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Keith Mason Interviews Siri


Let’s start at the beginning: Can you tell us how you entered the adult industry initially?

My husband and I drove straight from Texas to the AVN Awards in 2012 so I could network and look the part, in order to “get the part” so to speak. I had offers from agents, chose one to sign with, and then came straight to L.A. to rent a place and get started. I shot my first scene the first week of February 2012 and I had pretty steady work. I won Best Newcomer in the Miss FreeOnes contest after only three months. I went independent after my first year and was nominated for Best New Starlet by AVN for the 2013 awards show.

Where you were born and raised? Tell us a little about yourself growing up.

I was born in Minneapolis and spent half my life there, before moving to Dallas and had the rest of my upbringing there. I was a bit of a tomboy and, as I have written about on Quora I was just a geeky kid, as in theatre nerd, and I never got asked out on dates and I wasn’t sexual until I was out of high school.

For anybody who hasn’t seen you work, pick out a couple of movies they should see. Which studios and/or directors do you most enjoy working for and why?

Well definitely they should see Sirious if they want a whole movies of all Siri in all the sex scenes. It’s the first and only time I’ve had sex with Remy LaCroix, and that’s because I hired her for the film! No one else had paired us before.

And then there’s Stacked 2 (I was in the original Stacked as well). It’s my first and only anal scene, with Mick Blue and directed by Mason for Hard X. One of my favorite directors and studios.

I always love working with Jacky St. James and with B. Skow, too.

The good news is, fans can buy both of those releases directly from me, autographed and personalized just for them.

What’s your favorite part of having sex onscreen? Can you tell us the hottest scene you’ve ever shot?

My favorite part is having orgasms. I love to cum and doing it on camera is a thrill for me. Gosh I have no way to pick the hottest scene; I’ve done so many and most of them in the past year have just been as hot as it gets!

How do you pick which movies to be in? Do you like the acting part of a movie?

I love acting! I’d much rather be in features and acting, although most studios have never even given me a shot. I’ve not been hired for even one parody. And I’m one of the few adult performers who actually has training as an actor and been hired to act in mainstream films.

I wish I could pick the movies I want to be in. But in this business, you simply have to wait to get hired. The only things I turn down are those with male talent whose cock is too girthy and would injure me. I’m really tight. (Fantasize about that one, boys!)


What’s an average workweek like for you?

Well I really interact with my fans a lot. I work my social media, and I’m then either filming custom videos, editing, shooting/editing for my membership website or I am shooting for an adult company who’s paying me. Otherwise, I’m managing my auctions of lingerie and outfits I’ve worn in released scenes. I do spend a some time editing and updating my website, as well as all of the social media and web presences I maintain. I reserve a little time before bed to catch up on my fave TV shows or a movie. Mom is my favorite comedy right now, and I’m huge into Girls, Game of Thrones, and Orange is the New Black.

What sort of things do you like to do when you aren’t working? Any hobbies?

LOL, watching TV and movies. I also knit, and a lot of how I spend my spare time is writing. For my blog, for media outlets who hire me to write essays and articles, and on Quora as I mentioned earlier.

Do you watch any mainstream movies and do you read any books? Do have a favorite genre?

As far as movies, my favorite of 2014 was Interstellar. I love cerebral films like that! I’m all over the place though; I can enjoy pretty much anything except gore just for the shock value. I really enjoy popcorn movies like Guardians of the Galaxy. Overall, I enjoy quirky comedies like Little Miss Sunshine most. Anything with Paul Rudd, particularly I Love You Man and Role Models. And Will Farrell comedies like Anchorman and Step Brothers.

For books, I loved The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo trilogy, and I loved Gone Girl. Murder/suspense/drama stuff like that is really interesting. But I am big into world cultures and enriching books that illuminate the plights of others less fortunate. Somaly Mam would be an example. I am also an advocate in the fight against slut shaming and I am a funding partner and supporter of The UnSlut Project. This important documentary film highlights the damage caused by this form of sexual bullying and aims to put an end to it, which is a very worthy cause.

Are there any current or upcoming projects in the works that you would like to put out there? Anything you’d like to say to the readers and your fans?

I don’t have any projects in the works. As I said, the fans love me, but the studios don’t seem to think the fans will buy my work. Most of my peers have won industry awards but I haven’t. I’ve never even won best boobs at either of the AVN Awards in which I was nominated, or the Sex Awards. I receive so many fan awards, such as DDF Network’s Ultimate Sex Goddess, and PopPorn’s Performer of the Year for 2014, that you would think the industry would recognize me among my peers for my performances, but for whatever reason, that doesn’t happen.

I want to thank my Legion of Sirians for being so loyal and dedicated. My fans are the reason I am able to earn a living doing what I love!


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