Slutty Stories With Ryan Riesling

Captain Jack Interviews Ryan Riesling

I interviewed Ryan a while ago when she was first starting her porn career. Due to some personal issues, Ryan took a little hiatus. But now she’s back and wants to continue her career. We recently hooked up and she told me some of her good slutty stories!

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Captain Jack: You started in the industry then took a hiatus. Why did you leave?

Ryan Riesling: I had to come back to North Carolina for about 6 months to do some family stuff and I was also completing my Master’s Degree, which is finished. I also wanted to launch my website which was important to me, I always wanted to do that. I was really taking my time to figure out what I wanted on there. A lot of girls are making websites and I wasn’t exactly like the other girls who were making websites. I wasn’t super popular, I wasn’t doing the same route that other girls were taking so I had to do something different. Now, I have a concrete list of things I want to do for my website and for several companies. I had a car accident too and was laid up for a while but now I’m in top shape and know what I want to do for 2017 and 2018. And I want to do it as soon as I possibly can.

CJ: You said you want to differentiate your website from other girls. How so?

Ryan: You know how the typical thing in porn is to do solo, then girl/girl, boy/girl, anal and whatever. That was never interesting to me. I never liked doing that. I think my 4th scene was an interracial creampie gangbang. (laughs) I hate shooting solo scenes, they’re boring. If I want to jerk off, I’ll do it at home in a more intimate setting. So I already screwed up the normal people route because it just wasn’t cool to me. I like making piss videos and squirting videos. I’ve been into piss lately; I’ve also been into double penetration and double anal. I want to try a triple anal penetration in 2018 for sure. I’m just waiting on the male cast to film it with. One of my best friends is Charlotte Sartre and she’s a big inspiration to me. She made a video recently where she was getting tattooed in it, I thought that was pretty cool. I want to do something like that. I’m really exploring the fucked up side of my sexuality and that’s what I want to put on my website. I don’t want to save tame shit for 5 years from now. (laughs)

CJ: You said piss or squirt. Do you do both? Or are you concentrating on golden showers?

Ryan: I do both. I can definitely squirt from vaginal penetration. I haven’t done it on film yet just because it hasn’t happened yet. I’ve been doing those and I’ve been doing a lot of piss videos. (laughs) I’m going to be posting the full videos to my website in the next few weeks. You have to label them to be more PC. It’s been pretty cool when I’m in pile driver…it goes on my face and messes up my makeup, it’s pretty cool! I do fisting in one video… I’ve been doing a lot of things lately.

CJ: You said it has to be PC, you can’t label it as pissing?

Ryan: No, you can’t. It’s actually pretty hard to in a lot of cases. You can get around it in some fashion.

CJ: What is your Master’s in?

Ryan: It is in Woman’s Health Sciences. I never really wanted to go to college in the first place but I graduated from high school early when I was 17 and got a full ride. So I took that as a way to get out of my hometown. I turned 18 and immediately started stripping, stayed in school though. (laughs)  But 4 years go by really quickly and then I could go free to graduate school too so I said, ‘Alright.’ My undergrad was in Statistics and I did a lot of statistics in research and Public Sex Education and STI Healthcare. I did more of that in grad school.

CJ: Do you like both giving and receiving golden showers in your personal life?

Ryan: Yes. I think I like receiving more than giving. And when I say receiving, I mean doing them on to myself.

CJ: Have you ever done a golden cocktail? Have you ever drank it?

Ryan: Yes, definitely.

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CJ: Do you still have the boyfriend?

Ryan: I actually have a new one. (laughs) It is a different one now. I always have some kind of boyfriend around. (laughs)

CJ: When you started dating him, how long did you take before you told him about your porn career?

Ryan: Immediately, actually. I’m also involved in a few video game communities, a couple of popular ones. One of my friends retweeted a picture of him and I texted her and said he was a douche. She told me to follow him, he knows who you are, he thinks you’re super cute. So he knew me through porn. So I followed him and I did the typical thing where I slid into his DMs so he knew immediately who I was and what I was about.

CJ: You’re a horny little slut so do you have an open relationship with him?

Ryan: In my personal life, I mostly fuck other girls. He actually lives pretty far away from me and I’m kind of homebound so I don’t meet a lot of other guys so I have yet to fuck another dude in person. I don’t think it would be completely out of the question, however. (laughs)

CJ: Last time, you told me you pegged a guy. How does this come up?

Ryan: I’ve pegged a couple of dudes in my personal life, actually. One of them was one of my very, very best friend’s boyfriends. He said he had always wanted to try it but my friend wasn’t really into it. So we were having a party at my house one night, hanging out and having some wine, and I said, ‘You know, I can show you how to do this!’ She said, ‘OK’, so we got all the equipment out and I totally pegged her dude in front of her.

CJ: Was it just you three or were other people watching?

Ryan: There were other people there and they were actually watching. That was a really fun experience. Probably one of the more public things I’ve ever done. She thought it was super hot too and she was into it and now they do it as a couple. I got to do something super hot and slutty but I also got to help a relationship.

CJ: After you pegged this guy, did you allow him to cum?

Ryan: I let him cum but I made him cum into his own hands and I made him eat it.

CJ: Tell me another pegging story.

Ryan: Another one was an ex-boyfriend from high school. We were in grad school by this point. We dated when I was 14. We lost contact when I was an undergrad but then he texted me when he found out I was doing porn. I don’t know how he got my phone number but he texted me, ‘You little fucking ho! I knew you’d end up doing something like this!’ (laughs) He went on to say that he always wanted me to peg him. ‘Will you do it now that I know you’re more sexually open minded than I thought you were?’ We were 14 when we dated, of course I didn’t know anything! I said, ‘Of course! Next time we’re in town at the same time, let’s meet up!’ So we met at his apartment and I got several different sizes. Apparently, he’s been doing this for a while. He was playing with himself with dildoes the entire time we were dating. I thought he’d go for the little one but he went for the biggest one I had. It’s a big dude! I can’t find that one in my vagina or my ass! (laughs) It’s big! I can barely wield it! He took it like a champ, it was awesome. I was super into it, it was fun!

CJ: Did you make him eat his own cum too?

Ryan: I didn’t make him eat his own cum, I did pee on him though.

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CJ: You said you haven’t fucked any guys lately but you do fuck girls. Do you have like a booty call list?

Ryan: Yes. I have several girlfriends in North Carolina and we’ll hook up. I have some regulars, they’re interested in porn but they don’t want to branch out yet. They just want to see what they look like when they fuck on camera. I’m willing to help them live out their fantasies. I have a lot that people would like to see but they can’t yet. (laughs) I also have some girls in porn that I haven’t fucked yet but I really, really want to because we could get in some disaster together.

CJ: Is there one girl you fuck on a more regular basis?

Ryan: There’s not one regular. I let them come to me because I can come off as super aggressive in certain situations. I want it to be super conventional and not like I’m molesting them.

CJ:  Most people that you hang with know you’re in porn. When you’re with a girl and you’re open with your sexuality, do girls ever say, ‘Hey, I have a girl you might be interested in!’

Ryan: Not yet but I would love for it to. That’d be awesome!

CJ: You said you were really into taboo porn, since I’ve talked to you last, have you fucked anyone that you shouldn’t have?

Ryan: I don’t think so. I’ve been doing some daddy/daughter play a few months ago. I never fucked any of my professors from grad school or anything like that.

CJ: Well you should get on that!

Ryan: I know, right? I should get on that. I did want a dude to pee in my mouth in a bar bathroom one time.

CJ: How did you do that? Those stalls are small, did you get in pile driver or something?

Ryan: I was pretty discrete. There was this dude and I met him at a bar. He didn’t know much about me. He said he had to piss and I said, ‘Wait, let me come with you!’ He was kind of stunned but finally said ok. I went into the bathroom and I was fully clothed and I sat on the toilet and told him to pee on me. He wanted to so bad but he couldn’t bring himself to do it. He said I caught him off guard. He said, ‘This is so hot but I can’t do it. I’m freaked out!’ He went down on me. I tried. (laughs)

CJ: If he could have done it, would you have gone back into the bar with pee all over your clothes? Or would you have drank it?

Ryan: I was going to do both because it was raining outside. I was just going to walk home anyways.

CJ: You started out by webcamming, what is the strangest thing you’ve put in your pussy?

Ryan: Hmmm. There was some pretty good ones. My favorite one was a dude wanted me to put an uncooked Hot Pocket in my vagina, which I did not do. Mostly because I didn’t have a Hot Pocket on hand. I got way more weird shit stripping than I did webcamming. Webcamming was pretty normal except for the Hot Pocket dude.

CJ: What weird shit did you get stripping?

Ryan: I had this dude come in and I’m not ticklish at all but he offered me $500 if I would sit on his lap and let him tickle me. OK, whatever. But then he started asking for weirder and weirder shit. It started with the tickling then it progressed to punching me in the stomach and, finally, he asked if he laid on the floor in the VIP room, if I’d walk on him in my heels. That was my first taste of being a domintrix. I learned how to walk on people and step on a dick without completely annihilating it.

CJ: Besides just for fun, were you a professional domintrix?

Ryan: No, I’ve never actually gotten paid to dom. I just dabbled in it at the strip club or I like to publicly humiliate people once in a while like the pegging guy.

CJ: Your boy toy, how often do you see him? How often do you have sex?

Ryan: We talk all day, every day but I probably see him about 6 times a year.

CJ: You need more dick than that!

Ryan: I know, right? That’s why I’m getting back into porn! I did not have sex with anyone that entire break. I did not fuck anybody. I was like, ‘Oh, man, this sucks. I need to get back in the game!’

CJ: Except for that one guy, you didn’t bang anybody?

Ryan: No. For 6 months, I was completely celibate.

CJ: What is wrong with you??

Ryan: (laughs)

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CJ: You also said that on your website you’d do double anal, have you ever done that in your personal life?

Ryan: I do double anal on myself but I’ve never done it with two dudes before. I live in a state where everyone is afraid of touching another dude’s dick which annoys me. So I haven’t found 2 dudes to do it with yet.

CJ: What about double vag?

Ryan: Just toys. Actually, my asshole is a lot more intensive than my vagina, I can fit a lot more in my butt. I’m not sure I could do double vag with porn dicks.

CJ: Do you have any fantasies you would like to live out on camera?

Ryan: Oh my gosh, yes. I have this one quirky fantasy which I don’t know if I told you about last time. I want to do a reverse gangbang with really hot girls taking advantage of a young, naïve, virgin-like dude. I definitely want to do something like that. I’m a total predator. I definitely want to do, on-camera, I want a girl smaller than me and more feisty than me, like a Holly Hendrix type, to completely dominate me. Like beat my ass, that’d be super hot. I want to do an air tight gangbang, at least once. That’d probably be for Dogfart because I’m partial to them. I just sit in my apartment all day thinking of shit, ‘What weird shit do I want to do on camera?’ I’d say at the end of the day that I’m just a very sexually curious person. I wouldn’t say I’m 100% sub or 100% dom so I just want to do everything.

CJ: What’s the kinkiest thing you’ve ever done?

Ryan: I just did this recently. It was consensual, we were both tested, everything was fine. I told him that I’d leave my door unlocked and told him to come over between this time and this time and I made the timespan pretty wide so I wouldn’t know. I told him I’d be blindfolded, sitting naked, on all fours in front of my door waiting for him to do whatever he wanted to do with me. I was wearing a leash and a dog collar as well. I told him nothing was off limits. I was doubting him because whenever you tell guys to do whatever they want, they don’t do that much. They get kind of scared. I was really good friends with this dude. I got waterboarded and he fucked my ass. I blacked out for a while because he was so good. When you’re blindfolded, your other senses are on point so it was super fun. Then I told him to leave, don’t hang out with me afterwards, don’t leave. The last thing I remember was lying in my bathtub. I got everything I wanted, it was great!

CJ: You were just running some errands. What does Ryan Riesling wear when she’s being casual?

Ryan: I was wearing black short shorts with fishnets underneath and combat boots and a grey camisole. And it was raining all day yesterday and I didn’t wear a bra so when I got wet, you could see my nipples.

CJ: Is that normal?

Ryan: Yes, I’m always dressed like that.

CJ: You weren’t wearing a bra yesterday, do you normally wear a bra and panties?

Ryan: No, I never wear a bra and panties. Even when I’m wearing a skirt, I am not wearing panties.

CJ: And how can the fans get ahold of you?

Ryan: On Twitter, I’m @RyanRiesling. My site is Onlyfans is at RyanRiesling

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