Roxy Raye: Extreme Sexual Acrobat

Captain Jack Interviews Roxy Raye

Roxy has been in the industry for awhile but has really begun to make an impact in the industry for her extreme and wild sexual appetite. She had a showcase movie for Evil Angel with Roxy Raye: Gagged and Gaped and that put people on notice that they should watch this girl. We opened up the questions to the fans and they had some interesting queries. Enjoy!

Roxy Raye

Captain Jack: Tell me about Roxy Raye.

Roxy Raye: I grew up in Tampa, Florida and I’m still living there now. I went to 4 different high schools. It was a weird transition throughout my high school career. 9th grade, I was very, very preppy. I always worried about the way I looked and I cared about status. I have an older twin brother and sister that also went there. I was kind of slutty back then, I definitely had my male friends. (laughs) I had a little bit of a reputation for being slutty. I was very experimental growing up. When I hit 9th grade, my hormones just exploded. My brother got in a very bad car accident and went into a coma. That was the end of 9th grade and my whole life changed after that. I was home schooled for a little bit. I started getting into bad stuff; experimenting with drugs here and there and just hanging out with the wrong people. I ended up going back to school because my mom was fed up with me. ‘You need to get it together!’ I ended up going to a strict all-girl school. That was a blessing in disguise because I changed my life around, in a sense. I really cared about my book smarts again and it got me back into a normal high school environment and I graduated with a pretty good GPA.

CJ: Did you brother pull out of it?

Roxy: He was in a coma for three or four months and he suffered severe trauma to the head. He looks fine today but if you talk to him, he can’t function normally. Like you and I can reason, he can’t do that. He has short and long term memory loss. He’s not the same person. We used to be best friends growing up.

CJ: How old was he when he got in the accident?

Roxy: He was about to turn 18. He’s 3 yours older than me so he’s 29 now.

CJ: How long have you been in the industry?

Roxy: I guess that depends on how you define the industry. I’ve done different types of adult work. I did webcam first and that was when I was 19. I dabbled with that for a little bit and then I gradually moved onto XTube and did user uploads. That was all for exhibition. I always had a naughty mind and the boyfriend I was with, we were just naughty people. I did little videos here and there and I made a user account on there where you could make a little bit of money. That moved to people searching me out and Alicia Morgan found me. She ran and it snowballed form there. I focused on my website for years.

CJ: Were you filming with your boyfriend or was it solo stuff?

Roxy: I started out solo mostly. He was way too shy to be on camera. It was a slippery slope, honestly, and I wanted to experience more and more and more. I did the girl/girl thing and I just wanted to keep trying new stuff.

Roxy Raye

CJ: You said you were slutty, when did you lose your virginity?

Roxy: I was 13.

CJ: Is there a good story behind it?

Roxy: Actually, no. It’s kind of surprising because I take so much now. I just remember how painful losing it was. I remember I was on the floor and it was in my boyfriend’s grandma’s house. There was nothing romantic about it. He was huge, by the way. I do remember that.

CJ: Was it an older guy?

Roxy: He was two years older than me.

CJ: Were you with girls before porn?

Roxy: Yes, definitely. I even had a threesome before adult. I had quite the freaky experiences back in the day. When I was waitressing and bartending, I even met a couple and they invited me to their hotel. It was a very spontaneous threeway. They came into my bar all the time, it was pretty wild.

CJ: Was it awkward when they came in there afterwards?

Roxy: I actually don’t remember seeing them after that.

CJ: Does your family know what you do?

Roxy: Yes they do. I only give them bits and pieces. My sister knows everything I do. We don’t sit down and talk about it. We don’t sit at the table and say, ‘Hey! How was that DP scene you did today?’ or stuff like that. (laughs) A lot of people in this industry or in life in general come from broken families but I definitely didn’t. I’m best friends with my parents to this day. We’re really close. My mom will talk to me occasionally about what kind of stuff I’ve done and I’ll try and explain it to her. They know I’m very responsible and very responsible financially and have a level head. They have nothing to complain about. Sure, they’d rather I do something else but they know I’m responsible.

CJ: How did you come up with your stage name?  There’s another Roxie Rae out there and there’s also a Roxanne Rae.

Roxy: I wish I could go back in time. (laughs) I think it was around the time I was on XTube. I was thinking of doing Raven first, something with Raven in it but I couldn’t come up with a good one. I decided to stick with Roxy Raye. It was such a quick thing. I didn’t even do any research. I didn’t even think I was going to keep the name. I just made it for a temporary profile. I should have come up with something edgy and clever but I didn’t think I was going to keep Roxy Raye. I have to accept it. That’s who I am.

CJ: You did the solo videos and the website content but it’s different shooting a professional scene. There are other people there watching you go at it. Were you nervous? Intimidated? Scared?

Roxy: It came really natural. My first scene was for Jay Sin for Evil Angel. It was a girl/girl scene. It just came natural. Everyone in the porn environment was so friendly and they made me feel at home. It wasn’t ‘chop chop do this’, it wasn’t very demanding, it was go at your own pace. Everyone was very welcoming, it was totally comfortable.  There aren’t that many people on a porn set so that was good too. It wasn’t as intimidating as I thought it would be.

Roxy Raye

CJ: What’s your favorite position?

Roxy: It’s evolved over time but, right now, it’s pile driver.

CJ: Have you ever been in an inappropriate sexual relationship?

Roxy: No. I’ve had sexual crushes on teachers but it never went anywhere.

CJ: A lot of the guys in porn are older. Does it ever bother you to work with older men?

Roxy: Not at all, actually. It’s never bothered me. I’ve always been into older guys. It’s just been a thing for me. I lost my virginity at 13 to a 15 year old and it just progressed from there.

CJ: What’s the oldest guy you’ve been with off camera?

Roxy: Definitely 30 years older than me.

CJ: What do you like sexually? What gets Roxy wet?

Roxy: I like close touching. I like hard grabbing. It all depends on the person. I like it rough but not everyone knows how to do that properly. I like to be spanked too but some people don’t know what they’re doing. It just depends on the person. If I have good chemistry with someone, kissing is the ultimate. That gets things going. That gets the wetness going. And, lately, the BDSM lifestyle has really turned me on. Just being extremely submissive, giving up all helplessness. Not being able to move and not being in command.

CJ: So you’re submissive, have you ever been in a submissive relationship off camera?

Roxy: Definitely. Especially when I started doing the XTube stuff, my boyfriend was into making commands; telling me do stuff in public. I was constantly submissive but, over the years, I’ve grown more confident, I’m definitely more of a switch now. I like both. I do have a dominant side but it’s more with females.

CJ: That leads me into the fans’ questions, @RedRangerZero wants to know if you’ve ever pegged a guy?

Roxy: Yes I have. I don’t think I’ve ever done it on camera yet. That’s something I really want to do. I told Kink that I’m ready but they always see me as a submissive. I’m confident that I can do this now. In my personal life I have and I totally enjoy it.

CJ: @Amondega wants to know how you dilate your ass?

Roxy: It first starts with an enema. I take some precautions and prepare differently than a lot of females in porn. I do serious deep enema cleans. I do it hours and hours before a scene. Then, I stretch it with my hand. I’ll do one, two, three, four fingers and just work my way up. I do it slowly and methodically. I never want to rush anything, I want to make it feel good through the whole day and the whole process. Then I get an inflatable butt plug. I’ll let it sit in there and kind of walk around. If I’m doing my makeup, I’ll pump it up a few times. It’s a gradual thing and then I use a toy or two.

Roxy Raye

CJ: @X3_Man wants to know what is one thing you still want to do on camera?

Roxy: A gang bang. I do have nasty fantasies that I think about and would like to do but I don’t know if I want to do them on camera. I’ve always fantasized about doing a piss bukake but I don’t know if I’ll do it on camera. It’s one of those grey areas in porn. It’s an obscenity issue and I don’t know if that would be going overboard. I’ve already gone overboard, lets’s be real. (laughs) But I don’t know if that’s too much. But it’s something I masturbate to. I’m actually scheduling a gang bang for January.

CJ: Speaking of extremes, you’ve really stepped your game up this year, especially in Roxy Raye: Gagged and Gaped. What was the double vag and double anal like? Did it feel good?

Roxy: Hell yeah! I am so into that stuff! I love multiple cocks in me. It doesn’t hurt me, it’s just a very fulfilling thing. It’s a stretch a little bit but it’s the feeling of being so stuffed inside. All of your nerve endings are being hit at once, it’s so intense. I am really, really loving DP’s in my life. I wish I could do it more often. I love double anal. I just love how wild it is and ‘put it in any hole!’ When I get in that environment, I just want to go balls to the wall. Just use my holes. I love it. I’m really excited to do the gangbang because I’m going to go fully out. Just go wild! ‘Yes! Stick two in my pussy and two in my ass!’

CJ: I don’t know if that’s physically possible.

Roxy: I don’t know if you saw the scene that Proxy Paige and I did. A couple months ago, we met a 2’10” little person. We met him and told him we wanted to get him in a video. Proxy’s very blunt but I don’t think he really knew what she meant. He was down for it. When he found out it was a porn, he was fisting us and he went to town. We didn’t fuck him or anything, he was too little.

CJ: @JamesJa08333072 wants to know if you’ll ever attempt a triple anal.

Roxy: Yes. I actually wanted to do it for my first showcase movie but it didn’t happen. I would like to do it for sure. It’s so hard to get done because you have to have guys who are long enough.

CJ: You also did an 8-guy blowbang with a swallow finish. How was that scene?

Roxy: That’s one of my favorite scenes that I ever did. I would like to do blowbangs more often. It’s overwhelming! Cock here, cock there, it’s so much work to do and it’s such a sexual adventure. The amount of how turned on I was during that entire scene was unbelievable. I just loved to be there. It was so amazing. I’m so turned on by the entire experience. And I wanted to make sure I swallowed the entire load.

CJ: Did you swallow them individually or all at once?

Roxy: I did a couple loads at once because some guys weren’t ready yet. I did all 8, they were all good.

CJ: So I take it you like swallowing?

Roxy: I have no problems. I do love it.

Roxy Raye

CJ: Maddy O’Reilly started a campaign for no more facials, she wants every scene to have a swallow finish.

Roxy: I do get turned on seeing my face covered too. I like both so I can’t agree with that. I can’t. I love swallowing and I love facials. I love both aspects and I’ve always fantasized about having an enormous bukake. Swallowing some but having myself just covered in cum. I do have a personal story too.

CJ: You can’t leave me hanging like that, what’s the personal story?

Roxy: Recently, I went to Portland, Oregon and they have some really, really amazing adult theatres out there. They have this one and I went in there with my boyfriend and I always had a fantasy about a bukake, like I was saying. We checked it out to see what it was like. There were at least 40-50 people in there. It was like an old-time movie theatre. It was a legit big movie screen. Guys were jerking off and people were fucking and there was all kind of wildness. So I wanted to check it out and evaluate it. We went next door to a strip club which was the most amazing strip club ever, The Kit Kat Club. We had a cocktail to see how I feel. We ended up going back there later on. There was a couples section which everybody could see. Guys were just whipping their dicks out and going over to the couples section. I’m thinking like I was getting ready to suck everybody’s dick or something. I told the guys to sit down, if I’m going to do anything, I’ll let you know, trust me. I wanted to sit there and masturbate and get myself worked up first before I did anything. Once I got to that point, I was ready to go balls to the wall. There was a medical table right in front of the screen and I told the guys I was ready. I went down there and I was wearing sexy stockings and I told them I was ready. I told them I didn’t want to be fucked. I didn’t want to suck any dicks. I’m not about the high risk level. I told them I wanted them to cum on me, that was it. So it was mainly on my tits, my stomach, my legs, my feet. I don’t think any got on my face, actually, because I just wanted to experiment with it without doing anything too risky. There were at least 20, 25 guys that shot their loads on me. If it wasn’t risky, I would have loved to have fucked all 25 guys.

CJ: @Hawaii_in_PDX asks about your prolapsing. What’s that like?

Roxy: To me, it’s an extension of my butthole. A lot of people think I’m constantly doing it. It’s not my identity. I don’t do it all the time. It’s not everything I’m about. It feels like butthole stretching, it’s hard to explain. It doesn’t feel bad. It feels really sensitive. It doesn’t come out on its own. A lot of people think I can’t keep my butthole together but that’s totally not true. I don’t do as much butthole stretching as people think. I just do it when I feel like doing it. I don’t do it on a daily basis. I take breaks that are pretty extensive. It’s all in tact.

CJ: Seattle29 from the ADT forums wants to know if you’re ever scared of doing permanent damage?

Roxy: I personally am not. Again, I don’t do it as people think. They see it on video but that doesn’t mean I do it all the time. I’m very safe about how I go around it and how I prepare. I take good care of myself afterwards too. I’ve never had any problems so I can’t say there’s anything wrong.

CJ: @Hawaii_in_PDX also wants to know who your favorite performers are to work with?

Roxy: That’s tough. Amber Rayne is up there. I have a great connection with Ashley Fires. Adriana Chechik is amazing. Dana Vespoli. I just worked with Manuel Ferrara twice, I think everyone is going to say they like him. He’s very safe, very professional and very passionate. There are so many people, that’s just off the top of my head.

Roxy Raye

CJ: @JamesJa08333072 wants to know what’s your favorite type of scene to do?

Roxy: I would say lately, I like the BDSM stuff. It’s a thrill. I don’t do it that often. I want to experiment more with that stuff. Like forced orgasms, I never thought I’d be into that stuff. But it’s pretty intense mentally. Usually, when you’re masturbating, you’re one and done but when you’re forced to do it over and over again, it’s so draining, it’s so intense. I would say those kind of scenes. I like the DP stuff a lot. Those are exciting.

CJ: And what is something you’ll never do?

Roxy: I would say the one site that I never want to work for is Facial Abuse. Even though I like face fucking, I don’t like the way they talk to the girls. I like degradation and humiliation but they go overboard and cross the line.

CJ: @Cheekifun wants to know what your partner thinks of your job?

Roxy: He’s obviously been involved a long time with it himself in a sense. He’s got a different career. He’s into it. He likes watching. He’s quite the voyeur. I think the only thing that bothers him is the travel part. That can always be difficult when I’m gone for a week or two.

CJ: Are you religious?

Roxy: I am not. Not at all. I don’t care what people believe in but I’m very anti organized religion. It causes a lot of problems.

CJ: @Analaficianado wants to know about your extreme gapes. Is that something you taught yourself or is it natural?

Roxy: I think those come naturally. Certain positions, that I just learned over time gape me better or open me up more. I think it’s both. There are some girls who can not gape at all. I don’t know if they don’t relax enough. If I’m in doggie, so much air is going in there that it will open up nicely. I think it’s both, it’s natural but it’s something you can teach yourself.

CJ: And he wants to know if you prefer anal or vaginal?

Roxy: I guess it depends on the time of the month. I think they’re pretty equal. It sounds like such a cheap answer but it’s really not because my butthole has a mind of its own. Sometimes it wants to be fucked, sometimes it wants to be fisted and sometimes I don’t want anything in it. Seriously, sometimes I just don’t want butt sex. I think they’re pretty equal but I do like anal so much especially after a big anal stretching session. It becomes so sensitive that I don’t know if my nerve endings get a rush down there. If I have a big stretching session then get fucked by a normal sized cock, it’s such an amazing feeling. It’s so sensitive!

CJ: I’ve been on set for an anal scene before and the girl just can’t do it. So have you ever had that problem where it’s an anal day but your butthole doesn’t want to cooperate? Is it painful?

Roxy: It’s usually not painful. It’s weird because sometimes your muscles just say ‘Uh uh’. They just tighten up and say ‘Get out of there!’ It’s so uncontrollable sometimes. I think it’s hormones. It’s rare. Scenes are booked so far in advance that you don’t know how your body will be that day. If your butt is not full hard core, usually it works itself out. If I don’t do it at the beginning, it usually cooperates by the end of the scene.

CJ: @JERobertsonline wants to know if you’d ever be interested in directing?

Roxy: I did have that opportunity with Evil Angel about a year and a half ago and I kind of wasn’t ready for it. It’s a big investment financially too and I’ve been saving my money for other things in my life that I’m not sure I want to do it. With the industry going down, down, down, I don’t know if I really want to go down that route and invest. You really have to have the patience to do it and I wasn’t sure if I was ready at the time. I know I would have fun doing it but I don’t know how long I’ll be in the industry. I definitely want to branch out and do other things. I’ll keep my mind open; I’ve definitely had the opportunity to do it, I’m just not sure right now.

CJ: @Sosja1 wants to know what’s your most embarrassing moment? I assume he means on-set.

Roxy: I haven’t had too many embarrassing moments. I know I was getting fisted one time and I started my period. That was crazy. (laughs)

CJ: What do you do to mentally prepare for a scene?

Roxy: I definitely want to make sure I’m all cleaned out. If I know I’m good to go for the day, that mentally makes me feel good right there. I’m not wasting anybody’s time. I’m one of those people that like to come prepared so if I come and start to doubt it, I get stressed out. I want to make it a good day. And sometimes you’ll go to set and it won’t be a good butt day.

CJ: Also, are you messy or a neat freak?

Roxy: Interesting question. I am a neat freak in the kitchen. Hard core. I’m definitely a freak in the bathroom. I hate putting away laundry. I’ll have stacks of clean, folded laundry. ‘I’ll get to it!’ ‘I’ll get to it!’ So I’ll just have piles of laundry sitting around.

CJ: And if you weren’t in porn, what would you be doing?

Roxy: Probably real estate.

CJ: BenWalker671 wants to know if you prefer one-on-one sex or multiple partners at once?

Roxy: Lately, I’ve been into the multiple thing. I’ve been getting off on it.

CJ: How often do you masturbate?

Roxy: Every day.

CJ: Favorite method?

Roxy: It’s called the Lelu. It’s like a Hitachi on steroids. It’s waterproof, it’s chargeable too. No cord.

CJ: Were you a porn fan before you got into the industry?

Roxy: I did. I was a huge fan of Belladonna. She was someone I definitely masturbated to quite often. I’ll never forget the baseball bat scene she did. She took a big bat up her ass and it just drove me crazy.

CJ: Are you a size queen? Do you like huge cocks?

Roxy: I do like big cocks sometimes. I would definitely rather have a thick cock than a long cock. I feel like most guys in porn have long cocks. For personal level, I do like the long but if it’s slow and really got in there, I can definitely enjoy longer. But if it’s fast paced and they really hammer you, like in porn, sometimes it’s too much.

CJ: What are you like off-camera? What are your hobbies and interests?

Roxy: I would say cooking, gaming, video games. I’m a big dog lover so anything that has to do with taking them out. Traveling is always fun.

CJ: So cooking, what’s your specialty?

Roxy: Lately it’s been, from scratch, chicken pot pies. My partner is a classically trained French chef so I’ve definitely been spoiled over the years. Our Thanksgiving was off the fucking charts. We do fine dining, small plates. We do a lot of home cooking, everything from scratch. I’ve been getting into food photography lately and posting sexy pictures of food. So that’s another little hobby.

CJ: What’s your favorite video games?

Roxy: Right now, since it just came out, Fallout 4. It’s amazing. And Skyroom. I love that game, it’s one of my duties. I tried to do Call of Duty but I’m not hardcore like some people. I do hardcore game with fans and I play with them. That’s a good time. You get to know your fans on a different level. My handle is Roxr22.

CJ: Do you have any favorite movies?

Roxy: The Green Mile has always been one of my favorites. Schindler’s List, Interstellar, Lord of the Rings.

CJ: What’s your favorite TV shows?

Roxy: Definitely Game of Thrones. I like that new show Ballers. Sons of Anarchy. I loved 24.

CJ: And how can the fans get ahold of you?

Roxy: On Twitter, @RoxyRayeXXX. I’m going to start up my website again. It’s

Roxy Raye

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  1. This was a splendid interview.. Hardcore Roxy Raye fans like me always thrive on new intimate details of her off-stage life, and the HOT Portland story was a real treat!!! As I see again, Roxy is so much more than a great performer, and you did well at bringing out some of the many dimensions that comprise this AMAZING girl…Great Job!!!

    p.s. lovely photographs

  2. luv u rox!!

  3. What a amazing Woman with a good heart and IQ also ……….

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