Captain Jack Interviews Anikka Albrite and Mick Blue

Mick Blue and Anikka Albrite are definitely the first couple of porn! They just celebrated their second wedding anniversary and both performers are at the top of the industry. They both won the 2015 AVN Performer of the Year crowns, and deservedly so, and Mick repeated his triumph this year. These two are perfect with each other. If you have ever seen them in person, you know about the love they share with each other! Not only that, Mick and Anikka are two of the nicest people in the world, porn or not. I recently had a chance to talk with them about their courtship, the 1-year anniversary of their production company, BAM Visions, and their newest release, Mick Loves Anikka!

Mick Loves Anikka

Captain Jack: Now that I have you both on the phone, tell me about the courtship. Was it at AVN 2013 that the stars aligned and you both were available where Mick asked you out?

Anikka Albrite: Yes, Mick started courting me at AVN 2013.

CJ: Before that happened, you obviously worked together, was there a spark or something there that you were hoping he would ask you out?

Anikka: Yes, there was definitely chemistry between us. I had worked with him actually for Mason in Massive Asses 6. It’s the one with Allie Haze on the boxcover. After that, I like to say he liked me so much that he booked me. (laughs) We did Shopping For Sex, our second scene together. That’s when I started realizing what a cool guy he was. At the time, he was dating someone else and I thought, ‘Man, if he was single, I’d totally want to date this guy.’ He was just Mr. Perfect.

CJ: Anikka, before you started dating Mick, did you date other guys in the industry or did you date civilians?

Anikka: I casually dated other people. I didn’t really officially date anyone since I got into the industry but I would casually hook up with other people in the industry. I had a civilian friend with that I’ve been friends with for 10 years and we would occasionally hook up. But it wasn’t anything serious. Mick was the only serious relationship since I’ve been in the industry.

CJ: Mick, here’s a chance for you to get romantic. You worked with a lot of beautiful women in the industry, what was it about Anikka that really drew you in?

Anikka: What mainly made her the one for me was definitely her being. I’ll never forget this, we started dating after AVN and in the morning, I would wake up and make my coffee. She would follow me and would smile with the beautiful eyes. It’s almost like she had a loving Bohemian Spirit. She has a beautiful soul and aura definitely attracted me the most. When you get older, beauty goes away but the soul and the heart stays the same.

Anikka: You’re saying you don’t find me attractive? (laughs)

Mick: No, no. What caught me was not the visual, what caught me was other than the visual.

CJ: You just celebrated your second anniversary, correct?

Anikka: Yes we did.

CJ: So tell me how Mick propose? Usually the women remember that more than the men.

Anikka: Actually, he’s very good at remembering it. (laughs) Do you remember the day you proposed to me?

Mick: It was the 23rd of March.

Anikka: See? I told you! He’s really good at this! (laughs) He would probably be better than me at the Newlywed game, to be honest.

Mick: It was in Australia. There was a waterfall. It was not planned but it was the right moment. A good friend of ours was taking pictures at the waterfall just for us. It started raining and the covers came out. It was getting frustrating trying to take pictures. Finally, the third time, it was really, really cold and we were warming each other and the rain wouldn’t stop. I was under the towel and Anikka was under the towel.

Anikka: And he was holding me close with towels over our heads protecting us from the rain.

Mick: It was like this moment where you know that it’s the right moment to ask. I felt it was really, really romantic. I asked her, just to double check, that this was a romantic moment right now and she said, ‘Yes, it’s really romantic’. I said, ‘OK, do you want to become my wife?’ And the beautiful thing is, the movie, Mick Loves Anikka, is really a beautiful coincidence that the movie starts at a waterfall with sex under the waterfall and then we do a regular anal scene.

Anikka: That’s where our whole love story started, under the waterfall.

Mick Loves Anikka

CJ: How long were you actually dating before you proposed?

Anikka: (laughs)

Mick: The first kiss was the 23rd of January.

Anikka: No, it was closer to the 20th. It was on a Friday. (ED note: I looked it up, it was January 19).

Mick: OK, the 20th of January and we got engaged on the 23rd of March, so two months. When you know, you know.

CJ: Did you have a big wedding?

Anikka: It was a pretty small wedding. We had about 70 people there. It was so gorgeous. We searched for a long time to find the perfect venue. We both wanted to get married on a grassy cliff overlooking the ocean. We thought, how hard could it be to find a place to get married that looked like that in Southern California? We drove down to Malibu, thinking we would find it but there was nothing but brushes and more deserty scenery in Malibu. So we drove upnorth towards Carmel but we didn’t get that far. We went about 2 hours north of Santa Barbara and still couldn’t find anything. We had been searching for a couple of months. Every chance we got to both take off of work, we would head out somewhere. And then we decided to check out Rancho Palos Verde and I had seen the Trump Golf Course in wedding magazines and it was so gorgeous but so out of our price range. We headed up there anyways to see what they had. Amazingly enough, there’s a state park in the middle of the golf course, called Founder’s Park. So it’s really cool. We technically got married right there in the middle of the golf course but it wasn’t technically on the golf course. So we found a little loophole. We paid a lot of money for that one. But it was nice to have our dream wedding on a grassy cliff overlooking the ocean. I also sang to Mick at the wedding too. I sang All Of Me. Then we drove to a place where we had our reception was at.

CJ: I have to ask, I’ve been to a lot of wild bachelor parties. But what happens at a bachelor party for a pornstar?

Mick: Actually, my bachelor party was pretty awesome. I had a note from Anikka and a bottle of red wine and a Playstation game. No, joking aside. I’ve had the Bachelor experience before back in Europe and I don’t think it’s for me. I decided to stay away from it.

Anikka: I kind of encouraged him to have one but he was actually against it. He didn’t really care to have it.

CJ: And, Anikka, I heard you had a pretty nice Bacherlette Party at Jules Jordan’s house.

Anikka: I had an amazing party. Riley Reid and my sister put together the party at Jules’ house. He has a really awesome house! I didn’t want to have anything that involved going out on the town and going to bars. I just wanted to have it more intimate and more comfortable and familiar. And I wouldn’t have to worry about strangers picking off girls in my group. They threw a really great party for me. My mom made a penis shaped cake for us. (laughs) And the funny thing is, we all had so much fun that, by the time everyone left, all but 2 people, and it was 3 in the morning, my mom realized that she had never brought the cake out! We had a piñata and my mom came up with this game called Bridal Bukake. I have to give it to her, it was pretty genius. She gave everybody a silly string can. I had no idea what was going on. They blindfolded me and took me out to the yard. They all surrounded me and I heard all these rattling sounds, which I later knew was them shaking the cans. I had no idea what was going on! They took the blindfold off me and they all screamed ‘Bridal Bukake!’ and coated me with Silly String! (laughs) Pretty funny! We had a great time and we had a butler walking around with nothing but a loincloth and a bowtie. It was really fun, we played lots of games. Before I left, I made a care package for Mick because I really wanted him to actually be able to enjoy himself while I was out having fun. I actually made a bag with a Playstation game and gummi bears and a love note. Just to keep him company while I was gone for the night.

CJ: I have to ask, you’ve been married for two years now, what about starting a family?

Anikka: We definitely do want to have a family and it’s in our future plans.

Mick: It will happen when the time is right.

CJ: I think people would be curious to know this, when two big porn stars vacation, where do you guys go?

Anikka: We like tropical places. Or Europe. Mick’s family is from Austria so we try and see them at least once a year. On our anniversary, we tend to go places where we can be out in the middle of nowhere and go scuba diving.

Mick: Skiing or scuba diving.

CJ: Water skiing or snow skiing?

Anikka: Just snow. And snowboarding. I’ve never done water skiing. Maybe we’ll do that soon!

CJ: OK, you have another big anniversary coming up. BAM Visions is one year old! How has the first year gone? Did it exceed your expectations?

Mick: I would say that the first year was great. I think we can be very proud of everything we created. The movies we put out had a lot of feedback.

Anikka: We’re really happy with the feedback from the fans.

Mick: And the position where we placed ourselves in the industry is great. We are a full-on anal experience/sex company and we are pretty happy there. From the success and stuff like that, it is definitely more difficult than it was years ago because the revenues a company can make are less than what it was years ago. It takes longer to start making profit and getting money back. It’s just more difficult. We’re hoping that within the next 6 months, we’ll be able to launch our own website and that will provide more avenues of revenue.

CJ: When people think of BAM Visions, they think of you two because you’re in front of the camera. But let’s give some love to the M in BAM. Tell me about Maestro Claudio’s contributions to the productions!

Mick: He contributes a tremendous amount to this company! He and his wife Tiziana. We all work together to discuss how we will do something. Claudio is a great shooter and he takes great stills.

Anikka: And he has an eye for the angles!

Mick: Yes. And Tiziana is a great editor. Anikka and myself are performers and we have great experience. Anikka has ideas and I have been behind the camera since I’ve been directing since 2004. The movies that Anikka directs, she comes up with the ideas, she does casting, she creates the sets and everything. And Claudio shoots it and brings his technical knowledge in the way he captures everything. With the movies directed by myself and Claudio, it’s very similar. It’s kind of like my version because I come up with all the concepts and the casting and the outfits and whatnot. And Claudio takes care of the technical part, like shooting. The only difference between the movies Anikka directs and the ones by myself and Claudio is that I shoot the camera myself for the first 10 or 15 minutes because it’s so much easier to capture the personality of the girls. It’s easier if I shoot the camera myself, it becomes more personal for me. The reason why the movies are, for example, directed by myself and Maestro Claudio instead of under either of our names by themselves is because, in the past, when Claudio worked with Mike Adriano for 7 years, everything was directed by Mike. Nobody ever spoke of Claudio. We wanted to give Claudio credit for the work he does so we thought he should get a co-directing credit.

Mick Loves Anikka

CJ: We touched on it a little bit, tell me about Mick Loves Anikka.

Mick: It was something that we have wanted to do for a very long time but we didn’t have a clear idea of how and what it was going to be. We wanted to make a movie about our love and the thing we like to do, having sex. So last year, I think it was June or July, the bad news came out that Erik Everhard was going to Europe and left a big hole in our industry. We shot a DP with Erik without knowing where we were going to use it. We knew that we would make a movie around the DP but we had no idea how everything else was going to fit.

Anikka: We didn’t know what we were going to title it.

Mick: We just wanted to shoot an epic DP scene with Erik before he left because Anikka loves DP’s.

Anikka: Erik and Mick are my favorites!

Mick: So we did it and it was an early birthday present because it was close to Anikka’s birthday in August. So we made it a little bit of a birthday scene. (laughs) And after we had the scene in the can for quite a while, Anikka always said she wanted to shoot a showcase movie in nature because that incorporates her personality. But in California, it’s very difficult to find green places, really nice scenery, where you can shoot it in one piece without having it look like desert. We were waiting.

Anikka: We wanted something different and unique.

Mick: November came around and we thought it would be so cool if we could shoot stuff in Hawaii. We asked Claudio if he wanted to come but he was indifferent. He likes to go skiing. We didn’t go together to Hawaii so we went by ourselves for Christmas. We were going to take one big vacation and were trying to shoot scenes for our movie. We had our IPhones with us, we had our Panasonic, which I use to shoot teases and we were there. The second scene of the movie, the tease was in the green fields overlooking the ocean, which looks like Ireland. It happened on a day when we drove around and Anikka said, ‘Hey, let’s stop there!’ We took the IPhone and just shot a tease.

Anikka: The funny thing is that there were some people fishing on the rocks, just out of frame. Sometimes I would look and say ‘we’re ok!’ because whenever I splashed myself, I thought they’d be looking. (laughs) ‘OK, we’re safe!’

Mick: The waterfall thing, the tease and the scene when the movie starts. We were looking at waterfalls but we didn’t expect Jules Jordan to be on the island. I called him and told him we were scouting for waterfalls so we went together. We were driving around and found this waterfall. We were shooting the tease and Jules had no idea we wanted to shoot a tease there. He was looking out to make sure nobody came and I shot it on my IPhone.  Credit to Jules Jordan because he took the one shot of Anikka when she was coming out of the water to myself. We found it to be the perfect intro to a sex scene. Little did we know that the next day in the morning, Anikka wakes me up…

Anikka: Little did YOU know (laughs)

Mick: Little did I know, 6 o’clock in the morning, Anikka wakes me up and says, ‘Mick, Mick, Mick, Mick…we have to go to the waterfall now!’ ‘What do you mean?’ ‘Look, I had something on my bucket list and I want to have sex in front of the waterfall!’

Anikka: Whether we have it on-camera or off-camera, I want to have sex by a waterfall!

Mick: It’s our last day, we have to do it. We drove to the waterfall and we were equipped with an IPhone and a mini-tripod where we could put the IPhone on it. We put the phone on the tripod and shot 10 minutes of sex. Then we realized that we were cutting out heads off. We corrected the frame and shot another 10 minutes. Then I thought that before I pop, we should shoot another 10 minutes selfie style so we could cut it together somehow.

Anikka: We were handing the phone back and forth while we were fucking.

Mick: We called it a scene. It was a huge experience. First of all, because we had sex in front of the waterfall but, secondly, after we finished, 5 minutes later, a group of young kids came. Man, we got lucky! Looking back at it, the waterfall symbolizes where everything started for us. The fourth tease for the DP scene was on top of a volcano in Maui. It was perfect because we were running out of time before the sunset. The sun was going down and it was perfect. It came out super amazing. We came home from Hawaii and said now we have something. We captured the elements which were important to us. We finished it with what Anikka loves, a double penetration, but Erik wasn’t here anymore so we decided to do it with one of the best performers out there right now, Adriana Chechik with myself.

Anikka: That’s the first time she ever DP’d anyone.

Mick: The third scene, we wanted to bring a fetish part into it. We started with a tease with the girls getting dressed instead of undressed. Once Anikka was basically dressed, I had a quick moment with her on my own, tying her to the bed and blindfolding her and then I bring in Aidra Fox. To end the movie, it was very important for us to make an interview about us and our love for each other. We brought in a few more personal moments of our travels to give the viewer an opportunity to love Anikka as much as I do. Even more, if possible. The movie starts with the sunrise and it ends with a sunset. The sunrise, we shot as a timelapse at the Seychelles for our second wedding anniversary. The sunset was shot on our first wedding anniversary. There are a lot of elements in this movie that are very personal and we tried to bring together in combination with strong, hardcore anal sex to also pleasure all the BAM Visions fans. Also, Mick Loves Anikka is the first movie that was directed by Anikka and myself. That also makes it a very special project.

CJ: As long as I have you on the phone, Mick, you did something earlier this year that was as incredible as Adriana Chechik’s triple anal. You did a one-man DP with Roxy Raye in Anal Pros! How did that feel?

Mick: Oh my God! It is a very interesting feeling because once you are able to squeeze the balls into the butthole, it’s like a squeezing, tingling sensation. It doesn’t quite feel like a girl sucking your balls but it feels similar. It’s a very, very cool feeling. And the greatest part, once you have the penis in the vagina, it’s kind of like the butthole is pulling on the balls while you’re fucking the girl. I like the sensation. You know some people don’t really like when the girl grabs the balls, I like that. I’m a little bit kinky. I was very happy I did it with Roxy because it was a very fun and nice experience.

Anikka: Roxy had the perfect butthole for it too. She had a hungry butthole.

CJ: Any more plans on doing something else like that?

Mick: If it happens, it happens. I tried it after that but everything needs to be perfect. The butthole needs to be perfect, the scenario has to be perfect. You can’t plan it. Fans say I should make a movie out of that but it’s not a toy where you can just put it in the butt. Balls are slippery and have their own way of thinking. You can not 100% say it’s going to work before you try it. Those kind of moments are so special because you don’t do it all the time.

CJ: Finally, how can the fans get ahold of you?

Anikka: On Twitter, I’m @AnikkaAlbrite. On Instagram, it’s @alotofbritesmiles

Mick: On Twitter, I’m @MickBlueXXX. On Instagram it’s also @MickBlueXXX

Mick Loves Anikka

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