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Lisey Sweet Talks with Captain Jack

Lisey is a very energetic fuck bunny who is making a name for herself in the industry. She is very professional in what she does but when the red light turns on, she is a certifiable slut! I have been impressed in every performance I’ve seen of hers. I had a chance to catch up with Lisey at the recently completed Adult Entertainment Expo and she is something special!

Lisey Sweet

Captain Jack: You have been in porn for a year now so how has your first year gone?

Lisey Sweet: It’s been awesome! Everyday, I still wake up and can’t believe what I’m doing…it’s so exciting to me! I moved out to LA and doing a lot of really fun stuff. I have some really exciting content coming out. I can’t believe I’m nominated for an AVN for Hottest Newcomer. It’s great! I love it so much! It went by so fast!

CJ: What were some of the highlights, what were some of your favorite scenes?

Lisey: Perv City’s Department of Double Penetration, I did my accidental double anal for that one and that’s a really, really hot video. I’m so excited about that.

CJ: How was it “accidental”?

Lisey: (laughs) Well, it was supposed to be a regular DP. I was in cowgirl on Bill Bailey and he’s fucking my ass. So John Strong comes in to do the double penetration for the first time. I’m thinking, “Hold on a second! If Bill’s in my ass, are they going to cross swords or what?” And all of a sudden, he slides in and I’m ‘Ahhhhhh. Is this really happening?’ I could have stopped it but I decided to go for it because this is going to take me to the next level. So before we even do DP, we’re doing double anal. And Bill had his balls in my asshole, it was crazy! The chemistry was great, it was such a fun time. I also got to work with Kink and did my first gangbang with them. And I also did a really dirty one

CJ: So with Kink, they ask the girls for their fantasies, what was your fantasy in the gangbang?

Lisey: I was a slave to Mr. Ricky Johnson. He was my Master and locked me in a cage. He gave me a little cup to piss in. I was so embarrassed because I spilled a little and so I licked it up. I licked it up off the floor! So, to reward me, he decided to grant my biggest fantasy which was a gangbang and to be airtight. He brings all his friends over and there are 5 of them in total. They take turns, I’m in a leather hood, I’m in a swing and I’m bound every which way. It’s really crazy! I love gangbangs! I got double penetrated and it’s hot! It’s a good one.

CJ: Are you naturally submissive?

Lisey: No, I’m actually naturally dominant. When I go to Fantasy Fest, I’ve had a slave there before. Throughout my life, I’ve had a shoe slave…

CJ: What’s a shoe slave?

Lisey: He buys me shoes and he buys videos of me dominating men with my shoes.

Lisey Sweet porn

CJ: Going back to the double anal, you’ve done that in your personal life, correct?

Lisey: I have done it in my personal life, yes. (laughs) Who does that?

CJ: You said your husband likes to watch you fuck other men and cum as many times as you can. What’s the most times you have cum in one session?

Lisey: It actually takes quite a bit to get me worked up. So probably in one session, three or four times. Not that many! Some girls can cum 60 times but I’m going to make you work for it.

CJ: Do you have anal orgasms?

Lisey: I do, yes. They tend to be a little bit stronger than a vaginal orgasm.

CJ: So you prefer anal orgasms?

Lisey: I guess sometimes, yes. I will never turn down a good orgasm. They get really intense, I’ve squirted from anal orgasms before.

CJ: You call yourself a certified slut. Now that you’ve been in the business for a year, what’s the wildest thing you’ve done off-camera?

Lisey: I would probably say at Fantasy Fest. We had fun during the day and I’d be pretty much naked walking around the streets. I also did a very special anal show on stage at a strip club down there. Each night, we just picked up some hot dude that we found. There was a couple times that I got double penetrated. Every single night, we had one or two guys. (laughs) If you follow my premium Snapchat at Fan Centro, you saw the pictures!

Lisey Sweet xxx

CJ: What’s your favorite part about a woman?

Lisey: Honestly, she has to be gorgeous. She has to be confident but not too confident or cocky or bitchy. When it comes to girls, I’m pretty particular. I’m not picky when it comes to fucking them but really, really liking them and going after them, they have to be confident.

CJ: If someone offered you a lesbian showcase film, what four girls would you pick to be in it with you?

Lisey: Number one would be Kissa Sins because I have the biggest fucking girl crush on her. I would probably also choose Adriana Chechik because she’s dirty as fuck. There’s so many good ones. Jessa Rhodes is so gorgeous. Everytime I see her, I’m ‘Oh my gosh! She’s so pretty!’ I can’t imagine being face deep in her pussy, I’d be so nervous. And Leigh Raven, I’ve met her before. C’mon, look at her!

CJ: Do you ever miss your old laboratory job?

Lisey: No. It was really fun when I did it, I was really good at it and sometimes I still get asked questions from my old boss. I did enjoy the science but this job is so good, I don’t look back at it. I like this lifestyle.

CJ: Do you ever get tired of fighting the stereotype that porn girls are airheads?

Lisey: I do recognize that as an issue but I feel like one of the main reasons I’m in the industry is because I want to use this as a chance to educate people. There’s a lot of us who are really smart and educated. We’re confident, sexy women and we like to do this because we enjoy it and it’s fun for us. It’s not because of whatever reasons people think. Come to this show like AVN and you’ll see that. There are a lot of girls here doing it because they’re doing what they want to do and they’re not apologetic.

CJ: Lastly, what’s your social media so that the fans can follow you?

Lisey: My Twitter is @Lisey_2014.My Snapchat is @LiseySweet2014. Instagram is @Lisey2014. Just google me and stuff will pop up!

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