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Captain Jack interviews Sadie Kennedy

I had a chance to talk to the new teen on the block, Sadie Kennedy. The first thing you’ll notice about her, after her overall good looks, is her big, beautiful ass. She started off in the industry with a bang, doing anal almost immediately. Her older sister was in the industry about a decade before Sadie became legal. I had a blast talking to her and we talk about her sister, the way she lost her virginity, about her love of anal sex and how she has already recruited new talent to the agency. And all this in only 8 months!

Sadie Kennedy

Captain Jack: Tell me about Sadie Kennedy. What kind of girl were you growing up, family life, etc.

Sadie Kennedy: I went to private schools so I grew up pretty sheltered until high school. And then I started writing and painting and doing all types of art, breaking out. I ended up going to public schools and started completely straying from how I was raised.

CJ: Did you play any sports or anything?

Sadie: I played a little bit of rugby and I was a gymnast. I also did cheerleading.

CJ: Wow, rugby, you’re a tough little bitch! I know you’re 18, how long have you been in the industry now?

Sadie: I want to say 8 months about.

CJ: You are very cute with a badonkadonk, you have ass. What were you like in high school? Did you drive all the boys wild?

Sadie: Thank you. I was pretty quiet when I started high school but I ended up getting a little bit of action, working my way around. Kind of got everything I wanted.

CJ: When did you lose your virginity?

Sadie: I was 13 or 14.

CJ: Is there a good story behind that?

Sadie: It wasn’t too great of a story other than it was my older sister’s prom date that I stole. (laughs) He was supposed to go with her to prom but ended up hanging out with me instead.

CJ: Wait, that’s a pretty good story! There has to be more to it than that! Was he older than you?

Sadie: Yeah, he was a little bit older than I was.

CJ: Who made the first move? Obviously I’m intrigued by this!

Sadie: (laughs) I did. I had a really big crush on him for a long time. My sister didn’t see the same things I saw in him. He was really into writing and music and my sister was a cheerleader. He ended up being an artsy nerd and she didn’t go out with him and I kind of jumped on him and stole him. (laughs)

CJ: Did he even go to prom with her? Or did he blow it off to hang out with you?

Sadie: He asked her to prom and she said yes, then the day before she told him she had another date. But he still came over and hung out with me because I was talking to him for a little bit.

CJ: That’s hot.

Sadie: (laughs)

CJ: Just for future reference, when you do another interview, that’s a fucking good story! You are doing a lot of anal on camera, when did you lose your anal virginity?

Sadie: (laughs) I was 15.

CJ: Is it just something you wanted to try?

Sadie: I was with a dude that was really into it and I was like, “I’m up for anal” (laughs)

CJ: When did you start to enjoy it?

Sadie: It took me about 3 years to really get into it.

CJ: Were you with girls before porn too?

Sadie: Yes.

CJ: God I love you.

Sadie: (laughs)

CJ: A lot? Were you an equal opportunity fucker? You said you got around a lot in high school.

Sadie: At first, it was mostly just boys. I had this mindset where I went after all the desirable ones. After that, my sophomore year, I realized I liked girls and I was with one for a really long time. After that, it took me another year before I was with another girl.

Sadie Kennedy

CJ: Unreliable Narrator on the ADT forums loves your girl/girl scenes. He especially mentioned your Whipped Ass scene. He says he doesn’t usually like seeing toys but he really got into that one.

Sadie: That was a really kinky one for Kink. It was me and Aiden Starr and it came out pretty damn good. I haven’t watched it because it’s weird for me to watch those type of scenes but it was pretty good.

CJ: Like I said, you have an ass. When did you start to develop it and when did you know it had a power over men?

Sadie: (laughs) It didn’t get too much attention in high school but I kind of realized it in my junior year. And then when I started in the industry, everyone was really freaking out. And I was like, “Oh, God, I guess!” You see so many other girls bodies and you start thinking, “OK, this is abnormal. This is different.”

CJ: Your sister is Paris Kennedy, right?

Sadie: Yes.

CJ: She started like a decade ago so that sister you stole the prom date from must be a middle sister?

Sadie: Yes. She’s not in the industry.

CJ: AlexDavid from the ADT forums asked, When Paris started in the industry, you must have been 8 or 9 years old, just when you’re learning about the world. What did you think of the situation?

Sadie: I didn’t find out until I started, actually. It was pure coincidence that we have the same last name. We knew some Kennedy’s growing up. I dated a Kennedy, I was engaged to one and that’s where my name came from. I don’t know where she got her name from. I actually never asked.

CJ: Do you guys get along now?

Sadie: Yes, we’re both out in LA right now.

CJ: What do your parents think about it? I mean it must have been a shock for one daughter to get into porn and now they have another one.

Sadie: I don’t really talk to my parents too much; I’m not very close to them. But they’re not big fans of it. They don’t approve. (laughs)

CJ: How and why did you decide to get into the adult industry?

Sadie: I was doing some mainstream modeling and I was getting a lot of work but not a lot of paid work. I’m short so I couldn’t really do runway but I did a lot of avant garde pieces. But those almost never paid. I was doing a hair show and some promotional work and it ended up where I had to take some nude photo shoots just to make money. And then eventually, someone just offered porn and I was a little bit skeptical. But the money was really attractive and I started doing it. I liked it a lot and kept at it!

CJ: When did you graduate from high school? Was that just last year?

Sadie: My graduating class was 2013 but I graduated early.

CJ: Was there any nervousness when you started filming? I mean all these people are there watching you fuck.

Sadie: It was strange. I was pretty nervous and quiet because I wanted to be good. It was for Score and they have really nice studios, very clean and quiet. It operates very simply and mechanical and that kind of freaked me out because it was so cold. It wasn’t until I shot for BangBros which was more of a college atmosphere and everyone’s kind of friendly and joking around. I was, “OK, this is comfortable.”

Sadie Kennedy

CJ: How many scenes have you filmed about?

Sadie: I’ve done a lot of fetish so I would say about 30 or 40.

CJ: Do you have any favorites?

Sadie: I just did Hog Tied for Kink. It’s not out yet but I absolutely LOVED that one! That one came out great. I have a new scene for New Sensations with Van Wylde. That came out awesome. I liked that one. And I have an Adriano scene.

CJ: I just saw that  one. It’s in Adriano in Anal Intrusion 2. You were awesome in that!

Sadie: Thank you! I like Evil Angel and all their directors are great.

CJ: I’ve heard that Adriano’s cock is kind of intimidating.

Sadie: It’s really not. I don’t want to be insulting but it wasn’t crazy. It was just thick. He was good.

CJ: What’s your favorite position?

Sadie: On my stomach from behind. It’s wonderful.

CJ: When you first work with someone, do you talk to them and find out what he or she likes or don’t like?

Sadie: Not really, I just kind of go for it. I really don’t let anything hold me back, I just go for it. If we click, we click, you can kind of tell. I don’t click with really prissy talent, I’m pretty down to earth.

CJ: And if people ask, what gets you wet? What do you really like?

Sadie: I like rough sex and being submissive. I really like girls. I like threesomes a lot.

CJ: Is it weird having sex with older men?

Sadie: Not really actually. I’ve always been into older men so it wasn’t too strange for me.

CJ: What’s the oldest man you’ve ever been with?

Sadie: Oh, I don’t know. Probably late 40s or something.

CJ: God I love you.

Sadie: (laughs)

CJ: That’s my era. Not that I would ever have a chance with you!

Sadie: (laughs) You never know!

CJ: How often do you cum, if ever, during a scene?

Sadie: It mostly depends on the type of scene but if I’m really into it, it can go completely off-the-charts, I’m not even counting.

CJ: What’s the most uncomfortable place you’ve had sex?

Sadie: Did you see my Evil Angel scene for Joey Silvera? Studio A 2? That countertop was so hard to work on! It was so slippery and so hard to keep my balance and make it look good. It was pretty intense.

Sadie Kennedy

CJ: You said you can’t watch your rougher scenes but do you watch your other scenes?

Sadie: Yes I do. I don’t sit and watch every second but I do skip through them a little bit. Sooner or later I’ll see them. It’s curiosity to see what I look like and to see if there’s anything I can improve on. Or if there was somebody I was close to, just to watch it again.

CJ: Do you ever rub one out to yourself?

Sadie: Sometimes. If I was really into it. My Real Girlfriend for Reality Kings, I was with a close friend. I rewatch it every now and then.

CJ: Was that Emma Snow?

Sadie: I love her.

CJ: AlexDavid asks, you seem to have a good relationship with Emma Snow, you seem to have known each other for a long time.

Sadie: We were friends in high school and then I went home for the holidays and I stayed with her. Right before AVN, I was packing up and I said, ‘Why don’t you come with me?’ So she did and that’s how she started. She originally started as Edie Kennedy to be my sister but changed her name to Emma Snow and now we’re in LA together.

CJ: Where are you from? Are you from Florida?

Sadie: I’m from Seattle but I did live in Florida for some time and I’ve been in LA for 2 months.

CJ: How often do you masturbate?.

Sadie: Every day.

CJ: What’s the preferred method? Hands? Toys? Hitachi?

Sadie: Hitachi. Hands, a lot of the time.

CJ: Do you have a boyfriend or girlfriend?

Sadie: Nooooo. Don’t need one. (laughs)

CJ: How often do you have sex off camera?

Sadie: Almost never, actually.

CJ: Who eats better pussy, men or women?

Sadie: Women, of course. Men try especially if you’ve been together for a while but it can never compare.

CJ: When a guy pops, where do you prefer it?

Sadie: If I know him personally, in me. But otherwise I like to see it so somewhere on my body usually.

CJ: Are you a swallower?

Sadie: Oh yeah.

CJ: You’re a squirter too. How long have you been doing that? Is that a porn thing?

Sadie: I’ve always been able to and every now and then it’ll show up in porn.

Sadie Kennedy

CJ: What’s the kinkiest thing you’ve ever done?

Sadie: Back in Washington, Emma was having sex with one of our friends in the backseat of a car while I was watching from the passenger’s seat. That’s pretty kinky.

CJ: What’s your ultimate sexual fantasy and do you want to live it out on camera?

Sadie: I don’t know if I have one. I guess Hog Tied came pretty close. I really like being taken advantage of, so that was it for me.

CJ: Have you learned anything sexually about yourself over these past 8 months?

Sadie: I really like being overpowered. I always thought I would but I never really tried it until I got into porn. I always thought it was disrespectful when I watched porn when they would spit on a girl but now it turns me on.

CJ: So being overpowered, is that both men and women that you’re submissive to?

Sadie: Yes.

CJ: You’re a hot young girl that’s comfortable with her sexuality. Have you ever used your looks or your body to get special favors?

Sadie: (laughs) I’ve definitely always been able to talk my way into getting a little bit extra help or whatever. I’ve always been really good at that. (laughs)

CJ: Unbutton the top button on your blouse? Bat your eyes?

Sadie: Yeah, lean forward and talk really nice. (laughs)

CJ: What does the future hold for Sadie Kennedy? Where do you want to take your career?

Sadie: I want to do this as long as I can do this. I love it. I love the industry and even after I run out of things to do, I want to stay in the industry and do something else.

CJ: Any upcoming scenes that your fans can look forward to?

Sadie: Not necessarily. Everything’s pretty much out already. I’m pretty excited for my Hog Tied scene. I had a lot of fun with that. And it’s hard for me to say I did a great job in that because it wasn’t really acting. Everything was pretty much real. So if anyone wants to see how things really go for me, I would recommend watching that one.

CJ: Have you gotten recognized in public?

Sadie: Mainly in airports and I don’t know why.

CJ: How would you feel if a fan recognized you and told you, as long as there were no kids around,  that he jerked off to you?

Sadie: I love it! That means I did a good job! It feels good to be recognized for something you do!

CJ: And how can the fans get ahold of you?

Sadie: My Instagram and my Twitter are the same, it’s SadieKennedyXXX I have a Vine which I’m pretty popular on but it’s pretty impossible to find unless you find it on my Twitter.

Sadie Kennedy

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