Olive Glass Interview

Patrick Parker Interviews Olive Glass

Olive Glass is a talented artist, actress and model who is about to make waves in adult film and quite possibly beyond.

Olive GlassTo watch Olive Glass’ pornography is to be swept away into a turn-of-the-century wet dream. The eye becomes transfixed as reality melts away leaving only Glass as sexuality personified. It is no wonder that she holds the title of June Penthouse Pet of the Month. I had to find out what this game-changer was like.

Patrick Parker: In your Fleshbot interview you seem to genuinely love porn, calling yourself “an enthusiast.” What is it about porn, beyond it being hot, that you enjoy?

Olive Glass: I think what I love most about porn is the sense of empowerment I get from it. Watching other female performers who celebrate sex in such an open, fierce and beautiful way gives me a rush.

PP: I’ve often felt that porn can be, and often is far more than mere wank-off material. There is artistry, value and real merit to the art that extends beyond our base instincts. As an artist and now as a pornstar, what do you think?

Olive: I fully agree! It’s totally fine to just want some casual jerk-off material, but don’t forget: there is so much going on behind the scenes. So many people in the entertainment industry spend a large portion of [their] lives working to make quality material. Don’t underestimate us! We’re forces of nature and we create iconic shit!

PP: You stated that you’ve been “so inspired by the porn community and industry.” In what way?

OG: I work hard to create what I believe is edgy and poignant images as a model and an artist. When I decided to begin working in the porn industry as a career, I think what struck me most is how painfully underrated adult performers are in the mainstream world. This industry creates work that blows me away on the daily That hits home in such a powerful way. Sexuality is scary, and I think what makes the porn industry so inspiring to me is that it forces you to get out of your comfort zone and finally face your own unique brand of sexuality- which so many people spend their lifetime running from. I find that beautiful.

I think what I love most about porn is the sense of empowerment I get from it.

PP: What’s your favorite type of porn?

OG: I like big toys, DP, anything that’s witchy or blasphemous, fisting, fem dom, daddy porn, vintage erotica,… the list goes on. I just like watching porn. [I like] anything that’s a little bit on the rough side. I can’t really handle too slow or romantic.

PP: DP and fisting! You weren’t kidding when you said you like it rough. Have you tried that in your personal life?

OG: My best friend fisted me once as a treat when I came to visit her in NY. I haven’t tried doing DP before! I really want to. It’s more just a matter of finding the right two guys. I have ladies who said they’d like to do a DP with me (which I’m all for) but I think I want my first time to be with real cocks.

PP: Please tell me we’ll get to see that on camera.

OG: Yes! Sooner or later.

PP: That sounds amazing. In pornography, do you prefer to see stills or films?

OG: I love both!

Olive Glass porn

PP: Do you have any favorite directors or studios that you hope to shoot with one day?

OG: I’d love to shoot with Axel Braun! I would also love to shoot for Vixen, or any of Greg Lansky’s brands. I love what he creates. It has always been a dream of mine to shoot with Andrew Blake.

PP: When I look at you, I see something of a Dita Von Teese for this generation. It’s like you’re bringing back the pin-up. To what extent has she and pin-ups in general influenced your style?

OG: Oh, I love Dita. Thats such a flattering statement, thank you. I am obsessed with historical fashion and tend to particularly vibe with the early 1900’s til about the late 30’s. Pin-up girls exude the courageous, playful, and lavishly sexy vibe I always hope to project in my image!

PP: Speaking of Dita, you have seen Pin-Ups 2 right?

OG: No, I haven’t seen it! I bought almost all of Andrew Blake’s work, but I haven’t seen that one yet!

PP: You already had a pretty successful modelling career going. What made you want to dive into hardcore porn?

OG: It’s more fun!

my choice to pursue porn as a career was maybe the best decision I’ve made in a long time

PP: I’ll bet! You seem so happy in your scenes – like you’re just having the time of your life. Are you pretty happy with the decision?

OG: Yes! I think my choice to pursue porn as a career was maybe the best decision I’ve made in a long time. It’s not an act, I really am having the time of my life!

PP: It really does show in your work. Tell me, what’s the best thing about doing porno?

OG: The freedom! I get to fuck talented, incredibly sexy performers. I get paid enough to travel the world. I have plenty of time off, so I don’t feel oppressed by working too much, but when i do work, I’m super passionate about my job! It’s really been a win-win situation for me.

PP: Aside from the obvious, how does this differ from modelling?

OG: That’s a tough question it’s completely different in some ways, and the same thing in other ways. The content of a porn shoot has different requirements than, say, a fashion editorial. The point of either of them is to look beautiful and inspire the viewer, but fashion is more of a mental stimulation. Porn doesn’t stop til you’re cumming.

Olive Glass Wicked movies

Olive Glass and Abigail Mac in Spoiled

PP: I had no idea that you were the star of Ryan and Kelly Madison’s Cirque De CoCo! I loved that scene. I always thought that scene could have been the basis for an amazing Dresden Dolls music video! What was it like working with the Madisons?

OG: I loved it! I can’t wait to work with them again. Cirque De Coco will go down in my memory as one of the most fabulous shoots, mainstream or porn,  that I’ve ever been on. The luxury and style was through the roof! I never wanted it to end.

PP: You used to be known as CoCo. What’s the story behind the change to Olive Glass?

OG: Coco was sort of my way of staying disguised, because at the time I was very uncomfortable with people knowing I did porn. It was a vague, one-word name that made me really hard to Google. My mainstream modeling name is Glass Olive, and I hid my porn work as much as I could. I loved shooting porn, but at the time I felt like people would judge me and I wouldn’t be as valuable in my field. Now I realize it makes me more valuable, more powerful. A porn model with an extensive modeling background isn’t exactly the worst position I could be in.

If you want to be an artist with integrity, you just have to realize that creating work is more important than hanging out at parties

PP: What sort of reaction did you get from friends and family about the adult work? Has that changed since becoming a Penthouse Pet?

OG: My mom and stepdad were kind of dubious about my modeling and porn for a long time. When I became a Penthouse Pet I think they finally realized how hard I work, and how legitimate my career choices are. they have my back now, 100%. I couldn’t be happier about that! For the most part, the rest of my extended family still lives in a conservative Mormon bubble. They’re not very sex positive and I think I make them uncomfortable. Thats chill, though, because they kind of make me uncomfortable too.

Olive Glass Brazzers

Olive Glass at Brazzers

PP: Your scene at Brazzers is hilarious and your Naughty America are a cut above the rest. You can act! That’s pretty rare in adult, what’s your background?

OG: Thanks! My first love is acting. I’ve been acting in indie films, music videos, and mainstream films, dance, and theater performance professionally for over a decade. I’ll be an actress til the day I die!

PP: Speaking of acting, you had a part in an Adam Sandler movie? Tell me about that.

OG: I actually had two roles in the same movie! It’s called ‘The Do-Over’, and it’s on Netflix. I was Catherine Bell’s body double for a fake threesome scene with Luis Guizman and David Spade (Guizman was pretending to fuck me from behind while I pretended to give David Spade a blow job. It was so funny.).  My second role was flashing my tits at Adam Sandler and David Spade on a yacht. It was such a funny scene, they even talked about it on the Tonight Show!

It was an exciting summer. They flew me to Savannah, Georgia for a handful of days to work as Bell’s body double. Then, they flew me to Puerto Rico for a week to shoot the boat scene. It was such an exciting time in my life. I got to work directly with actors I’ve watched in movies since I was a kid and really experience what it’s like to work on a big budget mainstream film. I also hung out and got to know Adam Sandler a little bit. He’s a really sincere, talented man.

PP: How much has modelling experience helped shape your pornography?

PP: Do you have a desire to do mainstream acting?

OG: Yeah! I’ll probably continue doing mainstream acting til I’m a tiny old lady with no teeth.

I also hung out and got to know Adam Sandler a little bit. He’s a really sincere, talented man.

PP: In your porn, you are able to command the stage while oozing sexuality in a way that very few can. What comes through is a sense of empowered confidence that lets you just own the moment. Does that come naturally to you?

OG: Sometimes! [laughs] Not always. I’m pretty introverted and sometimes I’m awkward as hell. But when I find a way to let all my weird insecurities and anxieties fall away, that’s when I feel the sexiest. When I’m on set I feel like i can just let go of anything that’s holding me back and just embrace my sexuality. It feels good.

OG: I think knowing how to pose really gives me an edge in my porn career. I recommend all performers try and do a little modeling outside of the porn industry. It gives you confidence in your body on set, or even at industry events where you want to look sharp. I also think my modeling has given me an eye for aesthetic in a shoot, which I like to think brings visual depth to my porn scenes.

Olive Glass from Naughty America

PP: You used to live in New York. Say you’re going to spend a day in the city. Which neighborhood are you hanging out in?

OG: Bed Stuy and Bushwick! I lived in those two neighborhoods, and I like the scene a lot. It was where a lot of artists lived, and we were all broke and working our asses off making our dreams happen. I lived in a warehouse space that was part residential, part Hasidic book factory. My apartment was huge, and myself and my roommates would host concerts and art shows for free, just so my friends had a place to exhibit. It was rad, and a pretty classic NYC story.

PP: You left in part because it led to an unhealthy lifestyle right? The adult scene can party pretty hard too. How do you strike balance?

OG: I feel like life is a touch-and-go journey, sometimes, and you just learn what works for you as you go along. Now that I’m 27, it’s getting a hell of a lot easier to pass up a night of partying in exchange for not being brutally hungover the next day. If you want to be an artist with integrity, you just have to realize that creating work is more important than hanging out at parties bullshitting about how much work you’re going to make. Go out to network, go out to socialize, go out for whatever damn reason you want, but always know that in the end, your work as an artist is more important than the amount of people following you online.

PP: Easy questions coming up! You’ve got a goth vibe going on. What kind of music do you like?

OG: I’ve been really into goth music lately! I like all sorts of stuff, and I usually go through phases. I’ve been listening to Emilie Autumn, Phildel, and Nightwish like crazy lately. I just can’t get enough of the incredibly dramatic romantic goth vibe.

PP: Are you a big TV fan? What’s the latest show you got into?

OG: I am crazy about Westworld right now! I haven’t finished watching all the episodes out right now, and I can’t wait. Also Rick and Morty, and Bob’s Burgers.

PP: Gamer? Esports fan?

OG: I don’t really play any games. I used to play Sega back in the ‘90s though!

PP: What’s your favorite game?

OG: The Legend of Zelda, Diablo, and Little Big Planet!

PP: What’s coming up next for Olive Glass?

OG: I have another scene coming up with Porn Fidelity soon! I’m so excited! Also, my second feature, ‘Couples Retreat’ by Digital Playground is coming out soon! I’m super excited about this film, I can’t wait for everyone to see it.

PP: And finally, what’s the best way that fans can find your work?

OG: My Twitter is @olive_glass_ and my instagram is @glassolive. You can also check out my website- www.officialglassolive.com for more of my work. Thank you so much!

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