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Lisey Sweet Talks with Captain Jack

Lisey is a hot blonde who will do anything on camera, or so it seems. In fact, she just did a rare act that her fans have been clamoring for! She lives the porn star lifestyle to the fullest and is an outstanding performer! I truly believe she will be up for some big awards this awards season! Off-camera, Lisey is just as wild (maybe wilder) but has a heart of gold with the intelligence and kindness of your ultimate fantasy. We had a very good conversation and I think this is my best, most in depth interview yet!

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Captain Jack: You left your job as a scientist, something you worked all your life to achieve, any regrets joining the adult industry?

Lisey Sweet: I don’t. I think that there are times where I miss doing bench work because it was always fun to run these experiments. It sounds kind of funny but I had a little bit more flexibility with my day when I was incubating an experiment, I could just do what I needed to do on my own time. (laughs) Now I’m so busy; I’m my own boss so I have to do everything. It wasn’t really that way at the end. I had finally got promoted to manager and I was running a cellular lab. That was a lot of responsibility and I was doing less and less experiments and more managing people, essentially dealing with bullshit. Doing meeting after meeting and post-meeting meetings and pre-meeting meetings and writing up reports and attending conferences and stuff like that. It really became less about science and more administrative, if you will.

CJ: You started doing porn while you were working in the lab. Did you quit the lab to do porn or did they find out and fire you?

Lisey: I was doing both at the same time and I got detained at my place of work by the University of Georgia police, real police. They interrogated me for close to two hours, on suspicion of abuse of time off policy and they also thought my husband was signing my time off papers and letting me take vacations when, in fact, he wasn’t my supervisor so he wasn’t doing what they suspected. I was taking the appropriate amount of time off and going through the appropriate channels. And then, I was accused of prostitution. A co-worker I had, who was also a roommate of ours, Chris Darby, had decided that he was going to tell the police that I engaged in prostitution and that I was targeting handicapped people to solicit them for sex and I was going after people that were disadvantaged, in essence. The University was mortified to find this out so they actually signed up for an account on RingHop, which is a texting service. You pay for texts and they had an undercover cop writing me, asking me to send pictures and eventually they asked if I would be willing to meet up with them for a bachelor party. They asked me to meet up during the work day and I said no. After that is when they decided to bring me in. They laid it all out. They had been texting me for a while. Then, I found out they had been trailing me and following me around to see what I was doing. After telling them that I wouldn’t meet up with them and the guy who had made the accusations had no evidence that I was doing that, they said, ‘Well, we know about your other job and the University is not happy about it.’ (referring to my porn career). I said, ‘OK, well, what I do on my own time is not the University’s business.’ They tried to say that it looks really bad for the University and I said, ‘I don’t really care. I’m very proud of what I do. I would never hurt another person so for somebody to say that I was attacking handicapped individuals and soliciting them for sex breaks my heart. I do what I do because I want to spread love and bring people together and make people happy. I’m not ashamed even a little bit. I’m disappointed that you are trying to make me feel ashamed.’ There was a lot more that we discussed, obviously, because it was a 2-hour interrogation. The police report came back with “All Accusations Unfounded”.

This happened on a Friday and the following Monday I got an email from HR asking me to come to their office at 4pm. I knew at that moment that they were going to fire me. They fired me for egregious conduct and reported it to the state of Georgia so that I would never be able to get another state job again since I was fired for cause, although the reason not specified. I was an At-Will employee which means they can fire me for a reason or no reason at all and they decided to fire me for a reason but didn’t give a reason, just “Misconduct”. I immediately hired a lawyer named Alan Begner and he’s a fantastic First Amendment rights lawyer in Atlanta, Georgia. I called him over the weekend and told him I suspected I was going to get fired on Monday. He immediately met with us after the firing. He contacted the University and they had actually detained me without reading me my Miranda rights. They told me to come with them and I told them that I couldn’t because I had an important appointment to go to and I couldn’t reschedule it. They said that I needed to come with them right now and I asked if I had a choice and they shook their head ‘no’. So, I went with them to the police station. The University immediately came up with an agreement that would allow me to resign and that they would give me positive recommendations to future employers as long as I do not diminish the University in any way whatsoever. That was the deal.

The only reason I signed the deal was because, at the time, I was prepared to immerse myself into the adult industry 100%. It was going to be very tough because I lived in Georgia and now I didn’t have any income. So, it was really difficult but I knew that if I wasn’t successful in the industry, I needed to still use my degree. I went to college, I was getting a Master’s Degree in microbiology through the University. I worked really hard during my scientific career. I had multiple publications, in fact, I have a publication that’s going to be submitted very shortly. I’m the second author and it was a big project that I worked on for about five years. I’m very proud of it and I didn’t get a chance to help write it but it’s a project that I am very proud of the work I did. After my firing, my boss, who was left in the dark as to what was happening and why was very upset. He just knew that his manager who had been with him for 7 years and had been responsible for years of operation had been ripped from his lab without explanation and fired. He invited me to come back to join them for a meeting so that I could pass off some of my documents, my work, some of my projects and I did that willingly. I didn’t get paid for that and I spent the whole day there, assisting in the transition of my work to other people, telling them how to do what they needed to do. After that, my boss got a letter from the department head saying I was not allowed on University property and that they would take action if he invited me again. At this time I was still a University student in the Master’s program. They didn’t really know what to do so they left it at that. This all happened in February of 2017 and the fallout is still ongoing.

CJ: After you got fired, did they still let your husband work there?

Lisey: He was still working there but there was a veiled threat that his job was under scrutiny. It was a little more difficult for him because he was a contract employee and a faculty member. They did not arrest him but the police did go to his office and interrogate him. The person who had said all these things about us, Chris Darby, told the police that my husband had been pimping me out, he was the one initiating all of this. They investigated my husband for multiple things including the accusation of signing my time off sheets, which he did not. My husband was not my supervisor. They investigated my boss as well! It spiraled into this whole investigation of time off for everybody at the University so, if you’re working at the University of Georgia and you notice that your time off policy isn’t as flexible as it used to be, you can thank me. (laughs)

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CJ Let’s go back to high school years in which you said you were a little slutty. When was your first threesome?

Lisey: I had a kissy girl/girl threesome when I was 16. Also, when I was 16, I played around with two guys, not at the same time, not a double penetration thing obviously but I fucked them both. (laughs)

CJ: You have a dominant personality. Did that start to come out in high school?

Lisey: The kind of person I was in high school was cocky and dominant to people I thought were very submissive. One of them was a high school teacher. He was very wimpy and sometimes had a hard time controlling the class but also wanting to be the cool guy and wanting people to like him. I respect him for that but he has to understand that there was no way I wasn’t going to dominate him, so I did. I remember that I didn’t like the class and was bored by the subject. The tests were really easy and we had a test coming up and he gave us a study guide that we had to fill out. I decided that I didn’t want to do it. He even gave us class time to do it. He said that we can use the study guide on the test. If you do the work, you should be good to go for the test. I dicked around in the class; I was talking to people, I was texting and he would tell me to put my phone away and I would say, ‘Whatever!’ and I would keep texting and being the shitty teenager like I was. To everybody else, I was the model citizen. I was actually voted the Teacher’s Pet. (laughs) It came time for test day and I told him, ‘I didn’t finish my study guide.’ He said, ‘Well, I guess you’re going to fail!’ I said, ‘I’m not going to fail. You’re going to give me your study guide.’ He said, ‘I can’t do that’ and I came back with, ‘I will be really upset if I fail.’ And he gave it to me. (laughs) He gave me his study guide and it had all the correct answers and I got 100%.

CJ: Being the shitty, slutty teenager you were, did you ever do anything outside of class with a teacher?

Lisey: I went on a date with one of my teacher’s after I graduated high school. We went on one date and there was never any sexual contact or anything like that. There was kind of an awkward hug at the end of the night. The strange thing is, it was right after I had graduated from high school and I had turned 18 already so I was completely legal and there was nothing wrong technically about what we did, although it’s kind of fucked up in retrospect. I remember I told my mom that I was going on a date with him and she was so excited that she bought me a new outfit for the dateWe went to a play, we saw The Full Monty and we went out to dinner and that was that. I really liked the guy as a friend but it was a little weird for me so we didn’t go on another date. (laughs) Sometimes the forbidden fruit is desirable but when you get up close, it’s not what you thought it was. I tended to tantalize people in positions of power, and maybe this is manipulative, but I really got off on thinking that they might be risking something. I liked that power. Even if it was something subtle as just them looking at my cleavage or anything like that. I’ve always been like that, not just through high school. I liked people in a position of superiority or power knowing that I make them so weak that they’re willing to risk a lot.

CJ: When did you really start to explore your sexuality as an adult?

Lisey: I had a boyfriend that was very oppressive. He slut shamed me to the point where it took me years to undo the damage that he did to me. I finally met a new guy, who is my husband now, and at the time we started dating, he told me he wanted to see me have sex with another man. At first, I was shocked maybe even a little sickened or nauseated or nervous by it. I didn’t understand why he wanted to bring another person into our sexual relationship because I thought we enjoyed ourselves and the sex we were already having. When he talked about how much he would enjoy something like that, I finally started to wonder what it might be like to try. I will say, the first couple of times, I didn’t really like it. Either I didn’t have chemistry with the guy or the guy was too dominant or demanding or something and I didn’t enjoy myself. So, I said, ‘No, I just want to have sex with you.’ And then one night, he took me to Key West for the very first time in August of 2010. We were drinking in a bar and I got bold enough to take my shirt off and get painted. I had a bra that was painted on so I wasn’t wearing anything up top but body paint. I met this guy that was chatting with me at the bar. We hit it off and I don’t even remember how it came up but I said, ‘I would like to have sex with you. Let me go ask my husband if that’s ok and you can come back to our hotel with us and he can watch.’ He was totally into it and said he loves threesomes. I asked my husband and it had been a while since we had been with another person. He was shocked and said that he knew how I felt about it and didn’t want to push it and that he wanted it to be on my terms. We brought this guy over and we had such an incredible, amazing experience. This was the first time that my inner vixen was coming out, so to speak. He saw this twinkle and said, ‘That’s my girl!’ Even after that, we didn’t exactly know how to weed out people for the longest time, finding someone compatible so to speak. We had more sex after that but, over time, we learned that not all sexual experiences are treated equally. So, we kept at it and learned what we like and don’t like and what kind of people we like to play around with. That’s how we became swingers.

CJ: So what kind of people do you like to play around with? Who makes the cut?

Lisey: Generally, we like to play with a single guy rather than a couple. The guy really has to, in some degree, worship me. If he is not grateful that I’m even talking to him, I don’t give him a second chance. If he’s a potential and he starts to act like an asshole, then I’m just going to take an opportunity to make fun of him in front of a bunch of people. Some of you guys out there are probably reading this and thinking, ‘Yeah, bitch, she did that to me!’ (laughs) I guess as far as looks or anything like that goes, it doesn’t really matter that much to me. Yes, there are certain types I like, absolutely, but that doesn’t matter to me. I know I can have a good sexual experience with somebody that I’m compatible with sexually and emotionally. If it’s someone who likes to serve and likes to please and treats me like a Goddess, that’s what I’m looking for. If you put me on the backburner or think there’s something better out there, you can kiss that chance goodbye.

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Photo courtesy of Jonni Darkko/Evil Angel

CJ: You were coming out of your shell but is there one moment that pushed you over the edge and you thought you could do porn?

Lisey: We started exploring certain things like wearing sexier, more revealing clothing, and we discovered an event called Fantasy Fest. My fans know about because I talk about it all the time! It’s in Key West, right around Halloween and it’s a fantastic time. We were down there and I got approached by this beautiful, tall, gorgeous Goddess of a woman. She was super-hot. She was naked, big, beautiful tits, everything glowed about her. I remember she had this air about her where she could walk into a room with everybody stopping and looking at her. She really commanded attention, she really had a presence. I had always been a pretty confident person but I felt like pretty small potatoes standing next to her. She came over and talked to me. She wanted to get pictures with me, she started playing with me and, suddenly, we were eating each other’s pussies in a bar and everyone was taking pictures. Her husband was there and my husband was talking to other people but he was seeing this all happen and he didn’t know who this girl was who walked up to me. One of my friends, the late, wonderful Earl Vincent, (he’ll be sadly missed this year) walked up to me and told me that she was Blake Rose and she was a pornstar. I didn’t have a chance to relay this to my husband yet but he sees this girl; he sees that she’s beautiful and that she commands attention and he thinks this is really cool. So, Blake’s husband starts talking to us and they say, ‘Do you want to come back to our hotel with us?’ And we’re just shocked and we look at each other and say, ‘Yes, absolutely!’

She grabs my hand like she didn’t even hear my answer and we start walking back to the hotel, hand-in-hand, her and I. My husband looks at me like ‘what is going on? This is crazy!’ We get to the hotel and her and I are playing for a little bit. We’re eating each other’s pussies and I made her cum with my mouth. That was actually my first girl/girl experience. I had never gone down on another girl and certainly had never made another girl cum ever. I made out with girls before but I never had sexual activity with girls. She was so beautiful, she had a beautiful pussy and tasted amazing. And then we swapped husbands. She wanted my husband to fuck her and I wanted to fuck her husband; he was very attractive. They’re fucking on one bed, we’re fucking in the other and we decided in the spur of the moment that we were going to let them creampie us. So, my husband came inside her and her husband came inside me and we ate our husband’s loads out of each other’s pussies. It was so insane! Afterwards, they asked if we wanted to go down the street for some pizza and we go and we just hang out with them, have some drinks, eat pizza, chat for a couple of hours and it was a really secluded place so we weren’t bothered by other people. I finally tell my husband that she’s a pornstar and he looks at me and he says, ‘I’m so glad you didn’t tell me beforehand because I think I would have had performance anxiety!’

We were just hanging out with them and talking about normal people shit. I don’t know why and, to this day it sounds so silly, but I couldn’t believe how normal they were, how cool they were and how intelligent she was. She had an advanced degree and was such an incredibly smart person. He was a professional and they were both very intelligent, friendly, incredibly wonderful people and I thought the fact that she was a pornstar and she basically didn’t give a fuck about the stigma. She walked around with this air of confidence and she just does that. It’s like the biggest ‘fuck you’ to the world, I’m going to do what I want with my life. And I just thought that was so cool. From that point forward, I was like, ‘that would be so cool if I could do that!’ At the time, I thought, ‘I can’t do that. I’m a scientist. I spent a lot of time and money getting my degree. I worked on my professional career. I’ve gone a long way!’ It would just be a silly thing to do but I really wanted it. I just wanted to be like that. I wanted to be that person that commands attention in a room. I talked to the other photographers and they encouraged me to start doing pictures because they said my pictures always got the most amount of likes on their websites. They told me I could charge people for photoshoot sessions and how to get a Model Mayhem account and we did that as soon as we got back. Not too long after that, I got a booking and then I started getting more bookings to the point where evenings and weekends were completely full of photo shoots. I got practice and then it started getting a little bit more real for me that I was this person that people were looking at. I felt sexy and my confidence just grew.

CJ: You were fantastic in Anal Trixxx. How much do you think you can take up your butt?

Lisey: During that scene, you may not be able to tell but I had four of those balls in my ass. They are not ping pong balls, they are really big more like a ball pit ball. Then, on top of that, I had a big toy in my ass. So, I had four balls plus a double dildo or a dick or whatever else was inside of me. It’s hard to say because they’re all odd shaped items. But there was a lot in there and then there was a big, black inflatable-like one. Jonni held it up and said, ‘Nobody’s been able to do this one!’ I looked at it and said, ‘I’m not going to be able to do that but LET’S TRY!’ and it went right in! I was shocked at how terribly easy it was to do that! I did a lot that day. Even Jonni can tell you that I was in anal euphoria! I squirted so much during that. I was actually concerned about the integrity of my performance because I get dick drunk so easily and I start to get out of it a little bit. Other than the fistings I’ve had for Legal Porno and all the double anal I do, I would say that one tested my limits the most.

CJ: Speaking of double anal, I saw you in All Stuffed Up 3 as well. What is it about double anal that you like so much?

Lisey: I love double anal so much because it is really hard core. It takes it to the next level. From a performance standpoint, it’s just fantastic. Not a lot of people can do it and I’ve always been “two dicks? Yeah, stick them in my butt!’ It’s really dirty but also, I have to admit, I don’t think a lot of people know this, that I actually really get off on the idea of two dicks rubbing together inside of my orifice. (laughs) Personally, I really like that. It really turns me on. I do double vaginal as well but double anal is a lot easier for me to do. For some reason, double anal is so much dirtier.

CJ: Have you done either double anal in your personal life?

Lisey: I have not. I know I’ve done double vaginal and my husband told me, ‘I’ve never done double anal with you.’ ‘What? That’s not possible!’ ‘Yeah, you forget about me all the time!’ But I will make it happen. But it’s not easy to do and the people that are doing it have to be really prepared for it.

Lisey Sweet Double Anal

CJ: Does double anal give you a feeling of being all filled up? Is that orgasmic for you?

Lisey: I have squirted. I don’t know if I’ve squirted from double anal before. You guys would know better than I do because I’m in la-la land. It is very intense and it is stretching so I’m always trying to be conscious of where the dicks are. People that don’t know exactly what they’re doing, and, of course, the people that I work with know exactly what they’re doing, sometimes the dick slips out. It can look a little haphazard and obviously we edit it to make it look it a little bit prettier than it is. Anyone that has tried double anal will tell you that it’s not easy for anybody. The whole concept of doing it is more mentally arousing than physically arousing. Nobody’s in a comfortable position and everyone’s bent in awkward ways and their members are bent and stretched in awkward ways. It’s really for aesthetic purposes.

CJ: Would a triple anal be coming sometime soon?

Lisey: Yes! I just did my first triple anal for LegalPorno while I was in Prague, I addition to two more double anal scenes- one has been released, my first BBC DAP Gangbang!

CJ: What is the most amount of guys you’ve been with on-camera?

Lisey: 8 guys and 2 girls and that was for Legal Porno.

CJ: What is the most amount of guys you’ve been with off-camera?

Lisey: 16, from that gangbang I told you about in our first interview!

CJ: You have done a lot of creampie scenes. What is it about creampies that you like?

Lisey: It feels amazing! I like the control that it gives me and physically it feels really good to feel somebody finish inside of me. I definitely always enjoy creampies. Anal creampies are very dirty. They’re risky in some ways I suppose. There is this level of taboo that is associated with anal creampies but I know that my butthole can suck the cum out of a dick like no other. (laughs) But vaginal creampies feel really amazing. There’s something about it. Hearing that wetness and seeing that vulnerability the moment before they cum and knowing that my pussy is milking it out of them is really hot for me. For the most part, I always choose creampies.

CJ: What’s the best sexual experience of your life either on or off camera?

Lisey: Ah, goodness! You put me on the spot here! There are really so many that are up there. I don’t like to say on-camera experiences because I feel that it’s a cop-out. Not to say that I don’t have great sexual experiences there but that’s professional level. You’re comparing apples and oranges there. Can I say a few?

There’s one guy that we’ve hooked up with a few times. The first time we met him, was at Fantasy Fest last year. My husband actually warned me that there was this guy that I would like. He said, ‘I saw this guy walking around and I hope we run into him again!’ We walked past this bench and he said, ’That’s him!’ He’s wearing pretty much nothing except these boy shorts and bunny ears and a tail attached to that. I look over at him and made eye contact and he walked right over to me and said, ‘Hi, I’m Fabio. What are you doing tonight?’ And I said, ‘Well hopefully you.’ And he says, ‘OK’ and we went back to our room and had some pretty amazing sex. I got double penetrated that night. We met him again at our anniversary in May. We’ve hooked up with him a couple of times and he’s a really fun partner to hook up with. He’s incredibly sexy and he really enjoys being with me. When I told him I was going to be in town, he was in Miami at the time, and he drove all the way from to Key West to see me. This pussy’s that good. (laughs)

The Blake Rose experience was pretty incredible because it was kind of a “coming to” moment for me in a lot of ways and it was incredibly hot! We met an Italian guy at a Tour of Italy wine tasting in Beverly Hills. We wined and dined him and brought him back to our hotel. Having him ravish me was amazing! I really enjoyed that. The numerous gangbangs I’ve had were all pretty amazing. The best sexual experiences on-camera that I’ve had are probably having sex with Manuel Ferrara for RAW 34. That was amazing and of course Toni Ribas and Ramon Nomar. I would also say getting destroyed in Prague and the one with Jonni Darkko in Anal Trixxx.

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Photo courtesy of Jonni Darkko/Evil Angel

CJ: Porn is all about fetishes. Does Lisey Sweet have any fetishes?

Lisey: Oh yes. (laughs) I love lingerie. I love being in control. When I’m not in control, I exit the situation. I have a foot fetish; my own feet. I like to be on the receiving and worshipping end. One of my favorite things is to get my feet rubbed really hard when I’m getting fucked. I love to have them rubbed and massaged and cared for. I get pedicures regularly. I make sure my toes are in tip top shape. In between my pedicures, I use a pumice on my feet every day. I make sure they are taken care of. I’m starting to develop a slight nail fetish as some of my fans may have noticed. I love them long, I love them sharp, I love them kind of crazy. I haven’t always sported the long, crazy nails my whole life but that was something my mom did when I was younger. I remember going to the salon with her. Every two weeks, I would sit there and watch her get her nails done and she would have these long, acrylic nails. It was an embarrassment for her not to have her nails done. I have always respected that. Even for me, when I couldn’t afford to have my nails done, I would do them myself. I couldn’t ever tell you a time since I was 6 that I didn’t have my toes painted. I discovered gel polish and when it became popular in 2010 or so, that was a game changer for me. I used to spend 4 hours every single Sunday painting my nails. I would do the base coat, then two layers of polish and then I would do a clear coat on top and let them dry thoroughly. It chipped easily so I would have to redo the nail or do it a week later. Then gel polish came along. Now I don’t even do them myself, I leave it to the professionals and they do a fantastic job. I’m so excited, I’m getting my nails done this week and one of my fans is paying for them because he has a specific design that he wants me to do. I’m really excited to live that out for him.

I also have a shoe fetish. I have a shoe slave that sends me shoes all the time and I actually had a slave take me shopping in Beverly Hills recently and he bought me a pair of some really high end shoes that I had been wanting! I love jewelry and anything that’s luxurious. I guess everything is technically a fetish but if it could be anything that it’s so fetishy that it’s not a fetish, it would be dick. I love dicks, I love dick pics. One more fetish I have is extreme anal tricks. Not necessarily fucking because a lot of people can do that. Just sitting there and seeing what you can put in there. Seeing what impressive tricks you can do. That was always one thing that I did in my cam shows that people knew me for. I can put things in there and do whatever. And I even called them anal tricks so when I got that phone call asking me to be in a movie called Anal Trixxx. I said, ‘Holy fuck. This was made for me!’ They asked me if I could do two dicks because they thought there’d be two guys for it. ‘Duh, of course!’ Not only doing that but anal training other people; teaching them how to do those kind of things because it’s 95% a mental game. It’s really about mental focus and mental zen that you have to do.

CJ: I think you are absolutely gorgeous with a great body. It’s even better than a year ago, what’s your workout routine?

Lisey: Some of you guys may have noticed that I’m not the same shape as I was last year when I entered the industry. Last year, I don’t know if a lot of people know, but I went through an extensive weight loss. I went from 190 pounds all the way down to 119 pounds. That included extensive dieting, not any fad dieting or anything dangerous, I just watched what I ate and reduced the amount of calories I took. I was doing that and running a ton and doing abdominal exercises here and there. I got thin, and my BMI was almost to an underweight level. Looking back on some of my photos, I felt like I looked that skin was hanging a little bit or my ribs were sticking out, even though I had curves, I was very thin but it wasn’t the body shape that I wanted. So I spent the spring doing a lot of glute exercises. I was doing side lunges up a mountain, I was doing squats and working on my abs and doing running in moderation. I also peeled back on the diet, adding more fat and a lot more protein and allowing myself to have a not so restrictive diet. I still have vegetables all the time and I allowed myself to have a little bit more fat. Now, I’m up to 135 pounds and I went from a 35” hip to a 41” hip and my waist measurement went from 25” to 26”. My breasts are a little bit more plump, my ass is definitely bigger. What I’ve been doing now is I started taking a resistance-type Pilates class that focuses on doing a lot of squats with resistance, doing lunges with resistance and doing plank to pikes with resistance and it’s very intense. Although I still run, I basically do it on off days. I focus on building muscle around my glutes and keeping the abs tight or at least trying to. Also eating healthy but not restricting myself from fatty or protein rich foods and I feel it’s done a little bit better for my figure. I still work out anywhere from 4 to 6 times a week. And I’ve been doing hot yoga. It’s almost a treat to myself when I workout hard. It’s very good for your mental health as well as your flexibility and keeping everything nice and limber.

CJ: You are a very intelligent woman, is it ever frustrating that your whole being is reduced to how your holes are filled?

Lisey: I suppose not. I feel that there are times that I have said, ‘Hey, listen, I’m not just some dumb fuck hole’ but, at the same time, I guess I do enjoy objectifying other people and sometimes I like to be objectified to some degree, that’s really hot to me. However, if I ever see somebody that truly speaks that way, I’ll say, ‘Hold on a sec. I will school you in more ways than you will ever know sexually and intellectually and you will sit there like a little crybaby on the floor just realizing how much you don’t know about the world!’ I see there are a lot of people out there like Victoria’s Secret models that are coders and programmers and there are a lot of girls in our industry like Angela White, Joanna Angel, tons of people, guys too like Colby Jansen, that have really high degrees and had high impact professional jobs before. They are some of the most intelligent people I have met in my whole life, even comparing them to the science community. It’s really cool to know that these people have taken their lives and livelihoods and said ‘I’m going to do what I want!’ That’s because they’re so intelligent they know how to handle it, they know how to shape it, they know how to make it work for them. We only get one chance in this world to live out what they do and we have decided this is what we’re going to do and we’ve decided to choose happiness.

CJ: If there’s a statement you could make to the world, what would it be?

Lisey: You can’t be slut shamed if you’re not ashamed of anything. I don’t know if I need to elaborate too much but there are a lot of people in the industry who feel like they’ve been slut shamed the whole time while living this lifestyle and it’s been so difficult. I don’t find that to be true. I own the word slut as a word of endearment. When people say negative things, I realize that it’s a lack of education for that person and I take it as an opportunity to educate them. What I find more often than not, that’s exactly the case and some people truly just don’t understand. They’ve never interacted with a person like me in their whole life. I guess that some “civilians” don’t understand why we do what we do. When I tell them why I do what I do, they have the utmost respect for me. There’s nothing that can be detracted from that no matter what they say or think. Some people may give me a side eye but then, in the end, they say, ‘Wow, I admire you for doing what you want and for doing what none of us would never have the nerve to do.’

CJ: How can the fans follow you on social media?

Lisey: My Twitter is @Lisey_2014. My Snapchat is @LiseySweet2014. Instagram is @Lisey2014.

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  1. Lisey has some enjoyable poses..

  2. Lisey is a superstar in the porn business today, she’s right where she should be, any other job because of beauty probably be sexual harassment, she made the right move great personality great shape, I’m happy for her, I hope it all work out for her.

  3. Awesome

  4. I’ve had an opportunity it to meet Lisey in Key West with her husband several times. Not sexually, just working where I do and I have nothing but incredible things to say about the way they carry themselves. She’s such a fun and loving individual and it feels like an honor to have been in her presence

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