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Tarantino XXX with Jessica Ryan

Tarantino XXX with Jessica Ryan from Fantasy Massage (Photo courtesy of Tarantino XXX. Used with permission.)

By Flash

Tarantino XXX entered the world of adult entertainment in 2012 when he started his first adult website GrindhouseXXX.com. Over time GrindhouseXXX evolved into the XXXL Ray Network, which has now evolved into his current website TarantinoXXX.com. Tarantino XXX’s directorial debut was his own Porn Fiction, which was also his acting debut. To date Tarantino XXX has only directed for his own company but he has been an actor for other directors, starting with Glenn King’s MeanBitch Productions release Superiority Complex in a scene with Ashley Adams.

This January Tarantino XXX signed a deal with VIP Digital Media that will allow his movies make the leap from the Internet to DVD. The DVD first release, The Vagnificent Seven, has already hit shelves at adult retailers and Porn Fiction is just hitting retailer’s shelves. Still upcoming in April will be Tarantino Loves Dark Feet, which is part of his foot fetish series.

Since Porn Fiction, Tarantino XXX has become known during his time in the industry for taking movies and characters and reimagining them in adult scenarios. Keeping with that tradition, one of Tarantino XXX’s latest adult movies, Art Sluts, reinterprets scenes from adult movies in the 1990s and presents them to the modern audience as a commemoration to the golden period of shot on video adult movies.

Flash: You have called Art Sluts your love letter to adult movies from the 1990s. What is it about the adult movies from the 1990s that call to you so much?

Tarantino XXX: The structure of it all. Story, characters, settings, cinematography, energy, everything just fell into line back then. And growing up as a teenager (whom at that age wasn’t supposed to be watching porn lol) being a film fanatic mainstream wise also, the 90’s style of porn especially companies like Vivid, Wicked, and VCA were putting masterpieces. It grew onto me especially being a writer more back then.

Flash: What criteria did you use when selecting which adult movies from the 1990s you were going to use for Art Sluts?

Tarantino XXX: Well the title for starters was based on Eon McKai’s classic VCA film Art School Sluts. I originally wrote eight different scenes but because of budget reasons, I had to cut it down to four. They were inspired by four different scenarios (whether it be a scene or a movie) from some of my favorite 90’s porn films that I enjoyed and sort of wanted to recreate in my own way, and this movie world of reboots and remakes I wanted to take that in the direction.

Flash: In Art Sluts you reimagine scenes from four 1990s adult movies. The first scene, if I am not mistaken, is based on Paul Thomas’ 1996 movie for Vivid Suggestive Behavior and I believe that your scene is a reimagining of the scene with Melissa Hill, Bobby Vitale, Steven St. Croix, and Jenteal. What makes this movie stand out to you and what made you pick this scene for Art Sluts?

Tarantino XXX: The scene in the diner first and foremost. It’s one of the most visually stunning scenes I’ve ever seen in a porn film. It’s cheesy and funny how PT (Paul Thomas) wrote and shot that scene. When you have a girl playing with herself in the middle of a diner while people are in the background and then a full out threesome explodes (literally) in the middle of a diner.

Flash: The second scene is based on Bud Lee’s 1993 movie for VCA Centerfold and your scene appears to be based on the sex scene with Hypatia Lee, Steve Drake, and TT Boy. What drew you to this movie and what made you select this scene from Centerfold?

Tarantino XXX: I was a huge fan of Hypatia at the time, she was in my top five female performers. That film was her best performance she ever did and the actress I used in Art Sluts (Jasmeen LeFleur) reminded me so much of her so after having a dinner meeting with Jasmeen 6 months before I shot Art Sluts I started writing the scene and I wanted to use a specific scene from a Hypatia Lee movie I chose Centerfold and I always pictured Jasmeen playing that role of Hypatia. And the scene in the movie is pretty much a sort of “urban legend” about modeling and porn and how photographers try to sleep with the naive models in hopes of getting them far, it’s a powerful scene and with that combined with Hypatia, Jasmeen, and my writing it came together.

Flash: The next scene appears to be based on Steven St. Croix’s 1996 movie for Vivid Hard Feeling and the scene from Hard Feeling is your version of Steven St. Croix and Anna Malle’s scene while Dyanna Lauren watches if I am not mistaken. What makes this movie one of your favorites and what made you select this scene from Hard Feeling?

Tarantino XXX: Let me just say that Steven St. Croix was my hero and inspiration to be a male performer. Although I mostly had the passion to be a writer/director there was a little itch in me that wanted to be a male performer. So anything Steven did and he was in (mostly his character in another film 1997’s Bad Wives) I was awe inspired by. Hard Feelings came out in 1998 and was his directorial debut, I was ecstatic when it came out and I just remember watching it over 50 times. The scene in particular, which features Jill Kelly and Bobby Vitale as puppet marionettes, is just absolutely incredible. The visual of that scene of them no words being spoken just acting as stiff puppets having sex on stage so brilliantly it’s a well played porn sex scene that keeps you engaged.

Flash: The last movie you selected was Dyanna Lauren’s 1999 adult movie Art Lover from Vivid and your scene is based on the Kobi Tai and Vince Vouyer scene. What drew you to this movie and what was it about this scene from the movie that made you want to recreate it?

Tarantino XXX: What can I say about Dyanna Lauren, she was my favorite female performer. When she went to the other side of the camera to direct of course I was gonna watch it. Art Lover is a fun sexy film by her. The reason I chose to remake the last scene of the movie between Kobe Tai and Vince Voyeur was not necessarily because of the scene it mostly had to do with the entire film. That scene was, of course, the standout of the film was maybe why I chose to redo it for Art Sluts.

Flash: You’ve obviously made changes to your versions of all these sex scenes. Was making the scenes look too much like the original ever a concern?

Tarantino XXX: Not really, I didn’t want to just recreate the exact scene frame by frame. Like I do with the parody films I work on, I take the concept, characters, setting and I see how I can pull off the same premise in a different way like tweaking the characters or changing the setting from a diner to a bar (like in the first scene of Art Sluts compared to Suggestive Behavior) or change the marionette characters from Hard Feelings to mime characters for Art Sluts. Like how Hollywood works on remaking films, the take the premise/source material and they may tweak a thing here or there or completely change it. It works at times and sometimes it doesn’t, that’s how I approached it. I wanted to modernize them but also honor that incredible era that’s the whole point of calling Art Sluts my love letter to 90s porn, because if it wasn’t for 90’s porn I wouldn’t be here today.

Flash: What upcoming projects do you have planned for your fans?

Tarantino XXX: Be on the lookout for DVD re-releases of some of my classic content, I’ve got Porn Fiction (my first parody film), Tarantino Loves Black Feet, Tarantino Loves Teen & MILF Feet all coming this spring on special edition DVD’s from my new distribution deal with VIP Digital Media. In the summertime, I plan on working on a new comic porn parody project The Defenders XXX, and also working on a new gonzo niche site focusing on white girls with big butts.

Flash (@Peter_F_Lash) is an adult film reviewer and can be reached via e-mail at adtflash@gmail.com. Flash’s adult film reviews can be read at www.adultdvdtalk.com/reviewer/flash. Flash’s other interviews can be read at interviews.adultdvdtalk.com/category/interviews-by-flash.

Tarantino XXX’s (@TarantinoXXX) Art Sluts is currently available for streaming on TarantinoXXX.com and many other VOD sites and will be coming to DVD through VIP Digital Media at the end of April. Tarantino XXX’s next gonzo niche project will be Wh00ty.com (@wh00tyofficial). Tarantino XXX also recommends following the new porn pop culture site The Porno Nerds (@PornoNerds).

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