Tiffany Bannister Interview

Captain Jack interviews Tiffany Bannister

Tiffany is taking the internet by storm! She had over 50,000 followers on Twitter before she even filmed her first scene. With her popularity, I just had to talk to her! I hope you enjoy our conversation!

Tiff Bannister

Captain Jack: Tell me about Tiffany Bannister. Where did you grow up? What kind of girl were you?

Tiffany: I grew up in Medford, NJ. It’s like a really rich, little town. A lot of people are snobby there. I wasn’t really popular growing up. I was really ugly; a lot of people still think I’m ugly, but, whatever, everyone has their own opinions. I was really shy. I’ve broken out of that a little bit. I have a little brother who’s 13. I’m really close to him but, with me in Florida, we’re kind of drifting apart but we still talk because I want to be there for him. I lived with my great-great grandmother until my senior year of high school and then she passed away. I then moved in with my grandma. That was really hard. My mom’s an alcoholic and I don’t know my dad; that’s why I don’t drink, don’t smoke and don’t do drugs. I don’t do any of it and I never will. I’m really against that stuff. I did kind of good in school but I hated going because I was bullied a lot. That’s why I’m really against bullying. I know how to handle it now but I was really bullied in middle school. So my school life wasn’t that good. I wanted to be a kindergarten teacher. I love kids, I want to have 8 kids one day when I decide to marry and I’ll adopt them. But porn obviously makes more than kindergartner teachers. (laughs) Since I became internet famous; it kind of happened by accident, I ran with it. There were already so many people that were interested in me, I thought why not go even further. Even though I’m not really sexual at all! (laughs) I don’t know if I’m supposed to pretend I am but since I’m already famous, I should just be real. (laughs)

CJ: How did you become internet famous? How did that all come about?

Tiffany: I started posting pictures on My Space, when that was popular. I love my body. It was like my freshman year of high school. Just bikini pictures, nothing too crazy. I started getting a lot of comments about how pretty I was and how nice my body was. I had a lot of friends and then I moved it over to Facebook. And I just posted more and more bikini pictures. I have over 9000 followers on Facebook, even though I don’t use it that much anymore. I used to get so much buzz everytime I posted something. People started noticing me in public. I got more and more popular. Then I made the Twerking video because I was getting made fun of. I had no idea what I was doing and I did really bad. But it got on Worldstar and one of the videos made it to Tosh.0. I was also on Nightline and it just blew up! Then Twitter happened, and then Instagram, although I got deleted on Instagram because they’re really strict. People just really care about what I do and I don’t know why, to be honest. So I just capitalized on the fame. People in the tri-state area all knew who I was and I grew even more.

Tiff Bannister

CJ: Is that why you use your real name?

Tiffany: Yes, because it was already really well known. I know it may be a bad idea but we’ll see what happens. I didn’t really want to change it because everyone knew who I was already.

CJ: You said you posted pictures on My Space. That’s been gone for awhile now, how old re you?

Tiffany: I’m 21.

CJ: How many scenes have you shot?

Tiffany: Probably about 8 or 9. I’ve been shooting for the last month. My first actual scene hasn’t come out yet. The one that just came out is one of my first but they expedited it because I told them I was internet famous and they wanted to capitalize on it. People were waiting. When I thought Dare Dorm was going to be released and then it wasn’t, people thought I was just a tease. It wasn’t the best scene ever but the dick was huge and I didn’t even really know what to do with it. And I was really uncomfortable because it’s hard when you first get into it. I did a jet ski scene and I felt comfortable so I really got into it. When it’s just me, a guy and a camera, I just freeze up. At least right now. I know I eventually have to get myself into the zone. I’m sure I’ll learn as time goes on. And other pornstars are helping me out. I’m not a pro but I’m learning!

CJ: How big was that dick?

Tiffany: I don’t really know. Probably about 9 ½”. And it was really thick too! The biggest I had before that was 6”.

Tiff Bannister

CJ: When did you lose your virginity?

Tiffany: I had sex at 17 for the first time. I’ve always been really tight but that first video just destroyed me. That was the biggest dick I ever had. I’ve been with guys that usually came in 5 minutes flat! I’ve never been fucked like that before! I’ve never orgasmed, I still haven’t!

CJ: How many guys were you with before porn?

Tiffany: Well, I’m 21 now. And I worked at a club in Philly that’s kind of like a strip club but not really. And I had sugar daddies. That was kind of my job for the past year before I got into this. So a fair amount.

CJ: So having a sugar daddy is a job?

Tiffany: Well, they give me a lot of money. I would get at least $500-$600 for hanging out. So I was pretty good. (laughs)

CJ: Is sex expected then too?

Tiffany: Yeah, almost always. One I had for almost a year. He would take me shopping and I would go on vacations with him but sex wasn’t expected every day. He understand that I was really tight and that it hurt so he was a really good guy. We don’t really talk anymore. It’s kind of like having a relationship. I was with him for a year.

CJ: You said you became internet famous. Is that the only reason why you joined the industry, because you wanted to capitalize on your fame?

Tiffany: Honestly, I always liked showing off my body. I liked taking pictures and modeling. I also really liked acting. I really want to get into mainstream, which I know isn’t the easiest thing. I liked both acting and modeling which is associated with porn. I was really undecided about it because it’s a huge decision. Especially since I was thinking of being a teacher. And with everything that was on the internet, some people were already saying I couldn’t be a teacher. So I thought I’d try it because it seemed fun and maybe I would have an orgasm. I think I should use these opportunities to become more sexual because I’ve never been sexual at all. I have the cute, innocent kind of look but I like to look sexy. I think it’s a good opportunity to have good sex and to learn how to orgasm. And it’s good money. Eventually, I want to start my own production company or direct. So I definitely have an end goal. I’m really having fun.

Tiff Bannister

CJ: What’s your favorite position?

Tiffany: It all depends on the guy. Every dick is different; it feels different. I’d probably say me on top because that’s more comfortable for me.

CJ: What do you like sexually? What gets Tiffany wet?

Tiffany: I like really hot guys. (laughs) I like grinding. I like gentle stuff because like I said, I’m really tight, so go gentle! I like when guys are really intimate. I love kissing or kissing my neck. I’m always trying to make a connection and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. I think I’m learning. I just did a blowjob scene for MOFO’s Real Slut Party. I really got into it and it was really bad. It’s better when I’m comfortable. I thought it was good.

CJ: I read on the ADT forums where you shot your first girl/girl scene with Lily Cade. When was your first experience with a girl?

Tiffany: The first girl I ever kissed was in my first scene ever. I did a few scenes where I kissed girls but nothing ridiculous. I got offered the scene with Lily and they told me she was a lesbian. I have a best friend who’s a lesbian so I thought I’d try it. If she’s really into girls, she’d probably teach me things. It wasn’t amazing for me but she made me feel very comfortable. It really wasn’t as bad as I thought it’d be, it was pretty easy. So I guess I liked it. I don’t know if I’m getting into girls, probably not, but it’s fun and it’s not hard. It was fun and she’s really nice.

CJ: How often do you masturbate?

Tiffany: I’ve been doing Skype shows now so it’s increased. To be honest, not that much. Since I’ve started porn, I’ve been more horny so it’s increased. But like I said, I’ve never cum so I don’t have any toys or anything. I think I need to get a vibrator.

CJ: You need to get a Hitachi.

Tiffany: I used that once. I was on the Vivid Radio Show with Christy Canyon and she used it on me but it was an awkward setting so I didn’t cum. I think if I was alone, I definitely cum. I think if I cum it would relax me more and I would be a better performer.

Tiff Bannister

CJ: When a guy pops, where do you prefer it?

Tiffany: I guess on my tits or stomach. Maybe my ass. I’m getting used to my face. It’s whatever they want to do. I think tits or stomach would be my favorite.

CJ: By the way, how big are your tits?

Tiffany: They’re 34 Cish but I can fit into a 34 D bra. I don’t know my true size but it’s a C.

CJ: Natural, right?

Tiffany: Yes, I’m all natural. (laughs)

CJ: Are you ever going to do anal?

Tiffany: Well I’ve been advised to wait at least a year for anal. My ass is obviously really tight and I can’t even imagine having something in there. When I feel comfortable and the time’s right, I probably will. I have no intentions to rush into it.

CJ: What are you like off-camera? What are your hobbies and interests?

Tiffany: I like shopping, tanning, getting my nails done. Really girly stuff. I like going to movies, going bowling. I love animals. I love baking and going out to eat. I read and write. I like dancing and music. I love concerts! That’s probably my favorite. I’m seeing Katy Perry next week.

CJ: So is that the kind of music you like? Pop?

Tiffany: I like pop and I like country.

CJ: What’s your favorite movie?

Tiffany: I like scary movies.

Tiff Bannister

CJ: What’s your favorite TV shows?

Tiffany: Pretty Little Liars.

CJ: What’s your ultimate sexual fantasy?

Tiffany: I want to have sex on the beach. Or having sex with Justin Bieber. (laughs)

CJ: You said you’re having fun doing this, how long do you want to stay as a performer?

Tiffany: I definitely want to win at the AVN’s but I know that takes time. This is just the beginning so we’ll have to see how it goes. This industry has it’s up and downs and I’m just getting used to it.

CJ: And how can the fans get ahold of you?

Tiffany: On Twitter, I’m @TiffBannister1 and I have a Vine if anyone’s interested.

Tiff Bannister

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