Matchmaker Interviews Lily Cade

Matchmaker Interviews Lily Cade

Lily Cade

Which genre(s) of music do you like to listen to?

I like a lot of different kinds of music. I listen to music to create a mood… it’s not so much about the genre as the piece. When I’m in the car with someone else, I always tell them to pick the music.

Do you have any favourite TV shows?

I watch Game of Thrones, Jessica Jones, Bob’s Burgers and Rick and Morty. I don’t watch a lot of Tv, but when I find a new show I’ll often watch it all at once.

What are your favourite hobbies?

Besides picking up women, I ride horses, go to the beach to swim (wetsuit or nude beach… have to keep that pale skin), hang out in my hot tub and learn and create new things. I also love to cook and try new things in the kitchen.

Are there any female performers you would like to work with someday?

I’d love to get my hands on Aria Alexander and Riley Reid.

Since you’re good at using a strap-on, do you have any favourite strap-on scenes of yours that you would recommend to fans to watch?

Fuck The Police has two great ones – me fucking Jenna Sativa and Jess Gatsby fucking me. My website also has some standouts – a recent highlight is my casting couch scene with Alex Grey. I made her squirt for the first time and showed her the intensity of real lesbian sex.

Do you have any particular on-camera or off-camera experiences where you enjoyed being on the receiving end of a strap-on?

On camera, you can watch me take it in Fuck The Police. I love strap-ons off camera, but only if you’re good. I’m a beast. I have to be fucked like one.

Do you remember any scenes you’ve done where you had your biggest/best orgasm(s)?

The end scene of Heartbreaker vs Obscura with Annika Albrite is good. She held me on the edge before finally letting me come. We had this sensual, passionate connection that really worked for the characters.

Heartbreaker VS Obscura

What type of things do you like to do on a date or date night?

I like to get two tickets to various events and then find someone to go with me – movie screenings, plays, random free events. I’m down to try almost anything if someone invites me. Of course, you know what I really like to do on date nights. If you don’t, should give you a pretty good idea.

Do you have any advice for other people when it comes to picking someone up or dating/relationships?

Lots of it. I’m actually working on a new project related to this topic, coming soon to YouTube. My biggest piece of advice is to stay relaxed and present, and accept the story you’re in instead of the one you want to be in. Look people in the eyes, talk to them without judgement, and accept that rejection will happen. It’s not that bad. It’s scarier to think about than it is to experience. Pay attention to other people… when you’re attuned, you can feel the connections that are open to you.

What turns you on about women?

Everything. Smell, touch, taste, the sound of their voices, the curves and movements of their bodies.

If you had to rank from most to least, which type of women are you most attracted to: older, younger, about the same age, any age (as long as theyre legal)?

Physically, I’m most attracted to younger girls… but my real type is an energy thing. There’s the sort of attraction that I can experience looking at someone, and then there’s chemistry, which is a sort of heightened state. The latter is more important, but it’s nice to have both.

Are there any celebrities you would most like to have sex with?

I always used to say Rachel Maddow, but I don’t think she’d be about it. I sent her a copy of Between The Headlines and she sent it back.

What type of sex do you prefer to participate in the most: slow & sensual or hot & sweaty or adventurous & kinky

Connected… but I do generally prefer aggressive sex.

Lily Cade

Are you usually turned on, turned off or indifferent when you and/or your partner get sweaty during sex?

One of the reasons that I’m a great performer is that I shift myself to see the hot part of everything. I don’t have much of a disgust reaction when it comes to women. If we are sweating, I appreciate the smell and see the beauty in sweat beading on my lover’s skin.

What’s the sweatiest you’ve ever been during a particular session of sex: don’t sweat much, only a little (sweaty forehead), some (forehead, face, chest) or a lot (full body sweat)?

Soaking, man. I shoot Porno in the valley in the summer.

What are your top fetishes/turn-ons?

Strap-ons, pushing limits, girl’s throats from the inside and the outside, fulfilling her fantasy, group sex, public sex, a good story.

Have there been any sexual fantasies that you were happy to actually fulfill?

I like to say I don’t have fantasies, I have ambitions. I don’t daydream about things I wish I could do – I just fucking do them. I get off when I’m doing something new… but I don’t necessarily think about doing it before it happens. In High School, I made a list that had things like “have two girlfriends” and “have a threesome”. I ran through it pretty fast.

Do you have any sexual fantasies you would like to experience someday?

I have never been DP’ed by two butch lesbians and I’ve never been gangbanged. I do intend to change this.

Do you have any advice for other people when it comes to sex?

Lots of it. Again, stay tuned 🙂

Are there any social media accounts/e-mail addresses/websites/blogs you would like to promote or let fans know about if they wanted to contact you?

Twitter @lily_cade

Instagram lily_cade

Lily Cade

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