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BB88 Interviews Miss Raquel

Miss Raquel

Born and raised in Miami right? Give me like 5 great places to eat, stay (hotels), or party that you think are must do’s in Miami.

I was born in the Dominican Republic. My parents are Sicilian and from Portugal. I was raised in Miami. My favorite place to eat would have to be Peruvian food place. I love seafood…I think it’s an aphrodisiac or maybe I am just a nympho! As for partying I love Martini Bar and the Blue Bar since I am not much of a club person I am more into lounges.

Big booty lovers have noticed your absence. What have you been up to? What happened?

I have been busy working on my own clip store, mainstream modeling, music videos, webcam, and just working on my own corporation Miss Raquel XXX Entertainment. It’s a lot of hard work and money but in the end hard work always pays off!

Before the adult industry what were you doing? Are you currently working outside the industry?

Before I worked in the Dominican Republic as a TV host and dancer. I also did some video work not related to porn.

Best scene and least favorite scene? What makes them stand out?

My favorite will be and always will be Easter Bunny Fever for BangBros.

Favorite male talent?


Guilty pleasure food?

Chocolate cake

Are you a spiritual person? If so in what way?

I am a very spiritual person. I believe in the law of attraction, what you think about and the vibes you surround yourself with, that is what the universe will give you.

Miss Raquel

You don’t currently have a ton of anal scenes out. Do you enjoy it? Painful? Do you do it in your personal life?

I do have some anal scenes. I do enjoy anal with the right person, someone that knows how to do it. A lot of people just think just to stick it in will work and that’s not all how it goes. It’s a process! I have enjoyed anal sex in my personal life because of the way I have done it.

You were known for and still have one of the greatest “big booties” in the industry. How do you maintain it?

Wow it’s also hard! I work out every day for 1 hour. I do 300 squats and a lot of weights!

What’s in your futures plans? How can fans stay in touch? Any new scenes coming up etc.

My future plans are to direct my own movies which I currently am doing and to create a website like Playboy.

Who do you like for president?

I support someone who will work hard to protect and keep the United States safe and debt free.

Single? If so what do you look for in a guy?

Yes, I am single by choice. My relationship is my website. I dedicate all my time and energy into it and eventually if I meet someone, he will come into my life. What I see in a man is that we both be on the same page, want the same things in life, and heading in the same direction.

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  1. I had a great time answering all the questions And reolized that was born a true nympho Hope everyone enjoyed it too

  2. Would love to see Ms Raquel film a scene with those lovable old Grandpas The Blue Pill Men

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