Marta La Croft Interview

Keith Mason Interviews Marta La Croft

Marta La Croft

Why did you choose to be an adult movie star as your profession ?

Marta La Croft: I chose to be an adult movie star as my profession because I always have been working out on the gym and I like working in front of the audience.

Where did you grow up ? What was that like ?

Marta La Croft: I grew up in Valls , it is a village in Tarragona. I like a rural site for children’s education.

For anybody who hasn’t seen you work, pick out a couple of movies they should see.

Marta La Croft: I would highlight a movie at Brazzers and an other movie an Bangbros.

Marta La Croft

How do you pick which movies to be in ? What draws you to a project ?

Marta La Croft: I look for information about producer, acting partner, and style of the scene.

What’s your favorite part of having sex onscreen ?

Marta La Croft: I love knowing that lots of people will see me.

Do you have interest in directing or doing anything behind the scenes ?

Marta La Croft: Yes, I would like to work as the director or scriptwriter.

Marta La Croft

What sort of things do you like to do when you aren’t working ? Any hobbies ?

Marta La Croft: I love spending my time with my family, friends and boyfriend (and my pet !!!).

Let’s talk about music. Tell us about some of your favorite bands and singers.

Marta La Croft: My favorites bands : Celline Dion, Beyoncé, Rammstein, relax music.

Tell us about your upcoming projects and how fans can contact you ?

Marta La Croft: My future project is going abroad because in the USA there are more possibilities than in Spain.
Fans can contact me through Twitter

Marta La Croft

kisses of MARTA LA CROFT <3
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