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Keith Mason Interviews Misty Stone

Misty Stone

Keith: Going back a little bit, can you tell us how you initially became interested – and now involved – in the adult industry ?

Misty Stone: I was introduced to the industry at the age of 19, and soon relocated to sunny California to pursue my adult career. My first feature was a blast to do, I was nervous of course baby, but eventually I found I was good at this, and gained my confidence on camera, and I have been working steadily ever since.

Keith: Who have been some of your favorite studios and performers to work with thus far ?

Misty Stone: OMG, that is such a big list baby! I love working with Wicked Pictures, and the parodies that I’ve done with XPlay and Hustler. I really do love working with all the ladies and men in this industry.

Keith: Do you think you’re a better actress or a better performer ?

Misty Stone: I LOVE acting, I think I’m am getting better as an actress, but I still have a lot more to do and learn and experience. We’re always growing as actors and actresses aren’t we? I’m started to do more mainstream projects now, and in fact I just wrapped on a very exciting T.V. project that I’m honored to be a part of. This is going blow everybody away when they see it.

Misty Stone

Keith: You have had frequent roles on a couple of Cinemax’s programs. Is that something you enjoy and are you interested in pursuing more mainstream type of work also ?

Misty Stone: Working on Co Ed Confidential was so much fun, it was a lot of work, but so much fun. I am so thankful that they saw something in me to cast me in that lead recurring role. I still have fans talking to me about that. Cinemax still reruns that on late night. I’ve also got a lot of offers for mainstream movies roles, and I’m waiting for these to begin production, but in the meantime, I’m keeping busy. I’m not one of those girls that sits by the phone waiting for that next call, I get out there and work it baby, you dig? LOL

Keith: What has been your greatest achievement up to this point in your life ?

Misty Stone: I’m always growing and learning I have good people around, and that’s important. I was honored to have a chance to co host two awards programs last year, and host the Urban X Awards the year before, and to be a red carpet host on the AVN’s

Misty Stone

Keith: How about interests and hobbies away from work ?

Misty Stone: I work A LOT, so when I’m home I like to chill. I have been spending more time now on Twitter and Instagram, cause I know the fans love to hear from me.

Keith: Do you like zombie movies ? Do you have a favorite one ? Would you like to have a role in an adult zombie movie someday ?

Misty Stone: I like scary movies and television series. I’d love to work on one someday soon, so “hint hint” cast Misty Stone baby

Keith: Are there any current or upcoming projects in the works that you would like to put out there ?

Misty Stone: I’ve got a lot of new DVD’s out, and there’s several that I’m on the cover of. Mainstream projects coming out soon, and some possible new spokesmodel projects that I’m happy to be a part of. I also did a character in the newest Grand Theft Auto V Game that is out now, play that game and look for your Misty Stone baby.

Misty Stone

Adult Film Industry’s 1st & only Mocha Colored FLESHLIGHT Girl. I’ve got three different orifices for you to buy of me.

Twitter; @mistystonexxx

Instagram; mistyxxxstone

Verified Calls; verifiedcall.com/profiles/MistyStone

Agent; LA Direct Models
Publicity and Management; James at Galaxy Publicity

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