Lexington Steele Interview

Captain Jack interviews Lexington Steele

Lex is one the main men in porn and he is working more often than ever! He has filmed over 1000 titles in his career and shows no signs of slowing down.

Lexington Steele

Captain Jack: Tell me how you got your start in porn?

Lexington Steele: Initially, I did a few magazines. That was about ’96 or ’97. From there, through the photographer, I met a producer in the Bronx and he shot for Caesar Video. So I actually had a little experience working in Manhatten before I came out to Los Angeles in ’98. I also had a regular job, I was a broker for a number of years.

CJ: Every guy I know thinks they can do what you do, how do you do what you do for hours on end, other than medication?

Lex: Most productions go for two hours at the most. If it’s a feature, you’ll be on set for a few hours but you’re not actually fucking that long. The actual duration is an hour, hour and a half depending on how smoothly it goes. There’s break time, you can stop whenever you want, sometimes it might take you a bit longer to get your edge going so patience is always a part of the game. People forget, there are performers like myself who were well established before any type of ED drugs were available. So don’t make the mistake of assuming that 100% of male performers need anything to do what we do. A lot of times, people suggest that male performers are on something because they personally can not do it. They need to seek reasons why someone else is really good at it. I could never be as fast as Usain Bolt but I can’t assume he’s on Performance Enhancing Drugs!

CJ: I know how it is going to work in a 9-5, some days you just don’t want to be there. It’s still a job to you, but have you ever had a day in your years in porn where you didn’t want to be there?

Lex: (laughs) You want to make sure those instances are few and far between. But there have been a number of times, whether you’re up late the night before or you were doing things the night before that are going to affect the way you work today, where you sometimes feel like taking the day off. I’ll be dreading the time I have to leave the house in the morning. The challenge is the time I leave my door to the time I arrive on set, I need to get rid of that feeling. So even if I leave the house with a scowl on my face by the time I reach that set, I have to be in the right frame of mind. That type of energy can really convolute the whole set and then everybody’s in a bad mood. The last thing you want to have is the female talent to be in a bad mood.

Lexington Steele porn

CJ: Have you ever been booked with an 18-year old hottie and it’s just difficult to contain yourself?

Lex: Yes but generally not in relation to whether the girl is 18 or whatever. Quite honestly, I have a series called Lex Poles, Small Holes and that focuses on petite newbies. So I have that series but there are 2 reasons I’m not inspired by that. I’ve never liked petite girls so I won’t be physically charged by smaller women. I prefer voluptuous women like I have in my series Lex Likes ‘Em Thick. Also, a lot of times with the teens, oftentimes they haven’t learned the skills of making adult videos. Yes, everyone has sex but they have to learn how to do it for video purposes.

CJ: You have a couple different series out, let’s go over them one-by-one. Lex Turns Evil.

Lex: That series is a continuation of my series Lex Steele XXX for Mercenary Pictures. When I launched Lexington Steele Productions, I wanted to continue that series. So Lex Turns Evil is where I take the most popular names, the biggest names that do interracial, I’ll shoot them in that series. So that’s a high glamour gonzo movie with whoever is the Apex at that particular moment.

CJ: What about the Lexecuitioner?

Lex: That is a killer series. It’s all anal. You may have some of the same girls from Lex Turns Evil but they all do anal.

CJ: Lex Steele’s Black Panthers?

Lex: That’s my first all ethnic title with Evil Angel. I have a number of other series in the market place, like the Black Reign Series, the Ebony XXX series and the Nightstick Black POV series, but this is an all-black production. The owner, John Stagliano, was really delighted with what we did with that and he immediately had us go into working on another one. We hope to have another one out in the fall. Some people were asking me when I was going to do my next all-black because my last Black Reign was in 2012 so it’s been awhile. We’re trying to fill all the micro-niches in which I can do. There’s about 6 or 7 niches that I service, one of them being all black. We just completed Lex’s Point of View and that’s my first Evil Angel POV movie. It’s true POV with me holding the camera the whole time. And I have some unique camera angles because my arms are very long.

Lexington Steele

CJ: Finally, Lex Is A Mother Fucker?

Lex: It’s our MILF series and it’s something I enjoy a lot. Over the last couple of years, the MILF genre has begun to include younger and younger women. But, by definition, the MILF series should really be women of a certain age. Minimally, it should be over 30 but preferably 35. And the reason I love the MILF series is that women are literally my age. And it turns me on so much. And I appreciate these women looking the way they do with all the work they put in whether it’s at the gym or eating right or whatever. If you look at Julia Ann or Lisa Ann, these are my contemporaries in terms of age and tenure.

CJ: Plus, you have two radio shows going on, Fourth and Goal?

Lex: That is a sports show because I’ve always been a sports fan. I’m a sports historian and I know all things from NBA to horse racing to you name it. So I started my sports broadcasting career in 2012 with a show called Size Matters. That was an online radio show and then I moved it to online streaming video. So now it’s a streaming TV show. That and Lexington Steele Live which airs on Monday nights. Fourth and Goal airs on Tuesday nights and it’s totally mancave sports talk. Absolutely nothing porn related. It’s totally mainstream and it’s my version of the shows you see on ESPN, be it First Take or Pardon the Interruption or Sports Nation. We discuss current events within the sports world. It enables me to have a show dedicated to a passion of mine and that’s all sports.

CJ: Where does the show air?

Lex: It’s online. We broadcast every Tuesday night from 9-10pm Pacific Time and the phone lines are open. We’re live on Youstream and Live 365 and it’s also available on PS4. Lexington Steele Live is Mondays from 8-9pm Pacific Time on RadioTemptaion.com You can also go to YouTube to find them.

Lexington Steele

CJ: How can the fans follow you?

Lex: I don’t do Instagram or Tumblr so if there is anything out there, it’s not me. Those are pictures stolen from my Twitter or my Facebook. Facebook is Lexington Steele Black Vikings. On Twitter it’s @LexSteele11, @4th&GoalTV @LexSteeleLive. You can also find my old stuff at LexSteele.com and all my Evil Angel stuff is at LexingtonSteele.com

Lexington Steele Movies

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