On Set for Digital Playground’s Girls of Summer

Thanks to all the reviews and interviews I’ve done over the past couple of years, I’ve been lucky enough to make some good contacts within the industry. I recently made my first trip to porn valley and had a wonderful time. From catching up with friends to hitting the beach, one of the highlights was being invited to a couple of sets…

Captain Jack goes On Set with Digital Playground

The second set I visited was a Digital Playground shoot. They had rented out a mansion north of LA and it was a beautiful house set back in the mountains. There was a long driveway to get to this house on a hill. This location was perfect for the shoot because there was plenty of parking behind the house and they needed that for all the people that would be helping make this shoot a success. It was for this new internet series, Girls of Summer starring Stevie Shae, Aaliyah Love, Destiny Dixon and Chloe Amour.

Digital Playground porn set

Once I got in the house, I saw Aaliyah on the patio taking her “Pretty Girl” photos. Let me tell you, when you walk into a strange house and the first thing you see is a beautiful blonde spreading her ass, it’s going to be a good day! I felt like pulling out my camera and snapping some pictures but I didn’t think that would be the most professional thing to do, especially when I was a stranger among 20-25 people.

I walked around a bit and saw Chloe next. She was in the bedroom along with the director, a soundman, a cameraman and a couple other people clad only in a green thong. What an ass! Everywhere I turned, there was a hot woman standing around!

Aaliyah Love

By this time, Aaliyah was done with her pictures and was sitting in an office in an oversized sweatshirt. I had interviewed Aaliyah a little bit ago, so I thought I would introduce myself. Aaliyah is a stunning young woman. I stuttered and stammered when I first introduced myself but she gave me a hug and said it was nice to meet me. We talked a bit and she told me that she would have loved it had I pulled out my camera when I first entered the house! She thanked me for the interview and was happy that I was there to see her have sex. So was I!

By this time, Chloe was done with her work and was dressed comfortably. I introduced myself and she gave me her number so we could do an interview in the near future. She is just a beautiful brunette and we talked for a good long while. I am very interested to hear her thoughts on her life and career.

Meanwhile, it was time for the sex stills for Aaliyah’s scene. She and Ryan Driller were out in the pool for a couple of pictures, then they climbed on a patio lounger. These were only sex stills but Aaliyah went nuts with her oral performance! She was gagging and spitting and got Ryan hard in no time. Meanwhile, the cameraman was busy snapping away. Next, they moved into some sex positions, doggie, cowgirl and mish. Aaliyah told me in her interview how easy it is for her to cum. I concur! She had at least 3 orgasms just while taking pictures! Of course, I enjoyed the show from my vantage point of 10 feet away.

Digital Playground porn set

After that, I just went into the kitchen and munched on some snacks. I continued to talk to Chloe and also talked to some of the crew. I was amazed at how many people were there to film a scene. There are sound guys and camera guys and everything else you can imagine. Unfortunately, I had to get to the airport to come home so I couldn’t stick around to see how everything was filmed.

It was a blast being on a porn set. That’s an opportunity that doesn’t come along to many guys from the Midwest. I had a great time and I want to thank Jeanette Li from Digital Playground for extending the offer. I really appreciate it and I hope to make my way out to Porn Valley again very soon!


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