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Captain Jack interviews Sovereign Syre

I had the opportunity to do a follow-up interview with Sovereign recently. I really enjoy talking to her, she is such a sexy woman but, more than that, she is very intelligent and a great conversationalist. As a matter of fact, I set a personal record with Sovereign in the time we talked on the phone. I talked to her for an hour and 40 minutes, only 30 or so was for the interview! LOL. Since the last time we talked, Sovereign has added boy/girl to her list of accomplishments and she’s not going to stop there! That’s where I started with the interview.

Sovereign Syre

Captain Jack: Since last time we talked, you made a big step. You’re now doing boy/girl!

Sovereign Syre: I really like boy/girl a lot. I’ve been wanting to do it for a long time. I was in negotiations with a couple different people but fate kept intervening in a weird way. There was a moratorium, then somebody wasn’t available or a person left a company and went to a different company. There was a lot of waiting and stops and starts. I even filmed the first two scenes of a b/g feature that got derailed. I was getting frustrated, it was like fate kept intervening to make sure that it didn’t happen. Finally, I got together with Dana Vespoli and we spent hours on the phone talking about how we could do it. I just wanted it to be different and dark and weird and I didn’t care if anyone gets it. I was just going to make something artful and weird and authentic… the reasons I came to do porn.

I didn’t want to do a glossy, balls-to-the-wall showcase. I wanted to do something a little bit more personal and meaningful. So we wrote Hollywood Babylon. Dana and I are like sisters and we think on the same wavelengths. We do stuff together all the time. We did that movie She’s Come Undone and we had a rape scene with Manuel (Ferrara) doing a softcore scene with me and for a girl/girl movie that was controversial and weird to do that. I love having a friend like that where we can do stuff and get in trouble. We have the authority to do any fantasy we want so we figure why not go there, let’s do it. Hollywood Babylon was like a huge ‘fuck you’. We were both in that place. We just made the movie we wanted and we knew it would have a little bit of a push because it featured my first boy/girl scenes. We knew that no matter what, it would have some kind of push even if it was weird and quirky. I’ll always remember that movie as this special moment in time. It felt subversive and naughty and fun and rebellious. The box cover is amazing. It’s just my face and not being sexy or anything. I’m so glad I have Dana in my life because she made that dark twisted fantasy come true.

The scene with James Deen, I was so nerve wracked and it was kind of a rape scene. I think it’s the most authentic scene you will ever see because it’s a girl really being overwhelmed. Because I was really overwhelmed, everything you see is real. All that stress is real, it was exciting but kind of strange. The whole experience was amazing. It got really good reviews. I was so happy that people were willing to sit down and watch it. I was glad that it resonated with people. We weren’t expecting that. We thought no one would get it and everyone would hate it. (laughs) We were both so happy that people got it. I got so many emails from reviewers that they watched it 3 or 4 times, that was special. Moreso than awards or nominations, when you get emails like that, that’s everything.

CJ: One thing about that movie is that even though it was your first boy/girl scenes, it wasn’t advertised on the box cover as that.

Sovereign: Honestly, I didn’t want to disrespect girls who had started out in boy/girl, like “Look at me and how special I am now that I’M doing men on camera!” We also wanted to make something that in 6 months, someone won’t pick up the box based on old news. I didn’t want it to all about the first time. We just both thought it would distract from the story of the movie.

Sovereign Syre

CJ: It’s just like when someone finally does IR, it’s 2015, is that really news?

Sovereign: I don’t have a problem with IR. I’ve been told by some directors to never do it, it’ll ruin your career. You just have to know your market. I know that, for me, a lot of IR is so racist. I don’t want to use the n word and I don’t want to be called a white bitch. That’s not sexy to me. I do a lot of things on camera that I don’t necessarily do in my personal life but at the same time, some part of me has to be into it. It’s like going up to Kink. I don’t have a BDSM lifestyle but going up there is fun, to experience that for a day. I want to do everything before I leave.

CJ: Did you find it advantageous entering the industry at a later date as opposed to when you were 18?

Sovereign: No. I think everything is particular to that person. Sometimes I feel like I should have started doing this right out of high school but I just had pride. I was getting offers ever since I was 15 or 16. I said no because I’m an intellectual, independent person and I’m not going to get by on my looks or my vagina. It was a total point of pride. So I went to school even though I was always drawn to that stuff because I’m a very sexual person. It was a long protracted battle with myself and when I left graduate school, I figured I did my time and could do what I wanted.

That’s when I sent my pictures out and I was off to the races. I made a masturbation video for Joshua Darling, a staff photographer for at the time, and I put it on a tube site because I didn’t know any better. That was 2010. I just wanted to send him this video but I didn’t know how to send it via email because it was a big file. So I anonymously uploaded it to a tube site and sent him the link. I figured no one was going to watch it. 6 months later, it’s on the front page of Fleshbot. My friends from high school were texting me about being a porn star. So I looked and there I was. There were comments about this mysterious girl in the video and it was me! I got a bunch of work from that and the minute I put it out into the universe, I was in. I don’t think it mattered had I gotten in straight out of high school because I was always a self-possessed person. I don’t think I knew my body any better just because I went to college first. Porn, for me, is where you can explore things with people who are safe. There are very clear boundaries and it’s also an expression of art.

CJ: What do you look for in a woman off camera?

Sovereign: I’m really into volatile, emotionally unstable people. I like complicated, intelligent people. I like them a little crazy. I’m mainly attracted to black women. I’m attracted to athletic bodies and big butts. Skin Diamond is really stunning. Anna Fox too. Intelligent, creative women.

CJ: What do you look for in a man off camera?

Sovereign: Someone that’s interesting. Someone who I can learn something from them or be challenged by. I like guys that are successful or are actively pursuing their careers. I’m attracted to people on an individual basis. They have to be smart and they have to be creative.

Sovereign Syre

CJ: Are you submissive or dominant and is it different with men than with women?

Sovereign: Neither one. My sexuality is not that complicated. I’m not submissive or dominant. I was seeing this guy for a while and he was very aggressive in his kissing where he was choking a little bit. I wished that he would do that more but I didn’t want to say that because I didn’t want him to think that I wanted to be dominated. (laughs) I talk to my friends who are into kink, it seems exhausting. ‘Man, that’s a lot of work for an orgasm!’ (laughs) Just be smart and creative and confident and I’m there. If you have any type of life experience, you should be a little bit unavailable. I like a challenge, I like the chase but I don’t want to feel unwanted either.

CJ: Do you prefer performing or directing?

Sovereign: I like both equally. I’ve been thinking lately that I want to direct again. For a while, I was just on a creative dry spell. I’m writing so much now that it’s taken a back seat to the adult stuff. Everything I’ve done lately is gonzo boy/girl scenes. The reason I don’t like doing girl/girl as much anymore is that it’s so hard to find female performers who are good at it. I love doing girl/girl but I want to do it with someone like Dana DeArmond, Carter Cruise, Aaliyah Love, Dani Daniels…that would be an awesome day. I like boy/girl because it’s still new. It’s still exciting because it’s new. Right now I like gonzo boy/girl, no plot, just go at it.

CJ: Speaking of gonzo, I saw you in Raw 18 and I thought that was one hell of a scene.

Sovereign: Honestly, that’s one of the favorite scenes that I’ve ever done. To me, it was a good scene because Manuel is a friend. Also for me, it was a fun scene because I always loved that series. He called me and I was a replacement for someone. I had just sprained my ankle. It was a Grade 3 sprain so it was bad. Because my ankle was hurt, I was at a deficit but I think it also created a more tender scene. He was trying to be careful and I felt kind of vulnerable because of my ankle. That scene was very comfortable and very authentic and real. I had just come off Hollywood Babylon and it was so intense on the acting part and it was nice that I could just be myself.

Sovereign Syre

CJ: What have you learned about yourself sexually since joining porn?

Sovereign: I don’t know if I learned anything sexually about myself but it’s made me more confident. That’s a very unconscious thing. If I’m out at a bar, I don’t even worry whether I’m looking pretty. Now I can just walk in like I own the place. I wasn’t like that at first. It’s an amazing thing to be confident. I’ve stopped being embarrassed by stuff. I lost whatever embarrassment that I may have had before. I don’t judge it at all and that translates to this confidence. I don’t care what anyone thinks of me.

CJ: What are you like off-camera? What are your hobbies and interests?

Sovereign: I do a lot of writing. I’m a huge history buff. I’ve been working on an historical novel for a very long time. Writing is my life. I have a dog which is the other part of my life. I love comedy. I go to comedy shows a lot. I do a podcast where I have comedians on and we talk about serious issues. I spend way too much time on the internet.

CJ: What’s your favorite movie?

Sovereign: I like a lot of documentaries and stuff. I love Bollywood. Some of my favorite Bollywood movies are Bodyguard and Guzzaresh. I’m into imposters right now. There’s a documentary out right now called the Imposter. It’s about a guy who came over from Spain and convinced this family that he was their long lost child. There’s another one out The Woman Who Wasn’t There about a woman named Tania Head who lied and said she was a survivor from 9/11. She did all these charity things and she wasn’t even in New York when 9/11 happened.

CJ: What can the fans look forward to out of you? Any new projects?

Sovereign: I shot Fluid 3 with Dana Vespoli. I was with Steven St. Croix and that was fucking intense. I just shot some stuff for Naughty America. And I’m going to be doing something really fun with Steve Holmes. People will not be disappointed.

CJ: And you have a new website?

Sovereign: Yes, it’s It’s free blogs, free photos free videos and a weekly podcast.

CJ: And how can the fans get ahold of you?

Sovereign: On Twitter, I’m @SovereignSyre and Instagram is @Sovereign_Syre. I also have a clip store, There’s a lot of POV girl/girl on there.

Sovereign Syre

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