2017 Adult Expo Interview: Ricky Johnson

Captain Jack interviews Ricky Johnson

Ricky just won Best Male Newcomer at the 2017 AVN Awards! I had a chance to talk to him at the recently completed Adult Entertainment Expo, just before he won the award. He’s a really cool dude. Enjoy getting to know Ricky!

Ricky Johnson and Keisha Grey - AVN Awards

Captain Jack: How did you get your start in porn?

Ricky Johnson: It was fairly easy for me. I had my homegirl take some pictures of me, front, back and face shot. I sent it out to some agencies and they all hit me back within a couple of days asking for an interview. Sandra at OC Modeling was the most enticing because she’s a woman and I thought guys won’t really care about guys. Because she’s a woman, maybe she’ll take some extra care of me. I didn’t know she was such a great agent and I’m happy I’m here.

CJ: What were you doing before then?

Ricky: I worked at Subway in high school. Then I went to Long Beach State and ran track for 2 ½ years. I went into porn after that.

CJ: You obviously fucked a lot but how different was it to be in front of the camera?.

Ricky: It’s so different. You have to do certain angles and it’s a job. In porn, you might be doing a position and it’ll hurt but you have to stay in that position because it looks really good. At home, if I’m having sex and my leg cramps or my body hurts, I’m moving into a more comfortable position.

CJ: I know what it’s like working the 9 to 5 and sometimes you don’t want to be there. Do you suffer the same affliction in porn?

Ricky: It does happen. Sometimes, I’ll be really, really tired or have a long week or have 6 shoots in a row and I’ll be really tired. But at the end of the day, it’s still, to me, better than 9 to 5. I’m still having fun. I may be tired but as soon as the scene starts, I’m happy and can’t believe I was tired.

CJ: Has there any been some babe that was so hot that you couldn’t help but nut early?

Ricky: I have yet to cum early but there were a couple scenes that I was really close. It’s always in the cowgirl position when a girl rides me really well, I’ll have to stop her and get my groove together and go back at it. I’ve yet to cum early but I’ve been close.

CJ: Would you rather work with a young teen girl or a woman in her 30s?

Ricky: I actually prefer the young girls but I get a lot of the MILFs. I still love the MILFs but because I’m young, they like setting me up with the older women. I get the stepbrother sometimes too which is awesome. They’re both great.

Ricky Johnson with Anya Olsen

CJ: How old are you?

Ricky: I’m 24.

CJ: Porn is the only industry in the world where you can still be racist. How do you overcome something like that?

Ricky: I’ve seen comments and have had people tell me that I’m not black enough because I’m light skinned. Aside from having the struggles of being a black performer, I also don’t get accepted because I don’t look like the other black performers. I want to break that barrier, the barrier of race in general. It shouldn’t be an IR scene, it should just be a scene because we’re having sex.

CJ: Were you a porn fan before you started in the industry?

Ricky: I remember when I was younger, I was super young. I found out what the B button on the remote control was. The first thing I tried was 1 1 1 1 and that unlocked it. I got introduced to porn at a young age. I used to sneak into my grandma’s room and steal her credit card information and go on Brazzers or BangBros and then I would blame it on my cousin who would hang out with us. Now I shoot for BangBros. It’s unreal!

CJ: Where you a fan of anyone and you finally got to work with them?

Ricky: Unfortunately, a lot of the ones I was fans of, retired by the time I got into the industry. Gianna Michaels was one and I really wanted to work with her.

CJ: She’s here, did you see her?

Ricky: Yes. I was a fanboy, total fanboy. She hugged me and I didn’t know what to say. Later, I said, ‘Shit!’

CJ: And how can fans follow you on social media?

Ricky: Twitter and Instagram are @YearofRicky. My Snapchat is @Climob and my Tumblr is @OCRickyJohnson.

Ricky Johnson

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  1. Who are the girls that appear in the photos?

  2. The top one is Keisha Grey, the second one is Anya Olsen.

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