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Miranda took a little time off but is now back doing all the nasty stuff we all love. When I talked to her, she was on her way to a sex store to buy a toy! She is quite the anal queen and just spent a couple of weeks in Prague. She tells me all about her adventures!

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Captain Jack: Last time I talked to you, you said you were submissive and were just about to shoot for Kink. What do you like about being submissive?

Miranda Miller: Oh my God. I’ve actually shot for them twice now. I absolutely love the art of Kink and the reason being is because it’s not just an everyday, normal kind of scene. Kink is the best in that kind of scenario because it’s a form of bondage and art and submission. With Kink, I get the real kind of, I don’t want to call it freedom, but the ability to let go. You truly get into your subspace and that’s honestly how I felt where I was in that BDSM world.

CJ: And what’s your favorite part of being submissive?

Miranda: Definitely giving my control and power to someone else and letting them use that in any way they want to and me truly having no idea what’s going to happen next. Because I’m such a dominant person in my business life, it’s nice to have the roles reversed. It’s a different kind of release. There are multiple kinds of releases and once they break you, it’s a beautiful feeling. I remember the first time I had a Dom. He took me to his dungeon and, afterwards, I just started crying out of pure happiness. He came to hug me and I was, ‘No, no, no. I don’t want to be touched. I just want to get out all of this emotion.’ He said, ‘Most of my girls, they just want a hug.’ I said, ‘No, I know what I needed!’

CJ: How did you come up with your stage name?

Miranda: (laughs) So that was an interesting story. I had a girl crush on this woman named Miranda. We kind of looked alike so I really liked the name Miranda. For some reason, I thought it fit well. And then my agent gave me Miller because they fit well together. We googled it and there’s only one Miranda Miller and she’s a singer so we thought why not make a porn star version!

CJ: I know you’re submissive but what else do you like sexually? What gets Miranda wet?

Miranda: It’s all dependent on different scenarios. There are times I like it very sensual; there are times I like it really aggressive; there are certain times I like different objects or different toys.

CJ: You first scene was an anal and you’ve done a lot of it. What is it about anal that you like so much?

Miranda: I actually just shot my first DP for Legal Porno. I went to Europe for an entire month and I was shooting probably 5 days/week. Anal is a different kind of feeling. It’s a different sensation that drew me to it. And in my career, 75% of my shoots have been anal. They just love the innocent looking teen who just gets railed. So they loved that look and I started falling in love with it. ‘Oh, this is kind of cool!’

Miranda Miller First DP

CJ: How was your first DP?

Miranda: Oh my God! My first time doing it was 19 with my ex-fiance’ and his friend. That was a little birthday present to myself when I was just turning 20. And so, my ex-fiance’ thought he’d give me the time of my life and have me do that.

CJ: How is the sensation? Is DP better for you than anal?

Miranda: Absolutely because I love the feeling being stretched as much as I can. And because of that, it’s just a sensation like no other. And when it comes to being DP, the feeling is just so airtight.

CJ: You said you were just in Prague and you shot 5 days/week. Were you sore after that?

Miranda: I did take salt baths everyday so that helped a little bit with the soreness.

CJ: When are we going to see double anal or double vag?

Miranda: Double anal, no. Double vag, yes. When I was 20, that was something that I decided to experiment with.

CJ: Most girls I’ve talked to say they can do a double anal rather than a double vag because the butthole stretches more.

Miranda: That’s true to a point but I feel with my own anatomy, I can do double vag better.

CJ: Are you a size queen? Do you like huge cocks?

Miranda: That I actually got turned on when I was 19 and started doing more hardcore scenes and that’s when I realized that’s what I liked.

CJ: Porn is all about fetishes. Does Miranda Miller have any fetishes?

Miranda: Now that I think about it, not really. Other than the standard BDSM which is technically art but, no, not really.

Miranda Miller porn

CJ: Do you prefer gonzo or features?

Miranda: Gonzo. I like to have something different in my personal life. I’m always the aggressor so I like having aggressive, rough sex.

CJ: Let’s talk about girls, what’s your views on tribbing?

Miranda: To be honest, that’s more like a tease. I don’t really get off on that. I just did that on a feature for Smash Pictures. It’s more of a tease than anything.

CJ: When performing with a girl, do you prefer toys or just the two of you?

Miranda: Between the two of us because I like the sensation unless she’s into it. For example, I love the sensation of a strap-on but, in reality, I can’t feel it. It’s kind of like putting on a condom. It doesn’t feel good. It still feels good but it’s not the same.

CJ: If you were granted a lesbian showcase movie, what four girls would you want to be in it with you?

Miranda: No question, Angela White, Abella Danger, Kissa Sins and Katrina Jade.

CJ: So I take it you like a big ass?

Miranda: Yes, I’m definitely an ass person.

CJ: What else do you look for in a woman?

Miranda: I look in her eyes, either the innocence or a bad ass look. Also, her body type, is she thick? Is she thin? Things like that.

CJ: In order to cum, do you need penetration or clit stimulation?

Miranda: Penetration. 100% penetration, I can get off clitorally, I just don’t prefer it.

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CJ: Being young and sexually liberated but being in the business you’re in, do you find it hard to date?

Miranda: 100%. And I’ve dated inside and outside the industry. It’s always the same underlying thing. They start realizing, ‘Oh, she has to have sex!’ ‘She has to have sex with this person!’ ‘She has to have sex with that person!’ I just think it’s more of a jealousy issue.

CJ: What celebrity, one male and one female, would you most like to fuck?

Miranda: Female, Scarlett Johansson. Male is hard. Maybe Dylan Sprouse or George Clooney, maybe a mix of the both.

CJ: What’s the kinkiest thing you’ve ever done?

Miranda: That happened with my ex-fiance’. He ended up inviting all of his friends over without giving me any kind of a warning. He just told me to go to the bedroom and it was almost like a 50 Shades of Grey kind of thing. It was pretty awesome, I’m not going to lie! Especially being 19 or 20, pretty young. I was blindfolded and then I felt myself being pushed down to the floor. This is going to go somewhere fairly quickly and I don’t know where it is but I’m liking it. I felt both of my hand being grabbed and put in different places. And, remember, this is 100% consensual. They told me to take the blindfold off and it was the guy we had a menage a trois with all the time and four other guys, essentially a gangbang. I had no idea what I was walking into and it was a moment I’ll never forget, even 3 years later. Long story short, that was the time I first learned about DP’s and it just kind of happened. I also learned about DV the same night. It was so funny because 2 of the guys couldn’t stay hard because they were civilians. I had to give orders because no one really knew where to go! A couple were creampies but the rest were on my face. My fiance’ grabbed my phone and put it on Snapchat and said, ‘How do you feel baby girl?’ And I said, ‘Thank you, daddy! I love you so much!’ and then I passed out. (laughs)

CJ: Have you ever been gangbanged on film yet?

Miranda: I have not, no. I’m actually shooting my very first blowbang for Dogfart. My agent asked how many guys can I handle and I told him how many can he throw at me. So we’re doing a 10-guy blowbang and then I want to do a gangbang, which will include double vag and double anal. I’m not sure when it’s coming but it’s coming.

CJ: And how can the fans follow you on social media?

Miranda. On Twitter, I’m @MirandaMillerXX. Instagram is also @MirandaMillerXX.

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