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Romi has been one of my favorites for a very long-time. In fact, she was one of my first interviews back in 2013! We chatted again in 2014 when she had a showcase to promote! We met for coffee in 2015 for a unique interview. We talked again in 2016 when she was a multiple-time nominee for the annual awards. 2017 was when she became a superhero and brought Wonder Woman to life! She received a huge honor in 2018 when she was chosen to co-host the AVN Awards the following January. Finally, in 2019, Romi expanded her horizons and studies to become a sex educator. Alas, our annual interview was a casualty of Covid but we’re back and got caught up! Romi always has something interesting to bring to the table and this year is no exception!

Romi Rain

Captain Jack: First off, tell me what’s new with Romi Rain!

Romi Rain: Life has been a little bit exciting. With the frustrating, terrible things going on in the world, it’s kind of forced me and everybody else to a certain extent to buckle down and focus more attention on my own products. I’ve definitely gotten better with shooting and editing and cultivating my own personal fan base. I’ve been doing more Twitch streaming. I’ve been shooting more for OnlyFans and my own personal stuff. I’ve definitely stayed really busy so I feel excited about that. I do plan on shooting a few scenes for other companies in the next month or two. But I’ve really been cultivating my own stuff and that’s been growing and that’s been really exciting. I’ve gotten better at it. Now, when you hear people complaining that ‘Performers don’t shoot really good professional stuff for their own content,” no, no, no, we really are now! Now that I’m able to shoot with other people again, I’ve been hiring the same directors that used to hire me. Which is a really cool feeling because it’s like paying it forward. I hire Chris Streams a lot, Marcos Rivera a lot and these were people that used to hire me and still do, to an extent. It’s been them accepting more bookings from me than me accepting bookings from them, which is kind of fun. I’ve really been cultivating the more professional side of content and taking my own productions seriously. I am my own business now and everything’s really kind of grown into a professional level on the personal side of my own work. It’s really fun being able to have the time to shoot content and clips throughout the day and doing these epic Twitch streams at night. I did an 11-hour stream the other night. It’s fun! I love doing that stuff. And then also too, during 2020 going into 2021, I had that webcam contract which worked out amazingly. I signed the contract in October of 2019 and there were few better things to have going for you than a webcam contract in 2020. So I was able to do webcam shows at home while shooting my own content. I do consider myself one of the lucky ones  because I was able to stay pretty damn busy during 2020. And, now, I really want to travel a little more, shoot a little more in different places, see the world, get amazing content in other places. I’m looking for a studio space to buy to shoot my own stuff. I’m just growing more on the professional side of a content creator. It’s really exciting.

CJ: What about dancing, are you going to get back on the road?

Romi: Thinking about it. I haven’t really made any plans to. That really just started to happen. I’ve been talking to girls that it’s been happening in the past few months. I haven’t made any plans but I think I want to wait just a little bit longer. Just the traveling is a lot and it takes a lot out of you. I love dancing but it is a bit time consuming. If I’m doing a 2-night feature dancing gig, that’s essentially 4 days including travel. Then you need recovery days when you get back. As much as I would enjoy it, it’s probably not the best business model for me right now when I could be shooting clips, doing Twitch, webcamming…I do all that pretty consistently. I do want to in the future but I haven’t made any official plans.

Romi Rain

CJ: You’ve also gone blonde!

Romi: Yes! I like it! So far so good. I really can’t complain. I really enjoy it more than I thought I would. It’s one of those dirty little fantasies that I’ve wanted to do for a long time. And then coming out of 2020, it’s like, ‘fuck it, why not?’ A lot of people don’t know that I really used to play with hair color when I was younger. I’m not trying to show my age too much but when I was a teenager, it was a lot harder to find colors and there weren’t as many great stylists out there. My hair was purple when I was 20, 21. I’ve done red, bright red streaks in my hair. I never went blonde but I always wanted to. I had dark, straight hair for 9 years, pretty much the whole time people have seen me in adult entertainment. I just thought, let’s have some fun, let’s change it up. Also, you know how hot and heavy 22” of straight dark hair is? It’s a lot! It’s like 5+ pounds on your head and it’s really hot in the summer! It was just time to change it up. It’s a little bit shorter so it’s lighter and bouncier. The funny thing is, a photographer/director friend of mine told me that blondes are actually easier to light. I would always have to get an extra blast of light on my when I had dark hair because dark hair swallows up all that light but blondes, the light reflects right off. It’s fun, I’m enjoying it. I might play with a couple colors before I go back to black. I might do either a light pink, I might do a royal purple and I really want to play with this fire engine red a little bit. Fun fact, people that know about the color wheel, you actually have to dye your hair red if you go back to black from blonde because if you dump dark hair dye on blonde hair, it has a chance to turn green. I’ve never been all-natural anyways. I’ve had my boobs done, some other stuff done, I’m not shy, let’s have some fun with it.

CJ: What’s your natural hair color?

Romi: It’s really, really close to black, a very, very, very dark brown.

CJ: Last time we chatted, you said you were being certified as a sex educator, how is that going?

Romi: I am certified! I have a certificate and everything! I did 26 hours of actual in-classroom training and schooling. I really wanted to do that because we’re not always taken so seriously, even in interviews. People want to talk to us all the time but don’t really respect what we’re saying in terms of the educational side of things. I never wanted people to be able to speak for sex workers or speak for me when I’m in the room. No, trust me, I know more about the industry and likely sex and sexual health than probably you do. Hopefully! (laughs) It was fascinating! I learned a lot more even about basic anatomy. Obviously, I know a lot about sex and body parts and STD’s and kink and toys, so, in a lot of ways, we went over again but it was really interesting to learn about the technical aspects of things. And to hear different perspectives as well, it was interesting. I was technically the only sex worker in the class. There were about 15-20 people in there and there was a woman who owned a sex shop, a woman who was writing a book, a woman from the Midwest who came from a pretty conservative area and she was starting a podcast where she was educating people on sex and sexual health. It was really nice and comforting on my end to see that there were a lot of people in the world who wanted to educate themselves and others.

When I was working for the cam company, I also did a podcast for them. It’s called A Mouthful with Laura and Romi and it’s still available on iTunes. I have all the trailers on my YouTube channel and all the full video episodes are still available on Cam4’s YouTube channel. They wanted me to do a podcast and I said I’d do it as long as they don’t have a set structure on the show. I told them I wanted to do what we always joke about, a performer handbook. An open discussion of the past, present and future of adult entertainers. What’s really going on in the industry, I want to have an honest conversation. That’s kind of difficult because not everybody feels safe having certain conversations. It also depends on who you’re talking to. Me and my friend Laura Desiree of Naked News, she’s actually in the August edition of Hustler, shoutout to her, she’s great, was my co-host. The majority of guests were people in my phone that I’ve worked with or worked around. Tommy Pistol, Nikki Benz, Charlotte Stokely, Abigail Mac and her husband…we have really interesting and diverse topics and conversations. We have in depth, honest conversations about the good, the bad and the ugly of the industry. It’s important to show who we are as human beings and we love what we do. The industry is not perfect and we’re all different people. I was very proud of that podcast. There were even moments where we talking about what was real and not real in porn. Some of it isn’t quite necessarily and act but we are performers. There are days that you have to physically and mentally prepare for certain things. You’re not always comfortable shooting scenes in the physical sense. It’s cold outside, you’re balancing on one foot, it took you 2 hours to prep your body for this one scene, what kind of conversations are you having with your partners, what’s a bad day on set and how did you react to it, what’s a great day on set? It’s was very honest and raw.

Romi Rain

CJ: For fans that are new to you, what are some of your favorite scenes that you could recommend?

Romi: That’s hard. I’ve had showcases so Romi Rain Darkside is a good one. I did all kinds of first. I would say that if you want to see a lot of good scenes of mine, there’s a lot on Brazzers. Fun fact, I have over 80 scenes on Brazzers alone. I might have shot for them more than any other company and also their sister companies like Reality Kings and Digital and all that. Brazzers alone, I have over 80 scenes on that website without ever having been contracted. I’m one of the most shot girls ever on that site. I would say the majority of those are pretty great. It’s hard to pick just one. I’ve also done content for myself. A good chunk of my own content is really fucking great because I’m deciding everything to the person I’m working with to the location to what we’re doing. So my showcases, my website and Brazzers would be the best.

CJ: I also saw a tweet where you’re going to do your first gangbang for your OnlyFans?

Romi: I said I might. I said if I’m going to do a gangbang, it would be for OnlyFans but that was also before the fucking pandemic. I’m not going to count anything out. I know a gril that recently did a gangbang for her stuff. It’s hard to plan, it’s not as easy as everyone thinks. You have to get everyone on the same schedule and everybody has to be ready, willing and able. And it has to be people that you want to do it with. For my own content, I think that would be even more fun. I did post not too long ago that I wasn’t hot to do a gangbang style scene but I had funky ideas that I wanted to do it in. Unless it’s a basic straight gonzo then I might as well shoot it for myself. But if I’m going to shoot it for someone else, I’d want it to be a fun little production. There was a stage show where a girl did kind of an alien abduction thing. She was in the field and there were lights all around her. That’s one of the main suggestions that I had that I wanted to do, that I wanted another company to do. If they’re going to fund it, let’s do something interesting. And they thought it was too weird!

CJ: I received this question from a woman fan who wants to know if you’ve ever had a mind-blowing orgasm that you forgot the camera was even there?

Romi: Yes, for sure. I think that’s why I really appreciate the gonzo-style sex scenes. Especially in the sense of where they just let us go. They trust the performers to fuck. We know what we’re doing and what positions to do but those are my favorite types of scenes. I’m able to get lost in there and I’m able to really just go for it and fuck my brains out. My job, or really all of our jobs, is to have the sex that people wish they could have. They want to see people losing control and forgetting about people around them and looking like they’re the only two people in the room. Your goal is to make them scream, make them cum, make them whatever. Absolutely. I feel that’s the mark of a successful scene if I am really able to get lost in pleasure. There is a level of consciousness that you must have as a professional like opening up and having a general idea of where the camera is but, if I can just let go, those are the scenes I want to be a part of and strive to be a part of. I’ve absolutely had some great orgasms on camera multiple times and been able to make other people have orgasms.

Romi Rain

CJ: What have you learned about yourself sexually since joining porn?

Romi: Oooh. I think people always use the word ‘energy’ and I didn’t know I had so much energy in bed on-camera during sex. I always thought that was how you were supposed to fuck! Aren’t you supposed to be energetic and really go for it? Dive bomb people and not slow down unless you want to? I have learned technically that I’m not a “romantic” sex kind of person. I love when things start off a little romantic; I love to make out, I’m a big kisser when it comes to performing and sexual activities. But I guess I’m not a slow and steady performer. I really love to rip people’s clothes off and touch all over them and try to make them feel as good as I feel! I didn’t realize that I was considered an energetic person in the bedroom by comparison. And I really like that in other performers as well.

CJ: If you weren’t in porn, what would you be doing right now?

Romi: I don’t know. I’ve always had an interest in marine biology, I’ve always loved the study of the ocean, one of those random things. I was always interested in psychology, I probably would have studied that for a little bit. Criminal psychology was always interesting. The human mind is a fascinating thing.

CJ: Do you ever get recognized in public?

Romi: Sometimes. Sometimes I’m surprised when I am. Not so much in the past year because everyone’s wearing masks and sunglasses. I’ve always been surprised with how much I’ve been recognized here and there. I’ve been at the gym with no makeup on and hair tied back and I’ve had a guy come up to me. He was really chill about it and was really nice.

CJ: When you have sex outside of porn, is it with industry people or civilians?

Romi: A little bit of both. I would say that I have friends with benefits situations and those have been more with industry people. It’s obviously a little bit safer, it’s more controlled, everybody gets tested and everyone understands the in’s and out’s, no pun intended. But as for dating, I have dated some non-industry people. Some people think it’s easier to date outside the industry and others think it’s easier to date in the industry. I don’t think either one is completely correct. I think both have their ups and downs. You’re dating someone in the industry and they can understand what you’re going through, what’s you’re doing and all that stuff but when you date someone outside the industry, there’s this separation of church and state, as we call it. They care about you as a person but don’t want to know as much about your business. But they’re more connected to us as human beings. Hopefully. That’s why you have to date a fan. I’m not totally against it but I don’t necessarily want to date a super fan who wants to be around me just because I’m in porn. I’ve dated both men and women both in and out of the industry. I do love both; I am a bisexual woman. My ideal relationship would be with both a man and a woman even though that’s a little selfish.

Romi Rain

CJ: You love gonzo scenes but when you have sex in your personal life, do you like it hardcore like that or do you like it gentler and more passionate?

Romi: I think it depends on the mood being set. During scenes, you have a pretty decent idea o what the vibe and energy is supposed to be but in real life, the sexual energy could vary depending on my mood. Personally, I do love intense, passionate sex, even off-camera, but there’s definitely more kissing and just letting yourself go. During scenes, you do have to be subconsciously aware that you’re making a movie that other people are paying for so you do have to keep in mind where the camera is and how long you’re in certain positions or if there are specific marks to hit of phrases to say and I always said that I look at porn sex as sex most people with that they could have so I always veer towards intense. When you’re having real-life sexy, you can stay in the same position for 20 damn minutes if you want to and don’t have to worry about opening up so a camera can see penetration. You can do positions that may not look the best visually but feel fantastic. I do think hardcore, sweaty, intense sex can still be very loving and connected and energy can be changed in an instant. I’d like to think they are one in the same, though I definitely don’t like to be to physically uncomfortable during off-camera sex. I’d much rather be fucked on a couch or a bed than a kitchen floor any day and would rather be deeply kissed with a tongue down my throat than someone just slapping me in the face and never pressing their lips to me. I do think you can be kissed and held gently while being fucked into oblivion! Give me a combination of the two….lay me gently down, passionately kiss me and then rail me! (laughs) But, again, it does depend on the situation. There is absolutely a time and a place for a folded-up backseat of a car fucking and I do always enjoy a bit of dirty talk!

CJ: What’s the kinkiest thing you’ve ever done?

Romi: I already talked about my poly relationship with the married couple for a year. We slept in the same bed and we would walk around holding hands and that would blow everybody’s mind. I think that was pretty kinky. I do like car sex but I’ve sex in cars at the top of parking garages. Not super recently. Any kind of public action is fun. I do love car sex or public sex.

CJ: Anything else you want to get out there to the fans?Romi: My booty Fleshlight finally released! It’s a funny story. My pussy Fleshlight came out years ago. I molded them at the same time and there was an issue in the factory and they thought they lost my asshole! They lost my bootyhole! So it didn’t come out when it was supposed to! Then there was all this other shit going on where they stopped releasing booty Fleshlights for a minute and then they started again. They were going to remold it but then they finally found it and it got released! So you can fuck both my pussy and ass!

CJ: And how can the fans follow you on social media?

Romi: On Twitter, I’m @Romi_Rain. Instagram is @RomiRain. And OnlyFans is Romi_Rain.

Romi Rain


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