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When you visit Ophelia’s website the very first quote you see is from Shakespeare this is a first on any porn site I have visited  “Tis in my memory lock’d, And you yourself shall keep the key of it.”’ -Hamlet

She has lived all across the world and now makes her living making porn in Australia ladies and gentleman I introduce you to Ophelia Rose.

Ophelia Rose

PornOCD: Right the best place to start is the very beginning where were your born and raised ?

Ophelia: I was born in the Uk, but I was raised in hong kong of all places ! lived a comfortable none gypsies life there for 8 years! 😛 then my family took a leap of faith and traveled around the world for practically the rest of my younger years.

PornOCD: When did you move to Australia ?

Ophelia: I’ve traveled  and lived to many places and Australia was always one on the list. I moved here about 8 years ago from France! Yes I speak fluent french! 😉

PornOCD: What was your very first ambition for your life and career ?

Ophelia: I’ve always wanted to entertain so I guess this makes for a very good career path ! haha But I was told that I would never get anywhere with  artistic life goals and so I turned to science. Im still studying to this day. My bachelor’s, I’m in my third year. so almost done!

PornOCD: How important was education to you ?

Ophelia: Very! I feel like If i don’t complete my degree this year I will no doubt pursue it again later in life as I love learning and it’s great to keep the mind as active as possible, especially in this day and age.

Ophelia Rose

PornOCD: How popular were you with the boys ?

Ophelia: HAHAHAHA Popular? lol, I had my fair share of boys hitting on me but I wasn’t the prettiest of kids. I remember always being complimented on my bum even when I was a young teen! Always been my best asset. Still is! <3

PornOCD: Who was your biggest crush on growing up ?

Ophelia: My biggest crush …. hmmmmm I had a few haha but you know what let’s name them seeing as I decided I would admit my feelings to all my crushes I used to have ! 😛 it was such a fun experience opening up to these guys, that I would never have once thought to talk to or even mention about my secret crushes

The drop dead gorgeous Jordan and Jay Duo they know who they are! Mr Davies 😉 yup that’s correct haha all those times we chatted… yeah I was trying to flirt with you, you awkward noob! 😛 Mr Mcgovern yes ! You know it!  and then but of course save my fav till last  Mr please fuck me now BRAND <3 <3 I just can’t get enough of him ! You knowIi went to his show last year and no one would go with me so i went with my friends mum. It ended up being the best of times! BRAND hugged me! YES! and I haven’t even cleaned the shirt I wore that day ! EWW! I know… but you know what? Its Russell Brand …. I can’t clean that splendour off!

PornOCD: Who adorned your bedroom walls ?

Ophelia: …. really  …. haha now? Link …. ummm Link …. and errr zelda? ahaha oh and photos of myself … talk about self obsessed much ! damn straight I am obsessed with myself ! <3

As for back in the day …. I grew up in a tent most my life and living in motels/hotels/cabins/rentals didn’t really allow for having much on my walls so now I make up for it! I even have the gorgeous Lucie bee on my wall in the lounge ! <3

PornOCD: When did you first think that a career in the adult industry to could be a possibility ?

Ophelia: To be honest…. never once crossed my mind until I showed up to a studio 3 years ago thinking they were looking for nudists for artistic models and then they enlightened me to the fact that they were actually Girls out West and they shoot porn!  Angela White started with them too ! which makes me feel extra special cos I love that girl! <3 She is one of my biggest inspirations and has been nothing but kind and helpful to me since I started in the industry.

PornOCD: Have you always been very comfortable being naked ?

Ophelia: No … No I grew up as a tomboy and I always thought I was meant to be a boy so I was sort of ashamed of my body….. My boobs didn’t grow until i was 18… and when they did my nipples grew really big and really puffy. i’m now known for my marshmallow nipples and it’s something I love about my body, however when I was younger I was really self-conscious and I would not show my nipples or would I get changed in the same room as someone, even family I was really really uncomfortable around, I think that’s part of having only brothers and no relationship with my mother.  Porn has helped me so much. My fans have helped me so much and so have all my dearest friends. I honestly am so thankful for all the encouragement I’ve been getting over the years. The way people approach me about my insecurities had defiantly opened my mind and made me more content with what I see in the mirror

Ophelia Rose

PornOCD: What do your friends and family think of your career choice ?

Ophelia: My friends are really supportive and have helped me in so many ways, more than I could ever imagine. As for the family we don’t talk about it …. haha go figure …

PornOCD:  What opportunity came first escorting or the porn ?

Ophelia: Porn was first for me as I stated before I heard about the company looking for nude models and having found the exhibitionist in me i thought why the hell not! Honestly have no regrets and love making porn ! Love what I do! If you love what you do it shines through in your work.

PornOCD: How did your very first porn shoot come about ?

Ophelia: Kinda already answered that one haha however i’ll go into a bit more detail. I was a solo shoot and I was 20 so 3 years ago. The video can be found on Girls out west’s site however they refused to change my name from my old porn name to my new one so you will have to search for ZELDER. Yes with an ER haha thats because someone had already stolen the name for their site many years prior. Damn them! haha Yeah so go check it out if you like. Im lazing around on a sun bed and playing with some toys as well as running around in the grass cos you know we all love doing that …. sigh amateur porn …. so fucking odd.

PornOCD: How did you feel on the morning of your very first porn shoot ?

Ophelia: Nerves, My boyfriend at the time came to support me. Once I was there though it was easy as pie. I was a little shocked that they wanted me to do three scenes in the one day …. that I honestly wouldn’t agree to nowadays as I feel it loses quality over time. That’s just how Girls out west works…

PornOCD: Australia has a very small porn industry compared to other places. How would you describe the porn scene ?

Ophelia: Yes it does, Its quiet but there are some big things coming so stay tuned and keep up to date with all my news on my twitter by signing up to my website www.msopheliarose.com

PornOCD: Do you think the porn industry is as accepted in Australia compared to US, UK or even Europe ?

Ophelia: Yes I would like to think so, but we have a lot less rights and too many rules here …. honestly it’s going to take another 10-20 years before porn becomes more accepted… More and more people are joining the industry and more and more people have friends who are in the industry and therefore it makes it a lot more common to be acceptant of it.

Ophelia Rose

PornOCD:  How much fun is being an escort ?

Ophelia: It’s not all fun and games, I love meeting people and when a booking goes well and we both come out feeling happily satisfied then that really does make you feel great! However it’s not always the case and guys can be rough, bookings can fall through, not everything goes to plan. I’m a strong person so if I feel uncomfortable at any time during the booking I will end the booking, no if’s buts or maybes as it’s all about mutual respect. Usually thought my bookings are quite pleasant and we have great conversations amongst other fun things 😉

PornOCD: What porn movies have you shot and do you have any more coming up for your fans to enjoy ?

Ophelia: Yea Ive got heaps of movies with Girls out West and Fellatio queens but they are real amateur stuff. Some more exciting scenes will be out on my website soon and the rest are on Aussie Ass , Abby Winters and Porn by Paul’s site but if you look on my website all the links to my porn scenes are on there.

PornOCD: So what catches your attention first when you see a Hot Man or Hot Woman ?

Ophelia: Always a hot woman! Sorry dudes but there is nothing more gorgeous than a woman’s delicate figure

PornOCD:  What is your favourite part of your body ?


Ophelia Rose

PornOCD:  How do you keep your body in such good shape?

Ophelia:  Here we go again lol Lulu Reynolds and I always get this question …. honestly I’m lazy as fuck! but i think it’s because I have a lot of sex and i’m always on top, great leg workout! I grew up with a really healthy lifestyle and i think it’s done wonders for me.

PornOCD: Do you have a motto for life ?

Ophelia:  Yes I do. Remember who you used to be before the world told you who you should be. its good to be down to earth and accept your flaws. There was once a day i didn’t have a care in the world. The day i was taken out of home schooling and put into today’s appalling schooling system that was the day I started to feel unhappy with myself. The day I was alerted to my flaws, I was exposed to TV and Drama that had never made any impact on my life prior to this.

So yeah I believe very strongly in staying true to yourself and being humble. It’s good to bring yourself back to reality sometimes. Stop and remember who you were when you actually gave no shits about the world and you were this small little adventurer amongst the hell it.

PornOCD: For those reading about your for the very first time describe yourself in 5 words ?

Ophelia:  Bossy, Beautiful, Traveler, Wise, Mischievous

PornOCD: What are the three things you could just not live without ?

Ophelia:  My kitty cat …. Harry went missing for a while and I honestly had the biggest break down…

My Phone / the internet hahah honestly addicted to it

Music <3 Nuff said <3

PornOCD:  Do you have a handbag and shoe addiction like most woman on the planet ?

Ophelia:  No I hate hand bags ! haha I much prefer to wear a backpack, In fact most of the time my hooker back is my little black backpack.

I love shoes and I have too many of them but I wouldn’t say it was quite at the stage of addiction yet …. i mean 70 pairs of shoes isn’t that much right? 😉

I don’t have expensive taste I would rather find a treasure than buy it fresh out the factory.

Ophelia Rose

PornOCD: What was the very last thing you bought yourself as a present ?

Ophelia: A giant pink onesie with BLOW ME printed all over it 😉 hehe its P!NKs lyrics haha in smaller writing underneath the Blow Me it says (one last kiss)

PornOCD:  What is the worst chat up line ever used on you and did it work ?

Ophelia: I’m a virgin can you teach me how to have sex….. get over yourself lol unless you are actually genuine which I knew this guy wasn’t then don’t bullshit me. I would happily teach you the ropes if you had a booking with me but you don’t get sex for free honey just because I feel sorry for you.

PornOCD: When it comes down to the size of your partner’s underwear bulge is bigger better for you #SizeQueen ?

Ophelia:  I’m single Bitches ! GET THE FUCK OUTTA MY WAY 😛

PornOCD: How important do you think twitter is to your career and porn in general ?

Ophelia:   Very important. It’s not big enough in Oz yet. not enough people use it, but in the US it’s big and it certainly brings the traffic to my website.

PornOCD: Do you think social media has any bad points ?

Ophelia: Yes It’s mostly staged and fake hahah I don’t just sit at home and just happen to be rapping and smiling at the camera that happens to be in the perfect place to capture all my body and my O face.  It’s true it’s so staged everything from your Instagram account to your Facebook. Might try quitting it for a few months and just disappearing for a while. I know i’d do that because I don’t fear change and I embrace a challenge.

PornOCD:  Do you try to keep in touch with your fans ?

Ophelia: Always. I try to get back to each and every one of them! They are what make “me” me! OPHELIA ROSE haha I know I have so much to be thankful for and that’s my way of showing my gratitude.

PornOCD: Have you come up with a Twitter #Hashtag name for your fans yet ?

Ophelia: Yup been using them all year ! <3 make it rain my name Ms Ophelia Rose !

If you have read this and enjoyed it send me a little hashtag tweet to tell me what you thought <3 using these :

#dailydoseofO #oceanicporngoddess #msopheliarose

Ophelia Rose

PornOCD: Would you love to shoot scenes in different countries ?

Ophelia: Yea ! I want to go to the USA and I’m already planning next year’s trip to the EU again.

Ive shot overseas before ! so already entered international waters …. and I’m not just talking about new Zealand haha cos that doesn’t count!

PornOCD:  Which Pornstars do you think are leading the way at the moment ?

Ophelia:  hmmmmm honestly no idea hahaha i’d say in OZ the only real big names are Angela White and Lucie Bee the rest ain’t got nothing on these girls 😉

PornOCD:  When was the last time you laughed, cried, swore and told a little white lie ?

Ophelia:  Laughed, Just then at one of your questions

Cried, I’m the biggest cry baby lol, properly I guess yesterday haha. as I said I’m very a very emotional person when you get to know me.

PornOCD: What music is currently playing in your car or Ipod ?

Ophelia:  Rihanna – Stay ft. Mikky Ekko

PornOCD:  What TV shows are you currently watching ?

Ophelia: OITNB! and the new marvel on netflix ummm I only watched one episode. the other day ! already forgotten the name haha

PornOCD:  If you could have dinner with any three people alive or dead who would they be and why?

Ophelia:  Russell Brand – Cos i really want to get in his pants 😉
The Queen – I think we would get on really well haha
Elvis – Nuff said

Ophelia Rose

You can check out Ophelia on the following websites:
Aussie Ass.com
Fellatio Queens.com

Her website is msopheliarose.com

Follow her on Twitter  @Ms_Ophelia_Rose

Follow PornOCD on Twitter  @PornOCD

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