset but 90% of all my influences have always come from rock ‘n roll/music. And Babe Ruth…he’s always influenced what I do since he was ALL about crushing women and partying. Dude was a beast, probably the best beast of all time.

CJ: Now, as everyone knows, Mike John is in Central America. Why is his name still above the title in all your releases? You do everything but it seems like most casual fans think that it’s all Mike’s doing.
POV Pervert 17
Tim: Mike’s name is deservedly on all of the movies I shoot since I’m keeping his catalog going in his absence. What I’m doing for him is something I know he wouldn’t trust anyone else to do. Lest we forget who Mike John is for a moment as he basically re-invented handheld shooting all by himself, took the POV genre totally by the horns and launched it into the stratosphere after Rodney Moore was the first to really shoot some great POV scenes but not full movies with top stars. He’s also created some of the most memorable/hottest gonzo series of all time such as No Cum Dodging Allowed, Teenage Speraholics, Down The Hatch, POV Pervert and Jerkoff Material.

If Mike didn’t have complete confidence in me to handle 100% of the production duties in his stead, then I wouldn’t be doing so. That is the biggest compliment I could ever ask for. Now, does it bother me that I’m not allowed my name on the front of the 20+ movies I’ve shot (by myself) these past 2 ½-3 years? Of course it does. I feel totally unwanted by our distributor since that’s who prefers my name not appear on the covers. But, on the flip side, I still get to run through some of the best female performers in the world. I make our movies our way and I get to keep the lights on for my bro’s company ‘til he gets back.

And I’ll take that all day, everyday.

CJ: I have to say, I’ve seen some young talent in some of your disks that I have never seen before then became a fan of like Chase Ryder, Alaina Rains, Ava Dalush. When you sign someone for a scene, how do you know they’re going to be good?

Tim: Taking a chance on new talent is what gonzo is all about, in my opinion. If you want to cherry pick stars all day, fine. But, to me, the juice you can find with new gals is where the real magic is. It’s also where the real disasters are too…lol. Maybe it’s just that I like women so much that I want ALL of them in front of my lens. I want all of them to create this with me and be part of my porno life in a way that neither of us can take back. The more different tiles in the mosaic the better, right?

I never ‘know’ if they’re going to be good or not until I meet them. But like Bukowski said, ‘If you don’t gamble, you’ll never win!’

CJ: Who are some of your favorite performers to work with?
Jerkoff Material 11
Tim: Well, since I only perform 25-35 times a year, I don’t get too many rematches like the regular male performers do. But of the new crop; Carter Cruise, Jodi Taylor, Brooke Wylde, Candice Dare, Ava Dalush, Dahlia Sky and AJ Applegate all really rocked me and hit me with tip-top POV scenes/sex that I’ll never forget.

It’s no secret that Veruca James, Kimberly Kane, Claire Robbins, Adrianna Nicole, Andy San Dimas and Kaci Starr all have a different place in my XXX heart for their multiple intense romps with me. These women somehow connected with me in a way that you can’t really put into words… just watch the scenes and I’m sure you’ll see what I mean if you haven’t already.

CJ: I’ve filmed weddings before and am always concerned that my arm will get tired from holding the camera steady for an hour. I’ve never been blown while filming at one of those weddings before. How did you become so good at POV?

Tim: My career is and always will be in the shadow of my best friend, Mike John, whether it be holding a camera or doing a POV. That has fueled, no, forced me, to have to overachieve from the time I showed up in XXX. Getting good at POV wasn’t ever a luxury, it was imperative. I made sure to not copy Mike’s POV shooting but I would have been foolish not to take not of some of his basic principles and I did.

And if this was how I could get the girls 1-on-1 and not have to fuck in front of people I don’t want distracting or trying to direct me, then put that fucker in my hand! LOL.

I’ll admit, doing POV scenes with the Sony Z-1U camera was like holding an anvil. Those were tough!

CJ: When I look at your reviews on ADT or elsewhere, your material always gets a good review. However, you may get a token nomination at AVN but never any awards, why do you think you don’t get respected within the industry?

Tim: Porno is a very vain industry and if ones name isn’t on the front of the movie they shot/directed, did they really shoot/direct it? ALL of that stuff goes a long way come awards season. So there’s that working against me in addition to me not using what’s perceived to be A-list performers in our productions like everyone else does. I feel AVN voters tend to reward a lackluster scene with star power over a scene that’s volcanic with lesser known, yet established performers.

And that’s just my take from observation, I’m not blasting anyone here but I’ve been working the entire time my name was last on a boxcover (Shane’s World circa ’07 Kegger or Black & White) just like my contemporaries William H, Mason, Eddie Powell, Jay Sin, etc. Since I parted ways with Shane’s World, it’s like I was out of XXX, which we all know isn’t the case, just my path hasn’t afforded me the acknowledgement as those other shooters. And since Mike and I don’t use the PR machine… that is also part of the new era we’re not too fond of.

Von Swine and AJ Applegate

CJ: What are the pros and cons about a career in porn?

Tim: Pros: You’re not working a regular job; if you’re not afraid to embarrass yourself on camera, you can have sex with women that would never touch you in a million years; you can work hungover if need be; you can create a library of jerkoff material that YOU star in and you’re not working a regular job.

Cons: The pros outweigh the cons, so who cares?

CJ: What’s next for Tim Von Swine? Any new projects?

Tim: I have my Pro-Am Pigpen movies (4 of them) I’m looking to get a distributor for that are chopped and ready to go. All I need now is to find a home for them. There’s a whole new niche of XXX ready to drop that I’m so behind. Other than that, I’m looking for other shooting directing gigs since it’s about time I branched out for myself again.

Aside from that, I’m just trying to keep the lights on..it’s tougher now that ever!

CJ: Who’s your favorite reviewer?

Tim: My favorite reviewer would be my good friend, Den Recob. God rest his soul. He died the night before my Pops did, ironically. Den had the absolute BEST review system in place and I’ll tell you why: Den’s point system allowed someone like me to compete with the heavyweights who were already established. He equalized everybody with that system and I loved it. SO many people bent out of shape over his choking policy but it was HIS arena! Who are you to tell him how to review what he’s watching?

The nerve/gall of directors and performers to chide him on his site was disgusting. It showed (and still does) how shallow even the ‘creators’ at the top can be in XXX. He didn’t like choking, so what? Get over yourself.

So I will always defend him vehemently for sticking to his guns even though he and I tossed that discussion to-fro multiple times, since he WAS entitled to feel how he did and I respected that. Denny was a great guy and I was lucky to meet him a handful of times before he was gone.

As far as the ‘remaining’ reviewers go, it’s an 11-way tie between you, Roger T. Pipe, Bono One, Terry @ WCAReviews, Don Houston, Astroknight, John-ADT, Rob Perez, Sex Reed, Boby B and Dirty Bob… Thanks for the questions and interest and for making me the 1st ‘dude’ on your interview list. I’m sure to be least fave in no time, lol.

CJ: If people want to follow you, how would they do so? (Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram?)

Tim: Twitter is @Tvonswine for my main/dvd info and pictures. @Swineyspigpen is all about my pro-am stuff. I’m not on Instagram or Facebook. I am writing a blog page again when I have time, although it’s much darker and harder than what I was writing at the Pornstarnetwork/Mike John page. The link is through my Tvonswine Twitter page in case you’re interested and want to get bummed out, lol. It’s seldom about porno and more about damage and being a mid-40s alcoholic.

I just want to say thanks to any and all the fans and friends at ADT over the years. You all have provided an integral outlet for me personally during the times of high and low over my XXX career. Let’s not forget some of those friends who used to be here and part of the family like Den and my other good buddy, Jake Malone, R.I.P.

God Bless America!

Von Swine

Von Swine Movies

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  1. tim i love your commentary
    id love to be in your movies as an actor how do i get a test run
    my fav porn start without hesitation is jada stevens her natural girl next door look with her fantastic booty and great smile id love to be in a scene with her id do a group scene with other guys if that was asked of me second fav girl would be candice dare she looks like a surfer cali chick id run over broken glass to have sex with candace third girl is abella danger im jewish and shes part jewish so ive fantasized about having sex with this beauty
    tim please email me lets talk my friends say i should do porn they say i have a good look im very muscular and fit

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