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Captain Jack Interviews Mick Blue

Mick had a wild 2014. He married the beautiful Anikka Albrite, continued his career ascent and capped it off by winning the Captain Jack Off Award in December for best Male Performer. Just kidding, his big trophy came a couple of weeks into 2015 when Mick was named the AVN 2015 Male Performer of the Year! On the same night that his gorgeous wife won the Female Performer of the Year trophy. Both awards were well deserved and it was the highlight of a long, productive career. However, Mick is not resting on his laurels. He has been shooting hard this year (no pun intended) and is starting up a new production company. We talk about all of that and more in this interview.

Mick Blue and Anikka Albrite

Captain Jack: First off, you were the Male Performer of the Year for AVN, XRCO and Captain Jack Off, congratulations!

Mick Blue: Thank you so much, I appreciate it.

CJ: Has it changed your career at all?

Mick: To be honest, people always cast their favorites. Maybe work’s gotten a little bit more crowded but that could be because it’s busier this year. It’s just a beautiful, beautiful feeling of achievement. Anikka and I both achieved it. It feels great to have had the opportunity to do it for many years and bring it out to the people.

CJ: You have like the dream job of every guy. Tell me how you got your start in porn.

Mick: It’s been about 15 years now. How I got started was I already had the idea when I was 18. I said at the time that if anything happened with my regular job, I was going to be a porn actor. My friend dismissed the idea and said, ‘You’re never going to be that. That’s crazy to think that.’ I love women, I love sex and I was told by some girls that my penis was a pretty good size. I just had to take their word for it and I wanted to give it a shot. Of course, for 4 years, nothing happened. I had regular jobs and I had no time to be involved in porn at all so it didn’t work out. Then I came to a point in my life where I thought I’d give it a shot. I tried to contact companies and sent out letters. Those were the days before emails and I rented VHS tapes and I looked at the addresses and sent out letters. I also looked at newspaper announcements that we had in Austria. I even did an amateur thing where you have to pay about $100 to have sex with girls in front of the camera and the girls said they would recommend you to the big companies if you were good. So at the beginning, nothing really happened. Then in the year 2000, Thomas Janiseh, still the owner of an Austria magazine, contacted me out of nowhere. His magazine is www.ökm.at in Austria. He said he got my number from the amateur stuff and he had a gang bang competition going on in Austria and asked if I wanted to enter. So I went and there were 20 to 30 guys and 5 girls and we all fucked for the title. And I came out as the lucky winner. (laughs) Then it started from there. Thomas ordered a photo shoot with 5 girls and 2 guys and the other guy never made it out of the gate. So I enjoyed my first reverse gang bang. The photographer worked for a Swedish magazine and he referred me. After that, I started making movies in Paris. That was the start.

CJ: Now, 9 out of 10 guys will say that they can do porn. Tell them why it’s not as easy as it looks!

Mick: The job is tough because every time you go on set, people expect you to do your best. They expect you to deliver the job they pay you for. I think that’s the main reason guy’s fail because there’s a lot of pressure on you and it can stress you out. We all know, if there’s stress in the head, the penis won’t work.

CJ: Everyone knows about your marriage to Anikka. The first time you worked with her, were there sparks? Or was it just another girl?

Mick: The first time we worked together was for Mason. It was a great scene and it was nice to work with Anikka but because I was in a relationship, there was no interest so no sparks flew on set. It was a great scene we did together and we had a lot of fun but there were no sparks allowed at that time.

CJ: How long after you met her did you go on your first date?

Mick: It took a while. I think the first time we worked together was about April and I was in a committed relationship until the end of November in 2012. Anikka and I actually came together in January of 2013 at AVN. We kept running into each other. For some reason, you just had to mention the other’s name and we were in each other’s thoughts. It’s kind of like a magnet. If the magnets are far away from each other, they don’t set each other off. But when you come together, you can’t get them apart. We just connected among everyone there.

Mick Blue and Anikka Albrite

CJ: You also direct a little, mainly for 3rd Degree/Zero Tolerance. Is that something you’re going to do more of?

Mick: Absolutely. I think the first movie I directed for them was 2004. We know each other really well and I appreciate directing for them. As you know, I also directed for Elegant Angel under the name Grazer. When Graham left and everything turned around, I lost my seat at the table there because the management changed. So I stopped directing as Grazer. Now, I direct for a German company called Magmafilm. They don’t have a distributor in America yet. I’m trying to work something out and hopefully something soon. Hopefully, the movies that I direct for them that are distributed in Europe are distributed here as well. I direct about 6 movies a year for them. We just had an article on AVN about the partnership. I’m also working on a project of my own. It also involves Anikka. I hope a deal will come out of it. They’re going to have a huge first movie release.

CJ: As a director, do you have any influences?

Mick: My first movie was Meet the Fuckers from Zero Tolerance, Chris Streams shot camera for my first movie. I had this idea that you want to see the movie from the point of view of the person, I thought I would capture something I never saw before so the fantasy of the viewer could come true. 10-15 minutes into the movie, the viewer would wish he was in the scene fucking the girl. And so I was standing there like I was filming and then when I thought the time was right, I would hand off the camera. I even filmed a DP like that. It was with Michelle B. and Mr. Pete. In the middle of the scene, I grabbed the camera while we were DPing her then it went back to normal. I think my style of directing really captures the anal sex between the people and also keeps the fantasies of the guys intact.

CJ: Do you have any other big movies coming out?

Mick: The biggest thing I’m working on right now is the project that we just be wrapped up. Myself, Anikka and Claudio Maestro started a new company called BAMvisions. I would like to send a huge thank you to Mimefreak who actually brought us together. One day, he was shooting his own stuff at Claudio’s house and started chatting with Maestro. Shortly before, Mike Adriano and Maestro split ways from their long time partnership and Maestro was looking for a new partner. So Mimefreak recommended myself and, shortly after, Maestor, Anikka and I sat together at a table and discussed our possible future. The rest, everybody can imagine. BAM Visions will be distributed from Evil Angel and our first movie, Anikka’s Anal Sluts, directed by myself and Maestro Claudio will be released July 6, 2015.

We wanted to create something that we’ve never done before. We never did a movie together where it’s all about girls pleasuring us and us pleasuring girls. The way the whole thing is shot, it’s not POV but you’ll still get similar shots as Claudio shot for Mike Adriano. I wanted to combine it with my style of shooting where we have camera movement and passionate chemistry. We wanted to combine the two styles to come up with something new. We shot Valentina Nappi for the first scene and John Stagliano at Evil Angel liked it. So he told us to film some more. The movie started to grow. We used the slingback bikinis, girls out by the pool, we oiled up their bodies… It was very Evil Angel style. I’m talking to the girls at the beginning and it starts in POV before going out of that style. That was the first scene.

The second scene is with Anikka and AJ Applegate. I knew Anikka was going to be in all four scenes so I wanted to make each scene different. This scene started with Anikka by herself in the kitchen in a Spanish looking outfit. She’s cleaning her anal toys and I come home and we tried to reenact what would happen in our regular lives. She’s cleaning the toys and, of course, I get turned on. She does some butt tease and lets me think that I’m going to get some. She says, ‘No, you’re not going to get the butt today!’ She goes to the bedroom and has AJ tied up with a ballgag in her mouth. AJ is going to be my female pleasure buddy for the day. They both tease me and we have some awesome butt sex with AJ. Also, something we had never done together, we end up DPing AJ with Anikka using a strap-on. It was really, really cool. It was a new experience.

The third scene is with Gabriella Paltrova. Anikka never worked with her before. I was thinking about how could I make that scene different. I love girls in lingerie and I wanted to see them in different outfits. So Anikka and Gabriella were in lingerie and the scene started very sensuously. The girls were on the couch and I wanted to capture two girls getting to know each other. We then focused on Gabriella’s butt and then we focused on Anikka’s butt with a lot of teasing, butt licking, toys, stuff like that. Anikka showed off her oral skills and Gabriella did anal in that scene. I also wanted to have a little foot fetish action in the scene. There’s about 4 to 5 minutes of it. There was great energy between the girls and there was some good fucking in the scene. We then got Vicki Chase for the final scene. She’s one of the most underrated performers out there. She’s a really great performer and she’s never worked with us. We wanted to make the final scene special so we had both girls do anal. We decided to have them wear panty hose. Both girls were just going non-stop. The scene started with me talking to them outside with their clothes on. We wanted it to be very natural, as if the camera wasn’t even there.

CJ: And how can the fans contact you?

Mick: On Twitter, I’m @MickBlueXXX. On Instagram it’s also @MickBlueXXX

Mick Blue and Anikka Albrite

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