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Captain Jack interviews Tanya Tate

Five years ago Tanya Tate made the leap “across the pond” from the United Kingdom and has been making waves in it ever since. Tanya started as a performer and has recently begun working behind the camera, stunning audiences with her skills as a director. She is a known personality in the ‘geek’ world with her cosplay blog, JustaLottaTanya.com and her new superhero personality that debuted at 2013 Comic-Con, Lady Titan. She has been nominated and won many awards for her work, including being named XBiz 2013 Milf of the Year. In June 2013, Tanya was featured as the cover model on FHM magazine in Turkey. Tanya is an all-round performer, director, publicist and cosplayer. Obviously, she is a very busy woman but took time out to answer 10 questions from me with a bonus one thrown in for good measure!

Tanya Tate


Captain Jack: Tell us about the real Tanya Tate. Your early life, family life, did you have any jobs before joining the adult industry?

Tanya Tate: The real Tanya Tate is someone who is very goal-oriented. I have a lot I would like to accomplish, inside the industry and out of it. I like to think of myself as adventurous sort and like to try new things. For example, one of my hobbies is going to comic book conventions and cosplaying  as sexy superheroes. Which is one of my very early fascinations in life; live-action superheroes. Seeing movies like Superman II would make an impression on me which, years later, led me to cosplaying.

CJ: Why did you decide to get involved in the adult industry and do you think it was an advantage getting into it later than if you would have joined when you were 18?

Tanya: I was working in an office close to my home town of Liverpool, and was looking for something more exciting in my life. I was watching an adult movie with a friend and decided I wanted to do it. I had some photographs taken, researched the UK market and sent them my pictures. They liked me, invited me to shoot in London and here I am 5 years later living in LA. Being older and with the title “Milf” I feel I am more confident and know more about my body. I know what gets me off and know how to get my partners to pleasure me.

CJ: When you first get into a scene and are working with someone for the first time, do you go over do’s and don’ts and what they like and don’t like? And what does Tanya like, what gets your motor humming?

Tanya: My first scene was with a UK guy with a massive tool, Danny D. I was a little worried when I saw the size, but he was really nice and I soon relaxed on camera and started to enjoy myself. Prior to the scene the company talked me through the things I would be doing and made sure I was comfortable and happy with everything. I like a partner who knows how to pleasure me and play them spots I really enjoy have touched.

CJ: What are some of the good and bad things about the adult industry?

Tanya: I did have some issues when I first started from some of my family. When they found out about my new career they acted different towards me. It took a while for them to realise I am still the same person. As a whole the industry has been good to me and I have been able to grow my skills. I started as a performer. Now, as well as managing my own hardcore website www.TanyaTate.com, I have a publicity company www.StarFactoryPR.com and have been to direct movies. I can play out my personal fantasies both on and off camera.

Tanya Tate

CJ: What do you think is the biggest misconception about the adult industry?

Tanya: That all performers are millionaires. I see comments from fans who assume everyone in the industry is making a ton of money. But that is not necessarily the case. The budgets have dropped dramatically since I first started in the industry, due to the economy and reduced end sales. This has been effected a lot by the ongoing piracy websites, and different companies fighting to shut us down. I think I do alright and that has to do with opening several streams of revenue and not relying on just performing. I recently had a “fan” whine ‘why I need I sell off my worn lingerie via auction to my fans.’ Simply put,  because there is some type of demand for it. Fans request it, I put it up there on Abibids. I don’t ‘need’ to do it, but I take advantage of the opportunity being there to add another stream of revenue for my future.

CJ: Do you have any favorite scenes that you could recommend to your fans?

Tanya: I have so many amazing times with some many sexy people on set. It’s so hard to choose I enjoy myself in so many of my movies. Some of my stand out scenes have been when I have been directing for Filly Films. I had a 3 way with Celeste Star and Jessi Palmer in Tanya Tate’s Tea & Muffin Party. Having a tongue on your pussy and ass at the same time is an amazing feeling. I have a new movie coming out Tanya Tate’s College Cuties Seduce Milf Beauties. The scene with myself, Veronica Avluv and Belle Noire is most definitely one to watch.

CJ: When a guy pops where do you prefer it and why?

Tanya: I like it on my boobs so I can see him splashing. I even enjoy watching a guy cum into my Tanya Tate Fleshlight, a men’s masturbator toy made from a mould of my actual pussy. I have had a few fans that have bought one, then had private webcam session with me using my pussy. That is soooo horny!

CJ: How often do you masturbate and how often do you have sex off camera?

Tanya: Depends on my mood and what else is happening. Whenever I get horny I have a play. I do weekly webcam shows for my members of TanyaTate.com, and I always have plenty of orgasms there.

CJ: What’s your ultimate sexual fantasy and do you want to live it out on camera?

Tanya: I would love to be in the hands of a whole load of hot sexy girls with them pleasuring me all over. Oh my I am getting excited at the thought!

Tanya Tate

CJ: Your new company, Filly Films, focuses on G/G sex…do you prefer women to men and why?

Tanya: I direct lesbian movies for Filly Films and have helped grow that company fan base through my films. I am totally turned on playing with girls and I love to explore a sexy female body. Sometimes I feel there is nothing better than a real cock. Ok… so it depends on my mood LOL.

CJ: What can we expect from Tanya and Filly Films in the next 5 years?

Tanya: With my publicity company, Star Factory PR, I want to help more adult performers build their brand. I would love to keep directing, maybe I can take that to my other personal interests such as Cosplaying or my love for Hammer Horror.

Tanya Tate

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