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Bree Mills and StillsbyAlan have long been associated with Girlsway and their brand of lesbian porn. While still keeping that site alive, they have launched a new venture called This one is more hardcore boy/girl content and they are excited about getting the site off the ground. I recently had a chance to talk to Bree Mills about the new site and what we should be seeing!

Bree Mills movies

Captain Jack: Tell me about the new venture,

Bree Mills: It’s something that we’ve had in the works for about 6 months now. Girlsway was really picking up steam and we were doing really well and the big bosses at Gamma gave me enough leverage to go in and pitch a new product. The work that Alan and I had been doing at Girlsway and the style that we have was something that I always felt could be expanded into other markets. There’s a lot of perverse, sordid things that you can tell that involve a man and a woman or multiple men and women. Within the context of Girlsway, the stories need to be told. I had always had ambitions to expand and create a separate boy/girl product that was of the same spirit in terms of emphasis on story and the way we tell stories visually and in terms of the acting and the narrative. For me, PrettyDirty was a concept that came out for me last summer and we began developing it last fall. We just put it to market in April both offline and online. The website launched April 26 and our first DVD, which was our first feature attempt, Sugar Babies came out in the same week. I found a lot of success in releasing offline and online about the same time. No matter what kind of consumer you are, you’ll be able to access it at about the same time. No one’s at a greater advantage than anyone else.

CJ: Are the DVDs going to be distributed by Girlfriends Films as well?

Bree: Yes. We continued our distribution partnership with Girlfriends for the PrettyDirty line. It made sense. We’ve had a great relationship with them. They know our style and our product, so the relationship continued.

CJ: Is this the first time you’ve shot boy/girl?

Bree: I run a massage network called Fantasy Massage. It has some girl/girl content but it’s primarily boy/girl. I’ve been producing that for three or four years at this point. I’ve certainly been in on boy/girl shoots. It was my first time directing boy/girl stuff for PrettyDirty, that was a new venture for me. I’ve seen penises before. (laughs) It’s not completely new. Still very foreign and confusing but not completely new.

Bree Mills movies

CJ: Will it compare to the more hardcore studios or will it be a little tamer?

Bree: It’s definitely not going to be the focus like Mason or Evil Angel. We’re tackling different situations where it can involve aggressive sex or more hardcore anal or multi-person scenes. A running joke I’m using is if it doesn’t hit the front page of the tabloids, it’s probably not going to end up on our site. It focuses a lot more on outlandish, scandalous, over-the-top situations that people find themselves in that involve sex. Sometimes it involves more hardcore positions or dynamics but it’s not going to be like Gangbang Me. It’s not the same as HardX at all.

CJ: You mentioned anal, so I assume there will be DP’s and stuff like that on there?

Bree: Definitely. We’ve already shot an anal focus featured called Hindsight that will come out in the next few months. We have not any DP scenes yet but we certainly wouldn’t rule it out depending on the stories that we’re trying to tell. We’re probably not going to market it as so-and-so’s first DP or so-and-so’s first blowbang or anything like that. It’s going to fit within the context of the stories. What I really want to offer the viewers is that they are coming for hardcore sex so I really want to provide a variety of good hardcore sex situations.

CJ: I looked at your website, you do have some of the bigger stars in the industry like Adriana Chechik, Remy LaCroix, Sara Luvv…..

Bree: Yup. We’re really fortunate in the sense that in the last couple of years doing Girlsway projects, Alan and I have developed really strong relationships with female talent. Pretty much everybody we’ve shot for PrettyDirty have been almost entirely A list talent. People that have shot with us are used to the way we work and we feel very confident in their performances. That was also our strategy with the male talent too and we have Mick Blue, Johnny Castle and men like that.

You hire the top guys for a reason, especially in our case. One of the most interesting things about switching my mindset from writing and conceiving girl/girl scenes and the multi-episode storylines is that when you’re writing for boy/girl and when you’re shooting boy/girl, you’re dealing with a whole different set of dynamics. A whole different set of variables. And with us, because we’re so story focused, if we go into a shoot day, on a 12-hour day, we’ll spend 8 of that on setup and dialogue and story, you have to make sure the guys can perform at the end of it. You know the situation, there’s no getting around it so we really need the guys that are proven.

CJ: You mentioned that if it’s in the tabloids, it’s for you. You’ve done a lot of stepmoms and daughters for Girlsway, so you’re going to expand the storytelling with PrettyDirty?

Bree: Absolutely. I’m really trying to bring in a lot of what we saw being successful with Girlsway into PrettyDirty to see how it resonates with this audience. We’ve shot two features, Sugar Babies and Good Little Girl with Piper Perri, Jessa Rhodes, Steven St. Croix and Chad White that will be coming out in July. We are going to be tackling the features and see what works with this audience. I don’t want to go too far in one direction until we know. The good thing is that people over the last few years, are not only lesbian fans, but we developed enough of a fanbase that they like our work. A lot of those people are already signing up for this site.

CJ: Anything else we should know about PrettyDirty?

Bree: Just that the site is launched now and we are going to be starting to do a heavy push in terms of promotion in the next few weeks. We encourage people to follow us on social media the same way they do for Girlsway stuff. Both Alan and my profiles and the PrettyDirty one as well, just to take a look at what we’re shooting and who we’re working with. We have very interesting stuff coming up in the next few months in terms of stories. We’re tackling all different kinds of subject matter. I’m hoping that we’ll be able to draw people in from all different points.

CJ: And that Twitter is?

Bree: @PrettyDirtyCom, @TheBreeMills and @StillsByAlan

Bree Mills movies

Bree Mills Movies

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