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Lisa Ann Talks with Captain Jack

Lisa Ann is a legend in the adult industry and I was thrilled and honored to talk to her recently. She got her start back in 1993 and recently returned from a little hiatus. She has a lot of things going on in her life and is successful in other mediums but still has a lot to give to the industry! We had a very interesting talk that veered off into different subjects and I hope you enjoy it! A special thank you to Lisa for taking time out of her busy schedule to talk to me!

Lisa Ann Pornstar Interview
Photo courtesy of Lisa Ann Productions/Evil Angel

Captain Jack: I guess the first thing I have to ask you, as I’m sure you get in every interview, is why comeback? When you retired, it was kind of messy and you were so successful with things outside of the industry? Why now?

Lisa Ann: It’s so interesting that you say it in that way. You say you were successful in other things and there are so many levels of success to be had in this adult business just as well. It doesn’t mean that I’m less successful that I came back; it means that actually understanding that I’ve mastered my sports radio career. I do it Sunday and Monday nights and I love it. But, realistically, doing something 2 nights a week is not something that’s going to keep me entertained. I started to travel around a bit and do some trade shows and got back out there in 2017. I was really entertaining the idea of coming back into the business for the whole year of 2017. And traveling, especially Australia, one of my favorite places to do trade shows and meet my fans, really reminded me of what I bring into people’s lives. How much fun people have had watching me, what they love about my scenes. All these thing really re-inspired me to stop and think, ‘ok, what were the true reasons that I left?’ Well, there was a lot of burnout there because I think I was doing everything that everybody wanted all the time just to please everybody. I wasn’t getting enough of my own life, my own sleep, my own time with my friends. So the life that I desired, it could have been created with me in the business but I just didn’t allow it to happen. I didn’t know how to say ‘no’. I also started to reconnect with a lot of the newer girls and the younger talent and I realized that no one has done something else, continued to do something else and shared that inspiration of ‘hey, people on the other side are going to be a lot cooler than you’re expecting.’ I want to build a bridge and be a mentor and give confidence to the girls that their opportunities are endless instead of feeling like they’re trapped.

CJ: I just reviewed Lisa Ann Is Back 4 More. You have Prince Yahshua, Isiah Maxwell, Johnny Sins and Markus Dupree. How did you choose the cast?

Lisa Ann: Isiah was my very last scene and I wanted to do my very first scene back with him. He was new just when I was getting ready to retire and we worked together a bunch of times and he is just such a nice guy. Loves the sex, loves being on set, really easy going, nice, nice, nice guy. I knew he would keep it a secret. Believe it or not, the first scene I shot, I hadn’t talked to Evil Angel yet, I hadn’t made any major decisions, I just shot it just to see how I felt about it. I was just going to roll the dice and thought, ‘If I don’t like it, I don’t have to use it, just see how I feel about it.’ So I did that and really got to that stage where I got comfortable. I loved the scene that I shot, I loved the talent that I worked with, I’m really happy with how all of this went. It really just happened organically and naturally.

CJ: In the BTS, you said that you were involved in all aspects of making the DVD. Most fans think you just show up on set and fuck. What did it all entail?

Lisa Ann: For me, it starts with me deciding who my talent is going to be. I talked about Isiah; I know Johnny, I was his first agent so we have a great connection; I love Prince and our fans loved us together; and Markus was getting into the business as I was leaving and reached out to me right when I was leaving to work with me but I was already retired. So it was about putting together the talent mix. Then you go through your crew and who you want to hire for each project. I started to look at locations and I was really trying to get away from that similar porno vibe where everything is shot in the same house and it all looks the same. I did a little more detail with the wardrobe and the makeup. You’ll see in my next movie, I shot it at the Randall Ranch and all the scenes are outside. It’s so beautiful. After the rain in California, it was such a rich, beautiful green. It was amazing. I did everything from buying wardrobe for the girls, to picking the makeup artists and locations and schedule. Getting on the phone with agents and who was available on what days and make sure the makeup artist was available and the house was available…It’s a lot of calculating but it really creates it as something special that you really put your heart into. I really thought about everything.

Lisa Ann Evil Angel
Photo courtesy of Lisa Ann Productions/Evil Angel

CJ: You have a distribution deal with Evil Angel. Is it for a certain amount of scenes or a certain amount of DVDs?

Lisa Ann: I’m producing so it’s pretty much on my schedule, whatever I want to do. The goal of mine is to shoot and produce one movie a month. But the reality is, to produce one movie a month, I lose a lot of time to promote the movie properly, to get out and do some store signings, stuff like that, so it’s probably going to be an every other month thing until I can get ahead. What’s great about Evil Angel is, as I shoot my scenes, even if I don’t have a movie ready, we go one at a time and add them to so my fans always have something. After they’ve been on, I get them back after 90 days to put on my website for my members. ,

CJ: You released a successful autobiography a couple years ago. How long did it take you to write it?

Lisa Ann: It took me a couple of years to write because I overwrite. You’re a writer so you understand what it’s like to overwrite. I really overwrote. Now I know. I’m working on a second book and you can write and edit. You also have to keep notes on what you’ve written so you don’t tell the same story twice. You have to know where you’re at. It was a great thing for me because I really grinded out my first year of retirement. That first year was not pleasant. I went through a lot of things and a lot of nasty things happened. So it was a great distraction of being in New York working on sports radio and grinding on writing and editing this book.

CJ: You are keeping your Sirius fantasy sports shows. I know that baseball isn’t your favorite sport. How long did it take you to get up to speed with all the players and the stats and all that?

Lisa Ann: I play fantasy baseball, I have to! It keeps me on air! My first year, I was in a 15-team league with all hosts and they have all been playing for a ton of years. I finished in last place. So I took all the next year and last year I finished in third place. It took me a good 2 years to really wrap my head around it. This year, I’m in 2 fantasy baseball leagues and I have 2 shows.

CJ: Baseball is a tough fantasy sport because it’s such a long season and it’s every day!

Lisa Ann: Oh my God! It’s the fucking player guess. It’s the 10-day DL and which pitcher is getting 2 starts and the lineups and when they change it. Baseball is a very remarkable sport. I was raised on basketball and football and it wasn’t until I started working for Sirius that I started following baseball and really learned the sport. I read a ton of baseball books and if you don’t have a grandparent or someone that takes you to games and explains to you what’s taking place, it seems like it’s a boring sport. But once you learn it and you understand the relationship between the pitcher and the catcher and the base stealers and what’s going on in the dugout and the calls…it’s such an old school, non-computer animated sport. It’s very nostalgic and classic. I really enjoy watching it now. I really enjoy watching certain pitchers. I really get excited over their stuff, their skill set. Of course, we’re all flipping out over Shohei Ohtani this year because he’s a 2-way player which I don’t necessarily agree with because you can only be really good in so many things. I’m so worried that he’s going to take a pitch at the plate and get injured and then you lose a great pitcher. I love watching him pitch because he commands the fucking ball. It’s really inspiring.

CJ: You said something interesting in the BTS of your DVD, that you want to help the young girls in this industry. How do you plan on going about that?

Lisa Ann: I’ve been contacting a lot of them, I’ve been reaching out to agents and seeing who they have that I could help them with. I just spent some time with Gina Valentina. I’m showing her on her Spotify store different things to do and different aspects of the industry. Just really teaching them. You’re a young entrepreneur, you’re building capital for your future and that’s how you have to look at it. And when you look at it that way, you want to hone in everything about your business and you want to look at your business as a time ratio scenario. So if you’re going to fill orders from your store, every order for an hour a day, you do that. You get in a routine. Just like when I started selling items on MySexyAuctions. I said I was going to spend 4 hours a week; post new items, print photos, have everything ready to go so when the order comes in, it’s ready to be filled. So by me walking them through steps on not being so overwhelmed and building a daily schedule, a daily journal of things you’re going to attack in the order you’re going to do them. I can see them already taking more control, feeling more empowered and being on top of things so they’re not so stressed. Sometimes when you get overwhelmed you even procrastinate more.

Lisa Ann porn movies
Photo courtesy of Lisa Ann Productions/Evil Angel

CJ: You have had a long and storied career. If you could go back and do anything differently, would you?

Lisa Ann: Yes, I wouldn’t have worked so much in my career. I wouldn’t have rushed around so much for as many people. I wouldn’t have hustled so hard, I would have enjoyed the experiences that I was having. For example, I’m feature dancing again but I’m only going to do five or six bookings a year. I did a booking in April and all these clubs are reaching out, ‘Oh, can we get the weekend after that?’ No, you don’t understand. I’m only going to do that once every 6-8 weeks because I want it to be really special. I want to fly in the day before. The last 3 years in the business, I was in New York Sunday and Monday; Tuesday mornings, I would fly out at 6am and be on set by 10. I’d shoot Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Then Thursday night I would take a redeye to whatever town and dance Friday night. I look at that now, that’s crazy. I recently had a booking in Tampa. I flew in a day early, I laid out by the pool, I laid out, I went to dinner with the owner, I was in bed by 9pm. I built in a tiny vacation. I brought a good book and I sat outside for 3 hours by the pool, something I won’t do at home because I’m doing a ton of other things. I want to make these things better. I want to appreciate the experience. Don’t rush through it, enjoy it. I didn’t get enough sleep before because I was always running around. Sleep is so important! You’re more rested, you eat better, all of that! All of the experiences, the good, the bad and the ugly, were all meant to happen because now I’m the person I am. I really look back and am thankful I went through everything because it really makes me appreciate the good stuff so much more.

CJ: I’ve had a question that I’ve wanted to ask you for 6 or 7 years now. I heard in a BTS a few years ago that you have a 101-year old friend that you’ve written to one time a week since you were 16. How did that come about?

Lisa Ann: Thank you so much for asking about my favorite person in my life. She passed away 2 days before her 102nd birthday. Living in New York was great because I was there the last 3 ½ years of her life, same as my grandfather. They were both in a nursing home in Pennsylvania and it was a really easy bus trip, about 45 minutes. I would get off the bus and walk to one of the nursing homes and my mom would come get me and we’d go together. So I spent a lot of time with Peggy. She was such an incredible person in my life. When I think about her, I want to channel her to the younger girls. I was talking to one of the younger girls early this morning and she said something negative about another girl. I told her, ‘Listen, the only thing you can do is see good in people. Don’t focus on the bad. Everybody has bad, none of us is perfect. So if you create this new mindset where you just notice the good, because they are all our co-workers and they are all people we need to co-exist with, and they are people who are going to help us succeed. It makes it a lot easier and more pleasant than harping on the bad.’

CJ: How did you meet Peggy?

Lisa Ann: Peggy was my neighbor growing up. She had an awesome farm which connected right to our property, which was farmland. She had a well and I loved her water even as a young girl. I would walk over to her house and get well water out of the tap. If you’ve ever had well water, you know how good it is. She rearranged her kitchen when I was a little girl so that everything I needed was in the under cabinets. When I was too short, everything was there. My parents would sometimes have her babysit for me and, as I got older, I wanted to be there. Every Saturday morning, she would make sticky buns from scratch. The process from when I was 7 or 8 years old, I would see her every Saturday. We started sewing together and we just did things together. She raised a ton of fruits and vegetables and she taught me how to can them. She taught me how to make pickles. Those are lessons that I didn’t even realize that young were going to be so valuable to me later in life. Knowing how to sew is amazing because if I need to alter something, I can whip out my sewing machine! I have the original sewing machine that she gave me for my graduation from high school in 1990. I refuse to get rid of it. I could buy a new high tech one but even when this one dies, I have to keep it! She never had kids, she was never able to have kids so I was her daughter.

CJ: And how can the fans get ahold of you?

Lisa: On Twitter, I’m @TheRealLisaAnn.Instagram is the same and Facebook is trlaofficial.

Lisa Ann porn
Photo courtesy of Lisa Ann Productions/Evil Angel

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